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Several hours after the jury delivered the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial, the NAACP, issued a statement they, being outraged and angered over the verdict,  pleaded to the US INJustice Department to charge George Zimmerman with civil rights violations and the penalty that goes with that.  (So justice can be gotten to make Zimmerman held accountable for his crime against Trayvon Martin.)

Do they ever stop I wondered?  It is not enough  for them to believe that the 6 women who diligently and seriously carried out their duties to find the correct verdict?  The evidence presented by the State did not present enough evidence without reasonable doubt to convict Zimmerman.

Instead the Defense had to do the job for them, going beyond the burden that they are not required to do as it is the “State’s” Burden of proof.  And the State failed because it was a political trial, not a trial to reach the truth.

Knowing who runs the INJustice Department I fear that this tragedy and this travesty of justice will once again be foisted upon the already beleaguered George Zimmerman and this country. We need no more. We need to stop this. And we need to find some semblance of peace and sanity restored.

In the meantime the media outlet which deliberately altered the tape to make it appear that Zimmerman had racially profiled Mr. Martin, will be sued by his attorneys. And I hope that network is made to pay through the nose for what they did to George Zimmerman and to this country inflaming the violence that did occur after the airing of that altered tape. Of all the people to be held responsible for what happened that further divided the race relations in this country, these are the culprits in whose hands the responsibility lies. And all of those who followed suit therein, including the politicians and the so called president who had no business poking his nose into this case. 


Comments on: "Not Gulty Zimmerman And The NAACP by Peppermint" (32)

  1. The lap dog media & the DOJ should be held mutually
    accountable for all the Leftist violence spawned by the
    deliberate distortions, misconceptions & deceptions by
    these hard left operatives, who acted in such a despicable
    fashion in order to serve a political/ideological agenda!
    These monsters don’t care how many victims must be
    sacrificed to satiate the evil they’ve spawned!


    • Elizabeth,

      Nice to see you. I agree with what you stated. The DOJ and all who participated in this travesty should be held accountable. Sadly, none of them will as we have seen. There is no accountability with this administration ever.

      You are right, these monsters care NOT what they are doing to our country and to us. We may as well not even exist.


  2. goshawk3 said:

    Nice piece Pepp!

    As you and I discussed earlier, I expected Zimmerman to be found guilty no matter what due to the corruption in the Injustice Dept. and White House. But was shocked that they didn’t “railroad”

    Looking at Fox and Friends this morning I see the riots have already started in Oakland Calif. with flag burnning and window smashing. I believe Obama and Holder will push and encurage the riots and discontents to distract from all the no-scandals and further their agenda.


    • Thanks Hon,

      Yeah, it was my fear to that Zimmerman would be railroaded. As it is he is not really a “free” man. How long will it take before he is no longer a prisoner in his own house, wherever he is staying?

      Yeah, the riots, we knew they would break out somewhere. Oakland is a good place and let them do whatever. The police and National Guard, if called in, will put that down.

      As far as a distraction from the other scandals, that certainly has happened and more incidents this administration can come up with will continue to distract. As you and I talked, who is talking any longer about Benghazi, the IRS, the lawless DOJ or any of the others that exist? It seems to have disappeared in into cyberspace.


  3. Good piece, you summed it up well. They don’t want to stop. And they’ll fight stand your ground laws in every state that has them. I shouldn’t be surprised but there they go again.


    • Bull,

      Thanks. No they don’t want any of this to stop, but to continue on dividing and conquering any groups they can while they chip away at us every day with their lawlessness. No there is no surprise in this move by the NAACP.


      • Pepp, it is as if there were two trials, one in court and one in the media and public. They are now out for another pound of flesh. As Jesse Jackson said, there is power in Martin’s blood. Who knows what no-holds barred Holder will do with it.


        • Bull,

          Exactly right! And there were actually two trials. We knew this would happen for the usual suspects to get out front for their pound of flesh and revenge.

          Since this is exactly what the WithHolder would like to do, is extract his own pound of flesh, you’re right, we don’t know what he’ll do. But I don’t trust that he won’t do it. He has shown himself to be such a racist himself. And lawless, bloody hell, this is the chief cop of our country and he is the most lawless man, except for his boss. Two peas in a pod.


