Wicked Commentary

Satan walks among us in this country.  He takes all forms and shapes. He does not use any racial preferences, but invades many diverse communities. He does not choose the rich or the poor, but inhabits many of both. His stench wafts over our country. Can you smell the evil? Can you see it?  Some of us do not believe in good and evil. I do. There are too many acts of evil committed by many in this country every day. Too many excuses are made by these Satan infested ones. Where is responsibility instead?

What happened to so many in this country that we have become so God-less?  When did it start and how long has it been going on we may wonder. It’s been going on for all ages, but America was founded on Christian-Judea principles and most of us thought that was a good thing for our foundation as a nation.

Now for many it is not what they want. They would rather live inside Satan. We see so many God-less actions and ideals for quite some time now.

Roe vs. Wade was one of the most God-less decisions made by a Supreme Court who turned its’ back on God many years ago. We have not been able to change that. More people are finding out that abortion is not right.  As they view the ultrasounds of babies within the womb, they see that “thing” is a human.

Recently in the Texas legislature when they tried to get abortions illegal after 20 weeks, we saw Satan at his best.

Wendy Davis who staged a 13 hour filibuster to shut the bill down was called a hero. Why?  She’s a hero because she wants babies killed after 20 weeks? 20 weeks is a baby that is almost 5 months old, over half of its’ life in the womb. Ultrasounds show these babies to already be formed.

As if that were not bad enough, their children were forced to carry signs and coat hangers during the protest.

Kids holding signs and coat hangers for abortionDoes anyone think these children know what an abortion is?  It is a new low in the agenda to make killing babies legal.   And just how much lower can these people go?  I say they are inhabited by the Devil.

From the Rolling Stone by Jessica Mason Pieklo:

On Monday, the Texas State House voted overwhelmingly to pass a draconian proposal that would ban all abortions after 20 weeks, as well as adding stringent new restrictions on how clinics get licensed.

Now how is this draconian?  These people do not see that abortion in itself is draconian.  Ripping babies out of the womb with coat hangers is long gone as women can get abortions almost anywhere and instead have their babies heads drilled or spines snipped to kill them.  Is that not draconian?

We hear the same old  story about “Women’s’ Rights” and their “health”.  We hear this decision should only be made by the woman and her doctor.  But this is not a matter of just two people. This concerns the human inside the womb.  Where did the child’s rights end? The child does not have a voice or a choice.

According to the Declaration of Independence, 2nd paragraph:

“We hold these truths to self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

It is my belief that the rights of a baby are protected by our Creator, and the right to life for that baby.  There is not one iota in the Constitution about woman and their privacy to have an abortion. There is not one single thing in our Constitution that states abortion is legal. But SCOTUS saw differently and now we have legalization to kill babies.  Why should God help us to keep our Republic when people make decisions such as this?

Yes, a woman’s rights to privacy while there is not privacy given to anyone in this country as our phones are tapped, our email read, and everything you put up on the Internet.  That is as convoluted as it can get. Killing a baby is not sinister but what we say and what we do is considered a form of terrorism.  Is not abortion a form of terror?

And what has anything got to do with a woman’s “health”?  That is already and has been protected by the woman and her doctor. If her life is in danger the life of the mother is the choice made.

When the anti abortion crowd sang Amazing Grace, the pro abortion crowd shouted “Hail Satan”.  I believe that says all there is to say.  Satan lives inside these people. Evil abounds. Evil is everywhere.


Comments on: "Satan Walks Among Us by Peppermint" (36)

  1. This too shall pass into the trash heap of history from whence it sprang. I have said many that the words “Abortion and Abomination HAVE to be related because the both begin with the letters A-B-O.


    • Bob,

      I hope this shall pass into the heap of history. I’m not too sure of that. And our country is marred forever with this kind of “trash” as you call it.

      Yes, abortion and abomination are closely tied together.

      Thank you for coming by and commenting. Nice to see you here.


  2. goshawk3 said:

    Absolutely fabulous article Pepp!

    I agree 100% that Satin has become embedded into our society. The mothers making their kids (babies) hold up signs asking that they be allowed to kill babies is a disgusting new low for
    humanity! The poor children have no idea of what they are doing snd that their mothers are pure Evil!

    Things have become so bad in our culture that we elected the Devil himself, Obama to run the country!


    • goshawk3 said:

      You know as I think about it. Having those children holding those signs reminded me of Germans making people dig thier own graves.


