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I am now getting inundated with letters from CMS, the goofs that handle Medicare. My doctor payments have been lowered to the point that I can’t see how long these doctors can keep taking Medicare patients. The payments they are going to receive are ridiculous being under the salary of what a Union member does for screwing in a light bulb. In fact the doctors will be getting less than half than that union guy.  So what doctor wants to work for peanuts. 

Another example is that for injecting me with medicine in two muscles in my shoulder for bursitis/arthritis, the charge was $175.  They will receive $4.34 for that by Medicare. Huge difference. This doctor is one of my internists and he moved to the Philippines where his wife is from to practice medicine there with no Obamacide.  One doctor out of 3 already gone. The one doctor stopped taking Medicare patients before Obamacide kicked in. He told us he can’t afford to take Medicare patients.

For another example one of my specialist doctors charges $70 for a 20 min.visit. Medicare is now going to pay him $15. and I pay $8.  Altogether he gets about $23 for his time. I can’t really see this doctor staying in this business.

Also I’m receiving letters on what equipment they won’t support any longer and the medicine that goes with that. I don’t want to give my personal health information out so I know I’m being a bit vague about that part. Needless to say this equipment, no longer covered has to go. 

Now I am wondering once all the doctors won’t take Medicare patients any longer, do we still have to pay our Medicare payments every month?  You get forced into it after you retire, but I have no idea if you can stop paying into it once it no longer covers seniors care.  Since the government takes it right out of your SS check before you get it I don’t know how to stop paying it or if you can. Does anyone have the answer to that one? 


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  1. I’m pretty much in the same boat, Pepper. And I’m Cardio / Vascualr. God knows what is going to happen, when comes time for surgery. I do have Supplemental, which helps, but WOW~!
    Prayers with you, Dear Friend.


  2. Hi Pepper, call you social security office an make an appointment to go in and ask the question, don’t do it over the phone. I have dropped Medicare B (doctors), but don’t take my word for it. I dropped it as mentioned prior due to the 3K deductible and found it was cheaper just to pay the cash discount price at the doctor’s office. The SS office will give you a song and dance that you will pay a penalty if you ever want to get back into it. If you know in advance of needed doctor procedure, like surgery, then sign up for B. Use the government instead of them using you. The other least affordable option is to get supplement insurance which will amount to $300 plus the coverage B amount. What is it now $107 per month? That will really cut into your monthly SS check. I am sorry about your dilemma, but hold on it is only going to get worse. My cousin age 70 just this week had a hip replaced. The Doc told her if she waited another year it would not have been covered due to her age


    • Hi Walt. Yes if we do anything I would go to our local SS office. Dealing with those people over the phone is almost impossible. They have the dumbest people working for them.

      I’d have to ask the doctor about what prices he would charge us if done through cash. I don’t think our budget allows for the kind of supplemental you have. He is kind of enough to allow us to make monthly payments now as it is. He does that with a lot of his patients.

      I figured someone over the age 70 would no longer receive hip replacements. Fortunately I had mine about 4 years ago before any of this came into being. My other hip is not too good either so I might have to get it done now before i reach that age. I’ve go a little bit of time for now.

      btw, that dog video was soooooo good!


  3. Grouchy, since you have a Supplemental, you would probably be covered. I don’t know what your age is and you don’t need to tell me, but people over 65 are going to die sooner they wanted to because of Obama taking $750 billion from Medicare for his failed Obamacide. So many liberals lied their butts off about this when debating on Fox. Now here we have it. Thanks for the prayers. I hope Obamacide falls flat on its’ face. We pay our premiums every month and our deductible and now this. And basically now they are taking any care away from us.


  4. One more comment about arthritis. My body is starting to deform due to it. The Doc says no cure. But after discussion about my diet and how I love sugar: soda, candy, bake goods, etc., he told me to cut it all out, due to sugar inflames the joints. One week after suffering a sugar withdrawal, my pain was gone.


    • Walt, great advice but I don’t eat sugar much. I’m not a sweets lover so cutting down my intake of it would be nil. I stay away from them because first I don’t care for desserts etc. and I have to watch it due to a family history of diabetes.

      Now Ron’s arthritis is very much worse than mine and he eats tons of sweets. Just try taking his sweets away and he’d go off his nut. I don’t think you could pry them out of his hands. But, we are limited on how much of it we can buy so in reality he is not eating that much.

      LOL! I bet that sugar withdrawal was a blast. With withdrawal symptoms no wonder your pain was gone after that.


  5. genomega1 said:

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    Does anyone have an Answer For This One?


  6. Great piece, Pepp, You really bring it home. I wish I knew, but there are millions of people looking for the same answers. And you know part of the torture is no one knows what will happen.


    • Thanks Bull. Yes, I’m sure there are millions looking for answers on this and like you said we don’t know all that’s going to happen.

