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More Black Violence

Christian Hartsock, a conservative journalist and filmmaker, says he was assaulted and beaten down to the ground by a mob with repeated strikes to the face while reporting at a Trayvon Martin rally in downtown Oakland Sunday night.

“I have interviews and I have footage of [Trayvon protestors] chanting ‘no justice, no peace—fuck you pigs in your sleep,’” Hartsock told The Daily Caller. “One of them was an elementary schooler chanting with his mom.”

Hartsock says he arrived at 9:30 PM to film the rally. “One young man chanted ‘There’s gonna be some violence tonight!’” Hartsock said. “He then came up to me and demanded I erase the footage from my phone — another request I declined.”


“As two other young men interrogated me, their friend behind them came up and a young man then slugged me in the face about three times — hard — and demanded that I leave,” Hartsock said. “Then I began getting clocked by others in my left temple and jaw by other assailants and was mowed to the ground by about half a dozen of them.”

Hartsock feared the worst. “For a couple minutes I was pinned down to the ground — one gentleman on top of me slugging me across the face repeatedly as an indeterminable number of others kicked me in the side of the head, and tried to get my phone out of my hand… The harder my grip tightened, the harder their punches to my face became,” he said

Hartsock “[e]ventually fought them off before they could get my camera, wallet and keys.” Hartsock, who has filed a police report, was surprised that neither the media, nor the police seemed to be attentive. “My video didn’t capture the assault but the mob was trying to jack my camera and my wallet and keys.”

An ABC News van, parked within view of the incident, failed to record the assault, Hartsock said.

“ABC news van less than 20 feet away, got NONE of it. Yeah, this is why we have to do you guys’ jobs for you and get paid in blood,” wrote Hartsock on Facebook. “My face is swollen and I have a huge black eye.”

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Last week, we got the agonizing news that a defenseless white man who had been beaten severely by a gang of six Black teenagers succumbed to his injuries and died. He was a living breathing person just as you and I. He was 46 year old Pat Mahaney.  He was walking on a public street not bothering anyone. His cowardly attackers charged at him from behind, and all SIX of them beat him. After the cowardly attack, Mr. Mahaney was so traumatized that he was afraid to go out of his home. He lived for another year but collapsed, first psychologically than physically, under the weight of living with his injuries and caring for his elderly mother.

The police in Cincinnati have called this a “boredom beating” perpetrated by a gang of black teenage boys seeking entertainment. Decent people ask if this was an isolated incident and why these boys would do such a thing out of boredom.

Hand-wrung apologies from “sagacious” social scientists aside, the answer is quite simply because they “felt like it.”

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Comments on: "More Black Violence" (29)

  1. Why Zimmerman and everyone should – NO – has to carry – the president and all his administrative departments want to stay in power by declaring Marshall law after creating deadly race riots – diversity- also known as divide and veni vedi veci.


    • Just Gene: Exactly–the Left is the primary reason
      NONE of us are safe, either in our own homes, nor
      on our own streets. This horrific crime occurred in
      my own home state & the media has largely refused
      to mention the racial element inherent in the attack.
      As has become customary, they won’t report the
      whole story, because the truth contradicts the “Left
      racist meme” they try to promote. Obamageddom &
      his entire admin & all his evil little minions have done
      more to gin up civil strife & racial animosity than any
      other group in our modern era!


    • Just Gene,

      Exactly, I came, I saw, I conquered. This is the ultimate goal of the King.


  2. Pepp: Another great job of intrepid, investigative
    journalism on your part! Unfortunately, the “real”
    pros can no longer be counted upon to report the
    truth & it is left to those such as yourselves & the
    young gentleman in the story to do so! I feel as if
    I’ve fallen down a wormhole & emerged into an al-
    ternate universe, one which bears no resemblance
    to reality–the horrific crimes which are occurring
    are improperly reported to the general public, as
    the racial element is deliberately omitted by the MSM.
    In addition, many crimes are simply ignored, lest too
    many questions be raised . . .

