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On Huckabee’s Fox show last night, I watched with tears streaming down my face as Pat Smith spoke out about how our government treated her after her son, Sean Smith was killed during the Benghazi Terrorist attack by Al an Sharia, a group spun off of AQ.

She stated:  “I want to wish Hillary a Happy Mother’s Day. She has her child. I don’t have mine because of her.”

Obama and Hillary told her at a service for the four men killed in Benghazi they would keep in touch with her.  They never did except for one State Department clerk who called her to give her the so called timeline.  She already had that timeline so there was nothing new to hear or see.

Since then NO ONE contacted her ever.  She is still waiting for answers but none come.  She viewed the Congressional committee hearing when three brave men came forward and testified to what actually happened in Benghazi and how they were abandoned with no rescue team. But more questions are needed to be answered.

She said “they” did not care about her.  Since I lost my son 4 years ago, albeit under other circumstances I could identify with her horribly painful feelings and her loss on Mother’s Day.  I too feel that kind of pain. I often feel too “nobody cares”.  But, a Mother losing a child is something nobody can understand unless they have also been through that experience, a brutally painful and unrelenting agony, especially the first several years. It never ends and for Pat Smith it will never end because she will never get the answers or the resolution she wants.

Our government covered the Benghazi massacre up and sent no one to rescue these Americans who died.  I don’t see anyone from this White House ever taking any responsibility because that could wreck the Obama administration and Hillary’s chances for President in 2016.  In fact, even if she did own up to her part, she probably would still be elected since she is the “most admired” woman in this country.  That does not say much for some people in our country either.

So I tell Pat Smith I am wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day if that is even possible for her, but I doubt it.  I too know that Mother’s Day is always a painful one for me.  So it won’t be any different for her. 

I also say to Pat Smith I care about you.  I know what you feel and I know about your pain.  If I can help you I am here.  You can bend my ear, you can cry on my shoulder because I DO CARE about you and your pain.

Shame on you, Mr. Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and all who are complicit in this cover up and the pain you inflicted on the families of the four mean killed who no one even tried to rescue.  Shame on the person who gave the stand down order.  Shame on everyone who left Pat Smith with no answers and no one taking responsibility for her son’s death.

Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice and all who covered this up for political purposes you are all LIARS.  I hope God deals with you some day about this because this is heinous.  How could you care so little for Pat Smith?

Now for all the Mothers who still do have their children I wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.  I would never wish what Pat Smith or I have experienced losing our sons.  I am genuinely happy that you still have your children.  Losing one’s child is something no parent should ever have to bear.  I would not even wish this on my worst enemy.

Enjoy your day.  As Mothers doing the most important job of your lives you deserve it!


Comments on: "Pat Smith on Huckabee, Mother of Son Killed in Benghazi Massacre" (14)

  1. Outstanding article Pepp! It breaks my heart to know how much this day hurts you and my heart goes out to all mothers that have lost a child. I cannot imagine anything worse.

    O’Bastard, Hitlery, Rice, Panetta, Axelrod..et al…I feel sure are all in on the lies and cover up and we will never (once again) get to the bottom of these traitors disgusting actions. They’ve changed the talking points TWELVE times now, so no doubt Valerie is in on it also.

    One day they will all stand before Christ for judgement and I will won’t try and guess what our Lord will do with their souls, but I sure in the hell do not want to be in their shoes when it comes time for judgement. I would suggest they pack for a very hot eternity though….


    • Thanks Dave. Yeah it hurts but one goes forward no matter what.

      All the people you mentioned were most certainly in on these changed talking points. And more we don’t know about. And for Jay Carneyman to say only one thing was changed is laughable and he looks like a complete moron lying to the press on Friday.

      I can’t say what the dear Lord will do with these people as I am not God, but I hope there is justice somewhere, someplace.


  2. Great article My heart aches for Mrs. Smith and the mothers of the other 3 Americans who were allowed to be murdered by the fraud lying commie obuma.


    • Donna, my heart aches for her too. And all the mothers who are missing their sons and daughters who they have had to bury. It is not the normal way.

      Happy Mother’s Day to you Donna! I hope you are having a very wonderful day!


  3. goshawk3 said:

    Excellent article Pepp!

    It’s very difficult for me to find the words that express my feelings on this Mother’s Day.. When I watched Pat Smith tell her story on Fox. My mind immediately thought of you because I knew what you would be going through the following day, Mother’s Day. I don’t think you’re aware of it but I go through a time of ‘mourning’ with you every Mother’s Day and in fact all the Birthdays and Holidays. My heart breaks every time to watch you going through your pain.

    I too know what Pat Smith is feeling. And I want to see all the people who caused her this pain to be shot down and buried in a garbage dump!

    When Pat Smith said ( speaking of the administration) “They just don’t care!” That’s right! These Traitors don’t care about your son, or any of the rest of the United States citizens!


    • Hawk,

      Thanks. I know you suffer with me and try to make my day as good as possible. You are a great guy!

      I do know these days are as hard for me as they are you feeling helpless as to what to do. But you made my day brighter with your wonderful dinner tonight. That was real special for me.

      No the Alinsky party does NOT care about those parents or anyone else in America. They are all traitors and they should burn in hell for what they’ve done to those families. I swear I’ve never seen such cruelty out of an administration as they demonstrate under the King. Hillary no more deserves to be president of this country than Jack the Ripper.


  4. See hear, very good article, right on target. I just saw her tonight on Huck. But I do say at least she clearly knows they won’t do anything they are supposed to do. Nor will they admit it. On top of her loss she knows what a failure they are, was the message that came through. I send my mothres day wishes to you and her knowing it does not help. Its terrible for her to feel that and have people lie their butts off to your face. I can’t imagine that pain and anxiety.


    • Bull,

      I kind of figured you watched Huck last night. It was a tear jerker was it not to hear Pat Smith speak? I could barely handle it.

      Yeah, what a rotten shame on this administration for their LIES and more DAMN LIES. She does seem to know that there will never be any answers and I know how despaired she must feel at times. It’s also horrible to know your government does not care about you and your loss. It makes me sick.

      Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes, Bull. It does help. It’s a hard day but it is nice when someone recognizes that this was once a day of happiness instead of pain and agony and tears.


  5. You’re right, Pepp.
    My foster mom buried both her sons.
    Something you never expect.
    You expect your children to bury you.


    • Buck,

      How horrible for your foster Mom to have to bury 2 sons. No it is not something you even want to think about, much less have to experience.


  6. Good post, Pepp. These bastards all have a special place waiting for them in the 10th level of Hell. They deserve nothing better.


    • clyde,

      Thanks. I do hope there is a place waiting for them in hell. They’ve shown they have no compassion whatsoever, only their political agenda to get them to power. It leaves one in utter disgust.


  7. Pat

    I thought about you yesterday


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