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King Obama never seem to be aware of anything going on with his administration.

Don’t you find that a bit crazy?  Does he think we are all that stupid to believe his lies and misinformation?  However from the statistics Fox gave out the other day only 44% are very interested in Benghazi and a few are somewhat interested.  55% are not interested in Benghazi. And a small percentage knew nothing about it.  So with those kind of statistics the King must believe he can fool the majority who are not even aware and his lies can pass by with no questioning of them.

Is it incompetence or deliberate lying?  Either is enough for hm to be impeached but I prefer he be arrested for treason for all the acts against our Constitution and our States.

I believe he looks like a loon when he claims he knew “nothing” about every scandal that comes along.  Just where the hell was he during Benghazi?  Did he really go to bed after viewing the massacre going on in Benghazi as Panetta claimed?  If so that shows such a lack of competence as CIC.  How cold hearted is he?  I believe him to not care about anyone, not even his own staff?  He is not capable of caring about anyone other than himself since he is a narcissistic personality disorder.

These kind of people are so self centered nothing outside of themselves exists. Only what they can get for themselves applies.  They have NO feelings for anyone because they don’t even see outside of themselves and are incapable of compassion or empathy.  Their EGO has to be fed constantly so therefore he cannot take any kind of criticism and hates those that do.

Then he states “IF” the IRS did what they did.  The IRS is a separate entity of government.  Really, then why are IRS agents going to be the police force to enforce Obamacide and fine those who don’t have health  insurance.  Was that not ordered by him and Sibelius?

He hasn’t said much about the AP.  His sidekick and henchman Holder speaks to that issue saying the AP released national security information.  I saw a woman from the AP on CNN speak about this and she said they were given the go ahead to print the story about Yemen, which is the so called “National Security” issue.

And true to form, the King knew nothing about this either.  He knows nothing.

In the real world of corporate America a CEO would be fired over this kind of NOT knowing anything.  Can you imagine a CEO not knowing what product they are selling or what service they provide?  Or a CEO not knowing what profits the company makes?  Oh, just go ask the accountant, he knows nothing about profits or share holders.  Now how long would that go on within a corporation?

How much longer to we have to put up with this nincompoop/liar pants on fire?

I am so done with him.  I did watch is address last night around 6:15pm just so I could see what kind of excuses he was going to make over the IRS scandal. Of course he knew nothing and those that did this deed would be punished. I laughed out loud.  And Fox expected him to give an apology to the conservative and religious groups for what the IRS did, but there was NONE of course.  Instead we hear a bunch of nothingness about how he won’t have this going on in his administration.  Oh, whoops, I thought he told us the IRS is a separate entity from the federal government. 

He then announces that Miller was fired.  Why? The man was retiring in one month. So big deal. That is all he can do?  His address was nothing but platitudes that amounted to nothing just like himself, a big NOTHING.

Note:  Bullright’s last article was my inspiration for this article. Thanks Bull.


Comments on: "The King Knows NOTHING" (29)

  1. Pepp, I don’t see any of these scandals going anywhere. The only way that something might occur is if all 3 scandals (Bengazigate, IRSgate, and APgate) are still in the public’s mind in October of 2014. For anything to have a chance of changing the political scene in DC, the mid-term elections that November will require the US House to remain in the GOP’s hands with even more “TEA Party” types elected. Control of the US Senate would also HAVE to go to the GOP. If the Democrats lose control of the US Senate (and the US House remains in the GOP’s hands) then and only then would an empeachment of Obama be worth going after.

    Obama will not resign, no matter how bad the scandals get. Even his “handlers” realize that if he resigns the damage to the Democrat Party will be immense. And regardless of APgate, the Main Stream Media is still in the back pocket of the Liberals. If the scandals get too bad, the Democrats and the Main Stream Media will “circle” the wagons and throw a few low level personnel under the bus.

    At this point in time, I am putting more faith in the various Conservative governors who are setting up state militias that the feds cannot control, unlike the national guard. Obama has even threatened these governors about these perfectly legal para-military groups. I believe that the reason the US military is being down-sized, homosexualized, under-paid, and having extreme pressure placed on Christian elements within the military is strictly for the purpose of changing the US military so that it will follow orders from the federal government and not obey the US Constitution.

    So where does that leave us? Any chance of change in DC MUST come from the states. The 2012 election proved that the Liberals have so corrupted the “election machinery” that it is entirely possible that an honest election is no longer possible in certain key states and areas. Unless something is done about this election corruption, then even the states can no longer affect a change. And with the Democrats in charge in the run-up to the 2014 elections, I do not see any meaningful change occurring.

    All I can see to do is to pray to God and remain vigilant.


    • Grey,

      I agree with all you said. I don’t see these scandals going anywhere either and the King is too much of an egotist he will not step down. We’re doomed.