    The horrific attack on the Cincinnati man will surely
    bring new charges (pending autopsy results), but
    at the end of the day, his is still another victim sac-
    rificed to satiate the blood lust of the Leftist demons.


    • goshawk3 said:


      Very good comment and oh so true!


    • Elizabeth,

      I read stuff and see that no one on TV is telling these stories and it makes me mad. The truth should be told, not left out for fear of offending the wrong people.

      This kind of stuff is going on all over the place yet the Pravda news outlets don’t want that story told.


      • Pepp: I’m outraged also!! It’s sickening that
        all these professional race pimps gin up the
        racial strife, knowing that innocent lives will
        certainly be affected & they don’t care at all!
        The so-called MSM refuses to report what is
        happening. I think they, as well as the Jacksons,
        the Sharptons & the Ben Jealous useful idiots
        should ALL be charged as criminal co-defendants
        in ANY acts of violence that occur as a result of
        the deliberate promotion of raging mob violence!


        • Elizabeth,

          Yes, it is outrageous what the racist pimps do. And you are exactly right, they are pimps and useful idiots. I wish someone would come to the forefront and start leading the blacks in the right direction. We have black pastors who speak out but you don’t hear much about them.

          I agree that Sharpton, Jackson, and Jealous should be charged for any violence that happens. But, they won’t and NBC should be charged with something for altering the Zimmerman 911 call where they made it look like he was profiling blacks when all he did was answer the operator’s question about the race of the person he spotted.


  3. Just Gene- You are so right, ovomit wants Marshall Law. That narcissist wants to control it all. He is a prime example the the most intelligent insane person I have ever run across. It also wouldn’t surprise me that the administration is behind stirring the pot with these attacks. The act of beating somebody is wrong, but I don’t harbor any ill feelings towards those teenagers, they are ignorant of the truth and, filled with hate and a product of a desperate society. I don’t know why am surprised at the fall out over the Zimmerman trial, I guess I am just trying to hold on to old school thinking, the way of life use to be a few short years ago. Every day I expect to hear that the bubble has burst, economy has collapsed, and our way of life has been reduced to the level of camel jockeys. It is not a matter of if this will happen, but when this will happen. Last year when the eastern part of the country was without electricity from a June 2012 storm for a week, that provided a small glimpse of the panic due to no food and how badly the people treated each other at the end of four days. Just wait until the failed farm bill expires in September and see what happens to the cost of everything. That will be the beginning to the end. it is going to get much worse.


    • goshawk3 said:


      I agree wholeheartedly with you and Just Gene. In fact I had posted almost the same thing on an earlier article.


    • Walt,

      You are so right that this administration with its’ media arm inflame these kinds of things so he can eventually call martial law. He’s biting at the bit to do. We don’t have much time before the scenario you painted happens. I can’t see things leading anywhere else but to a complete economic and social collapse of this country. And each day the King makes it harder for people to survive. We may end up like Egypt and that’s really a bad place to be for any country. It should never happen here in America, but we have a King who hates us and needs to destroy us.


  4. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! I’m afraid we are going to see more and more of this cowardly behavior. Have you noticed it’s always more then one of the animals that do the beating?

    Free Republic web site always reports these incidents around the country.

    Ball ammunition; lock and load.

    ‘oohrah!! 😉


    • goshawk3 said:

      Hey Beau!,

      It’stime to Lock N Load!


    • Beaux, I’m afraid too of what is going to happen. And yes, it seems there are always several of these brutes attacking someone. It is their MO I think to overwhelm and overcome one person who has no chance to even fight back.


  5. Too bad didn’t bring his triumvirate of Smith, Wesson,and Colt. Or, a 50mm machine gun. When around “peaceful protesters”, either drive a heavy truck and DO NOT stop, or be heavily armed. Obama and his media minions have set back race relations 50 years. THIS will be HIS legacy. And to THINK what SHOULD have been a watershed time in American history. Just puts truth to the saying liberals can frig up a free lunch.


