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I watched as much as possible what Fox ran live on the testimony by three men who were right there when the attack on Benghazi happened.  Actual eyewitnesses who had come forth under threats by the State Department. I was at least glad they made it alive to the congressional committee.


State Department officials Mark Thompson, Gregory Hicks and Eric Nordstrom are sworn in before testifying before a House committee on the Benghazi attacks.(Photo: H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY

Two of these men, Mr. Hicks and Mr. Nordstrom were choking back tears as they made their opening statements.  The Alinsky party (formerly Democrat) snickered during their statements throughout their stories and answers.  Now how much more disgraceful can these people get? The people who elect these either like their form of actions or don’t even know what they do or say.  Good ole dumbed down America.

I was glued to their riveting accounts of first finding out that the Benghazi station was under attack and then they too were going to come under attack by an AQ group in Libya.

As all of the readers hear knew before this testimony came out, the big lie about the little known or viewed video was dismantled by Mr. Hicks as he testified the State Department knew right away it was an AQ attack. There is a letter to back this up from a woman who was Hillary’s right arm woman.

The testimony just scratched the surface and more needs to come out. It goes deep down into the bowels of the State Department and we still don’t know what the president was doing.

I felt a lot of heartache for the parents and friends of the 4 men who died at Benghazi the night the attack took place.  They are listening intently to see if they finally get the answers they wanted while the democrats demagogued and snickered.

If I had been one of those parents I would have been thrown out of the room because I don’t know that I could have remained calm while the democrats snickered as if this was a silly game of checkers, instead of men murdered and no one coming to their rescue except for the two Navy Seals who fought and gave up their lives.

Now what really puts me into a boil is that none of the other so called news outlets paid much attention to this hearing.  MSNBC showed O zip about it on their programming.  ABC, CBS, and NBC spent no more than 10 minutes on the story collectively.  But instead used their special news time to report on the Arias case.  So a woman in a rage killing her husband was so much more important than Benghazi.

We all know why that is.  These networks do not want much known about Benghazi and about 90% of the country knows little or nothing about this Benghazi massacre.

What have we come to in this country?  Are so many people so interested in watching the details of a salacious trial of a woman on trial for murder?  They can’t take enough time to learn about Benghazi?

The Alinsky party and the Pravda news outlets are circling the wagons around Hillary, their next president.  They don’t want anything to tarnish her “lovableness” and her “vast experience” in government.  The Pravda are calling the testimony of Benghazi Fox’s way to take Hillary down.  My, how disgraceful they are telling this lie and carrying Hillary’s water. It will be no different if she becomes the next president. Another 8 years of lies, cover ups about any mistakes she makes or any bad policies.

These so called “people” from the Pravda news outlets don’t even care one bit about those young men having been killed because no one came to their rescue either by Hillary’s ineptness or a deliberate cover up.

When Egypt erupted in riots the day before if I have my timing correct, I saw on Fox news something nobody, even Fox news did not point out or didn’t see for whatever reason and that was this:  OBAMA WE ARE ALL OSAMA!”.  It was written on walls in Egypt during the riots.  How even Fox missed this is beyond me. It was staring you right in the face.  I took it as a message to Obama that by just killing Osama, they were not done with us, nor were they now on the run as our dear King had stated.  He, the big warrior, had AQ completely knocked down now or so he said.

But were they simply covering up Benghazi because it proved that the great warrior had not knocked down AQ or was it really something else?  What about the gun running via Turkey to Syria?  Were they trying to hide that?  All over the ME and parts of Europe knew all the time the biggest gun runner we have in the country, was shipping arms and other military equipment into Syria arming AQ and the Muslim Brotherhood which makes up most of the rebellion going on there like it did in Egypt and Libya.

Our good friend Purplegimp aka Lucie told me soon after the Benghazi that all of the ME and parts of Europe KNEW Obama was running guns and equipment into Syria. That is where I got that information.

And so it seems that our dear Warrior King can get away with this because somehow our Congress is so stupid they appear not to know he was gun running but merely trying to cover up for his reputation as such a big warrior.