  4. Whenever one refers to the NAACP, just remember: It stands for the National Association of Angry and Complaining People. IF the Injustice dept. sticks it’s nose here, I hope Zimmerman’s attorneys file a countersuit. This IS NOT within their jurisdiction. Although that hasn’t slowed them down in the past.


    • clyde,

      I love your epanation of the acronym for the NAACP. Very funny,.

      Zimmerman’s lawyers are already expecting this lawsuit and will fight it tooth and nail.

      Nothing deters the INJustice Department from doing whatever they want. We’ve seen it too many times and know they are lawless.


  5. As usual, you’re right on Pepp. I commented on the race issue on Nox and Friends yesterday and I’ll say the same thing here.

    I am fed up with coddling blacks over the PC race issue. I admit to being PUSHED towards a more racially biased mindset by the way that whites are treated as second-class citizens while we are supposed to take anything from racist blacks without fighting back – and that includes Obama. He started the Trayvon push himself, followed by the race-baiters (and the networks), all to make sure that Zimmerman would be railroaded and convicted – BEFORE THE FACTS WERE KNOWN. My hat is off to the six women who heard ALL of the evidence and found Z not guilty. But our black “brothers and sisters” refuse to accept anything but a guilty verdict. Justice, they say, BS – they got justice, but they refuse to accept it because it doesn’t fit their desired scenario.

    When the judge allowed manslaughter to be considered, I thought that the jury would choose that in order to “satisfy” the racist masses and keep them from rioting. I’m happy to say that I misjudged those six women – they stood tall and delivered the proper verdict.

    I’ve read hundreds of tweets and comments last night and this morning and the ignorance of the facts is astounding. A Hispanic guy shot a black guy (not a child) in self-defense. All of the evidence pointed to not guilty, but the racists are determined to rebel at anything that shows a black in a negative light – even if it is accurate and true. Like I said, I find myself being pushed towards a more racist view – I don’t like it – but I can’t deny that it is rebellion on my part to being witness to black absolution of any responsibility and holding them to a lower standard than whites.

    The pendulum is swinging for me. Ten years ago, I thought that I didn’t harbor any racist tendencies – just because someone was darker than me was no reason to dislike or distrust them – they deserved respect just like another white person. I still do think that, but I am beginning to realize that the black racists are smelling power and will do anything to get and keep it. It is “us” against “them,” like it or not – that’s what Obama has taught us. They no longer get the benefit of doubt from me – to do so is feeding into the demise of the majority.

    It is time for reasonable, non-racist black folks to call a halt to the racially divisive rhetoric that has taken over in this country. We can get along if we view each other without a chip on our shoulder. I hope that this attitude will abate and we can begin to trust each other again. If the current affirmative action in all things continues, I’m afraid that more whites will also take up the us/them attitude and we could have race war or, Black Panthers and KKK groups springing up and arming themselves and then the stuff WILL hit the fan.

    I can’t believe that I’m the only white who is really fed up with today’s racial condition.


    • Garnet,

      Great comment! I am very proud of my own sex for not “caving” to political pressure to find Z guilty regardless of the circumstances. They took the evidence, went through it thoroughly and found what was the only conclusion for a normal, sane person to come to, Not Guilty.

      I was very displeased with the prosecution who kept referring to Trayvon as a “kid”. He was no grade school child skipping home happily with his skittles and drink. He was a full grown adolescent and one of the most dangerous element in our society, both white, black or any color. Young men in his age range are the ones who commit so many crimes. Besides that Z’s community had a number of break ins by said same individuals.

      I’m afraid that I too, who has never had a racist bone in my body is changing and I don’t like that. Thinking over it, one realizes this is exactly what the Divider in Chief wants. Let’s go back to the days before civil rights why don’t we? That’s about where the King has us right now. It would be best for blacks, Hispanics, whites to all get together and have a profound conversation about where this division and hatred is being flamed, right from the head of the snake.

      But, I fear things have gone to far to have that conversation because there are black elements, the race baitors who won’t give up on this.

