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Bill Maher?????????

Is Bill Maher coming out of his reverie?  Or what?  He already complained a couple times on his show that this “taxing” has gone to far.  Now this?

Not sure what to make of this, but he does make the point well enough, especially with the gun battle over getting Johar in the boat. Listen to the tape and hear the gunfire.  Also the audience seems to like his statement over the “police state”.   Maher also says that he should never have been given his Miranda rights.

Then of course there is the MSNBC shill, the network the King bailed out, staying in line with the talking points for the White Mosque.  Try not to listen to him.  He’s a big blow hard like the rest of them on the King’s favorite Pravda network.

The MSNBC shill makes a false statement that the without the police this guy would never have been gotten, but it was a resident who told the police where he was hiding in the boat.  This big show of police state (military style) was over bearing.

The following are what some of the comments made below the video:

 Robert Traynham MSNBC. I’ll remember that SHILLS name!

 Its becoming a police state, but he doesn’t want citizens to own ar-15’s. Wow.

Typical Liberal piece of shit, Bill Maher is a first class asshole. Don’t complain jerkoff. It is Your president running things. All they do is complain and whine. That is what liberals do.


Care to apologize to that so-called ‘conspiracy theorist’ that you mercilessly kicked off your show, Bill?

I know exactly what communism is. Barack Obama Sr in Kenya was a communist. The late Communist Party activist Frank Marshall Davis, who was Barack Obama Jr’s mentor in Hawaii, (and was probably the younger Barack’s real biological father) taught him to be a communist along with his maternal grandparents who raised him, Stanley and Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham were also registered communist. And Barack Obama is trying to change us into a Muslim communist country. Only an idiot or a liar would deny it.


Comments on: "Bill Maher?????????" (15)

  1. Not a stupid guy. He finally grasped that the ship hewas so busy drilling holes in has him on it and there really aren’t any real good alternatives. Now, his dilemma is how to change direction without losing the fickle and superficial crowd that supplies his means of making a living without having to work.


    • drrik,

      LOL! So right. No he’s not stupid but he is a jerk. But, this time he hit the nail on the head.
      I’m actually glad to see him complaining about though because his liberal audience will listen to what he has to say as opposed to a conservative who they call “conspiracy theorists.

      Yeah, how’s he going to right his sinking ship is right. He’s been part of the “slobbering liberals” and now things may be dawning on him. Ha, what glee I get from that one.


  2. Pepp,

    They only “get it” when it finally affects THEM!


    • Gunny, yep, you are so right and the moron liberals all thought the King’s crap would only hit conservatives. Now they’re finding out that they are not excluded from the dickator’s list. I guess they thought they were the “chosen ones” by carrying his water. These people are in for a huge shock.


  3. This asshole has NOT changed. His show is a business. Driven by ratings. Which, in turn, translates to increased revenue for AD SALES. His ratings are lower than snakes’ nuts. THAT is why he “may” have seen the light.


    • clyde,

      I see you have a different perspective on this and a good one. The guy does have toilet ratings and had to go to HBO because no other network would take him.

      I wasn’t sure either whether he was seeing the light or it was something else. But, he speaks to a very liberal audience and that is a good thing because maybe they will wake up. That was what I was concerned with more than his reasoning behind it.


  4. Yea, I wasn’t aware he kicked a conspiricist off his show. I wonder if he rethought that million dollar donation? Probably not.


    • Billy mao mao is going to get a beating for the miranda comment. The left will take him to the outhouse for that. I almost can’t believe it.


    • Bull,

      I bet he has thought about that million dollar donation, but you’ll never hear it from his lips. He is not exactly a truth teller.

      Oh, yeah, the Miranda remark! I thought the very same thing, boy is he going to get it and maybe from the WH itself. Who knows?


  5. I think I figured out the (his) angle. Its the “organized religion” thing. He hasn’t changed his tune on that.


    • Bull, well there ya go. Another explanation of his angle! I like the different perspectives.
      No he’ll never change his tune on religion. He so hates any of it. I wonder if he makes fun of Islam? Since I don’t watch him I don’t know. Don’t have HBO, premium channel. Can barely afford what we got.


      • Pepp, I guess he really didn’t delve into religion there but its his canker sore. I bet he sort of shies away from Islam but I don’t know. I don’t watch him either, except his absurd remarks. He is almost rational here.

        I got a kick out of the MSNBC guy defending the military style vehicle and operation. I wonder under Bush how it would go over? I could hear them complain about overkill and how they trampled on people’s rights. But under Obama, “bring in the tanks and artillery, we got a situation to resolve.”


        • Bull, I’m glad he didn’t get into the religion thing, but noticeably there was no mention of just “who” was this guy they were after in Boston. He’d be too afraid to use Islam Jihadists on his show since CAIR is coming down on everyone.

          Yeah, that MSNBC guy was a hoot. And you’re right that if this had been under Bush, he’d be screaming about the whole thing instead of defending it. That guy is so full of it like everyone else on that network, bailed out by the King


      • Pepp, under Bush it might be more of a what I like to call “the Bloomberg response” . ‘Your big guns and vehicles aren’t welcome here.’


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