      As far as the next election in 2016, I see no chance for the Republicans to win because of the well oiled fraud machine they’ve got going. With Hillary running she is a virtual shoe in because even conservatives would vote for her. I heard 40% would vote for her with conservatives. That really blows my mind.

      As for the republicans in the House and Senate, I see a lot of them being kicked out in 2014 due to their very low trust factor among conservatives. The bad part about that is the Alinsky party takes over everything. If we can’t get more tea party people into either house we’re done.

      Prayer is good, but at this point I don’t see God helping us. Look what goes on in this country. The decadence has reached massive proportions with abortions, porn everywhere you look, and people who are godless.


  2. Gar Swaffar said:

    The two stages of the PinohiObama Administration:
    1) Campaign Mode (continuous)
    2) Damage Control (as needed, and abetted by the Slime Dog Media)
    Repeat as necessary.


  3. Pepp, thanks so much. You nailed it and I dido my disgust for him. (inspiration? – blush ,what) That separate entity, oh that’s a “good one”, isn’t it? Entity he has firing and hiring control over. Did we think the Chicago gangster gave up his power and control over anythng??? I got a bridge to sell.

    He talks in circles and no one is supposed to notice. Not to worry, he will have a press conference and field all of 2 questions. Yet he won’t say boo about Bengazi. It is some deep pshycological disorders, narcissism is central.


    • Bull,

      AW, I didn’t know you blush. LOL! Ha, no that gangster the King did not give up his old Shitcago antics. How can he when he owes everything to the other gangsters who put this pawn into office?

      Yep, so right, he does talk in circles and sometimes you can’t even make sense of what he’s saying. Especially when he stutters all over the place w/o his teleprompter.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever he did on that horrible night of the Benghazi massacre we will never know about it. He’s not going to talk and nobody else will either.


  4. Good post. I, too, think this will all be swept under the rug. The AP/ DoJ is nothing more than a lover’s spat. It will be up to US to keep peoples’ memories sharp come Nov. 2014.


    • clyde,

      Me too clyde. I see nothing to come of any of this because too much is hidden. Also I heard today that many records have been shredded in the IRS. Can’t have the real evil forces show up in any emails.

      Yeah, it will be up to us to keep the light on these things going.

      btw, I commented on your last article today.


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  6. Ovomit went to Nevada to campaign after receiving notice of the Benghazi travesty. He ALWAYS blames someone else. He is a narcissist and is against all that don’t agree with him. He wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit him in the a–. All that being said, he has one sole evil motivation, to destroy America.
    Dr. Ben Carson said it best while speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference. “He said if somebody was in the White House and “wanted to destroy this nation,” then “that person might create division among the people, undermine the financial stability of the country, and weaken the military. Coincidentally, those are the very things that are happening right now”.


    • Walt, apparently his campaign run was FAR more important than people being killed in Benghazi. Up and running the next day for the ConstantCampaigner.

      You are right, his only goal is destroying us and I’ve said that a thousand times no doubt. It’s too bad the loony left can’t see it.

      Ben Carson is a great man and I would love to see him as prez, but he’s already being called an Uncle Tom and other racist terms that the “left” uses. If we on the right said anything like that about one of their blacks we’d be in jail on a hate crime.

      All the things you mentioned that are going on are right on the money.


  7. Just Gene said:

    Did anyone see Jon Stewart’s skit the other night – Obama didn’t know bin laden was dead until he saw himself announce it on TV – have some of the choir lost their hymnals?


    • JG,

      I saw it partly on video but it would not keep playing so I gave up. But I saw him going nuts over these latest scandals. He doesn’t mention Benghazi however. So I still don’t believe he’s all that upset, just feigning outrage.



  8. Damn good post Pepp! I’m starting to think the sumbitch really is an incompetent moron that doesn’t know what the hell is going on the majority of the time. It appears to me he takes all his cues from Axelrod and Jarrett. Those two may be the most powerful traitors in DC. Surely to God O’Bastard really doesn’t think it’s going to fly that he only response is always “I don’t know!?!?”.

    I think he’s a complete dipshit and the Traitor Party picked him to really start ramrodding their plan down our throats for one reason only…he’s black which made him a shoe in for prez. Lots of minority votes, bum votes and of course the guilty white vote. I starting to believe the Kenyans IQ is below 50!

    I kind of make the parallel with WWII, Germany, Hitler and Rommel. Hitler had to gift of gab and the game plan to take over Germany (I’m sure he sent many thank you letters to the POS Woodrow Wilson for teaching him how to use propaganda), but he didn’t know crap about fighting a war. I fear if Rommel had been allowed to call all the shots there may have very well been a different outcome to D-Day and WWII.

    Think of it as O’Bozo is the useful P/R prop, but the real brains behind the business of destroying our nation lay with folks behind him. And he ain’t gong anywhere anytime soon…sadly enough!