      No, Garnet, you are not the only white fed up with things. Many are fed up with it. We, as whites are doing nothing to hold them back. The blame can be placed all on the Alinsky party and Obama who want to fan the flames of “social injustice” as they call it. There is no social injustice except for the Demon/Alinsky party who want to keep these folks on the plantation. Even other intelligent and informed blacks write about this and have the same conclusions as we do. If only there were more of them to take the lead, push aside Jackson and Sharpton, and talk the truth to their young people.

      On top of that what really makes me boil is all of the murders going on in Chitcago, for example, black on black crime where there are usually about 50 murders each week. They don’t want to talk about that or address that issue.


  6. Gar Swaffar said:

    No one one the planet expected the NAALCP and the Race Baiters to give up. The advancement of further race relations deterioration, the financial future of the NAALCP, The Justice Brothers (Al & Jesse) all require further demonization of the victim (Zimmerman) in this case.


    • Gar,

      I wish every black pastor on Sunday should have told its’ congregation that “Vengeance is the Lord’s”.


      • Gar Swaffar said:

        I’m actually of the belief that some may have done just that. However, I don’t believe I’ll hold my breath until the Left Stream Media report it.


        • Gar,

          I too think that some black pastors may have tried to give their congregations some good things to think over. As far as the LSM they will never admit to any wrong doing when it comes to this. Nor would they report on any black man who gives any good advice. That’s another Uncle Tom to them.


  7. It is a sad state of affairs that are developing as a result of the Zimmerman verdict.

    Those who refuse to put there racial bias aside and to learn the facts that was presented with the testimony, could then understand why the jury was not left much choice in reaching a not guilty verdict.

    It is not a mater of the NAACP not seeing the verdict was correct, but a matter of not wanting to see it.

    Combined with the liberal media, Obama and his czars that are successfully accomplishing a wider division in our great country, it is becoming more and more frustrating to see all these idiots deliberately perpetuating a wider division among the people. I guess it comes down to divide and conquer our great country. I could list dozens of ulterior motives that is feeding this division, but I for one am trying to use my frustration as the reason to change my mind set from all that is wrong to a I don’t give a crap attitude. Nothing will ever restore this country to what it was just a few brief years ago.

    When it comes to the divisions being created by the Administration and others, weather it is politics, race, etc., those are the types of disputes we need to avoid. We need to attempt to turn the other cheek and walk away peacefully for our own personal well-being. The time has come to take care of yourself and your love ones and only associate with family and friends of a like mine set. If not the dived will only worsen and tear at our inner fiber, therefore we become the looser.


    • Walt, very good comments.

      I see this like a dysfunctional family where the parents have big problems, the children in the family can’t see the real problem or can’t confront the real problem. The parents hold all the power within the family. Hence the children fight among themselves, sometimes causing great divisions among each other, some who don’t even associate with each other any longer. I’ve seen it happen many times.

      Instead of the blacks putting the blame on Obama, and with Obama’s divisive rhetoric the blacks do not see, nor do they want to see, that the person who is holding them back is the King Obama himself and his party. Therefore they blame it all on whitey and their fellow citizens keeping them down which is not true. So they riot, want vengeance for all the non-existent injustice they think is coming from whites. It’s a very sad state of affairs.

      I feel the same way Walt, I don’t want to be involved in this. I do not have racial biases and I’m feeling a bit angry over the constant use of this trial to further race bait and use this as a means to divide and conquer. After all a nation united stands, one that is divided falls. This is right out of the Obama playbook. Divide us further and further so we are constantly at odds with one another, whether it be racial, rich against poor, etc. He has done a great job of dividing us.

      So I want no part of this either.


  8. Perhaps, in lieu of George OWNING that network, he could settle for having editorial approval for all future stories.


  9. This President has a habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.


    • thatmrgguy,

      Yes, he certainly does have that problem and usually over white vs. black. He had no business sticking his nose in this from the beginning and inflaming people to start. Now he’s using the verdict to push gun control. He never misses an opportunity to further his own agenda. He makes me sick.


  10. Seems like we are getting the lecture on healing race relations, while they are using to stoke and division. Someone asked his brother what he was could do to heal race relations, if he was going to do that?. Does that sound logical?


    • Bull,

      Exactly right. How can “we whitey” heal race relations while the King and his minions continue to inflame? I saw that too asked of Z’s brother. How on earth could he possibly do that when he and his whole family have a target on his back? Nothing logical about that!


