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St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner first mentioned Mary Shepard more than two years ago , as her court testimony helped pave the way for Illinois’ eventual repeal of its state-mandated defenselessness policies . In 2009, Ms. Shepard and an elderly female co-worker were working at the First Baptist Church, in Anna, Illinois, when a huge, recently paroled felon attempted to burglarize the church, and finding the two women there, savagely beat them and left them for dead.

Ms. Shepard, licensed to carry a defensive firearm in 31 other states, but not the one in which she lives and pays taxes, was thus left with no effective defense against the hulking Willis Bates. That denial of her right to self-defense very nearly cost her and her co-worker their lives .

With the inexcusable wrong of Illinois’ self-defense ban now righted (well, nine months from now, really, thanks to the Illinois State Police and a federal judge ), Ms. Shepard will no longer be compelled by law to be the next Willis Bates’ victim.

Illinois State Senator Dan Kotowski (D- Park Ridge) finds that intolerable .

Illinois lawmakers who last month beat a court-imposed deadline to allow concealed weapons in public left out something a suburban Chicago legislator now wants to change: A ban on firearms in places of worship.

Democratic state Sen. Dan Kotowski, a former gun-control lobbyist from Park Ridge, is drawing fire from some ministers after introducing an amendment in mid-July to add churches, synagogues and mosques to the list of places forbidden for concealed carry .

Keep in mind that the new Illinois law to which Kotowski objects so shrilly will not force any church to allow congregates and church personnel to have the means to defend themselves–the church is free to ban guns if it wishes (how banning guns is supposed to stop someone bent on evil from bringing one in anyway is not mentioned, and is a topic for another day). No–what Kotowski demands is that churches have no say in the matter–guns are to be banned no matter what.

“There are certain places where guns should be off-limits. Churches, as sanctuaries, are among them,” Kotowski told The Associated Press this week, stressing that the ministers he consulted “believe that when you go into a house of worship you’re going in to pray, reflect and make the most of this period of silence.

As Kotowski attempts to impose his version of spirituality on every church, synagogue and mosque in Illinois, one could argue that he is attacking the First Amendment, along with the Second–we’ve seen this kind of thing before .

More to the current point, a “sanctuary” is, of course, no sanctuary at all if it cannot be defended. The loved ones of Pastor Fred Winters, gunned down in the Maryville, IL First Baptist Church in 2009, by a Lyme Disease-addled Terry Sedlacek, know that well. So does Ms. Shepard, of course, who was also attacked when Illinois churches were “gun free zones,” as Kotwoski wants them to be again.

Ms. Shepard, through her incredible strength and courage , has won the state’s recognition of her fundamental human right of self-defense, in church and out. Kotowski is trying to take that away from her. He stands with the future Willis Bates and Terry Sedlaceks of Illinois, and against their intended victims.



How can this Senator look at this woman’s face and have no compassion? He is so much of a gun control freak, he’d rather see this woman beaten or dead.  Of course we all know here that gun control just emboldens the criminals, who never give up their guns and the crime rate rises. But no one from the loony left tells people these facts. All we hear from the left that by banning guns we will be safer. Right, and I’ve got reindeer dancing on my roof at Christmas.

When then Illinois Senator Obama was there, he introduced a bill to ban all guns in the State of Illinois. Good thing that bill never passed.  This is one reason I would never vote for him back in 2008.  It was on his record for anyone to see if they had looked it up. This and his bill introduced to permit killing babies were two big red flags. Look what we’ve got now, the biggest fight on our hands to keep our God given rights to defend ourselves under the 2nd Amendment.


Comments on: "Sen. Kotowski Delivers One More Slap" (28)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    Logic and common sense will not be tolerated by, nor should it ever be expected from, the Liberal Left Loonatoids who want to dismantle this nations freedoms and place the All Knowing (now a reality), Always Beneficent Federalista Gestao (ABFG) in charge of all Americans from cradle (when allowed to be born) to grave, which the ABFG may choose to assist with, regarding the time frame of accessing that grave, unless the ABFG decides Soylent Green is a better option for the masses.


    • Gar,

      Wow! I don’t think I’ve read so much out of you like this. LOL! All I can say is I agree with you 100% on everything.

      Oh, I sure hope they don’t use Soylent green on us. I think I’d rather just take the cyanide pills they’ll hand out to us. It’s quick.


  2. Maggie Peterson said:

    We need to keep hammering this message home. It is our right to be armed and we must not sit by while we PAY some joker do gooder to legislate against us and see to it that all the other jokers fall into line. I am a month away from 81 Years old and have recently purchased a Smith and Wesson Model 13 357 Magnum. I never thought we would come to this but a woman living alone is a sitting duck these days. My concealed carry permit is in the mail and I am all trained up. Look out – don’t mess with the grannies out there, they may not be as helpless as the look.
    Love, love the work you do. Keep on keeping on.


