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Toy Gun Permits

Now here is a real crazy one for all of you.

In the town of York, SC, kids have to have permits to own a squirt gun as follows:

Sec. 28-281. – Discharging firearms, air rifles and toy guns.

“The discharging of firearms within the city, the discharging or shooting of air rifles in the city and the discharging or shooting of toy guns on any of the streets of the city is prohibited; provided, however, that the city chief of police [sic] is authorized to issue temporary permits permitting the discharge of firearms and air rifles within the city, if in the opinion of the chief of police [sic], such permission is necessary to protect property within the city from animals or fowl. The permit must state the purpose for discharging firearms, or air rifles, briefly describe the property to be protected, set forth the date such discharging is permitted and shall be issued only to a person 21 years of age or older who has a valid hunting license. [my bolding and italics]“

Now what the heck is the purpose of this ridiculous ordinance?  I recall playing with squirt guns as a kid, especially in the summer, all the time.  It was just kid fun when it was hot outside. Good exercise to as we would all run around to avoid being squirted and fun when we did get squirted as it felt good.

The Chief of Police needs to issue a permit. “Toy guns” is not defined within the ordinance the “toy guns” statement could cover everything from paint ball guns and cap guns to water pistols. Water pistols are “discharged” or “shot” to make the water come out: so a water pistol is included.

In the City of York, a seven-year-old has to have a permit from the Chief of Police in order to go outside and have a squirt gun fight with his six-year-old brother if they leave the confines of their own yard. That’s IF the Chief of Police considers a squirt gun fight necessary for the protection of property within the city from animals or fowl.

This looks like insanity but it is a form of indoctrination actually.   I just bought my grand children squirt guns a few years ago to play with around their pool.  Never once did I think I was giving them something “dangerous” or that I would scare them because it “looked” like a gun.  Neither did I think I would be teaching my grand children to shoot guns at people, real ones, as they know better than that.

Limiting this type of freedom for children is another type of tyranny over our children.  Thankfully, where I gave my grand kids their squirt guns there is no ordinance such as this.

It is deeply concerning when a teacher sees a gun from a pop tart, or a pencil, or a kid using his hand like a gun, or takes the letter L out of the alphabet because it “looks like a gun”,  and children are then suspended from school over normal child activity and imagination.  I’m sure none of these kids were intending to shoot someone. Basically these children have been age 7 years old and younger.

Besides that in the 2nd Amendment the framers did not mention squirt guns, pencils or kids’ fingers as weapons.  It would not have even crossed their minds to put something this stupid into the 2nd Amendment.

This suspending of kids for normal, usual activity by children has gone over board and is merely done, in my opinion, to make kids fearful about guns of any sort. It also removes the child’s imagination and normal development. Children of this age are normally very imaginative and creative.  To me this type of thing stifles a child’s development.




Comments on: "Toy Gun Permits" (24)

  1. Just Gene said:

    You radical right wingers are nuts – you wont allow cutting a baby’s spinal cord – at least allow us to cut off their index finger so they can’t shoot somebody – anyone old enough to remember the play “STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF” God help us all.


    • Hi Gene.

      You are funny. Yes us right wing nuts think permits for squirt guns is truly insane.

      Right, stop the world i want to get off too.

      Luv ya


  2. Well I think having a permit for a toy gun is stupid I’m not too sure and a paint gun as well since you are only suppose to used them where they used them. Any way that how I feel . Now to something else. I don’t mind signing stuff to tried and stop certain things like unfair taxes but I think it’s unfair I have to give my phone number. No one needs to know my number and so if I have to keep doing that I don’t know what I will do giving my phone number I get un wanted calls


    • Susie,

      Yes it is stupid. Don’t sign the petitions if you “must” give your phone number. Sometimes it is not necessary to sign a petition. If it’s necessary and you don’t want to put your phone number down, don’t do it. I do, but then again I’ve never received any calls from anyone either. But it’s your choice. I don’t demand everyone sign the petitions. I just want you to know I just send them so people have a choice whether to add their voice or not. I’m sure many people don’t bother with them.


  3. I am glad you let me know because I don’t want anyone to think I don’t care


  4. Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog and commented:
    As stupid as politics is in South Carolina, I can’t believe the town council of York, SC could be this damn ignorant!


    • thatmrgguy,
      Thanks fo reblogging. The stupidity is running rampant in this country right now. I’ve never seen anything like my entire life and that’s been a long one so far.


  5. This is just stupid. I don’t have words.

    As far as phone #’s on petitions, I just give a fake one.


  6. goshawk3 said:

    Good article Pepp!,

    And I agree with you the mental damage done to these children is despicable! I believe there is a lot more to this foolishness than meets the eye.

    Ha! I wonder, if a 6, 7 year old child is seen playing with a squirt gun in his yard. Will the Chief of Police send in the 20 man Swat team!?

    Good lord! These people are insane!


  7. Any bets on which party controls this town? Some kid ought to squirt the idiot chief.


    • clyde,

      That’s a funny one to squirt the chief of police but what do you want to bet they would lay charges on the kid for attempting to kill the chief?


  8. Well Pepp, I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but I’m damn near speechless! This is about as absurd as it gets. Guess that town is plum full of Traitor Party radicals….jeez…I thought my Liberal Bastion From Hell was bad….


  9. Gar Swaffar said:

    Just another intrusion by STUPID (STaturatorily Unconstitutional Pro-Ignorance Democrat mentality) into the normal lives of normal Americans.


    • Gar,

      I like your version of STUPID. We know they are going to keep this kind of crap up until a person can’t make a move without violating something.


  10. Okay this is another abuse of the Liberal mind. Indoctrination, I guess so. I can see the police running around enforcing this, or the judge when they hall them into court to defend themselves. I thought this might belong on an episode of Twilight Zone.


    • Hockey sticks and baseball bats are next.


      • Bull,

        Actually I’m shocked since hammers are used the most in killing someone and they haven’t been banned as yet. But I can see it down the road, baseball bats, hockey sticks, tire irons, knives, etc. The list could go on forever.


    • Bull,

      LOL! Yes this one does belong on Twilight Zone. I’m afraid we’re living in one right now. Right, what would a judge do with this one? Charge a $500,000 fine or jail?


      • Pepp, the rionic this is people making the laws have an overactive imagination. I forgot to add, anyhthng that might look like a hockey stick or baseball bat too.


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