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King Obama’s Circus

Let’s all take a walk into an imaginary story about a circus run by a man named Bammy Scammy.  His press agent is Blarney Carney.  Bammy has many agents and advisers to get talent and acts for his circus.

All is ready and the circus begins.  In one ring we have the flying trapeze act, in another ring we have the lion tamers.  In a 3rd ring, there are beautiful women who ride big white horses bareback.  There is a large tent with the tight rope walkers, and in another one there are elephants who the trainers led around showing the huge beasts off to the crowds. 

Bammy Scammy is very proud of his circus because while one thing is happening in one tent there are others going on in other tents.  Lots of stuff to keep the people busy and distracted.  Not to mention all that popcorn and beer they were selling to the unwashed masses.

Then one day a disaster strikes.  One of the women, Barbie Doll, riding a big white horse falls off and is trampled to death by the horse.

Another one strikes at the elephant tent. One of the trainers loses control of the elephant and it being so frightened knocks down the barriers in the tent and stomps down at least a dozen customers before the elephant was under control.

In the flying trapeze tent one of the guys flying through the air misses the other guy’s hand and he zooms down to his death while the remaining trapeze artist flies up to the roof of the tent and the whole tent falls down on at least 100 people who are all trying to get out.

In the lions tent, the trainers  can’t hold their lions in command and the lions go on a rampage attacking the watchers.  Three of the people are mauled to death. Others suffer limbs and arms being torn off their bodies.

A fire breaks out in the tight rope tent.  The men on the tightrope fall to their deaths while people are so desperate to get out, they shove and stomp over others to exit the tent.  Many people die in the fire.  The tight rope workers are no longer identifiable as they are burnt beyond recognition.

The townspeople form a committee to investigate Bammy Scammy’s circus and how it is run and how things could go so bad that people were killed and injured. And they want their money back.  For those who were killed or injured the people want them to be given restitution.

Blarney Carney tells the committee that he knew NOTHING about the disasters and no one running the circus had any idea that people were trampled to death, that a fire broke out, that the lions mauled people and certainly nothing about the elephant stomping, and a woman on horseback was killed.  He assures the committee that no one in the King’s circus had any idea these things happened. And surely Bammy Scammy knew NOTHING.

The committee probes further, bringing in advisers, agents, people who saw the disasters before their own eyes.

The committee wants to know why the horse trampled Barbie Doll to death and left to die and no one came to her rescue when the horse trampled her. Why weren’t ambulances brought in? Why weren’t fire trucks called?

The townspeople shriek with outrage and the committee decides they had “better speed things up”.

More of Sammy Scammy’s advisers testify but they didn’t know any of this was happening in their circus and no one they knew was responsible.  Some advisers told the committee they don’t know why no one did anything. 

But, they could maybe come up with a name of someone who actually knew someone who had the facts, but oh, by the way, we don’t have names of anyone.  We can’t recall who hired the acts.  We don’t know anyone’s name and we most certainly have no idea who left Barbie Doll to be stomped to death by her horse.  In fact they never heard of Barbie.

One attendee at the circus testifies that Barbie had no bridle or any way to hold onto the horse so she simply fell as the horse circled around the tent. And there was not the proper  equipment to keep the lions in line.

Drugs  Shulman and Cheats Miller, two of Sammy’s advisers testified they knew NOTHING at all and didn’t know why an ambulance was not called for Barbie in case she could be saved from her severe injuries.  Bammy Scammy of course knew NOTHING about any of these disasters even though he was the one to run the circus.  But, “he is outraged and will bring the people responsible to justice”

Certainly not one agent or adviser had any answers because they all knew NOTHING.   The agents didn’t even know the names of the people who ran the acts.  They were surely all very talented and would do nothing to hurt anyone, but everyone knew NOTHING.

The towns committee decides to bring in the chief investigator before the committee, Ferret Smolder, who testifies that as a law enforcement person, he has no knowledge, but he will get those people who did those very bad deeds.  However, he knows NOTHING and he has no names of anyone. 

He states that since he was merely a top cop, he couldn’t be expected to do anything about this.  In fact according to him it was all the fault of the American people for going to the circus in the first place.  He states, “if it weren’t for them nothing would ever have happened”. 

But, Ferret Smolder would check out every person who attended the circus to see if they owned a gun. After all guns are dangerous and probably caused all this mess.  And he was sure that a gun caused the fire when it was fired.  Or perhaps according to Ferret Smolder, there was a loose maniac running around with an AK.  Surely that would cause a terrible fire.

Funny thing though none of the attendees at the circus ever saw a gun fired anywhere and certainly not by anyone in the crowd. And they sure didn’t see any loose maniac running around inside those tents.

The committee asked, “why were there no firetrucks at the fire’? Ferret Smolder stated that there was a sequester on Bammy Scammy’s funding by “certain people with the wrong views”  so there was no money to call in the fire department.  Ask “those people” why there was no funding for safety at the circus. There were no ambulances either since Bammy’s funds were cut off.