    • Gar Swaffar said:

      Nice gun Maggie, They are especially adept at dissuading evil doers and convincing them to reconsider the poor life choices they’ve made.I personally went with the Trooper Mark II for a shorter barrel, but the longer barrel is very effective.


  3. Maggie,

    I agree with you on everything and we grannies are not the poor, little passive women some criminals might think we are as we get loaded for bear. Yep, I’ve got mine too and I won’t hesitate to use it either. I still have my husband, but I fear the day I might be alone. We are very isolated here and I’d look like easy pickings to anyone who thought they could get in here. Well, they got something they will find out too! I’m not putting up with this “you can’t defend yourself” horse manure. Right now I live in a state that is gun friendly but you never know what this so called prez is going to do since he’s a gun hater and wants us disarmed.

    Well thank you very much, Maggie, about my work. It’s so nice when someone tells me they appreciate my work. And you keep coming on and giving your comments too! I love it when other grannies like myself come on the blog. 🙂


  4. These damn anti-American Progressives, (Communists all) never cease in making my blood boil! I wonder how he would feel having his head beat like that by some criminal?


  5. When churches ban the carrying of concealed weapons, they are effectively opening the congregation to target practice, with the congregants as the targets. Look at different places in the world – How many, MANY churches are targets for terror and terrorists.
    Look at Sandy Hook School – a NO GUN ZONE,,, what did that matter to the 25 plus children and adults that died there?
    Look at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. ( http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2013/January/Colo-Pastor-Our-Problem-is-Violence-Not-Guns/ ) I googled “Gun Violence at “New Life Church”, and there are 435,000 ( ! ! ) returns.

    We are doing NOTHING with gun control but enabling and ENCOURAGING Gun VIOLENCE in public and private areas. Malls. Stores. Churches. Our Homes.

    Proper training and vetting is a must. But more importantly,, the laws CURRENTLY on the books MUST BE ENFORCED, and the immoral & illegal perpetrators punished without fail to the fullest extent of the laws. WITHOUT FAIL~!

    It is truly said, that an armed society is a polite society, and the reasons are obvious to a thinking, reasoning individual. FURTHER, when guns are outlawed, the citizenry become sitting duck targets to outlaws with guns. Laws mean nothing to the immoral minority.

    “Locks weren’t made to keep a thief out, but an honest man, honest.”

    I’ll drink to that~! Whiskey, on the rocks, if you don’t mind. TNXKBYE~!


    • Agreed! These anti-gun people are insane!

      Here’s a link to an article about passing bills to undue some of these stupid laws.



    • Grouchy,

      Great comments. Yeah, all the gun free zones just make people ready to be attacked. It’s going on all over the world besides here. That’s right, gun control just emboldens criminals. That’s what makes me so mad.

      I’d like to see these politicians all charged with some crime because all they do is go against our 2nd Amendment and who do they think they are to tell us what we need to do.
      Responsible people with guns to defend themselves are no threat to others. They just need to take our guns away so bad because of their ideology, plus make sure we can’t defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. The either don’t know the Constitution or deliberately break their oaths to it and they should be thrown out of office.

      Grouchy thanks for taking the time out during your weekend hiatus to comment and have that drink and enjoy.


  6. Great article, of course he has to come right on the heels to quash freedom. And he says “the ministers he consulted “believe that when you go into a house of worship you’re going in to pray, reflect and make the most of this period of silence.”

    So, who is changing that? No one. Who is preventing them from doing that?


    • Pepp.when Obama ran in Illinois, he might as well have run on the Grim Reaper ticket.


    • Bull, LOL! Yeah, who says you can’t pray and have your gun ready too. What a maroon.

      You’re right, HypoObama did run on the Grim Reaper ticket. He loves murdering babies and getting others killed by having no guns.


  7. I am NEVER unarmed unless I’m in the shower or the Courthouse where they have metal detectors. I carry a pistol of some kind to church and the pastor fully approves of it.As I write this I have a Charter Arms 44 Special in my pocket and alternate between it and a 1911 in 38 Super and another in 45ACP. I am 77 years old and have a zero tolerance level for social twits and people who would rather hide under the bed and beg for their miserable lives.
    We have a friend,a lovely woman of 60 who in fast succession lost her mother,husband and father and she now lives alone. She lives alone and I asked her if ahe’d like to learn to shoot a pistol. She said the idea was “scary”. My reply was “scary” was what occurs if you wake up one night and suddenly realize you are NOT alone. She is a smart woman and readily agreed to go to the range where I taught her with an S&W 22 revolver and a 357 Mag.loaded with standard 38 specials. She really enjoyed the lesson and wants to do it again,soon. Her birthday is 25 Decmeber and she got from me a Smith&Wesson model 10,nickelplated in new condition and the gun shop donated a box of +P ammo when I told the owner what I was doing with the gun. I taught a fine lady how to “control” a gun so does that sound like gun control. By the way,she wreaked havoc on a silhouette target at “across the bedroom distance”.