    • Hawk, you are such a loyal and dear hubby. Thx for the compliment. Yes, it is disgusting to say the least having these children hold up signs in support of abortion when they have no idea what abortion means.

      And yes, the Devil was elected and now we pay the price for this abomination.

      That is a thought to ponder about the Germans making people dig their own graves in reference to the signs held by the children. One must recall that mere children were mandated to fight that awful war when Germany ran out of valid age men to fight. Horrors.


      • willibeaux said:

        Yo Mrs. Pepper’awk! Way to go! Another grand slammer. I believe our down slide to depravity began when Madeline was successful in getting prayer out of public schools in the sixties.

        My adopted state, colorful Colorado, was the first state to legalize the killing of the child in the womb. The continued slides are too numerous to mention.

        Our only hope is a revival turning our hearts back to God.

        ‘oohrah! 😉


        • Beaux,

          Thanks for the compliment.

          Yes, we are and have been on the wrong side of God for way too long. Prayer being banned in public schools was an abomination to all Christians catering to the minority atheists. This should have never happened. And the King Obama now wants Christian and Catholic schools shut down because those of us who attended were not bound by Madeline’s insanity. We prayed every day. We went to Mass every day. We were taught the ten Commandments and what they meant. All things the King does not want.

          I’m sorry to hear Colorado was the first to legalize killing babies. We live in a state that is very anti abortion. This is a Bible belt down here and there are more churches in our little town than there are stores. People worship God here. That is one reason Rand Paul won the Senate seat here because of his pro choice stand. He firmly stands against abortion. His demorat challenger did not stand for life.

          I don’t know how we can have a revival for those who are godless, Beaux. They don’t believe in God to start.


  3. That was a sobering post Pepp. Those that support abortion will find their reward in the 10th level of hell one day. In the meantime we can only rally against this barbarity. It is sad that there are those that believe in killing an unborn child is a ‘right”. I mourn for this nation and our society as a whole.

    We began our slide downhill when they took God out of our schools.


    • HN,

      Yes, it is a sobering post. I do hope these pro abortion people do get held responsible to God one day and the 100s of thousand babies killed just through a woman’s mere whim to get rid of that human being inside of her.

      It makes me mourn and feel sad for this country as well. Right, and taking God out of schools and all things Christian has made a mockery of our Constitution. It gets worse as every day passes. And now the King wants Catholic and Christian shut down over his mere disgust with those schools being able to still say prayers and belief in God. It makes me sick.


  4. Do these “pro-choice” advocates realize how absolutely STUPID they looked with their CHILDREN, lucky enough to survive their mothers’ “choice”, carrying around propaganda calling for the slaughter of what THEY chose to give life to? Proof positive liberalism is WORSE than retardation. Good post, Pepp. Too bad those who NEED to read it will not.


    • clyde,

      No I don’t think these people have any idea how stupid they look dragging their own children into this mess. As Michael Savage said when he wrote his book, “Liberalism is a mental disease”, he was dead right. These kinds of people don’t think, only go by their out of control emotions and mere wants instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

      Thx clyde for the compliment. I know pro abortion people won’t read this and if they do they will consider me a right wing loon anyway. There seems to be nothing to win this battle but more people are becoming aware of just what this abortion means and don’t want children slaughtered as ultrasounds become more and more technically advanced.


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    Israel ca. 732 B.C. had the covering of The Father lifted, in part, because they chose to sacrifice thousands of their children to Baal and Moloch. The US on the other hand has slaughtered millions.
    How long until we pay the price?


    • Gar,

      Good historical meaning brought to the conversation. And I have no doubt we will pay a heavy price for these baby slaughters. Why should God help us when we live under such evil. Those of us who believe in God and the 10 Commandments know there is a commandment that says, “Thou shalt not kill”. I believe that means babies as well. The pro abortion people must believe in nothing.


      • goshawk3 said:

        They sure believe a couple of things Pepp. Themselves and an insane ideology!


      • Gar Swaffar said:

        History has a way of repeating itself, unless we understand why it happened the first time. Even ancient Judah failed to see the signs and simply rebuilt “bigger & stronger” instead of figuring out why the Assyrians were allowed to attack and decimate Israel…(sound familiar?)


        • Gar,

          Sadly, some of us never learn from the mistakes of the past. But then again I’m not so sure history is even taught in public schools any longer.

          It is as old as time with example after example but somehow the lessons are never learned.

