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The Religion of Peace

This is a report of horrific beheading by so called Syrian rebels where a priest was one who was killed.

The real graphic video is shown at this link where you can view the entire brutal massacre with these people cheering “Allah Akbar”.   Be warned it is quite horrible to watch:



Comments on: "The Religion of Peace" (21)

  1. goshawk3 said:

    And these are the Barbarians that Ovomit sides with against we Americans. He is also spending OUR tax money to supply these butchers! WHy in the hell don’t Congress stop this madman Traitor!


    • Hawk,

      There is a bill from the KY congressman, Massey, to try to stop O from supplying weapons to this barbarian. For what that’s worth since he pays no attention to Congress.


  2. Saw that video. If THAT doesn’t show the liberals what the “religion of peace” has in store for THEM, as well, gonna suck to be them when they find out. Glad to see y’all back up and at’em!


    • clyde,

      Thx. I’m partially up. Can’t be online for very long for several health issues, but trying.

      The video is horrible and I’d like to have everyone see it and call for stopping O from supplying these primitive barbarians weapons.


      • Hello Pepperhawk, very sorry to here about your illness. Since I have not for several weeks received emails of post on this site. I thought some how I removed myself from the email list. Our prayers are with you
        “B’ezrat Hashem,” “With the help of God


        • Hi Walt,

          I’m glad to see you. I never intended to leave my blog, but needed a lot of rest from all the health issues going on with me. So I’m glad you are here. Thanks so much for your prayers.
          Yes, with the help of God is quite true. I pray for many at night and our country. I’m very sad lately about where we are in this country. It pains me to see what is happening to us and we must be on God’s side.


  3. This is disturbing, I saw that in its entirety, They are animals no other way to describe them. And they want to send weapons over there. They say they are not involved in the military conflict and then listen to their reasons. They had women and children all with their smartphones trying to get as close to the act as they could. That is not humane its the dark ages. I didn’t see any news reports about it.


    • Bull,

      Ya know even animals don’t do this kind of thing. This is human inhumanity to the extreme. I can’t stand the thought that the O man is supporting these people. I think Putin has a better idea to knock the crap outta them. Let Putin and his cronies end this by putting down these barbarians.


      • Pepp, right there I go again, wrong analogy – offending animals. Its pure evil and no wonder people call it a religion of evil. Its all they produce. And he does it so regularly so this must be a fluke. I await Kerry making a statement. Oh, he only criticizes our soldiers.

        I hear all those peace loving Muslims protesting it. No, I guess I don’t, sorry. It must be coming though, the second week of never. Right Muslims are busy protesting those ad signs with terrorists on them. That they can do. There was a group of Muslims and others in Canada denouncing this violence. (but I’m not sure if that was an act, only a handful showed)


        • Bull, yes it is pure evil and it’s all around us. I pray the Our Father every night, “deliver us from evil”. It frightens me about how much the Devil has taken over this country.

          I don’t trust any Muslims protesting. To me it’s all fake.


  4. Good to see ya’ back Pepp! These bunch of damn camel jockey’s have been butchers since their inception. Just take a look at what is going on in Egypt right now and our Pharaoh did all he could to make it possible for the Muzzie Bro’s to take power. Egypt has been around for over 5000 years and has yet to know just one year of peace.

    I totally agree with ‘Awk of why in the hell is our lazy or go along congress not stopping our traitor wanna be king?? We have few to no one in power that gives a rats ass about us anymore and it breaks my heart to see them destroy our once great nation.


    • Dave,

      I’m trying to get back but have health issue that keep me from being online for long periods.

      I have no idea WTH Congress is doing or why they don’t act against this O man. Now after he screwed up Egypt over getting the Muzzie Bro installed, he says he will remain neutral. What a jerk. He should be supporting the people who are rising up against this tyranny, but that’s not what the O man wants. Never did.


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    When I saw that last week, the first thing that came to mind was that these are the same 7th Century freaks the Regime Master wants to ship money and arms to.

    Perfect choice for the Nimrod of 1600 Penn. Ave.


    • Gar,

      Thanks for coming over. Yes, they are the same as when time began is my guess. It is a shame of America to have this illegal president to supply these barbarians with arms. He never says a word about all the Christians being killed by these Islamist freaks. He cares not. And yes, he’s a nimrod.


      • Gar Swaffar said:

        Nimrod was all I could come up with for a mixed company crowd, which includes folks who aren’t former sailors.


  6. Such a terrible video to watch – but best to see what they are capable of doing – they are not a peaceful religion – they are the most evil people on earth. I pray every day that somehow someone will stop Obama – he needs to be charged with treason and locked up forever.


    • Donna, ‘

      Thx for coming by. It is a horrible video to watch, but like you I believe we should all see these merciless, barbarian acts by these people and stop thinking and believing this is a religion of peace. So many want to turn their heads and put them in the sand over just what these Islamists stand for. Exposing them for what they are should be done.

      As far as the King, I have my gravest doubts that anything will ever be done about him and I plunge into despair over it.


  7. It is not just in Syria, but in every country with any significant muslim population.
    I’ve seen several of these, and have been fighting along with PepperHawk and Goshawk, to bring things like this to peoples awareness. But things like this are so horrific that folks go into shock, that humans can do something like this to other humans, and enjoy the doing.
    You should see how they do their halal butchering – but don’t eat first.


    • Grouchy,

      Thx for coming by. Yes I know it going on in every country with these barbarians. I’ve watched other videos also and it is horrific. Yet we have a government who caters to these people and plenty of those on the left who defend them. Just where are these peaceful Muslims is my question. I come to the conclusion there are really not any.

      As horrible as these videos are I am not shocked in the least. Those of us who are aware of it, don’t get shocked. I was hoping that others would watch the video and see for themselves for what these Islamists stand for and how they are killing Christians all over the world where they exist.

      I also wonder how long it will be before they start beheading Christians here as they are allowed to get their way on everything in this country. We’ll be told we can’t talk about it or show it. I just don’t have a good feeling about what could very likely happen here as Christians are being persecuted now already.


  8. I’m sorry everyone but after reading Pepperhawk’s warning of this vidio and other comments I can not bring myself to watch it


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