Wicked Commentary

Upper mgt right hand dogSysadmin dogThe girl from the other dept dogNew girl dogNew Girl in Department

janitor dog 2

Secutry guard dog

5 oclock dogs

Company event dogs

After the comp event dog

Friday night dogsSat morning dog

Sick leave dog

faking sick leave doglay off notice dogAt home after work dog

dogs can smell a good person a mile away!
And you are all good people who love animals! Thanks to all my blog friends. You are the best!

Hap tip to Dan G for sending the pics.  Thanks Dan!


Comments on: "Dogs At The Office by Peppermint" (30)

  1. Good stuff. Especially the dogs hauling ass at 5:01.


  2. I wouldn’t want to tangle with the CEO OR his assistant~! And I had a “New Hire”,,, who was just AWESOME~!
    Baron De Cocao,,, and a wondrous companion, indeed.


    • Grouchy,

      I wouldn’t tangle either with the CEO. Now who is Baron De Cocao?


      • My “Itty Bitty Buddy”, a Purebred English Pug. Back when I was a teen-ager, a few years back,,, Had a cat, “Taffy”, and the two of them would run through the house, playing,,, the scatter rugs just a flyin’,,, SO funny~! Both, now are gone across the Rainbow Bridge.


        • Grouchy,
          My grandma had an English pug. I loved that little guy so much. He’s been over the Rainbow Bridge a long time ago. Your Taffy and the pug sound like so much fun. Sorry they are both gone, but over the Rainbow where they live in Doggie heaven.


  3. Gar Swaffar said:

    Those fit precisely the image of so many companies…why is that?


  4. That’s great. Sysadmin LMAO too good.


    • Bull,

      The Sysadmin reminds me of myself since that was my job. It seemed I was always pulling my hair out under some kind of network problem. LOL!


      • Pepp, Well still having that much hair as a sysadmin is a very good thing, don’t you think?

        My, my, my…I don’t see why any of them couldn’t also run government better than what we got. At least then we can say it went to the dogs and it was good it did.


      • Bull, for some reason WP is not letting me put the posts below the one people made but keeps sending me somewhere else. LOL! Bull, I’ve got more wild hair on my head than that dog.
        I think the dogs could run the government better too. What could it hurt? At least we would just have to feed them and no high perks such as 10 million dollar vacations.


        • Pepp, I checked my posts are going through fine. Maybe you have an NSA gremlin. LOL

          Obama’s dog could do better, at least he wouldn’t be on the golf course. These dogs look serious, I wouldn’t mess with them.


          • Bull,

            LOL! I’m sure Bo, the King’s dog could do much better. Yep, these dogs do look very serious and it doesn’t look like a good thing to fool with them.


  5. Susie aka Sweet Pea said:

    Secuiity dog was priceless


  6. Davetherave said:

    Pepp, great post but it brings back nightmares for me having to deal with those idiots in CA that bought out our company. I will say the pic of Saturday morning reminds me of someone…I just won’t say who! 😀


  7. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! Great pictures! Did you forget to show the SPOOK’s ugger lagers?

    ‘oohrah!! 😉


  8. Hey, I didn’t see public relations. (thanks to Dan)


  9. Pepp, those were great. Thanks for the “true to life” comparisons and the laughs. 🙂


  10. Great post Pepp!,

    And a surprize to me. I agree with you and Bull, they look like they could run the government better than the idiots we have now!


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