          Yes, what you wrote sounds very familiar.


  6. Sad, but dead on and great post Pepp! Roe v Wade is the biggest war our country has ever declared in our entire history. I don’t think if you were to add up all the enemies we killed in all our other wars it would add up to over 50 million. And to use little children who are clueless what they’re even doing as poster children for pro-abortion is as low and shameless as it can get.

    A woman can have a doc kill her child with an abortion anytime she wants. A nut case can shoot a pregnant woman, killing the mother and child and be charged with double murder. I totally agree with the second sentence, but I think putting both sentences together once again shows the hypocrisy of these people. The Traitor Party could care less about the health of women and that has ZERO to do with why they have always and always will be on the wrong side being pro-murder. They gained a huge voting bloc backing this most disgusting insanity.


    • Dave, you make a good point about abortion being legal but if a woman is murdered while pregnant, the murderer is charged with 2 deaths. How hypocritical is that one?

      Thanks for the compliment Dave on my post.

      Using children for pro abortion rallies is so low and as you say shameless. These people have no shame and that is part of their godless selves. They lace the ability to feel shame over anything that gets in their way and is illegal. They simply do not care.

      The Marxist party has indeed gained a huge voting block of these murderous women and they will play upon those women’s shameless acts. They love this. They have no love for life and no respect of it. It makes one wonder how these children who were made to rally with them are treated by these mothers. If they don’t believe those babies in a womb are of value, do they value the children they did allow to live?


  7. Nothing we can say or do will convince the liberal socialist to think any differently. Adultery and fornication is running amok and the unborn pays the price. More and more our country’s morels are slipping.

    With all the wrong deeds being committed, I fear sooner than later it will be too late for those to change their sinful actions.
    Matthew 7:12) And he says, “How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few.”

    I have used this paraphrase before, but it is worth repeating. Bill Graham’s wife once said that the way this country is slipping in corruption and sin, if God doesn’t turn his back on us, he will owe an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah


    • Walt, very good comment. I know it’s almost impossible for anyone of this kind of mindset to be changed. I did read where a liberal journalist who attended the Gosnell trial came away from it from being pro abortion to pro life. It’s too bad that wasn’t shown on TV like other controversial trials. But the media doesn’t want people to see what this tragedy is really like.

      The Billy Graham wife’s quote is so right. More and more turn to the most depraved things that were unimaginable when I was growing up. Now it is accepted as a “new normal”. Well I don’t agree.

      Yes, I believe that narrow gate is getting mighty small for us.


  8. Outstanding piece. The children protesting gets me. Hand them the signs with coat hangers. Then call it a ‘draconian proposal’. They have to be kidding, but no, they aren’t . Its intentional to inflict as much offense on the (rational) conscience as they can.

    You’re exactly right it is evil. They call good evil and evil good. Just look at the language they use and propaganda, no mistake, that it is organized and evil. But better to know what we are up against. The worst part is it now freely flows all the way up the halls of ivy, into the towers, and out again; and up through our government at all levels and out too.


    • Bull,

      Thanks. Yeah, the children being used for this purpose is what got me fuming. It reminds one of how Germany used their children in propaganda. It’s beyond my reasonable comprehension to understand the minds of these pro abortion people. And I don’t even want to understand it. It just is evil in my book.

      And of course you are right. The evil comes straight from the top of this government where every branch of it is an arm of a tyrannical King, who btw, tweeted during this ungodly sight, that “something special was happening in Texas” sort of paraphrasing but that is what the Big Satan had to say over this spectacle.


      • Pepp, something special, see it never stops. Their language has no basis in logic. Its so special murdering babies. Okay, from NARAL, I expect it, but this is the first pimp, I mean president of the US, he has no more scrupples than that? And why was he SO SO SO quiet about Gosnell? Because people are disgusted by it. THat was as bad as saying God bless Planned Parenthoods..


  9. Here are 3 rationales for their view from NARAL

    **“There has not been a proven need in Texas to require such stringent regulation.”

    They give more protection to a salamander as an endangered species than a baby. When you can hold an entire region hostage to concern for a lizard… yet can’t have restrictions or regulations on abortion, taking human life….there is something inherently evil.

    There must be a proven need to require the regulation? Out of mouths of babes. When they want open abortion including late term for any reason. And yet they blamed regulators and no inspections and absent regulators for Gosnell.

