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First Peppermint gives special honor to her Grandpa, her Uncles Bob and Charlie, her Brother Paul, and his son Steven, 4 generations of Marines who fought in wars for this country.

We give our thanks to all who served for our country.  Since it is Memorial Day we should give our troops, now and from other wars, the biggest tribute possible. 

As of today we have over 900,000 military member’s whose benefits are on hold and they have to wait up to 2 to 3 years to be processed. What can we say about a government so buried in bureaucracy that even our Vets can’t receive what is duly their right. This administration however does make sure it takes care of the lazy bums who won’t work with more benefits receiving approximately $60,000,  more money than most working people or Social Security recipients get. And what do our Vets get?  A door closed in their face.

This is a national disgrace and add it to the other scandals if you please.

What really happens in this country?  Instead of honoring our troops, people are flying into malls and other shopping areas to get “good deals”.  Our soldiers are forgotten while people rush to shop for the new grill on sale.

So I’m going to show you a little something different that comes from the Czech Republic that will put America to shame. The following are pictures and explanations of the tribute given by the Czechs in their country to our American troops.

Memorial day in CzechThis is an amazing story of remembrance. In the Czech Republic , the school children of the equivalent of fifth grade are each assigned one of the American and Canadian liberators buried there. Their grave is the student’s responsibility for the year and they learn all there is to know of their own hero. Their surviving family is sent letters and they respond to the annual child who tends their loved one’s grave.
Have you ever wondered if anyone in Europe remembers America ‘s sacrifice in World War II? There is an answer in a small town in the Czech Republic . The town called Pilsen ( Plzen ).

Memorial day in Czech 2Every 5 years, Pilsen conducts the Liberation Celebration of the City of Pilsen in the Czech Republic . May 6th, 2010, marked the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by General George Patton’s 3rd Army. Pilsen is the town that every American should visit. Because they love America and the American Soldier.

Memorial day in Czech 3

Even 65 years later… by the thousands,

Memorial day in Czech 4Lining the streets of Pilsen for miles

Memorial day in Czech 5The citizens of Pilsen came to say thank you.

Memorial day in Czech 6

Memorial day in Czech 7and quiet reflective moments.

Memorial day in Czech 8including this American family’s private time to honor and remember their American hero.

Memorial day in Czech 9This is the crash site of Lt. Virgil P. Kirkham, the last recorded American USAAF pilot killed in Europe during WWII. It was Lt. Kirkham’s 82nd mission and one that
he volunteered to go on.

At the time, this 20-year-old pilot’s P-47 Thunderbolt
plane was shot down, a young 14-year-old Czech girl, Zdenka Sladkova, was so moved by his sacrifice she made a vow to care for him and his memory. For 65 straight years, Zdenka, now 79-years-old, took on the responsibility to care for Virgil’s crash site and memorial near her home.

On May 4th, she was recognized by the Mayor of Zdenka’s home town of Trhanova , Czech Republic , for her sacrifice and extraordinary effort to honor this American hero.

Memorial day in Czech 10Another chapter in this important story… the Czech people are teaching their children about America ‘s sacrifice for their freedom.

Memorial day in Czech 11American Soldiers, young and old, are the Rock Stars these children and their parents want autographs from.

Memorial day in Czech 12Yes, Rock Stars! As they patiently waited for his autograph, the respect this little Czech boy and his father have for our troops serving today was heartwarming and inspirational.

Memorial day in Czech 13The Brian LaViolette Foundation established The Scholarship of Honor in tribute to General George S. Patton and the American Soldier, past and present.

Memorial day in Czech 14Each year, a different military hero will be honored in tribute to General Patton’s memory and their mission to liberate Europe . This award will be presented to a graduating senior who will be entering the military or a form of community service such as fireman, policeman, teaching or nursing — a cause greater than self. The student will be from 1 of the 5 high schools in Pilsen , Czech Republic .

Memorial day in Czech 15The first award was presented in May 2011 in honor of Lt. Virgil Kirkham, that young 20-year-old P-47 pilot killed 65 years ago in the final days of WWII.

Memorial day in Czech 16Presenting Virgil’s award was someone who knows the true meaning of service and sacrifice… someone who looks a lot like Virgil. Marion Kirkham, Virgil’s brother,
who himself served during WWII in the United States Army Air Corps!

Memorial day in Czech 17In closing… Here is what the city of Pilsen thinks of General Patton’s grandson. George Patton Waters (another Rock Star!) we’re proud to say, serves on Brian’s
Foundation board.

Memorial day in Czech 18And it’s front page news over there not buried in the middle of the social section.

Memorial day in Czech 20Brigadier General Miroslav Zizka, 1st Deputy Chief of Staff, Ministry of Defense, Czech Armed Forces.

Memorial day in Czech 21Notice the flags? Share this with your family and friends … every American should hear this story.


This should put all of America to shame.  What BIG celebration do we see here in America except the wreath placed on the unknown soldier tomb.  Do we see this across the States celebrating our heroes? 

We give our thanks in honor of all those who have served in our military, any branch, for their courage, honor, bravery and especially for keeping us free.

A hat tip to Dan G for sending me these pictures.  Thanks Dan!


Comments on: "Our Memorial Day Tribute To All US Forces by Pepp and Hawk" (29)

  1. America,in a burst of unparalleled stupidity has twice voted for a man of little known background whose ideas are alien to the REAL American ideals that so many of these Grand Old Veterans died for. This is a disgrace to their memories.


    • Hi Bob and welcome to my blog.

      I agree with you about the burst of stupidity, both times for bloody sake! No this man has no American values of any in my opinion. He is a disgrace to the whole country. And he certainly does not respect our military.


