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This poster below my comments comes from Doug Giles site.

And these are my opinions below:

I thought it appropriate to post it the night before the Whistle Blowers give their testimony tomorrow.  Fox is going to cover live tomorrow the Congressional committee’s questioning and the testimony of these very brave men who are coming forward. I hope their families are hidden away and that they survive tomorrow.  Let’s pray for them and their families.

Already Patrick Kennedy, assistant to the former Hillary Clinton, is calling these men liars.  Lindsey Graham last night told Greta Susteren that there is more to come, implying there are more whistle blowers to come forward, at least we all hope so.

I have no hope however that whatever these men testify to that Obama will suffer any repercussions over this considering the Pravda news outlets who will carry his water and continue the lies being told about Benghazi to this day.  In fact the Pravda news outlets have not reported on Benghazi and ABC being the worst having never reported on it ever.

It’s also unlikely that Hillary Clinton’s dash to the presidency in 2016 will be hampered by the testimony either.  One thing we can count on is the Alinsky party (formerly known as the Democrat party) will gather the wagons around her knowing she is a shoe in for 2016.

Already I heard a democrat operative tell Laura Ingraham, “Nobody cares about Benghazi”.   Already it starts, lies, damn lies and more damn lies from the Alinsky party who wants to stay in office forever keeping the Republicans, any good ones anyway, from ever becoming President again.

On top of that we have the Congress who has done nothing on Obama’s other crimes.  So what would they do on this one?  Nothing is what I think.  It’s just another dog and pony show that will go nowhere. The pony will do no tricks and the dogs will run away from doing a  thing to punish the real liars about Benghazigate.

It is a shame we can have no faith in the Republican held Congress to bring impeachment charges against this president or any other type of punishment. And one thing that is bothering me is that the committee and every talking head I’ve heard tells us Obama covered this up because he didn’t want us to think AQ was still operable.  What about the gun running to Syria he and Hillary, along with Petraeus were doing.  Giving arms to our enemies, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQ is a crime of treason. 

Then on top of that we have dingy harry reid as majority leader in the Senate who, if Congress did call for impeachment,  would never bring it to the table for a vote and the Alinsky party would never allow Obama to be indicted.  So really what good would it do to have Congress to take up impeachment hearings.

I also read that Mike Huckabee said that Obama will resign over this. That is a pipe dream.  Obama will never resign. He believes himself to be above the law and above our Constitution.

The Battling Boys of Benghazi



Comments on: "The Battling Benghazi Boys" (26)

  1. Good post. My thoughts, if the media jackasses think the WHISTLEBLOWERS are going down, it’ll be balls-to-walls 24/7 coverage. IF it looks as if it’s going badly for the Regime, dead silence from the media sluts. Just MHO.


  2. Gar Swaffar said:

    The Bozo-Clinton Spawn of Satan Cabal will have their media whores pushing all the buttons to quiet this down. Few deserve the hell those two should be in.


    • goshawk3 said:


      You’re sure right about that. To bad there is not some way we could make the Media pay for their Treason.


  3. goshawk3 said:

    Excellent article Pepp!

    Like you. I think the so-called investigation will be no different than all the other dog and pony shows. These Alinskyite’s
    never miss a chance for a photo opp. Especially if it makes it look to the people like “they care” and are doing something about it. You mention that ‘it’s a shame about the Republican party’… Not only is it a “shame,” it’s CRIMINAL! And like you, I don’t think anything will ever come of it.

    We can’t expect Traitors to convict Traitors!


  4. In Rules for Radicals, Alinski said that when things are bad to press on the accelerator twice as hard. I expect Presbo to do exactly that.


  5. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! It’s hard to be optimistic about this. All the fervor about “Fast & Furious” that seemed to fade away after the hearings. Zero’s Chicago Mafia will probably try to steal the 2014 elections and if they win, we will be truly shafted.

    It’s “Mudville” all over again. ;-(


    • goshawk3 said:

      Hey Beaux!

      I think you’re right on! I’m sure that the communists in the White House wiill find, or create, another distraction to let this Benkhazi thing fad away like Fast & Furious.


  6. St. Gracie, I wasn’t feeling too great before I started reading, and I feel worse now that I have. I really really want to barf all over the kenyan and his henchmen. I can’t see any legal way for this to end well for either us or you.
    We have the Syrian army dropping bomblets on us ‘by accident’ at least once a day. Assad knows knows full well that the only ones who might do anything about him is us, and when you look at the alternative, Assad looks better by far. I am praying as hard as I can that the whistle blowers……………NO. They are speakers of truth. There are so few today. G-d bless and keep them and their families safe. I truly fear for them, as I do for all the brave people here who also are speakers of truth. G-d bless and keep you all too.


    • goshawk3 said:

      Good moring Gimp!

      Pepp is not awake yet so I’m sure she’ll respond when wakes up.

      I just wanted to say. Have you noticed that every time the Democrats are being investigated, the people coming forward are called “Whistle blowers?” But if Republicans are being investigated the people coming forward are called “Witness’s.”


      • And a good morning right back at you, Hawk.
        I’m sure St. Gracie will have a lot to say when she wakes up. I’m sure it will be interesting. It always is. That’s one smart wife you got there!
        Yes, I have noticed that point, I just called them something different. The word I wanted escaped me at that very moment. Thanks for ‘sharpening my point’


    • Lucie,

      I’m extremely dismayed to hear you are getting bombarded everyday by the Syrians. That does not sound good at all. Looks like you’ve got huge problems going on over there and God help us all.
      I don’t think there is any good way either of our situations are going to turn out well. The Kenyan and his minions will get by free as birds and you are in a war like situation now.
      I pray for you and us too. Keep safe.


