Wicked Commentary

 Enabler, Muslim sympathizer, Traitor

By Allan Erickson / 12 August 2013

At first take it sounds so incredibly ridiculous as to be unworthy of serious consideration, but the more you look into the matter, the more the conclusion becomes inescapable: Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim sympathizer who enables terrorism, aiding our enemies, and thus, he is worthy to be charged with treason.

In the beginning we should have read the signs: from the apology tour to bowing before the Saudi king, to the declarations in Cairo and refusing to directly reference a “war on terror,” this man has demonstrated preference for America’s enemies, denigrating the U.S. and her allies at every turn.   The heart of Obama is measured in the words of his pastor for 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, who proclaimed: “G*d D**n America.

Obama has orchestrated the leaking of classified information to hurt our country and help our enemies, making himself look good to retain power and forward the agenda: knock down American to build up global government.

US Leak on al-Qaida Threat Could Aid Enemy

Obama ‘Leaking Info on Israeli Strikes in Syria’

Former Top General Now Reportedly Being Investigated by Obama Admin. for Leaks

Former CIA Operative on Intel Leaks: Obama Admin’s Claims of Innocence ‘Absurd’

Obama left Iraq prematurely and we see the resulting destruction: a country once poised to be a beacon of freedom in the world, now a nexus of terrorism, a vassal of Iran.  Telegraphing the end game, Obama has handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban and al Qaeda. Pouring weapons into Syria, he helps Jihad annihilate Christians, arming thugs who murder women and children with great efficiency.  These are not accidental failures.  They are purposeful, calculated developments designed to shame the U.S., and forward the cause of Sharia in the world.

Obama’s Failure in Iraq


How Obama Gets Us to Forget His Failure in Afghanistan




I don’t have much to say here.  The Author covered it all.  How can anyone deny what the King is up to after reading these articles?


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  1. Wow, you did a lot of work here Pepperhawk! Thanx so much for putting this together. I have read some of the references. We are in a sad state of affairs in this country, eh? I will be blunt, I wouldn’t want to be a young person in this country right now. If the lid blows off this thing, they are going to lose the rest of the little liberty we now enjoy. The Resident continues to be allowed to speak untruths w/o real challenge from the majority of the media. Heck, w/o any real challenge from the Legislative Branch.


    • You are so right Mrs. Al,

      What sends me through the roof is that it has been very obvious tha Ovomit was committing Treason at the beginning of his first term. And Congress did absolutely nothing to stop him. SO here we are, 4 and a half years latter and he “rules” like a Communist Dictator.. Where in hell are the American Patriots? Are they all just going to give in and accept being a slave!?


    • Mrs. Al,

      I fear for our young people too. They are the ones who will suffer the most. And the generation before them, their parents.

      I know the legislative branch is silent. They’ve let this go for so long.


  2. Great catch, Pepp. Muslim sympathizer? Hell, I figured he IS a muslim. Can’t fly on the same plane with his “unclean” dog, nor his wife ( can’t really blame him there), he’s GOT to be muzzie!


    • clyde,

      i figure he’s a Muslim too. Especially flying his dog in a combat osprey plane. I guess the dog sitter was on there. Have to keep those dogs away from them. And, of course it cost us plenty for this.


  3. There is no room for doubt that ovomit is everything this article is saying.

    The Rasmussen survey revealed that nearly half (49%) of voters think America’s best days are behind us, but as Goshawk noted above, then where are the Patriots, why isn’t the 49% screaming? My best guess as to where the 49% are, comes from my family and friends. They are telling me they turn the TV on for 10 minutes to get the weather and traffic report on their rush out the door in the mornings and yes it is the left media stations they have tuned into. People are just not hearing the wrong doings and not paying attention.

    Maybe it is time for all of us to get the word out to our family and friends, not just commiserate on this and 100’s of other blogs. We need to not only consider a different approach, but we must be pro-active in doing so. Yes we (I have) will cause some riff among our inter circle, but if nothing is done then in a very short time it will all be over except the crying. I have set aside a half hour every day to forward the links for the true news of what is happening.

    The founding fathers of our country trusted in God, just look at the inscription on our money – “In God We Trust.” With this premises in mind we can make a change, but don’t delay.


    • Walt, I can’t say where all the Patriots are. This administration is jailing anyone who comes close to giving hell on wheels. We’re not allowed to do anything but protest peacefully according the UnJustice Dept. which is a crock. They know very well why we have the 2nd Amendment, which they are trying to abolish.

      I read another article late tonight that the King is going to try to push Kennedy off the bench and replace him with a liberal. Just ignoring all laws once again. All this and what are we doing?

      Now as far as my family and friends go they are all conservatives. We have no argument at all about this.

      Good for you Walt in forwarding links to what is actually going on that the Pravda news outlets keep protecting him. If this were Bush he would have been impeached a long time ago.

      But instead we get crickets from the left on all the laws he breaks. They are lock step with him.