  2. Pepp, and Hawk, take a bow. Thanks so much for doing this outstanding piece here. The sad thing is, we now have a culture in place here, where way too many would as soon piss on the memories of our fallen military as to help them. No thanks to the party of treason, past and present.


    • goshawk3 said:


      Thanks for the compliment. Yes, it’s very sad to see how our culture’s respect for the military has fallen so low. In fact not just for the military but Freedom itself. So many have grown up taking their freedom for granted and don’t even realize that the Constitution and our military is why they now have the their freedom.


  3. Pepp & ‘Awk, what an amazingly wonderful tribute to our military! Thank you so much for showing them the respect and gratitude they deserve. Children of a foreign country being better taught to honor, have gratitude and never forget what our brave warriors did for them BETTER than what the children of our own country are taught. That paints an awfully sad picture to me.

    A special thanks of gratitude to all the vets I’ve met on blogs (I never would have met them any other way) and also to my Dad that served in Korea and passed away last year. Miss ya’ pop!


    • goshawk3 said:

      Dave thanks,

      Pepp always puts something nice together in honor of our military. She has a deep respect for our guys that fight, and those that put their countries security above their own lives.

      Yes, it is a shame that our children are not taught the purpose or how to respect the military. Thanks to the Commie indoctrination factories they call “schools” the children are taught that our country is bad, guns are bad and our soldiers are killers!

      And Dave, the tribute you give your Father and other soldiers shows the highest of respect. Thanks Dave.


      • Hey ‘Awk,

        There is no other group that deserves more respect and eternal gratitude than our brave, military warriors in my opinion. Thank you ‘Awk for being one of those brave warriors that put our country and constitution before yourself!


  4. grouchyfogie2 said:

    The most moving tribute to American Troops I think I have seen posted on-line. Pepperhawk, Goshawk,,, I Salute You.
    ~ ~ G F ~ ~


    • goshawk3 said:

      Well thanks grouchy,

      Although Pepp includes me as her partner she is the one that does all the blog work. She’s asleep right now but I’m sure she’ll get back to you when she awakes.


  5. Wow, great story. Memorial to Patton and sldier past and present. Hits me right in the throat.


    • goshawk3 said:


      Pepp and I were talking about Gen Patton this morning. We said we don’t think Patton would have stood for the crap going on today. In the military or government.


  6. http://connect.freedomworks.org/user/login?destination=user/196256/connections.
    Pepp, another beautiful article. Thank you so much. May God Bless you and May God Bless our wonderful military.


    • goshawk3 said:

      Hi Donna!

      On behalf of Pepp, thanks so much. Pepp is just a bit off her feed today so I’m kinda looken over things.

      Thank you for the blessing and the same to you and yours.


  7. Maybe folks are becoming aware after all.
    This year not one moron came up to me and said, “Happy Memorial Day!”
    Maybe they are…


  8. Yeah. More than one. More than once.


  9. If y’all get a chance, stop by hardnoxandfriends@wordpress.com tomorrow morning. Got a doozy up about a nutty professor. Seems as if this poor deluded soul thinks the NRA and it’s members need to be tried and shot for treason.


  10. Well, as they say, better late than never. I can’t believe that I didn’t comment on this story before now. Not only do I remember reading it before, I remember Gos saying that Pepp was “off her feed.” Today, I just stopped by to see if she was ok.

    I must have been too busy at the time of my first read. The post begs for comment, both to thank youse guys for having posted it (Gos and Pepp) and for the subject matter, how differently our veterans are treated by the Czech people and many of our own citizens.

    I did read through the whole Memorial Day tribute again and was (again) reminded of how badly our veterans were treated following the Viet Nam war. Though the country, as a whole, has overcome that sad era and has begun to honor our vets again, we’ve still got a long way to go to do right by them. This exposure to how they SHOULD be treated is welcome and I hope, is educational to our young people.

    In this day and age, especially with a usurper in the White House, it points out the sacrifices that the U.S. made in sending so many of our young men off to fight a war on foreign soil, most directly for the benefit of others – the very definition of “heroes.”

    We helped to purchase their freedom with the lives of our young men and now we are in danger of losing our own freedoms through treasonous acts by a president that we elected and who took an oath to defend them, how sad for us. As a people, we deserve better.

    I do wonder, noting the absence of recent posts, how are the occupants of Pepperhawk Farm?


  11. AfterShock said:

    Hey Pepperhawk, we need a massive influx of Czec (preferably fertile) immigrants that eventually will be able to vote against BIG government oppression and that will assimilate into American culture with the love and gratitude they so obviously have intact. Great post.


    • Hi AfterShock,

      Yeah, that sounds like a great idea right now. People who have plenty of gratitude for how we freed them instead of ingrates who come to take bennies ad jobs from others.

      Thanks for the compliment. Glad you liked the post. And good to see you too!


  12. wbwills8 said:

    Hi Pepperhawk, perhaps I missed something, but I have not received any notices of any post on your blog. or maybe unknowingly I unsubscribe myself. I truly enjoyed it, would please advise. Thank you


    • Hi wbwills8,

      Thanks so much for asking and thanks for enjoying my articles.

      I came down with a very bad virus in early June that kept me down for over 2 weeks. After that I lacked so much energy I was unable to put up any articles. I am now regaining my energy level little by little and hope to start blogging again sometime in August.

      That is why you have received no email notices of any new articles by me. Thank you for being such a concerned reader. I really appreciate that. But I’ll be back hopefully soon.


  13. We recently came across your post on Pilsen Czech Republic and thought you may be interested in this short documentary on Pilsen that was done after our Foundation, the Brian LaViolette Foundation posted this story and established a scholarship there in 2012. Enjoy!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHzYUcmJIzI


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