      • St. Gracie,
        Thankfully we are not being bombarded in the usual sense of the word. It’s just the odd stray mortar that finds it’s way over the border to our side and usually lands in an empty area.
        As usual, I agree with you, but please note that I specifically said “legal way” which should make what I mean to anyone who knows me at all, perfectly clear. That being said, obviously there is no good way out for any of us.
        One thing Believers should keep in mind is that even if the kenyan gets away with it in this world, he won’t in the next. That at least is of some (however small) comfort to me. No one gets off scott free in the end.


        • Lucie,

          I’m glad to hear that! I thought you were getting the constant bombardment by the hizzies as usual. That makes my mind more at ease.

          I don’t see any good way out of either our situations as well. I do hope the Satan burns in hell for all the misery he’s caused us.


  7. Damn good post Pepp! Sadly; I must agree with your assessment NOTHING will happen to the Sumbitch over this horrible tragedy where Americans were left to die and soldiers told to stand down that were ready to go in and save them. I like good ole Huck, but he is dreaming if he thinks the Traitor Party savior would resign under any circumstances. A God in their own eyes does not resign.

    Useless Boehner will allow hearings, Do Nothing Issa will show his ass and raise hell as usual and then…nothing, nada, ziltch will be done to the Traitor In Chief or anyone in his traitor cabinet. Nixon retires due to a cover up of just a break in, but King Sumbitch will still be standing tall at the end of his cover up when four Americans were left to be slaughtered. No one has any business saying anything bad about Nixon anymore IMO!

    Pravda (I like how you use that now Pepp!) will continue their contribution to deception and reflection to keep the already dumb ass Obama lovers just as dumb and cover his back side.

    And then to think that Hitlery will still be standing to run for prez in 2016. Lord have mercy on our country and my stomach as I now must go puke my guts out!

    I big shout out of great thanks and gratitude to the tremendously brave people that are willing to stand up and tell the truth about our Traitor In Chief and his Traitor Cabinet. They are very courageous and true Patriots!


    • Dave,

      Thanks. Yes, sadly nothing will be done with the Traitor in Chief or Clinton. Pravda press will cover their butts. They don’t want Hillary sullied for the 2016 run for presidency. Whatever repuke runs for president will show no balls to call her out on what she did either. They are wusses.


  8. Newspapers have always been organs for one political party or another. Times past politicians would open a newspaper specifically to promote their political ideas.
    The problem today is all the MSM are owned by people of the same political philosophy.
    The journalistic balance would be realigned if someone with a conservative philosophy were to purchase a front line paper or network.
    Uh. Maybe Koch Brothers are on the trail…

    As for Hillary Clinton running for POTUS in ’16. Even at this date I have talked with folks (mostly women, sad to say) who would STILL vote for Hillary. It seems in lots of female voters’ eyes the main qualifier about Hillary is she posesses a vagina.


    • goshawk3 said:


      Yeah it doesn’t say much for the women that still adore Hitlery even after she has exposed herself as a liar, a coward, and a Marxist Traitor.


  9. goshawk3 said:

    You;re right about tne use of news papers as both these Communist Dictators exclaim.

    “The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.” – – – Vladimir Lenin

    “Print is the sharpest and the strongest weapon of our party.” – – -Joseph Stalin


  10. Pepp,

    I really liked your analysis. I think it was right on. I had to read it again today and the circumstances sure don’t look much better. You were right, totally rally their wagons to protect Sir Hillary. And yet they have the gall to blame Repubs for playing politics? Projection I hate.. The Alinskyites playing politics is what brought this about. And Hillary, well youy don’t have enough space here.

    Obama did a job of insulating his throne so far. But its right there, obvious and in front of our noses. Yet he has never ever assumed responsibility for anything. He’s a slithering snake that only knows what he knows. Yet here we have the whole damn government engaged on the record in lies. And no one can single out just these two for what they did?

    Now I see their chief line is “conspiracy theory.” MSM loves that one. Please. I didn’t mean to let the Repubs go on anything, I don’t. They are complicit if they can’t hand this guy the sword to do the honorable thing. I have so little confidence in them.


    • Pepp, oh and by the way, him resign…I almost have to laugh, especially when I heard that repeated on MSNBC. Huck should know there is a bylaw somewhere they don’t resign. They had to talk Anthony’s Weiner into that, remember he wasn’t happy about it. In fact the commie party uses that idea for a jungle call to rally the troops. I picture Stalin or Hitler doing the same thing, laughing all the way.


      • Bull, yeah it’s almost hilarious to think of the King resigning. Over what anyway??? He wasn’t around when Benghazi was going on, don’t ya know? What rubbish!

        Right, Stalin and Hitler are probably laughing in their graves at us. They figure their plans for a one government order as they both wanted is finally coming to fruition. It seems some people never learned about history.


    • Thanks Bull. I’m glad you liked my analysis. yes, it’s projection by the Alinsky party to protect their ever so wonderful Hillary because they know she’d win the presidency. They can’t have her sullied but why worry, they have Pravda to cover for her too. They are looking to have a dynasty, not two parties where at least some repukes fight them. They don’t want anyone in their way. I am hearing already that they are so sure they will take the house back and keep the Senate.

      I’ve got no confidence in these pols at all to do the right thing. It’s a sad state for us.


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