    • goshawk3 said:


      If one watch’s this guy while thinking with a normal, healthy mind. Ovomit would just appear as as a stumbbling, incompetent moron. But, as you know, this monster is pure Evil! In fact lately
      every time I see his ugly face I see 666 burned into his forehead!

      Unfortunately he knows exactly what he’s doing because it’s easy to follow the daily instructions from the “Shadow Government.”

      I believe Ovomit will continue to use the phrase “I don’t know” until he dies. I think he doesn’t care one bit what the American citzen thinks. He doesn’t have to ‘ansewr to them’ anymore.


      • Hey ‘Awk,

        There is zero doubt the sumbitch is as close to an anti-Christ I’ve seen since Hitler and that’s why I believe he was spawn straight from hell and born in the belly of a jackal.

        He certainly wants nothing more than to destroy our great nation for sure, but I just don’t think he’s smart enough to pull of this bull shit we are now going through all by himself. Have you ever in your life seen a cabinet more full of evil, traitors than the one he’s assembled? I think that’s because they have the same desire to destroy our great nation and Ovomit needs their superior brains to pull it off. I don’t believe he knows exactly how to destroy us without being told what to do. IMO he’s a puppet with several other much more intelligent traitors sticking their hand up his azz telling him exactly how to go about it.

        The entire damn cabinet needs to be dragged away in chains and charged with treason. Just getting rid of the “puppet” I don’t believe will make the problem go away.


        • goshawk3 said:

          Dave you’re exactly right. Ovomit is but a mere puppet for those behind the scene, such as Soro’s and the Shadow Government.

          Re: his cabinet.. Have you seen anything at all or heard anything at all about what his Tzar’s are up to. You can bet its no good!


          • ‘Awk,

            Damn good question about the Traitor In Chief’s Tzar’s! Hell; I’d almost forgotten about them and when we hear nothing from the Traitor Party minions that is certainly a good sign they’re up to no good. Hell; now I just have something else about this commie bastard to weigh on my mind and try to dig around and see what their doing to “F”-up our great nation!

            We’ve got one hell up an uphill battle now ‘Awk! These inbred, commie, traitors are all over the damn place!


          • goshawk3 said:


            LOL! So, I gave you something else to worry about eh? Sorry about that, but you know “misery loves company.”


  9. He’s gotten by with everything unconstitutional so far, and more than like will again. Not sure what we are going to do without Congress help.


    • goshawk3 said:


      That’s what’s difficult to understand. It’s very obvious to us what Treason Ovomits committing so you know it has to be obvious to Congress. Yet they do nothing!!


  10. Gray is right. The only way the scandals can affect the administration is still be on the public mind in ’14.
    And the public has a very short memory.
    And the GOP won’t mention any of it for …. fear of offending the Hispanic vote. Or the black vote. Or the (fill in the blank)_______
    None of which would vote GOP for any reason…………..


    • goshawk3 said:


      Yep I agree. And the Alinsky party (aka Dems) will be hard at work creating distractions to cause the people to have amnesia. Lets just hope that the Tea Party and other Conservative groups keep these scandals in the forefront.


  11. “In the real world of corporate America a CEO would be fired over this kind of NOT knowing anything.”
    In the real world of corporate America a CEO would not have made it to the first 100 day, end of honeymoodn, point.


    • Buck,

      You are so right. No CEO would weather NOT knowing like the King Obama. How useless would that CEO be? And yes he’d be fired before his 90 day trial and not allowed to stay for 4yrs plus operating in such a KNOW NOTHING manner.


  12. Grey is scary right. And for that, I have this:
    According to constitutional lawyers, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” are (1) real criminality — breaking a law; (2) abuses of power; (3) “violation of public trust” as defined by Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers. In 1970, then Representative Gerald R. Ford defined impeachable offenses as “whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.” In the past, Congress has issued Articles of Impeachment for acts in three general categories:

    Exceeding the constitutional bounds of the powers of the office.

    Behavior grossly incompatible with the proper function and purpose of the office.

    Employing the power of the office for an improper purpose or for personal gain.

    The recent rulings on the recess appointments is an abuse of power.
    Behavior grossly incompatible…you betcha because the personal gain by lying about Benghazi and the IRS was to win an election and thereby the lies show a blatant betrayal of public trust. BOOM!!


    • Nee,

      Great comment. This King has violated so much of the Constitution besides his criminal actions is plenty of me to see him arrested for treason. How about his aiding our known enemies, AQ and Muslim Bro? Look what he did with Benghazi. Look what he does to states like AZ who try to keep the flow of illegals coming over here. He sues them!!! Unbelievable actions when he is NOT doing his job and the main job of his to protect the states from domestic or alien invaders.

      You are exactly right about his personal gain in the things he covered so he’d get elected and to this day I say he was not elected without all the fraud. The Alinsky party has the fraud machine so well oiled I have my doubts that a repuke could ever be elected again.


  13. Well then I’ll just vote for either Pepper or Hawk next time


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