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Former director of the National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency Gen. Michael Hayden stated, “The continuation of a false narrative for weeks after the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya that left U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead is “not understandable and is not forgivable.”

He is curious about why so few options were available in the first place and why the State Department and the White House weeks later were sticking with the narrative of a demonstration over a video. 

“Anyone like me who saw those events would quickly conclude it was a terrorist attack. It was fairly complex, synchronized, direct and indirect fire weapons on multiple locations, and it took place in a part of Libya that was the heartland of the Libyan Islāmic fighting group. I mean, the immediate explanation that this was a bad movie review, that just beggared comprehension,” Gen. Hayden stated.

He continued saying, “If you had this very short menu of very bad choices to make during the event, why is that? My point is, why is there only a short list of very bad options? Why do you put people in harm’s way the way we did when there was solid intelligence that Benghazi was very dangerous? Why did you create the circumstances where there was almost nothing that could be done to save the ambassador and the other people? And then, afterward, I guess I would say don’t treat me like a child. It’s very obvious about what happened here so give me some clarity, rather than obfuscating what really happened on the ground.”

The report by Mullen and Pickering found systemic failures, poor leadership and management deficiencies. Gen. Hayden firmly believes there were lots of mistakes in Benghazi. What Gen. Hayden calls mistakes I’d call incompetence. However; what happened in Benghazi I do not believe were mistakes or incompetence, but the act of traitors by this administration! They got caught running guns to Syrian rebels and had to try to cover it up and allowed four American citizens to be murdered. The State Department has now changed the talking points of the events TWELVE times. This administration lies all the time, but they’ve lied so obviously and poorly about Benghazi they’ve had to come out with a new version of lies TWELVE times. The entire situation is disgusting and people in this administration need to be held accountable for their acts of treason and punished to the fullest extent of the law!



Comments on: "Gen. Hayden: ‘Continuing Benghazi LIES Not Forgivable’ by Dave Taylor" (26)

  1. goshawk3 said:

    Good post rave!

    And I agree with you. The Traitor’s Obama an Hitley lie so much they forget what lis they’ve told. They both should be prosecuted and hanged for not only trying to cover their butts on Benghazi but the multiple acts of Treason they’ve committed.


    • Hey ‘Awk,

      Thanks for the comment and compliment buddy! This group of traitors have racked up more crimes than everyone sitting on death row in our entire country…and that’s exactly where this group of traitors should be right now!


    • willibeaux said:

      Yo ‘rave and da ‘awk. Excellent post ‘rave. Great comments as usual ‘awk. You guys are right on. I’m afraid that those truly guilty will skate. 😦



      • Hey Willi, good to hear from ya’ buddy and thanks for the compliment! I’m afraid I have to agree with you Will that as usual the criminal, thug commies will get through this as shiny as a new dime. Seems they can get away with anything they want and no one has the balls to put a stop to this insanity. And that is very, very sad…


  2. Obama and Hilly both need to be charged, but I prefer a slow torturous death for them. They do not deserve any better than that.


    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks so much for commenting! I wouldn’t mind seeing you be the judge and jury, if we can ever get these traitors dragged into court!


  3. Dave,

    Good post Dave! I like to hear this from General Hayden who should know the protocol for these types of missions and what should have been done.

    The whole administration is filled with nothing but LIARS AND TRAITORS. It needs to come down!


    • Hey Pepp,

      Thanks for your kind words! Gen, Hayden has certainly been around and pretty much seen it all, so I have great trust in his words/opinion. There is definitely no doubt this administration were all born in the belly of a jackal spawned straight from hell and needs to go!


      • Dave,

        They all need to go, every last one of these traitors in the White Mosque. I do believe in what Gen. Hayden stated. He should know. On Fox Sunday night, Col. Hunt stated that only the President gives the order for troops to go into harm’s way and gives the stand down order. He is up to this neck in this while he tries so hard to look like he had nothing to do with this and it was all Hillary. What a crock of bull!


