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On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show last night Rep. David Nunes dropped another bombshell about the DOJ taps.  The following is and excerpt from the conversation:

HH: The idea that this might be a Geithner-Axelrod plan, and by that, the sort of intimation, Henry II style, will no one rid me of this turbulent priest, will no one rid me of these turbulent Tea Parties, that might have just been a hint, a shift of an eyebrow, a change in the tone of voice. That’s going to take a long time to get to. I don’t trust the Department of Justice on this. Do you, Congressman Nunes?

DN:No, I absolutely do not, especially after this wiretapping incident, essentially, of the House of Representative. I don’t think people are focusing on the right thing when they talk about going after the AP reporters. The big problem that I see is that they actually tapped right where I’m sitting right now, the Cloak Room.

HH: Wait a minute, this is news to me.

DN: The Cloak Room in the

DN: The Cloak Room in the House of Representatives.

HH: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

DN: So when they went after the AP reporters, right? Went after all of their phone records, they went after the phone records, including right up here in the House Gallery, right up from where I’m sitting right now. So you have a real separation of powers issue that did this really rise to the level that you would have to get phone records that would, that would most likely include members of Congress, because as you know…

HH: Wow.

The cloakrooms serve as a place for members to socialize, eat, and take naps without leaving the building. These rooms are closed to all except for Senators and Representatives, and a few of their trusted staffers, and even have their own phone numbers.

UPDATE: House staffers wrote to clarify that Rep. Nunes meant the Capitol and not the cloakrooms. He was explaining that those records would reveal a lot of conversations between the press and members of Congress, since reporters often speak to Members from the press gallery phones.






Comments on: "DOJ tapped Republican Congressman’s Phones." (18)

  1. genomega1 said:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    DOJ tapped Republican Congressman’s Phones.


    • goshawk3 said:

      Good post Pepp!,

      Ha! And the Alinsky Party crucified Nixon for less. What will happen now? Probably nothing.


      • Hawk, even with all these scandals swirling around the King’s administration, and I am hearing that an EPA scandal is about to break, nothing will happen, but it will be thrown under the rug by all the libs and non news outlets as NOTHING.

        And of course as usual the King knows NOTHING!


    • Gunny G, thanks for the reblog.


  2. Do you suppose MAYBE with the CONgcritters being bugged, THEY may start to wake up to the FACT about WHO, and WHAT this sonofabitch is all about, and MAYBE head the bastard off at the pass with IMPEACHMENT hearings ? My hair will go back to black, which the shit was before it turned white, before the House gets the stones to even mention such a thing.


    • clyde,

      I don’t know the answer to that one. They are all so incompetent that NOTHING will be done about that either.

      That’s so funny, you’re hair will turn back to black! The House doesn’t have the stones to do anything. Just talk, talk, talk. Have we seen anything to ever come of all these scandals as yet? I don’t have much faith in it myself.


  3. It’s like obuma needs to have something going on all the time – I feel the most important thing we need to focus on now is Benghazi and the murders of our 4 Americans – obuma has blood on his hands and he needs to be prosecuted to the max.


    • Donna, I don’t see the King ever being impeached, not with dingy harry at the Senate wheel. Congress has no balls to do a thing either. Just look at all he’s done and gets away with it. He is smug and arrogant knowing no one will touch him. And yes, he sure does have blood on his hands.


  4. The DOJ is contemptuous of Congress.
    Me too.


    • drrik,

      LOL! So right, the DOJ believes he is above the law and nothing ever happened when he was held in contempt. Like you I have contempt for them too. Do-NOTHINGS!


  5. Davetherave said:

    Good post Pepp! The Department Of INJustice strikes again. And of course King Sumbitch “knows nothing about it”…yeah right. His butt buddy Holder takes his cues from the wanna be king, so here’s another broken law we can add to the Traitor In Chiefs already long list.

    I have little to no respect for this congress, but I do still believe in following the law (excluding the unlawful ones the sumbitch has passed).

    Like ‘Awk stated; Nixon got crucified over this same issue, but King Sumbitch will once again get through another law breaking scandal without a scratch. While I’d love to see Barry get impeached, I personally don’t see that would accomplish anything to help our nation. That would just make The Gaffer prez and he’d be the next puppet for the Traitor Party and the NWO. ALL of DC need to be kicked out and a whole new lot brought in (with strict term limits) to make any real change that would be good for our nation. The sumbitch is just one of many traitors in DC from both sides of the isles….


    • Dave,

      Thx. I believe as you do, that the King and the Ferret work together on all of these unjust deeds or crimes. The list grows longer as each day passes. Now the stuff is flying so fast it puts one into a whirlwind.

      I don’t think most people have any respect for Congress any longer. After all look at all the screaming, writing, filing petitions, etc. that people do and they do NOTHING but talk and ask questions but they can’t figure out the most rudimentary information. Like who gave the stand down order. DUH!

      I agree completely that the whole gang of monsters, criminals, commies etc. should be taken down and replaced with at least something sane. This is all a plan backed and paid for by the NWO and they are not going to stop.


  6. Surprised?
    I’m not.


  7. Well, one more shoe drops. What hasn’t this bunch of radicals done? My Casablanca “shocked” is wearing thin.


    • Bull, LOL! The shock is wearing thin for me too. It comes to the point where you can expect anything and everything from this corrupt administration.


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