  11. I was also afraid Mr. Zimmerman would be charged with murder – when we heard the Not Guilty verdict, I cried. Mr. Zimmerman’s life will never be the same because he will need to go in hiding – him and his family. Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton need to keep their noses out of this – the jury of 6 said Mr. Zimmerman was not guilty – so that should be it – they didn’t do any protesting when OJ Simpson was not guilty in the murder of Nicole Simpson…


    • Donna,

      I was so proud of our sex when these women were courageous enough to come to the only conclusion that was right. Now their lives our in danger too. I hope the judge never releases their names publicly as then their lives will be in great danger also.

      Even though Zimmerman was found to be not guilty, he by no means free. He cannot go out in public because he will be killed. He’s going to live in a prison all of his life anyway under these circumstances of being under constant death threats. None of his family can be safe again.

      Hawk told me this morning he heard a football player that he gives Zimmerman a year before the “hood” gets get and kills him. I believe that to be true. He will hunted down for the rest of his life.

      And the OJ trial. Did anyone see whites protest or go into any kind of violence when he was found not guilty although the evidence against him was overwhelming? No, we did not. We had to accept the verdict knowing that one was wrong.


      • I hate to break up the women’s talk, who knows how a jury of men would decide? They might still be deliberating. It might have been another stand your ground case. I was in line at the store next to a Jewish couple and we were wondering which line to get in. He pointed to his wife and said ” women make better decisions, don’t you think?”… to which I said and quicker. ( I wondered later when I saw the verdict how apropos. )

        I’d say they probably hunt him down, true, and it will be 1st degree. But they might wait to see how many suits they can file and get first.


        • Bull,

          Sorry about the woman talk. but since it was an all woman jury, we kind of find it very courageous on their parts, knowing full well they, at some time, are going to be in the same danger as Zimmerman. I just hope that judge does not release their names for the original 6 mos she said. Even then i doubt these women’s lives will be safe.

          I agree these blacks should wait until they can squeeze everything out of Zimmerman before they kill him. He has no money so the family trying to get the last bloody dime out of him is a wash. He’s broke, has no means of making any money at this point. I heard today they are living off contributions from others.

          I’m sure the INJustice Dept. under the lawless WithHolder will find some way to charge him with a hate crime for which he then goes to federal prison.

          As far as male jurors, I have no idea how they would have decided this case. I think we women know that women will look at every last detail which often drives men nuts. Whether men would have gone through everything with a fine comb like women do is up in the air. I really don’t know. We’ll never know really.


          • Pepp, I think they already got a million from the homeowners’ association too. but the more the better. Right, I heard Holder said it was an “unnecessary shooting”. Code for murder.

            I could not know either. Well, if it were all male I think there would be no end to complaints about that. But they aren’t complaining about them all being women — except being racists, you know. 🙂


          • Bull,

            Oh, I’m so glad to hear the HOA helped him out. That certainly shows how respected Zimmerman was in his community by blacks and whites both who lived there. Good for them.

            Yes, if it had been an all male jury who found not guilty they would be racists too in the blacks eyes. it really doesn’t matter does it?


  12. Have a really non-pc question, Pepperhawk … why does the NAACP even still exist? What is their purpose? Why are they still relevant?

    Great article and comment thread.


    • Mrs. Al,

      I really don’t know why the NAACP exists frankly. It seems their only purpose it to be a watchdog in case there is any “misdeed” done by a white so that they can foment unrest as do the other race baiters, Sharpton and Jackson. Now Holder is giving angry speeches and is going to file charges against Zimmerman based on racism when there was no iota of evidence of this found.

      I watched the entire trial with an open mind. With the evidence and lack of evidence that I saw this man did not kill Martin for racial reasons. In fact, many of the people in his community were blacks and held a lot of respect for him. Zimmerman mentored young black kids. That does not sound like a racist man to me.

      As far as I’m concerned there is no reason for the NAACP to exist any longer. I don’t see them as relevant. They operate in a past world that does not exist. What would the black community say if the KKK still held meetings under the guise of just a “watchdog” for blacks who commit crimes.

      I also read today (an aside) that black teenagers shot a white baby in the face. Where is Holder’s outrage over that race crime?

      Thanks for your kind words.


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