        • Davetherave said:


          I agree with you 100%. There were two military surveillance drones that were sent to Benghazi after the attack on the U.S. consulate began. Both of these drones had the capability to send images back to government officials including the White House situation room. So yeah; trying to get any sane person to believe Asshat In Chief wasn’t in on this very early with a big O’ crock!

          Not sure if I slept through this part or not, but I’ve yet to hear anyone say exactly who gave them the order to stand down. I’m certainly not calling them liars, but I’m ready for some names to go splat!


  4. Dave, excellent article. It sure makes me mad. They are only offended at people for asking demanding answers — not lies. If that isn’t amazing. They just cut them off.


    • Hey Bull,

      Thanks buddy. Yeah; it really gets my nerves going when someone with such experience as Gen. Hayden comes out publicly calls out this bunch of commie tick turds. I think that really makes them look bad. You nailed them on their lying and I think their team spirit cry is “ask me no more questions and I’ll tell you no more lies!”


      • Dave: “their team spirit cry is “ask me no more questions and I’ll tell you no more lies!” ”

        That’s the answer to their whole agenda. And we must be forcing them to lie for asking.


        • Bull, I believe their day would be very disappointing to them if someone didn’t ask them about a situation so they could lie. The sons-a-bitches are addicted to lying worse than crack heads are to crank!


  5. First question is the most impoirtant. And I maintain it was for gunrunning to Syrian Al Quida rebels. And that all of the “investigation” will dance around and never get to that impeachable point.


    • Hi drrik,

      Thanks for commenting! I totally agree with you their gun running to terrorist in Syria is the reason they let 4 Americans get murdered and now lie to try and cover it up. They suck at lying!

      You’re right about the “big dance” also IMO. The same group will huff and puff, but they sure in the hell won’t blow the house down.


  6. What ought to tee everybody off even more than the actual incompetence, dereliction of duty and inability to accept blame and consequences is the total arrogance of the leaders at the top to believe the American people are stupid enough to accept their explanations.
    They actually believe they are that much smarter than we.


    • Hey Buck,

      Good to hear from you…thanks for commenting! You make a great point Buck and it is disgusting. Another thought that pisses me off really bad is the so called Repukes that are suppose to keep the traitors in check, but they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The leaders of both parties are just as guilty IMO and they’re all traitors. Poor O’ Rand Paul is one lonely fella in his solo row boat I would assume….


  7. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! We are seeing Chicago politics at their dirty finest. I suspect Val Jarret and the “ax” fingers in the pie.

    ‘oohRah! 😉


  8. Good post, Dave. Agree with Willi. This whole thing, as I’ve stated elsewhere, has the stench of Axelrod, Jarrett, and the entire Chicago cabal all over it to protect Dopey’s ass.


    • How ya’ doin’ clyde? Thanks for commenting buddy and I appreciate the compliment! I’m with you and Willi and I totally agree Axelrod and Valerie are definitely involved and probably running the show. The sumbitch and Hitlerly are too f*cking stupid to come up with all these lies that the morons suck up and believe. Shitcago showing its ass in Dipshit City again…


  9. Seems too many times what we thought were conservative GOP have gone over to the dark side ala Boehner, Rubio, et al.


    • Buck, you got that right! I’ve got crappy Mitchtheswitch McConnell I have to deal with and he loves to play ball with the Traitor Party. Boehner is completely useless for our side. It appears to me the only ones that seem to think we still have a two party system are misguided people. The bozo’s in DC are all part of the same party that only cares about themselves.


  10. Gar Swaffar said:

    Truth be told, there is nothing in the actions of this administration I find commendable, or even logical…for a President who cares more about the nation than he does about his own self.


    • Gar Swaffar said:

      Let me make clear, I am not suggesting this *Resident cares about anything other than himself.


      • Hey Gar,

        Thanks so much for commenting! You said a mouthful of truth about this traitor administration and the Liar In Chief. I can think of nothing this group of Shitcago thugs have done that is commendable. As far as logic; I think it’s very logical to the traitor administration due to they are obviously doing everything they can to destroy our nation. As far as the logic behind the dip shits that actually are delusional and think he’s doing a good job and voted for him….well…their logic quite frankly is asinine!


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