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I have to wonder if Rear Admiral still has his job or whether he faces court martial and had to give up his pension.  This is one brave man to speak out.

May I remind the President and Congress in regard to our Constitution:

U.S. Constitution Amendment 1:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Notice Mr. Obama and Congress, this amendment does not say “freedom “”from”” religion, “but prohibits the free exercise of” (religion).

Read this over and over until you and Congress understand what it says and what it means.  If you cannot understand it yourself get a Constitutional lawyer to explain it to you.

A hat tip to Dan G for sending me this video.  Thanks Dan!


Comments on: "Rear Admiral Lee Addresses Religion in the Military" (24)

  1. Good one, Pepp. Thanks for putting this up. NO ONE, it seems, in D.C. can actually READ let alone UNDERSTAND the Constitution.


    • clyde,

      Thanks. I surely liked putting this one up. And, no, it doesn’t seem like the political crowd has no idea what is in the Constitution, that to which they took an oath.


  2. I would hazard a guess, Pepperhawk, that they do indeed know precisely what it says and have chosen to continue to violate the concept. And let’s face it, that’s been going on for as long as I have been born and before.

    Really appreciate you posting this!


  3. Mrs. Al,

    Yeah, I know, but I put that Amendment up there to remind any politician who might run across it and those who are spying on us exercising our freedom of speech. Take that NSA and smoke it.

    Glad you appreciate it.


    • Hahahahahahaha


    • Hahahahaha that’s funny. Do you really think we might be spied upon? I don’t think I have ever been spied on, Pepperhawk.


      • Mrs. Al, you are now. Soon you will have one of those smart meters on your house to where they can listen in to everything you say, and some of what you do. Lovely thought is it not? I guess if they want to watch me going to the bathroom and see what and how much toilet paper I’m using and how many times I flush the toilet, that’s their problem. Sick. Sick, Sick. The NSA is Sick!


  4. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! Five will get you ten he will be assigned to the Arctic Naval Command, hdqs, Nome Alaska.



    • willibeaux,

      Well I hope you’re wrong, but it sounds like what kind of country we have now. Send him to Siberia and put him in a gulag why don’t they? Of course, I really don’t know if he’s still alive. Or if he is still in the military. I kind of doubt it. He broke such a BIG rule. My, my how awful of him. (sarc)


  5. Does ANYONE think that our community organizer gives a hoot about this or ANY other interference with his Socialist agenda?


    • Bob.

      No I don’t think the King cares about what anyone says. Only his agenda, his word is all that matters and you had better not come up against him. You might end up somewhere you never dreamed about.


  6. Hello Pepper, my hat goes off to you for keeping up the battle against all that is wrong and providing the real news.

    Admiral Lee is on active duty for the US Coast guard. The Admiral defies Ovomit’s atheist edict with his speech, but it is growing hostility by the puke media due to the so called political correctness BS.

    There are many blogs that have followers with like thinking as those of us who follow you. Unfortunately the Chicago corrupt politicians are now leading our country. They have maneuvered, planned, contrived with deceit to feed off the folks who need help the most and out of ignorance and desperation for food stamps, housing, unemployment, etc. they have given Ovomit a second term. As we all know, he will leave these folks to drown, once he gets all that he can get.

    There was a joke floating around that went something like this: Four boxes keep us free: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. But do the divide and conquer and crooked agenda, these ideas don’t hold much water any longer. We are being defeated from the inside, one piece of legislation or by the King’s executive order at a time.

    If the Republican’s loose control of the House in 2014, it would be wise to have a year’s worth of supplies on hand to survive the masses. It will be ugly.


    • Walt,

      Thanks for the compliment. I do what I can and it gets harder by the day trying to keep up with all the King’s agenda and bombarding us with more crushing of our freedoms.

      You made a lot of good points Walt. I’m glad to know Admiral Lee is still on duty. Of course the Pravda news will not approve of what he says, but he is man enough, brave enough to get out and speak. I don’t think the Admiral cares one iota what they think of him. And that’s how we all should approach things. Speak out. Don’t let them dictate to us about what we can say, what prayers we make, if we adhere to the 2nd Amendment which the are so gung ho to abolish. It’s all in the name of commies. We may as well be living in any other country which dictates to the people.

      And these pols have sure forgotten who is in charge here. Not them, but the people.

      Yeah, I know our form of government is being overthrown from the inside. And morons voted for this king a 2nd term. That boils me. They don’t have a clue as to what is really going down because like you said they are getting their goodies, they don’t know the issues, and they don’t know who these people are they vote for. They shouldn’t even be able to vote.


  7. Great article and video Pepp!

    Rear Admiral Lee appears to be a man after my own heart.


  8. Great speech. I think he is prophetic that we will probably hear much ado about it in the future, unfortunately. But every 65 minutes ….takes my breath away. And they have advisers and lawyers worrying about this?


    • Bull,

      Yes, it was a great speech and I agree we’ll keep hearing about this ad nausea.
      Right, what’s up with all these lawyers and advisers?
      I have to say I wish more men in the military would speak out about this and stand as one against this draconian breech of our military’s rights in regard to being able to pray and have their Bibles.


      • Pepp, where does it say they forfeit their rights in joining the military? They didn’t want don’t ask don’t tell, but they do want to apply it to Christian beliefs. How about some Christian pride. I guess that is out of fashion. I do too wish more would, They had navy a chaplain who stood up for praying in Jesus name but they lambasted him there and in left media…who gets to decide all things Christian, you know. I wondered where his support was. (probably all afraid of receiving the same treatment.)


        • Bull,

          I don’t know where this comes from, guys having to forfeit their religious rights in the military. To me it’s an egregious attack on their right to practice their faith, having a Bible, which was always something they could have before the King took office. This is just the King’s agenda to stamp out Christianity everywhere he can.
          Yes, one does wonder where the support was for that chaplain. I think you’re right, they are afraid to speak up.
          Meanwhile the Muslims can have whatever they want. Just another case of all being turned upside down.


  9. Gar Swaffar said:

    I wonder what he’s going to do as soon as he gets the boot? And I have little doubt he’ll get the boot and told to be gone.


  10. Davetherave said:

    Excellent post Pepp! Rear Admiral Lee is a very brave man and a hero defending one of the main reasons our founders fought and founded our nation upon. His butt I’m sure is in deep shit with the muzzie lovers in DC, but he knew that would happen before his speech.

    I personally believe Marx Reincarnate and all our elected officials understand our constitution very well. They just don’t give a damn about protecting or following it. I’m not the brightest star in the sky for damn sure, but I can understand our constitution very easily. We need a lot more high profile folks and power people following in the foot steps of this fine soldier.


    • Dave,

      Thanks. I agree that Rear Admiral Lee knew his butt would be kicked out after making this speech but he didn’t care. No free speech and no religious freedom in the military any longer. The King and the Pentagon are going to come down on this man with a hard boom.

      Personally I don’t think these pols, some of them, have ever read the Constitution and if they do, they don’t get it or they choose to not follow it even though they took an oath to it. Every last one of them should be tossed out of office for lying under oat.

      I too wish more people would speak out. You could end up dead though.


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