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According to Fox news

A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found guilty on all counts.

Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr.  was found guilty of felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud and forgery, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe was found guilty of felony forgery counts and falsely making a petition, after being accused of faking petitions that enabled Obama, then an Illinois Senator, to get on the presidential primary ballot for his first run for the White House.

Morgan was accused of being the mastermind behind the plot.

You can read the entire article on Fox news.

Now, so we have once again another case of massive fraud, but what happens after the fact?  NOTHING!

What I don’t understand is that while many states have found so much fraud in their precincts, like Florida having one precinct coming in at 135%, another at 165%,  that it doesn’t mean a doggone thing when it comes to doing something about it, like kicking the King off his self made thrown.  Anybody with any common sense can figure there can only be 100% in a precinct.  Do that many people have trouble with their math?

So now we have this situation in Indiana where he and Hillary got on the ballot there through fraud.

Also Ohio is investigating massive fraud in their state.  Once again after the deed what does it matter?  Nothing is done about it.

Coyahoga County in NE Ohio came out with 100% voting for the King.  Now I think we all know that even 100% of the people voting for one person is strange and highly unlikely.

During the midterms of 2014, Al Franken, a wasted and unfunny comedian won the Senator seat there through fraud that was proven. But he still sits in the Senate.  Now I say how can this be?  Proven fraud and he is still there instead of being kicked out on his butt!  The Alinsky party needed one more senator to pass Obamacide. So, they made sure Franken got elected.

Could somebody tell me why these guys get away with this and nothing is done, like removing these frauds from office?  It makes me livid.

We can’t trust our voting system anymore, so I can see why a lot of people just don’t vote.  They probably think their vote doesn’t count and it looks that way to  me.  The Alinsky party has such a well-oiled fraud machine now, I don’t see how a decent and true Republican or Libertarian candidate can ever win now.

And let’s not forget that none of our military votes from overseas were ever counted in the 2012 election. Of course our troops vote heavily towards the Republicans, so anyone wonder why their votes weren’t counted? This in itself is a travesty of justice since they are the ones who keep us free and safe.

Hillary is running in the 2016 presidential election, but it won’t make any difference to the liberals that she was deeply involved in the shipment of arms to Syria.  Or that she lied constantly to the committees investigating Benghazigate.

With her running in 2016 and massive fraud we may very well be stuck with another died in the wool Marxist. 



Comments on: "Indiana Presidential Ballot Fraud" (23)

  1. goshawk3 said:

    Great piece of info. Pepp!

    But it’s the kind of information that makes my blood boil! We’ve all known for a long time about the massive voter fraud, and the cover-ups. And like you say Pepp, even though these people are caught and convicted the people fraudulently elected remain in office.

    I see no hope whatever of taking control of our government other than armed uprising!


  2. We’ve all heard the old bit about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel thinking that there was going to be some relief in sight – only to find that it was an oncoming train. Well, I think that there just MAY be a light and it’s NOT an oncoming train. Humor me:

    There is a growing pile of evidence that shows that ObamaCare is really going to hit the proverbial fan from now on into 2014. They’re estimating insurance rates to go up 25-30% and even the original author Max Baucus is now saying that it will be a “train wreck.”

    Many will just finally realize that ObamaCare is not what we were sold and there will be some price to pay for that. The gun control issue will keep gun owners in the fold, I also think that the push on immigration will awaken those of us who want a secure border before ANYTHING else is discussed. Gay marriage is another millstone that we can hang around the democrat’s necks, etc.

    So, I’m just saying that there are issues that are determental to dems that should let us get some more conservative-leaning people into congress in 2014. That will help. I’m not so optimistic about the 2016 elections ’cause I don’t know who we’re likely to nominate and that’s a concern.

    But, at least for the mid-terms, we SHOULD have a good opportunity to elect some better reps and senators than the dems have now – and hold the house and hopefully take back the Senate.


    • goshawk3 said:

      I sure hope your right Garnet, because right now, for me at least, it appears that “The Light At The End Of The Tunnel” has been turned off.