  6. AfterShock said:

    Shameless plug for new post at this nigga’s own blog


  7. Gar Swaffar said:

    Stupid place for a white guy to go. REALLY stupid


    • Gar,

      Maybe it’s stupid or maybe the guy was just trying to get on film what the Pravda press won’t report and refuses to report. I’m not arguing with you, but we have journalists going into dangerous scenarios all the time to get a story. Look at all the journalists who go into wars so they can film and report what is going on. Without them, we’d have no video of anything and no visual history.


  8. goshawk3 said:

    Anti American AJ (a jerk) giving one of his propaganda speeches says that the “Stand Your Ground” law causes more violence than it prevents!?? Then go’s on to say “It’s the ‘citizens’ DUTY to retreat! Can you believe this A Hole!?

    It;s my “Duty” as a family man to stand and defend my family and self! I will do that by making the ‘intruder’ retreat or be shot!


  9. What testimony to the truth. They have no compassion, empathy, and humanity is sadly lacking. And they want what? Misery, chaos, injustice, hate. And media turns a BLIND eye. Just remember what they tried to do (and did) to the Tea Parties. They want to be able to attack anyone, anytime they want, for whatever reason they deserve it. That’s their idea of justice.

    I just saw where a woman in Houston was stopped and smacked around on her way taking her child to the hospital. At least media caught that one. The organizer claimed it was a peaceful protest.— while they’re calling them “No Justice No Peace” rallies. WTH are they calling for? As Sharples would say…”Don’t talk to us like we ignant.”


  10. They randomly killed a guy and they’re getting charged with aggravated assault while Zimmerman had a guy on top of him and shot him and he’s getting charged with second degree murder? This country has major, major race relation problems. Ann Coulter just wrote an article responding to the NYTs statement that if the races had been reversed Martin would have been immediately charged with murder. The races really couldn’t have been reversed without some major, major changes in reality. First Zimmerman was living in a neighborhood that had suffered a rash of home invasions which according to police had ALL been committed by young blacks so first you’d have to have ALL the home invasions committed by nearly 30 year old Hispanic males. Second there was a case in Long Island where some white kids were shouting outside a black guys home and instead of calling the cops he went outside with a gun and shot a white kid in the face killing him. Guess who came to his defense? Yep, you got it, Al Sharpton, the same guy that is screaming Zimmerman needs to be charged with murder. He didn’t have to leave his house, he could have called the cops, he shot a white kid in the face and he spent 5 months in prison over it and no major media coverage. It seems like if blacks kill anyone, even other blacks, no one in the media dares mention it. I guess its like a dog walking on its hind legs, when whites commit these crimes its rare, when blacks do it its like water running down hill, its expected and no one cares. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.


    • Sherri,

      Welcome to my blog. And thanks for you input. We do have a major problem going on in this country and it blacks who now feel empowered on getting away with murder or other crimes because in my opinion we have a black prez and Holder his side kick. Then we have the race baiters who are constantly trying to find anything to hang the race card on anyone they can.

      The media is a poor example of real journalism in this country as they all avoid the “other” truth. And if they do mention the black on black crime that is rampant, they get called racist on that too. They don’t want to talk about that.


  11. It is a little late for this post, but I received this link to a youtube video. It is a black pastor speaking why blacks hate Zimmerman. This pastor needs to get this message out


    • Walt,

      Yeah, it’s kind of late now since this post is dead now, but perhaps I can post it on another article to put up. Thanks for the info.


      • Walt & Pepp: I DID see this excellent message
        through a link in an email rec’d from whom I
        don’t remember! But, both of you are right–
        we don’t hear enough messages like this
        emanating from the Black Community to offset
        the lunatic racial rhetoric that usually permeates
        the entire group with its poisonous message! I
        hope to hear more from staunch Patriotic guys
        like this good Christian minister!


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