    • Bob,

      Well we seniors are feisty aren’t we? But we know something that some of the younger generation knows nothing. And that’s our Bill of Rights.

      I don’t want to be cowering under the bed where the criminal is going to find me anyway. I’d rather be prepared.

      Good for you in teaching that lady how to shoot. I’m glad she agreed and is doing well now. You’re a good man, Bob. Who knows in the future you just may be responsible for saving her life. Sounds like she’s having some fun too. Good lady.


  8. “Arming all grannies, arming all grannies” that should be our next rallying cry! But let’s not forget gramps too. We all are (seemingly) soft targets for the bad guys. Imagine their surprise when they are confronted with a geezer with a gun – and, I hope, one aimed at their center-mass.

    I recently spent some time with my 14-year-old granddaughter (pretty and has a good brain too) and we were driving to check out a new cheerleading operation when she asked if I had my gun on me. I said, “sure, I always do. Does that make you uncomfortable?” She said, “no, it makes me more comfortable.” What a gal!!


    • Garnet,

      LOL! I think a lot of grannies are armed these days. I’ve read so many stories about women of all ages being armed and many grannies. Oh, I think the grandpas should be armed as well. Most of them seem to already armed.

      Well good for you with your 14 yr. old granddaughter. Right, what a gal. She sure has got it right. She probably is old enough now to know all the danger there is today.

      Now my 11 yr. old granddaughter was scared when she saw mine. She asked her mother why does Grandma have a gun. My daughter in law told her I need one. She has one herself. Anna’s eyes popped out when she saw mine. LOL! Maybe her school is brain washing them. But they are switching schools this upcoming year because my daughter in law does not like how the school they were in were handling the kids.


  9. Jodie Vakeva said:

    Greetings! Just letting you know I follow all your emails and posts. I just don’t comment with regularity. I’ve been awaiting more Acorns story and now I am wondering if I got the name right. I saw the red flags that showed me a wolf in sheep’s clothing and now as we get into a 2nd term ,some have apologised for thinking Me ” a chicken little” but so many stay asleep that I see how they have accomplished their biggest delusion in History. I don’t keen being “living history” but it is what it is. God bless the U.S.A. !! and GOD bless all of You < Amen.


    • Hi Jodie,

      So good to hear from you and thank you for reading my articles even though you don’t comment regularly.

      You got the right place. I did write the Acorn story and it seems I eerily predicted what was going to happen. I’m almost afraid to write a 2nd story now because it would scare me to death.

      I’m glad that people are apologizing to you because you threw up red flags but you were so right. I know some people just refuse to believe the truth about what is happening in our country. Or they don’t even pay attention to any news and have no idea what’s going on.

      We have been coming up to this for years now and the commies finally got their puppet as president to take us down. I keep hoping and praying that enough people will finally open their eyes and see what is falling down around then.

      Yes, God bless our country!


  10. Leftists. Such caring. Such concern. I cannot WAIT to see Rep. Kotowski’s face looking like THIS. As much as I despise this liberal asshole, I still would not wish this on HIS mother. Bastard.


  11. We never had a weapon in our home until just before obuma was elected the first time. We got our license and bought very nice weapons! Got plenty of ammo, practice at the gun range we joined. I have gotten to be a pretty darn good shoot, although at first I would not touch that thing when it was loaded. Now, I am able to load, unload, clean it, etc. I feel much safer in our home. We are now allowed to carry in IL, but we haven’t felt like we needed to – yet.


    • Donna,

      Well you did the right thing. Nobody is safe from these criminals and it’s our God given right to defend ourselves. I’m glad to hear you’ve become a good shot too. And know how to load and clean, very important things to know. So good for you!


  12. Umm… I always thought a place of worship (in the sense of serving Christ which I am only familiar with) was to be a place of peace, not violence. Perhaps one could look at it like “what example do we know of set by Jesus” ? Is it not written that (paraphrased) “Should your enemy strike you on your right cheek that we should show the left to be struck so that they will both be even” ? I think humility and humbleness is what is necessary (as difficult as it is to show at times). @pepperhawk: where does it say it is our “God given right” to defend ourselves ? Do the Ten Commandments not say “Thou shalt not kill ? What is the “Golden Rule” ? Do unto others as you would have them do to you, NOT Do unto others before they do to you ? We are not animals, we are Human beings and should be humanitarians as much as possible. From the everyday citizen to the top leaders of our country(s). We should NOT be a murderous Nation of any sort, nor should we maim. If God is for us then who can be against us ? When He calls your name (and mine too) our work on this earth is completed. I just wanted to give at least two standpoints on my feelings regarding these situations. one of a Christian upbringing (which I am not a practicing member of) and a humanitarian or person who cares about all people (including the unfortunate victim of brutal and malicious violence) My heart goes out to the woman in the picture.


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