And what about who gave the stand down order for our military special teams to go into Benghazi to attempt to rescue these people?  It has been my understanding and I will admit I’m not completely sure of the protocol, but I thought that only the President can give the stand down order.  I hope some one can tell me more about this.

Because if only the President can give the stand down order then why is Congress wasting its’ time trying to find out who gave that order?

In the end even with further investigations, NOTHING will be done to the culprits who lied and left those men to die.  I can’t think of anything lonelier or more dismayed these men felt when they found out no one was going to rescue them from this massacre except for those brave Seals who tried but lost their lives over it.

And what about all those other Americans in foreign countries serving our country?  Can they trust that our government would do anything if they came under attack?

What happened to “we leave no men behind”?  The Commander in Chief should be the one uppermost who should follow that rule as the military does. We don’t leave our brothers left behind even if it kills us to get them.

In the end, we all know nobody will be held responsible for what happened in Benghazi and it is so utterly depressing to have our Government lie to us for 8 whole months now and the Pravda news outlets trying the best they can to hide the real facts behind what just did happen that fateful night in Benghazi.

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Comments on: "My Thoughts on the Benghazi Hearings" (21)

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  2. Pepp- I’m with you.

    Here’s my list: Obama, Clinton, Carney (shitbag weasel), Panetta, Rice, Nuland, Holder. Boom! They need to be Gone, as in YESTERDAY.


  3. trey savage commented on My Thoughts on the Benghazi Hearings

    Sadly, USA MSM Pravda had very little coverage on the hearings. I was at the gym during the key testimony and all 8 tvs in front of the cardio machines had everything BUT the hearings. One station even had a live coverage of a bad wreck in the area, with a helo hovering over the scene for a hour. Ironically, Pravda apparently means “truth” in Russian, according to a Russian friend of mine!

    (More problems with WordPress. I approved this comment, but it won’t show up so I’m pasting it from the message I received to approve the comment.)


    • trey,

      Yes it is sad that the other news outlets, if you can call them “news” spent very little time on the Benghazi hearings at all. MSNBC never mentioned it at all on their network.

      Yeah, I know Pravda means “truth” in Russian, but it was a propaganda state owned news, not a real news with anything in it other than what Russia wanted to get out for their own purposes leaving everyone in Russia to believe only what they put out.


  4. Pepp,

    Very good. It expresses my sentiments exactly. I don’t know how you saw as much as you did. I checked in Hicks testimony and the other news channels were putting on this charade like “what story… happening NOW? — Really a s-t-o-r-y??”

    What did people in Benghazi ever do to recieve such treatment. And let’s remember Libya was Obama’s baby from the beginning. Then he just deserted them and whatever they were doing, for his political agenda…which is his one and only agenda.

    And there he was strutting around the country, he and Joe, saying Osamea is dead and GM is alive. His campaign lies were obviously more important than anyone in Libya or what was going on.


    • Bull,

      Sorry for the late response. I saw all what I did see on Fox news who was carrying live testimony at least for awhile. Yeah, the other non-news channels spent very little time on this story trying to cover for the King.

      You’re so right. Benghazi was the King’s debacle. He can’t lay this one on Bush. And look what that effort did, only arm our enemies.

      Ha, that is one big laugh trotting all over telling us the big, fat lie that AQ was now demolished. I think we knew better than what they were telling us. You just don’t take AQ down by killing Osama. And that was seen by the writing on the walls I mentioned in the article. In Egypt they most certainly were giving him the message that Osama was not dead and they are not done with us.


  5. goshawk3 said:

    Good job Pepp!

    I’m with you. As you know I was really Tee’d off when I saw that one ugly dem bitch with a big, arogant smirk on her face. She needed to have it slaped off her face!


  6. Donna said:
    May 10, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    Pepp, another great article. I heard on Rush and also online that Former Ambassador Ann Wagner said that the only one who can give the “stand down” order is the president of the US – Obama is the guilty one – he needs to be charged with treason – firing squad…


  7. Paulie said:
    May 11, 2013 at 8:49 am

    Couple of observations of my own:

    1. The crazy chick killed her ex-boyfriend after he’d dumped her. Not a husband killing. Probably got a lot of attention because of how psycho she went on the poor guy, and the fact that she cleans up pretty good when given the opportunity.