    **“Senate Bill 537 singles out abortion providers for no legitimate medical purpose. “

    Oh it just picks on abortions providers. Well, who else does Abortions???

    **”Senate Bill 537 has nothing to do with improving women’s health or safety.”

    Oh, abortion has everything to do with improving a women’s health, after what we have seen and know? (As I said it stands truth on its head)

    Then there’s always the lie: ‘all we want is an honest discussion about it” (2 lies in that)

    Great points on the privacy imbalance. Abortion could be the only records NSA can’t collect , search, or access..


    • Bull,

      Great points you made, all of them. They do NOT want any discussion over this at all. They just want to kill babies and make believe they have that right, which any reasonable person knows it is just murder.

      Right and if Texas wants to have more regulations of these clinics so they don’t have a Gosnell like abortion center, why does that upset them so much. Isn’t it better to have an operation that is under strict health care like hospitals are? They don’t see that as protecting them from the horrors of a Gosnell. That’s how stupid they are.

      Yeah, I think you are right. Abortion records are most likely the only records the NSA can’t access. The King would make certain of that.


      • Pepp, what got me irritated was during the Gosnell trial they released statements like what he did was wrong, why they need inspections. What he did was wrong and illegal, but they blamed the state for letting him get away with it. I get fed up with their propaganda arm. Yea they want it treated like legitimate medical treatment, so get in line and suffer the lawsuits and tort too. What hypocrites like their commander. And why is the EPA not after them, at least for the pollution they’re causing?


        • Bull, yes, I agree about the Gosnell trial. Right, it was all the state’s problem (sarc).

          You are so right, this is not a legitimate “medical treatment” but simply murder of the most vulnerable innocent among us. Yet, these same people are against the death penalty for heinous criminals.

          Good point about the EPA. But, once again this was given a pass and we both know why.

          Great points once again, Bull!


      • Pepp, I keep thinking their Marxist Alinsky agenda has 56 million dead babies on the alter and i can’t believe that is pleasing to God. Then to enshrine it in law and government the way they did cannot bode well for this once great country.. My point is that they have used those murders as a sacrifice, and transformed Roe/ decision into an oath to swear jurists in. It could not be any more morally offensive how they used this issue.
        Counter: http://www.numberofabortions.com/


        • Bull, I just took a look at that link and it’s worse than I ever thought. My Lord, it’s a slaughter. I don’t believe this is pleasing God either and that has me very concerned. How can we as a nation ask God to be on our side when the children of God are being murdered in such horrific numbers it boggles the mind:?

          One of the most awful aspects of this slaughter is how many blacks are being killed, almost a genocide of their race, but no one brings that up either.


          • Pepp,

            I believe Genocide fits, with a capital G. Some people call it a Holocaust but I have a little issue with that, and think that word should be reserved. It shouldn’t be applied too loosely. (I could be wrong)They may be technically right using it, but it still bothers me.

            But there can be no doubt about what it is. Its this swearing on the alter of Roe/Wade that bothers me and the (religious type) sacrifice they are making it to be.

            Yea no one mentions the ugly demographics like they don’t mention the violence of blacks and the killing. But they(P/P et al) know enough to put them in close, convenient proximity to blacks. Like Gosnell operated. “Shhhhh, don’t talk about that…don’t want to offend anyone or be divisive.”


          • Bull, I think Genocide fits like you said we don’t really want to use the Holocaust word. That is a special word for what happened in Germany.

            Roe/Wade has to be one of the biggest mistakes the SCOTUS ever made. They make mistakes, but this one is so blatantly unconstitutional and for a government to sanction killing babies goes beyond the pale.

            So right, Bull, these PP operations are in the black districts. I think they prey upon blacks and we have to wonder what their true purpose really is. I just wish more blacks could see what is being done to them.


  10. Gar Swaffar said:

    A neutered LIbtard is the only type safe to allow out on the streets.


    • Gar, very apropos comment and I completely agree. They are murdering their own, so perhaps one day, they will wipe themselves out


      • Gar Swaffar said:

        A very appropriate aphorism. WIping them selves out, that is. Since, in my rarely humble opinion they tend to be the second largest group of a$$ wipes on the planet. Second only to the moozlums they so adore.


        • Gar,

          In my humble opinion, I also think there are far too many of these diseased brain libtards too. It seems there are more of them than us, but we don’t fight back enough either against them. The moozlums breed like rabbits so they are going to outnumber us always. Argh!


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