Bammy Scammy would not come in to testify. After all he was the owner of the circus and how could he be expected to know anything about what was going on.  He sent a message that he “was outraged” and he would make sure the proper people were held responsible  “IF”  it actually happened. And he knew NOTHING about what had happened.  The message was written on the back of a Nevada hotel napkin.

The committee argued, raged, bloviated, pointed their fingers and accused the advisers and others agents who testified they would bring someone to justice for the carnage. Get us names, get us people who knew what happened they demanded in feigned outrage.

But, the people shouted angrily, exactly what are you going to do since you have no names, all the advisers and agents and Bammy Scammy know NOTHING?

Sine the committee lied to the people about getting to the “bottom” of this scandalous behavior, that night the committee met in a secret room with smoked filled air, some smoking cigars, cigarettes, snorting cocaine, and one member fondled his young aide under the table at which they sat while they argued among themselves.  They all drank large amounts of alcohol to quell their nerves.

They broke out in a frenzy of exchanges asking one another, just what can we do?  We know NOTHING. And just how do we find out why everyone knew NOTHING. How do we find out who started this Gawd awful circus?

The committee decided since they had no names and nobody knew anything  just how could they bring anyone to justice or prosecution for negligence at the least.

They decided to put the committee on hold indefinitely because as far as they were concerned they could do NOTHING since everybody knew NOTHING.


Comments on: "King Obama’s Circus" (38)

  1. goshawk3 said:

    Brilliant analogy Pepp!,

    Describes the government run by Ovomit and his Alinskyites perfectly! One might ask, how can an organization be run by no one!? The simple answer might be that they CAN! No one is suppose to question the government because after all, these people that aren’t there represent the supreme Law of the Land and are not to be questioned!

    There secret motto is probably, * If the damned people wouldn’t ask us question’s, we wouldn’t have to lie to them!*


    • This parallel leaves nothing to the imagination. It brings to mind a couple of old wisecracks I once read.

      What is the difference between GOD and Barack Obama? GOD does not think he is Obama.

      The problem with jokes about Barack Obama, his followers don’t think they’re funny and other people don’t think they’re jokes.

      Nothing will become of all Ovomit’s buffoonery. He will feed a couple of folks to the sharks to cover his butt, so he thinks. We are in for a horrible time ahead of us. How do you spell collapse.


      • Walt,

        LOL! I like the wisecrack about God and Obama. And unfortunately it is so true. Good observation about how his followers don’t think they’re jokes and others don’t think they are jokes.

        Yep, NOTHING will become of all these committees “investigating” of course. It’s all for show so the Congress can make it look like they are doing SOMETHING.

        Collapse indeed. And of course lower rung people will take the fall no doubt about that one.


        • willibeaux said:

          Mrs. Pepper’awk! As it says in Ecclesiastes, there is nothing new under the Sun.

          Zero is the master of deceit.

          ‘oohRah! 😉


          • Hi Willi,

            Yep you’re right, nothing new under the sun. This guy like you said takes the cake. And I never thought we’d see this in our own country. Now we’ve got a big mess going on.

            ‘ooRah! 😀


      • goshawk3 said:


        Funny joke! But you’re right, The Kings peons don’t take kindly to those of us who make fun of
        their Master!

        And I agree nothing will become of any of the scandals as he and his skate scot free. It sure does look like bad times are’ah comin!


    • Hawk,

      Very funny! If the people wouldn’t ask questions! Too bad there aren’t enough people asking questions is the problem. A lot of people don’t even know about Benghazi and don’t care to know. Unless the whole country starts to pay attention, things will go down the tubes in a rush. Now that would be something to behold, a whole country so outraged the Congress would not be able to ignore and actually do something instead of NOTHING!


  2. Am I sensing a new series?

    This one seems to be writing itself; you’ll just have to transcribe it!


    • goshawk3 said:


      Had the same thought myself while reading this.


    • Paulie

      I know you would love to see a new series, but I hadn’t planned on one, but with all that is going on, there is the possibility of more satire. Good to see you here Paulie! And you have nice feet too. 😀


  3. The Alinski plan is to sow confusion to where citizens lose faith in their institutions. Couple of well-placed Manchurians in key positions create havoc even though most of the people involved are NOT corrupt, merely normal bureaucrats trying to get thru their day and not look bad. This is right on schedule.


    • goshawk3 said:


      Not only do they create the confusion the Alinskyites try and steer you toward a way out of it. That way out, of course, is Socialism which is the first step toward Communism.


    • drrik,

      Oh and do we ever have confusion going on! Have you ever seen anything like this? All of these scandals happen, but nobody knows anybody and has no names or information. If we didn’t know better about what the Alinskys are up to, they would look like total clowns and buffoons. They would appear to be so incompetent, people would be screaming for their heads to roll,


  4. Brilliant analogy, Pepp. Funny how real life can imitate art. I’m with Paulie. A new series in the offing?


    • clyde,

      Thanks for the compliment. Yes it is interesting how life can imitate art. If we didn’t know better, we’d think we were in a Shakespearean play. Oh, I don’t know about a new series. I didn’t think about that when I wrote it, but who knows what could happen.


  5. …Ferret Smolder…
    Now THAT’S funny!