    2. I think the Republicans (once again) screwed the pooch on the hearings. I listened online to just about the entire proceeding and got more and more p.o.’d as they went along. Mountains of info revealed; too much to be digested by the great unwashed in one day. This should have been strung out over four or five days of testimony so that the Mainstream Media couldn’t ignore it as they did.

    So now they deal with the ADD of the American public and, true to form, have blown an opportunity to force the low information voters to see what’s been foisted upon us… with their generous assistance.

    And I can guarantee that when I go to my email, there will be multiple requests from various groups representing the GOP looking for donations.

    They just don’t get it, at least as far as I’m concerned. They keep getting these opportunities teed up for them, big as life, to get rid of these corruptocrats running the show and yet they continue to trip over their own incompetence and expect me to send them money.

    What a world.


    • Paulie,

      Great observations and good to see you here again. The Arias woman was a loon and I don’t see why so much time was spent on this chick. She’s not even that good looking if ya ask me. I guess all the salacious sex stuff had morons glued to it.

      I thought the hearing was done too fast too. But even if they strung it out for days, Paulie, you know damn well the non-news outlets would still not mention it. They would continue on their blackouts of never allowing watchers to see the truth.

      The Republicans have missed the boat so many times since this King has committed more acts of treason than anyone I can think of off hand.

      And I agree, no money from us either. When they start acting like they have some guts perhaps I’d change my mind.


  8. Davetherave said:

    Good post Pepp! The Traitor Party have zero character or morals and they make me sick to my stomach. They are all traitors and I sure in the hell wish it’d make headline news that that several dozen 6″ sections had been purchased to publicly and probably hang all these traitor, bastards. The are the purest definition of the lowest scum to have ever lived on this planet!


    • Thanks Dave.

      The Alinsky Party has no moral compass and is doing all they can to break down the traditions and principles by which this country was founded. They throw God and Christians to the wolves, put them on terrorist lists for bloody sake. They have our public schools set up for one thing only, indoctrination. Lying, stealing are their main characteristics and we’re supposed to compromise with them???? Forget it.

      Call the exterminator and get these cockroaches out of here.


      • Pepp,

        Compromising with the Traitor Party gets the exact same results as compromising with the camel jockeys…compromising with insanity gets one no where, but one more step backwards. The people are suppose to be the exterminators, but over half the population now support traitors, soooo a bunch of citizens need to also be exterminated IMO!


        • Dave,

          There is no compromising with the Alinsky party. It is there way or the highway. We are so divided right now due to the King I can’t see how anything can get done over almost any issue.

          Yeah, I’d like to see some exterminators myself.


  9. Good one, Pepp. I’m also writing one about the scum in charge right now, but I just ran across an ABC News article (imagine that!) that has the 12 iterations of the talking points as they were being revised. Fox News also has it, but I just wanted to credit ABC News for actually reporting on something (a first!). Here’s a link to the article:


    Whoever made the changes performed major surgery on the original talking points to arrive at the whitewashed final copy that they fed to us, the unwashed masses. The only problem is that there is no author associated with each revision and the only thing we know for sure is that Hillary and Obama will disavow having anything to do with those changes.

    One thing about it, the revisions do illustrate the extent to which the top people in the current administration will go to protect their asses – watch their countrymen get killed, watch the U.S. get a black eye in the Mideast, watch the ignorant towelheads win a battle, and all the while think only of avoiding any responsibility. What garbage they are.


    • Garnet,

      Thanks. I’ll be over to comment on your article.

      I did hear ABC reported those 12 revisions and that buffoon Carney stated it was merely changing things from embassy to something else regarding Benghazi. What a ridiculous liar he is.

      Yes, I heard that too about the changes and also that they had to come from the White Mosque itself. Nobody else gets to do that. You’re right, the two biggest culprits will lie their butts off about this until the end of the world. They won’t ever admit to anything.

      They will never take any responsibility for what they’ve done, ever. And yes, they are trash!


  10. I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thank you again


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