      • Gos, I’m primarily pinning my hopes on Obamacare to wake up the masses. I do think that peeople will be up in arms when they begin to see its impact on their lives – and I think they’ll be pissed. Every time I see something new that exposes some of the hidden crap that no one knew about, it gives me hope. The other items wouldn’t be enough by themselves, but coupled with Obamacare – that’s what gives me hope. But, I wouldn’t stake my life on it!


    • Garnet,

      Great comments. Yes, the shiite is going to hit the fan on the Obamacide once all the middle class families find they either can’t afford their health insurance once their employers take it away not wanting to pay the humongous increased price of it.

      Tons of Americans are against the amnesty thing and that never helps any politician on either side. I’m quite disappointed to see repukes writing some very bad laws on this too, so I hope that does not mean the repukes will be in trouble. We know it comes from the overbearing King however.

      I think the gun control issue is going to cause a lot of Alinsky Senators their seats. There is no 90% of Americans who are for this as the King states. Right after the Boston bombing 68% of them want guns now.

      I just hope you’re right and there is some hope to still be had.


      • Right Pepp, there were so many lies that were told to sell citizens on Obamacare, we are now seeing them for what they were – LIES. We just need to make sure that Joe Public hears about the crap sandwich he’s about to be fed and gets up in arms – that’s what I HOPE!


        • I forgot to mention my disappointment in Rubio – I thought that he was one of US. Now, not so much.


        • Garnet,

          Lies and more damned lies is all that man has. Remember Pelosi saying “we have to pass the bill before we can know what’s in it”. That should have had people up in arms.

          If they, Congress, didn’t even know what was in it, what a shock for the “chattering masses” when the whole truth comes out. I do hope people will be in an uproar over this. It’s going to hit them square in their wallets where most people can’t avoid the truth. Smaller paychecks and bigger healthcare costs won’t escape the “uniformed” who are already so burdened.

          I’m very disappointed in Rubio too. I think he blew what chance he had of being on the presidential ticket IMHO. Conservatives just won’t like that stance. He does not seem like one of US any longer. So WTH happened to him?


  3. Gar Swaffar said:

    April 19, 1775


  4. continenthopperguy said:

    Hi Pepp! New, loyal, follower of your blog. U R right on! So, my apologies for the long first response here. I am so disturbed by what I am seeing happening in the very USA I long ago pledged my life to protect, defend, serve…and love. I recently spent 24 months in Iraq as a US citizen military advisor on US DoS “nation rebuilding” efforts all over the country. Got to be friends with several US DoS ROL (Rule of Law) people in Baghdad. They were in I-Rock on 1-year contracts to help the Iraqis learn and apply the concept of ROL in everything related to Iraqi life – reduction in rampant gov’t corruption (everywhere, all levels), treatment of prisoners/conditions of prisons, etc. All this good-intentioned effort by very smart, caring, well-meaning legal-eagle US citizens who were not exactly over there partying, to teach a governance concept to a culture that has never understood the Western meaning or application of ROL in its 8,000 year history. In the ME, it has always been about who has had the most power at the time – and always will be. Democracy in the ME? Yeah, right. So, I am having a very difficult time right now readjusting living and functioning in a country that seemingly overnight and largely no longer respects/applies ROL anymore, which is something I took for granted growing up here in the USA. The massive corruption (Obamaphones, food-stamps, etc etc), massive voter fraud by poll-watchers who admit to having voted 6 times for ODL, is driving me crazy. Did I just return from Mars back to Mars, or Earth? I wasn’t gone that many years! Its been a very disheartening realization that half the US population doesn’t even understand that the Bill of Rights were our 1st 10 Constitutional amendments, nor do they care if they are simply wiped away by Executive Order by our Dear Leader (love the interviews of people on the streets – “who was our first president”, etc., No clue!). I am not that old, and remembering having had to have to memorize the Bill of Rights, the Preamble, etc, in grade school. Is our citizenry becoming that dumbed down that quickly – or bought off? Thanks for your Blog, by the way. I am recommending it to friends of mine who were with me in that beautiful ME sandbox – citizens AND uniformed service members who were of similar vein – the same ones like myself who were very pissed off when we were not allowed to vote overseas during the 2010 mid-terms because the ballots somehow could not be delivered to Iraq….yet I could get a big goody box of candy from my kids in the USA in less than a week to share with my buds who were over there with me. I refuse to suddenly become a loyal subject. I will NOT bow to ODL or his ilk.


