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This has been touched on several times, but I don’t think we can be reminded of it enough. The Federal Government LIES its butt off about the real unemployment number.

On Friday, the Labor Department reported that the economy added 165,000 new jobs in April. It also revised February and March data up by a combined 114,000 jobs. The Labor Department brags that the gains helped push the unemployment rate down 0.1 percentage points from March and 0.4 percentage points from January to 7.5%. That would be wonderful news except for it is big flat lie!

The first rule of thumb as always is “never trust the government.” Governments like to paint an overly rosy picture when possible, so when it comes to reporting the “official” unemployment rate (known as U-3 unemployment), that’s exactly what they do. 

The U-3 unemployment calculation conveniently leaves out three major factors that skew the true unemployment rate:

  • Discouraged: People who have stopped looking for work because they believe that there’s no work available for them.
  • Marginally attached: People who’d like to work and are physically able, but haven’t looked for work in the last four years.
  • Involuntary part-timers: People who want to work full-time, but can’t find a full-time position.

I’m no economic genius, but if people can’t find work or haven’t looked for work in a few weeks that doesn’t make them any less unemployed. You might be thinking that the government ignores these people because there aren’t enough in each group to sway the calculations, so the time and resources spent tracking them couldn’t be justified. There are actually a staggering number of people in all three categories and the government already tracks all three. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides the calculation for the real unemployment rate.  It’s referred to as U-6 unemployment, but the government chooses to ignore it and the media simply choose not to report it. So it’s not like the journalists and politicians who are peddling the 7.5% figure can use the excuse that they don’t know how to calculate the real number. It’s already done for them!

At the end of April, the tally for discouraged workers stood at 835,000. The total for marginally attached workers reached almost 1.5 million and the number of involuntary part-timers stood at 7.9 million. Add these back into the governments bogus U-3 calculation, the total number of unemployed Americans almost doubles from 11.7 million to 21.9 million. This reflects the real unemployment rate currently checks in at 13.9% and not the widely reported 7.5%.

So here we are in the fifth miserable year of Obama being president and the number of unemployed Americans is still over 21 million. That number hasn’t gone down since Obama took office. Granted; this is the same calculation every White House uses and it was not created just for the lying guru Obama. That being said; no other time in our history has a White House lied so much and the media drink it down like a lap dog. Today’s media perpetuate the lie in honor of their savior Obama. It’s time for the real unemployment number to be reported and the media treat Obama just like they did Bush.



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  1. genomega1 said:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Federal Governments’ Big Unemployment Lies by Dave Taylor


  2. Dave,

    Great post once again exposing the BIG UNEMPLOYMENT LIE! That is all this administration does is lie, about everything. I don’t believe anything they put out. The only place that has employment going right now is Cesspool City, DC. With all the new agencies and people attached to them, they are rolling in the green stuff while the rest of the country suffers and has to pay extra taxes to pay for the federal workers who are highly overpaid for the so called “jobs” they do. We can all recall that troll sitting in the hot tub with a drink in his hand on our dime, while they did nothing but party and make fun of us.


    • Pepp,

      Thanks for the compliment and great comment! Seeing how our current resident can’t even decide from year to year what name he wants to use; this administration is the epitome of CLS – Constant Lying Syndrome. The wanna be king minions would rather throw themselves on a sword than tell the truth and our traitor media are more than happy to play right along.

      This is without a doubt in my mind the most disgusting administration in our history and out doing Wilson and FDR took some serious effort IMO! Just a bunch of criminals, commies, thugs and liars and the media covers their butts all day long…


      • Dave,

        You’ve got a good point that this administration is worse than Wilson. He just got the ball rolling and it’s been creeping in since then, this takeover by the Marxists.

        And yes, they are all criminals. Every last one of them needs to be convicted for their crimes and corruption but since it’s an Alinsky party, nothing will be done. Congress has done nothing so far so I don’t expect it now.

        Two whistle blowers who were threatened by the King are supposed to give testimony on Benghazi on Wed. I wonder if they will still be alive by Wednesday and what about their families? I hope these two men have moved their families somewhere safe. Also these families should be put in a witness protection program so the King and company can’t find them. But even that’s doubtful since the FBI answers to him and they would tell him where these families are. I no longer trust the FBI, CIA, none of the security people. They are all protecting him. Even Petraeus protected him by lying on oath he knew nothing about the Benghazi disaster but here he had the CIA involved in the gun running in Benghazi. The libturds use to call Petraeus Betrayus. Now sadly I have to agree with that one.


        • Pepp,

          I read an article yesterday where Issa is raising hell the Obastid is guilty of a cover up about Benghazi. WOW…is Rep. Issa a genus or what???? No crappola Issa, but in the end what in the hell will you do about it??? Probably nothing as usual.

          Any who; Hitlery’s asst and another person from the state dept are both saying they called it terrorist from the get go and their teeth almost fell out when Sh*thead Rice came out and said it was not terorism. They are clueless who changed the talking points, but if I had to guess…somehow I smell Valerie’s nasty scent on this one as usual.


          • Dave

            It’s the guy who took Ambassador Stevens place who made that statement about his jaw dropping. I hope this blows up in the King’s face, but Congress won’t do a thing as usual. And the reason for the cover up, it being they didn’t want to admit this was a terrorist attack still doesn’t get to the point that the King was secretly gun running to our enemies in Syria, the Muzzie Bro and AQ. It’s like Congress is living in a fantasy land because everyone in the ME and Israel, England, Germany all knew he was running guns.