    • Buck,

      Thanks. I thought Ferret Smolder was funny myself. Sometimes it is enjoyable to write something like this. It kind of takes the rage I feel and give it a bit of rest.


  6. Great writing Pepp! Is this story fiction?? Me think not….

    Oh hell yeah; I vote for a new series !!! 🙂


    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the compliment. Is this fiction? Well, you can take it anyway you want. LOL!
      Oh, boy what’s up with you guys and the series? I don’t know right now. This just popped into my head last night and I had to get up and write it. What got me started was hearing that Steven Miller testifying before Congress yesterday and what a smart ass, arrogant jerk he was who knew NOTHING. 😀


      • Well lets see Pepp…all these request for you to write another story. I simply can’t imagine why so many are asking you to do so. You are nothing more than a fantastic writer, have a great imagination, can perfectly write stories that relate to real life and your mind goes to places due to your high intellect that many cannot go. Gee…I just can’t put together why you’re getting the request! 😀


        • Dave, OMG, you’ve got me blushing with all of those accolades. I don’t know whether I can live up to them all. But thanks for the compliments. I’ll take any I can get these days being an old fart. LOL!


  7. Just Gene said:

    I would like to comment but I know NOTHING!!


  8. Excellent yea that’s the scenario. And Blarney, great name, keeps yapping. He never seems to run out of words. That smirk is enough to insult anyone’s intelligence. Good comparison. Barbie was just a pawn and now just a little “problem” in logistics.


    • Bull,

      Thanks. I’m sure you’ve seen Blarney keep telling the same lies during the press conferences about the changes made “to the talking points was just stylistic after we all know now that is a huge lie. But, he keeps repeating it. He looks like the biggest buffoon there ever was.

      Yeah, like so many Barbie was nothing to them. Just a bump in the road so to speak.


  9. Since I don’t watch the news it’s too depressing and I am already depressed. I don’t need to be depress myself anymore, but I do want to keep up with Obmabitch and his evil doing. Pat I did love your comparison to the circus story and what has been going on. You hit it on the mark


    • Susie,

      I am glad you like the story. I too know how depressing this situation is with the King Obama. Yes, he is very evil in my book too. Thanks for the compliment.


  10. Pepp, what a great story ! Where do you come up with these ideas for such entertaining fare.
    Can you just imagine if OUR government were run like that ? Why, it would be a complete shambles, and the citizens would be screaming at the top of their lungs to topple such treachorous rulers.
    But that could never happen in REAL life, because as soon as the people learned about it from the newspapers and all the big alphabet news programs, that would be the end of it !
    They would get a rope and….Wait just a moment, my wife is trying to tell me something…Say What ?…This is actually happening…in OUR Country ? No Way ! Turn on MSNBC. I want to see for myself.
    I’ll get back to ya, Pepp.


    • Terry,

      Thanks for coming by! And for the compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed it. These ideas just pop into my head believe it or not and usually late at night so I have to get up out of bed to write it down or I’d forget in the morning.

      LOL! Yeah, it’s hard to imagine any of this being true. Very funny reply and do make sure you tune into MSNBC for the “real” truth. That’ll do ya.


  11. Great stuff Pepp! For some reason, I just couldn’t escape the thought that your story was so familiar, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

    But you are too kind, your evil villain isn’t nearly as evil as Owe-bama. That man (used loosely) has inflicted so much evil on this country, I’m quite sure that we don’t even know about all of it yet. I do love it though that he is beset by three (or more) problems at the same time and so far, the best that his henchmen have is “I don’t know.” I think that small parts of the circus are beginning collapse and little by little, I’m in hopes that he doesn’t have enough fingers to plug all of the holes popping up in the dike at the same time. I can hope.

    With any luck, next week will bring you more grist for your story mill – perhaps Chapter Two?


    • garnet,

      Thanks. Coming from the master of satire that means a lot. LOL! Yeah, wink wink, nudge all right. I used to write satire on Townhall but kind of lost my touch since so many “events”
      happened in my life after we moved here.

      I don’t think anyone could be more evil than that King right now. I’d like to compare him to someone in Germany some years back or another guy in Russia too, but I don’t dare and speak it out loud. 🙂 Whatever he is the Devil himself as far as I’m concerned.

      He sure has inflicted untold damage on us and our country in so short of time. It’s amazing how much he has gotten away with, but then again we have that ball-less wonder Congress to deal with. I think the people are getting ready to deal with it themselves if nothing gets done. And I doubt anything will be done to him.

      I don’t think he has enough fingers to close the holes in the tent either but he has too many in his shadow tents to put their fingers in and hold the tents up. Very good satire right there Garnet. You are just too good.

      Chapter Two is now up. It’s late, you’ll find it in the morning funnies.


  12. Absolutely perfect story, Pepp! Sure didn’t take long to know who this was about! lol! But so sad that this is the way it is in DC..


    • Donna

      Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. No it didn’t take a long time to figure this one out. Have you read my Acorn series? It is on a separate page. You can access it by clicking on it on the top of the page next to Merlin’s picture. That one is a frightening story and it scares me on how much of it has come true.

      Yes, it is sad where our country has gone. I sometimes long for the America I knew when I was a kid.


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