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Amid protests from a Muslim civil liberties group, local police training officials have called off an anti-terrorism course for officers scheduled for Monday in Lombard that was to have been taught by an instructor the group regards as anti-Muslim.

The class was canceled after the agency head in charge of police training in statewide, North East Multi-Regional Training, investigated.

Here comes CAIR to the rescue once again. Let’s not tell the truth about them, but make them sound like nice, little people who do nothing to hurt anyone. CAIR is a real nuisance suing anyone they think speaks without nothing but good things to say about the Muslims. 

The Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations had called for the cancellation of the class, “Islamic Awareness as a Counter-Terrorist Strategy,” arguing instructor Sam Kharoba is unqualified to teach about Islam and depicts it as violent.

“Counter-terrorism training is too important to be left to those who promote a bigoted political or religious agenda,” CAIR-Chicago Executive Director Ahmed Rehab said in a news release.

CAIR believes a more credible person should do the training and understands more about Islam and the issues.

Kharoba could not be reached for comment. This is not the first controversy to erupt around the instructor.

Brankin said he had examined Kharoba’s work and believed his conclusions to be based on credible research, even if CAIR finds his message offensive.

Bankin claimed once the state agency examined the findings, he believed the training is based on good research.

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Comments on: "Police Training Called ‘anti-Muslim’ Canceled" (13)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    Islam violent? No Shiite? I’m stunned. Being a training on how to deal with moozlum radicals would have been the best reason for the training.


  2. Another case where good research yields the “wrong” answer. So the research is ignored and the poitically correct answer is added, even if it disagrees with the research.


  3. Rome collapsed for two main reasons,,, Moral depravity and decay on the one hand, and too much assimilation of the conquered peoples on the other. Granted, there were added reasons as well, however, they were contributing, not so much causative factors. Anyone see any parallels to today’s environment???


    • Grouchy,

      Yes, it does make sense and I’ve been watching this happen now for many years. Rome burned and we are going down also if something isn’t done.


  4. Like many of you I’m sure. I am sick of Ovomit, (a Muslim himself,) and his administration allowing Muslims to dictate to us! Where in hell are the “Patriots?” Why do these various city and state leaders bend to every demand the Muslims make? It’s as though the Muslims are running the country, not them.


    • Hawk,

      Yeah, it is looking like that. The Muslims are overrunning us. They have to be put in their place. They live here under our Constitution and should get out if they don’t like it.


  5. Sometimes the truth hurts you camel jockey bastards! Also; hiding the truth about the camel jockey bastards hurts us and our nation. Islam is Iswrong for any civilized people and I’d like to think we are a civilized people. I wish we had a real man like Putin running our country in lieu of our current muzzie in drag, so this towel head takeover would have never even started!


    • Dave,

      I agree, right now I’d rather have Putin in charge because he wouldn’t put up with this for a second. Yeah, this all gets hidden. None of the so called news channels have run anything on this. Cowards!


  6. Oh yea, let’s not discuss who the enemy is, who has issued fatwas on America, who declared war on us. Instead, let’s look at old ladies in wheelchairs who threaten the very foundation of our government. Yea that sounds a lot better. Some jihadist out there is saying, “it’s all working according to plan.” On top of that, to have a justice department only worried about chasing Muslims’ (many) complaints down rabbit holes. Oh, I know, maybe Isamists can pick who should teach about it and what they teach? (sarcasm)


    • Bull,

      Right, we can’t be profiling or say anything about our enemy. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever known. It’s so ridiculous how we treat American citizens and wife the FBI files of Muslim terrorists. Now wonder the Boston bombers couldn’t be found, even though Russia warned us twice about these guys. The government is looking at all the wrong people because “we” are the terrorists in the King’s book. Meanwhile the Muslims get away with anything.


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