    • Thanks for posting another great piece by Dave, Pepp. I think that we’ve finally hit on the one thing that Obama is good at – lying. He is the consumate, professional liar. He’s so good at it, he no longer even knows true from false – only a statement that benefits his admin is worth publicizing, anything that would hurt his credibility magically disappears. And of course, the lamestream media is so invested in him that they can’t publish anything that would show their original mistake of supporting an obviously unqualified candidate. He is easily the least qualified and least effective POTUS EVER. He wouldn’t have been hired to clean markerboards at my company. How I wish that we had an infallible truth detector today. But, that’s a pipe dream, his supporters wouldn’t believe anything negative about him even if God came down from the heavens and proclaimed him to be a false prophet. It is so disgusting, it’s hard to take. That SOB lies with every breath and still a lot of the country believes him – what dunces.


      • Hey G,

        Thanks so much for commenting and the compliment! I haven’t been around lately due to my old computer blew up and it has taken me a while to replace it.

        LOL…you got that right about the wanna be king being a great liar! I think that is the Traitor Party’s mantra…”never tell the truth, any of the truth and say anything but the truth so help me satan”! And the loyal, brainless sheeple will go wee wee wee running all around praising their saviors name!


        • goshawk3 said:

          Good article Dave!

          And very true. Whenever this administration puts out numbers, for any reason, like % etc. You know damn well the numbers were just grabbed from the air.
          Anything to fool the people.

          LOL. I like your idea of “swearing in.” That’s what they should say and with their hand on the Qur’an.


          • Hey ‘Awk,

            Thanks for the comment and compliment! This is the most lying group of sumbitches I’ve ever seen gathered in one spot! Jim Jones had nothing on this group of traitors. Anything to fool the people and the people that buy into it are fools.

            LOL…yeah; that mantra and the great “book of peacefulness” (SO MUCH sarcasm) go together like peanut butter and chocolate!


  3. Good post,Dave. Oh, those lies, damn lies, and STATISTICS. Look for the BLS to become “unreachable”.


    • Howdy clyde,

      I appreciate your comment and compliment! This group of jacklegs just love playing with the numbers and skewing stats. This isn’t the first article I’ve written showing them to be a bunch of damn liars using their own numbers and stats.The BLS is FOS (Full Of Shit) and should be disbanded. Just more useless public payroll jobs that serve zero purpose, but to try and deceive the people. And oh how easily so many of the sheeples are so easily deceived these days. Once again I must point out our country is dying due to a severe, pandemic disease known as The Dumbass Disease.


  4. Dave, good post. That analysis is good. I can’t use the like button now either. So Obama broadcasts the lies far and wide. and even the economically challenged Barry knows its far from the truth. That just proves it. But the media will be touting all this “great news: for him. WHen the stock market went up under Bush, they were not impressed. That was not the real picture they told us. Well if Bush had this economy they would be on him daily. And it added 0 manu]facturing jobs so that is not hard to count.


    • What’s up Bull….good to hear from ya’ buddy! Oh yeah; the media is fawning all over the stock market rise being contributed to Bastids great economic policy and the lower unemployment rate. Contribution of confusion to convert at the greatest level. I think the lapdog media makes me sicker than King Sumbitch himself.

      I got some bad news for Team Obama. There are around 105 companies in the Fortune 500 that are constantly polled to get a feel of how the economy is going and only one thing drives companies…profit. The recent poll of those bell weather companies was very poor to say the least when reporting profits and they all stated if shit didn’t pick up real soon the stock market would tank at least 300 points. Seeing how there is little time left in the reporting period…I wouldn’t be bragging just yet, if I was a Team Obama member.

      The best thing about lies is they always catch up with ya’. The bad thing about lies is Team Obama just keeps churning out new lies when there previous lie blows up in their face. And over half our population of dumb ass sheeple just keep believing every lie. Ya’ know…it’s Bush’s fault….


      • Dave,

        I can’t put the like button on either. I tried to fix the problem with no results. It aggravates the hell outta me.


        • Bull & Pepp,

          I also went through a period where I could not put likes on articles and then it just up and “fixed” itself. I thought it may have been related to my browser Firefox, but not sure.


      • Dave, that’s a real tossup whether MSM or king Fido irratates me more? I can’t say for certain. Isn’t it funny how the one thing that drives corporations is the one thing the Fuhrer hates, profit. But he doesn’t have any problem with wanting His share of them.


        • Bull, it is a tough call between Marx Incarnate and the traitor’s robot media, but I give Bastid a small pass due to him being completely insane! Barry certainly wants to keep himself in the elite class as all societies have no matter how much poverty engulfs the rest of the people. He gots ta have his Ko-bay beef and sham-pag-nee! 😀


      • “The best thing about lies is they always catch up with ya’. The bad thing about lies is Team Obama just keeps churning out new lies when there previous lie blows up in their face.”

        That”s for sure, just bears repeating that’s all.


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    The lies continue. Different day, different lie from Ovomit.


    • Hey Gar,

      Thanks so much for commenting! You’re exactly right lying is the only thing King Sumbitch and his minions do 24/7/365. It’s so disgusting at this point they don’t even care that we know they’re lying. The media will push the lies right along and all the worshipers swallow down every lie like it’s the gospel. Ovomit has an excuse for his behavior seeing how he hates our country and wants to destroy it. I have a hard time finding an excuse for all the moron American people that buy up his crap…maybe pure stupidity??


  6. Yeah. The government operates under the philosophy of H. Allen Smith, (Life In a Putty Knife Factory, Sleep ’til Noon) and other stories of unbridled stupidity.


    • Hey Buck,

      Thanks so much for your comment! H. Allen Smith; great comparison! That’s a name I haven’t heard in a very long time. His book “Low Man On The Totem Pole” reminds me of the American people under the realm of King Sumbitch. Barry The Hun puts everyone under him; especially We The People. And so many of his moron worshipers actually think he’ll give them a free pass….WOW…talking about naive!


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