      I heard tonight that Berman, the Medicare Administrator ( who Obama appointed) was looking for money to replenish what Obama had taken out of Medicare and Sibelius who had a “slush fund” wouldn’t give him any of the money. Now how about that POS?

      I also heard that they have no way to keep health information private for all these people who are supposed to go onto the exchanges but they are going ahead with it anyway. What a mess that whole Obamacide is.

      Some of us don’t get enough SS to afford those supplemental products. They are pretty expensive.

      Well the King doesn’t want terrorists tortured but he sure loves torturing us.


  7. Gar Swaffar said:



  8. A yep. This has been a disaster waiting to happen for generations now, Pepperhawk. My heart goes out to you, your husband person and, everyone here and, around the country who are getting the fuzzy end of the sucker. I haven’t a clue what will happen when I am eligible to collect SS in a couple years and my husband person is still working full time. Of course that presupposes he is able to do so. Like grouchyfogie2, he has cardio issues.

    So here we are in 2013, we put men on the moon, won 2 world wars, developed into the industrial hub of the world, have led the globe in innovations and we have decided that those of us who are getting up there in age don’t warrant decent health care.

    I guess I have to go along with Gar, SOL.


    • Mrs. Al,

      Yes, it’s going to be bad for everyone in this country the way this Obamacide has turned out. Never did think it was any good and just an act of control over us completely.

      Well when your husband person is eligible to collect SS he’s still not old enough for Medicare to decline him and his cardio issues. It seems that different people are getting declined at certain ages for certain treatments. It’s just a mess.

      You know I’ve thought about that many times myself how we can do all these wonderful things, going to the moon, etc. like you said and we can’t figure out how to get everyone health care in this country? It makes no sense whatsoever to me.


  9. Great post Pepp! The Traitor pledged to save SS and now they’ve showed their hand that the buffoon’s bought into. The bastards will save it, but they will make they payments to doctors so pitiful no docs will end up taking Medicare only patients. Also; this helps shove the part of Obamacide down our throats where we must buy secondary insurance (which so many cannot afford) or pay a penalty fine (which so many cannot afford).

    Great job ya’ bunch of dumb asses that put Asshat In Chief in office twice. And lets not forget to give a hat tip…I mean the finger to Justice Roberts for rewriting Obamacide so he could vote for it.

    I second Gar’s pithy, eloquent comment…SOL.


    • Dave,

      Thanks. The Traitor can’t be believed about anything particularly when it comes to we older people. He just wants us gone. We know too much because we grew up being taught the Constitution, etc. He needs more morons around and doesn’t want us seniors teaching our grand children about the Founding of our country and the bill of rights. He’s shredding everything at will and those kids of today don’t learn a doggone thing.

      That’s another thing, if you can’t afford the insurance under his stupid exchanges then how do these same people afford to pay the fine. Well what are they going to do? Throw them all in jail?


  10. Always happens when leftist bastards sink their lunchhooks into ANYTHING. FUBAR’s it up totally. Wish I had an answer for you, my friend.


  11. Geographically speaking, physicians in Mississippi, Texas, California, Oregon, and Georgia were the least likely to take new Medicare patients, and 10% of survey respondents said that they do not see any Medicare patients.


  12. Pepp, here’s what going to happen, assuming Obamacare rolls on (it’s a long post, but please read the whole thing):

    The doctors are going to be leaving in droves and going into concierge, or a type of concierge practice, where patients will pay directly for services.

    Most all the other practitioners are getting swallowed up by large medical groups that will be called ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations). The ACOs will be given a budget to provide care to their patients, and given a goal to spend x% less than that budget. After the first 18 months ramp up, they’ll be audited to see how they’ve done. Assuming they come in under budget, they’ll get a bonus of 50% of the savings. If they’re over budget, they get hit with a penalty.

    After the first 18 months, it goes into a 12 month cycle. Lots of fodder for conversation just in my first two paragraphs.

    Notice I used the word “practitioners”? We’re used to the words ‘primary care providers’. This law “provides” for a much looser definition of the term, e.g. nutritionists will be considered PCPs under the new scenario, as will other barely medical professions.

    How do I know all this? I’ve been consulting with a couple of doctors that are preparing their responses to the new paradigm, but that’s a whole other discussion.

    Anyway, here’s what I’d like to add: I’m rolling out a new web radio station focused on items of interest to those of us that graduated the 1/2 century mark. We’re going to be interviewing and posting all sorts of relevant content; especially dealing with medical, insurance and health issues.

    There’s also going to be a bunch of fun stuff, too. The site is http://www.SeniorsWebRadio.com and officially launches next month. It’s up now, but we’re still gathering content so it isn’t as operational as it will be.

    Please bookmark the site; visit often as we’ll have new stuff posted all the time. I’ll also be asking for suggestions about what all else you want to see on there, so don’t be shy.


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