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MissyNow here is a shot of a laughing dog. Her human is so funny that she laughs at all of this human’s antics and believe me, there are plenty of those with her human.  See if you can guess who the  human is she owns!


Comments on: "Our Hearts Need a Laugh by Peppermint" (22)

  1. Funny stuff. Who doesn’t love dogs?


    • Seeing pictures of furry little kids never
      fails to bring a big grin to my face! Thx
      for sharing these!! Is the “laughing” dog
      yours by an chance, Pepp? Love it!!


      • Elizabeth,

        Good to see you too from your busy life. Oh, me too. Looking at these pics bring a big smile to my face too. I just love dogs and cats.

        No, the laughing dog is not mine, but someone you all know. That face is adorable is it not?


    • Hi there Paulie,

      As always it’s good to see you come by.
      To me I say who doesn’t love dogs as well. They put big smiles on one’s face and give us plenty of love and loyalty. They don’t care what we look like, they love us the way we are.
      They also don’t care how big one’s feet are. 😀


  2. LMAO. I really liked the cat “you don’t have a hamster anymore”. Too good.


  3. Gar Swaffar said:

    Thank you for a breather to start another day!


    • Gar,

      That was the idea to give ourselves a little light hearted laughs to get on with another day under all the things we worry about. We all do need a breather.


      • Laughter is good for the soul and what ailes you. I love children and animals. A smile (apple) a day keeps the doctor away. I am living proof, thank God. Our Great Pyr puppy makes the day worth getting out of bed, not to mention before she relieves her self on the carpet 🙂


        • Walt,

          You are so right that laughter is good for the soul and our hearts. I love children and animals too. I have the best feeling of joy when I get to see my grand children. They always make me smile and laugh no matter what’s going on.

          LOL, I’m sure your Great Pyr puppy does make the day for you and getting out of bed. I know my Merlin is so excited when I get up. Thankfully he’s not a pup any longer and we have no messes to clean up. We had quite a few messes back then. But, he’s crate trained so most of the mess was inside the crate, thank God.


  4. goshawk3 said:

    Good stuff Pepp!

    Always good to see all the animal characters.

    No. I don’t know who the last dog owns.


  5. Great post Pepp! Beside those that worship the Commie In Chief; we all need a good laugh right now and you nailed it! I love all them, but the one about “not using bleach” won’t let me stop laughing. Thanks so much Pepp for bringing back some laughter into our lives. I know I REALLY needed it right now!!!


    • Dave,

      Thx I’m glad these pics brought you some laughter. And you are so right. We need more laughs with the Tyrant ruining things for us.

      Yes, the tiger one is so funny. I liked that one too. I have a hard time picking out my favorite though.

      Yes, I know you do need some good laughs right now with all you are going through.


  6. Oh they were so funny I love them I know ! I know ! That cute laughing dog is Miss Missy and she belongs to Luci


    • Susie, like you I love the pics and each one brings me a laugh too.

      Good for you! You named it right, it’s Lucie’s dog. And I’m sure you know why her dog is laughing. She does enough antics to make anyone laugh.


  7. All good stuff, Pepp. Even better to see YOU up and about.


  8. Three cheers for Susie!
    As to the others. I still have tears of laughter leaking from eyes. No matter how dark things look, we should always remember to take the time to enjoy a good laugh.


    • Gimp,

      Yep 3 cheers for our dearest Susie.

      I’m glad you got such a kick out of these pics. You are so right, no matter how bad things are we need to remember to laugh as it is so good for our health too. You’ve always told me that and many a time made me LMAO from your emails. What a blessing!


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