  4. Gar Swaffar said:

    And the chump at 1600 continues to Wag The Dog as needed w/ complicity by the White House Ministry of Media


  5. Traitor for sure. Moot. Matters not while the Senate is controlled by factions. Nothing that anyone does in the House wiill culminate in a conviction in a trial in the Senate. This would roll in a minute were the lib-progs to loose the Senate. Till then it is just frustrating as hell. No benefit for the House to move onthis as they would end up roasted by the press and a populace that is uneducated and that accepts the tripe of the eveining news as being factual. The treasonous senators and the liberal media lie and restate their desired reality much like the Florida mural of the druggie thuggie restated what happened, rather than showing him attacking a much smaller guy that he though was unarmed and helpless. If you had watched the evening news and the MSM, it would be reasonable to conclude that a power hungry, racist, white, right-winger had murders a helpess kid in cold blood and gotten away with it. The opposite of what happened. No benefit to the country for the House to fall on their swords on this and have it come to naught. Our government has been taken over by folks that are not Americans, that pay no allegiance to us, to any oath, OR to the Constitution. It is the Senate and the majority of the Senators that have betrayed the country, and they will not budge from this for anything the president does. He can ignore the Constitution, the laws, and murder at will as long as he does it in official capacity. I suspect they are ignoring his covert murders as well. Question now of how much damage they are willing to do in order to solidify their power and whether there will be any backing away from that cliff.


    • drrik

      Great comment. You are exactly right about the House trying to impeach him. It would go to the Senate and dingy harry wouldn’t even allow it to be put on the table. The Senate commies will do anything to keep him in power as he is doing everything he can to lock up the commie vote along with Lying Holder.

      I personally think they will keep letting things go this way because they want complete power and no one to question them. I figure in the 2014 elections the voting fraud will be massive to get in as many commies as possible to take back the House. They they have complete control. In fact I don’t even think it’s possible for a conservative president to ever be again. The well oiled fraud machine is so well in place.


  6. Pepper,
    All of the comments above are true. But as I read them, and thought of the brilliance of our Founding Fathers, it hit me the greatest problem we have is not apathy, nor is it a lack of patriotism. The key for me is in the comment that Walt Willis made. Turn the tv on for 10 minutes for the weather and road report, then listen to the sports talk as we drive to work, or listen to the Crap music on the iphone / ipod / whatever. So what is this indicative of???

    Fear of Knowledge. Fear of seeing ALL sides of the challenges we face, from a strong, moral premise of action. We are afraid to face LIFE, in all its Beauty, and we’re cowards in the face of its debauchery. What we fear, we give strength to and enable, through the cowardice of inaction. We appease evil, and hatred, and violence. Then we wonder why we cannot defeat them. The answer lies within our own individual moral strength of character. NOR do we need to be the “Atlas” of the earth – but we dare NOT be the Milquetoast, either.

    As my signature says, “Your rights end at the point of my nose. MY rights end at my fingertips”. That takes a STRONG moral premise to fulfill. It is both a recognition, and a demand. This statement demands mutual respect, mutual honor, and mutual trust. If at any time any one of those is broken, the inherent demand is for the one to walk away. Leave the breaking individual behind.

    As Ayn Rand said – “A Equals A”
    John Galt said, “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”
    ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

    We have forgotten that.


    • Grouchy,

      Great comment and I agree completely. There are far too many uninformed voters who stay that way because they would rather just not know. We do have to fight evil and in the end Hawk and I have our own plan for defending ourselves. We won’t accept this ever.

      We have very set limits too on what we will accept from others. I call it my boundaries. If you step over my boundaries in some egregious manner I will tell you about it. I will give that person that chance because most people don’t and can’t know what one’s boundaries are. But if that individual does it again, I no longer will associate with that person.

      And in the case of my Rights under the Constitution I will not allow my rights to be stepped on or taken away. They can abolish them if this administration wants, but they won’t be my laws. I won’t pay attention to unjust laws. I stick with the Constitution.

      The line from Atlas Shrugged is a good one that I, too remember.


  7. That’s a great collection of evidence for the title’s assertion. But people still think he’s a prez for America. Idiots.
    Just read this morning that the son of one of the Muslim Bro jailed in Egypt says they have tapes, documents, that would put our pres in prison.


    • tannngl,

      Sorry to get back to you so late but had my grand kids down yesterday.

      I know we have too many “low information” voters in this country who don’t pay attention to what’s going on.

      I read that too about the muzzie bro having the goods on the King, but also that the king is paying them off to not release the info. Just lovely. I’d like to see what they’ve got on him. Maybe that would do the trick of getting him for treason, but then again he “never” knows anything about it as once again it would be a “phony scandal”. Disgusting!


      • Hey! Pepperhawk, grandchildren trump wordpress every time! They’re one of God’s joys! God bless you!


        • tannngl,

          Thanks so much for being understanding. Right my grand kids come before anything else in my life. I so adore them. Yes they are one of God’s joys. We grannies get to enjoy them unconditional love, no discipline and just enjoy them. Later they go home to reality. LOL! That’s what’s special about it, all we have to do is just love them and have fun. We don’t have to bring them up. That’s the parents job. LOL!


  8. Good article, Pepp, I had to think about it for a minute and yea that pretty well covers it. From Fast and Furious to the revelation of the missing missiles in Benghazi. He’s been on a subversive mission.

    But then if he is public enemy number one, which he is, then the Senate as it is would have to be number two.


    • Hi Bull,

      Thanks. It sure does cover about all of it. Yeah, I call him the WMD we never found in Iraq. Now we have it on our back door, constantly plotting against us.

      Good point, Bull, the Senate is the next enemy with dingy harry in charge.


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