    • Hi Continentalhopperguy! So good to hear you are now a loyal follower of my blog. That makes my day and please keep commenting. I love to hear our readers’ views. I know there are people who read but don’t comment. So it’s always nice to see people make the plunge and comment. You are welcome here and your long comment is quite all right with me. You have a unique perspective to add to the article.

      And thanks for serving our country. I can understand about the ME. Those people know nothing about democracy or do they even want it? As you said they’ve been the way they are for thousands of years. I never did understand trying to turn one of the Muslim countries into a democracy when their own laws don’t exactly mirror any form of rights to the people.

      I can only imagine how hard it’s been for you to readjust to being back here with all the insanity going on. I can surely understand how it must be driving you nuts like it does a lot of us.

      Like you, I was taught (Catholic school) that God, country, and family come first and are to be honored and respected. The 10 Commandments were drilled into us and we followed them. Honor, respect, principles were emphasized every day of our lives. Also I too was taught the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We said the pledge of allegiance to the flag every morning before our lessons and also attended Mass.

      I’m furious with what the King is doing to us and our country. I almost become unglued when I hear what so many of these liberal teachers are filling our young people with and none of it is good. So many schools now don’t even allow prayers in schools or the pledge to our flag, but Muslims are allowed rooms to wash their feet before prayer services for them. Absolute lunacy! And the Alinsky party (formerly dems) wants these kids to be dumbed down and indoctrinated so they have future votes from them. It also sickens me that so many of our young people think they don’t have to work to get things, like food, their OWN cell phones, etc.

      Yes, you are so right about the corruption going on and it’s throughout the entire government. The whole thing needs to be taken down and replaced. The King has it filled with commies and Muslims now. Even Brennan is a Muslim. For bloody sake one wonders how much worse things can get, but we all know it is headed for a complete train wreck and possible civil war.

      I like those man on the street interviews too. I am just floored when I see they can’t answer the most rudimentary questions. And these people vote!!!!! There should be some kind of test prior to them voting since they know nothing about what is going on and don’t even care. It seems like so many of these people vote for whoever is going to give them the most goodies which they in their stupidity think is free.

      Thank you so much for recommending my blog to your buddies. I hope they begin to read it too and also make comments from their viewpoint.

      One of the things that make me have blood shooting out of my eyes is that our military don’t get to vote. It’s a crock about their votes just “happen to come too late”. What BS!
      Our soldiers, the best and the brightest and most honorable should never have their votes cast away. I come from a military family and it boils me every time this is done. In 2004, the governor of Penn. would not allow military votes because “there wasn’t time to get them in”. Another injustice. I wrote that governor and told him just what I thought and I got a message back to stop butting into another state’s affairs. Well too damn bad. When I see something so egregious like that I voice my opinion. Our military are part of our entire country, so he had no right to do what he did.

      Thank you so much for recommending my blog to your buddies. I hope they come over and comment too with their perspectives. On military honor days I always put up a tribute of some sort to our military for all they’ve done. The soldiers you know may like that too.

      Like you, I too will never bow to the King Maobama. He can take his unjust laws and stick them. I follow the Constitution, the law of our land. Just because he doesn’t that does not mean I have to follow him. It’s like gun control. Out of my dead cold hands!
      We have the Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment is sacred to millions of people in this country.

      Once again thank you for your comment and welcome!

      btw, here is one of my military tributes from November: https://pepperhawkfarm.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/giving-thanks-to-our-veterans/
      In case you want to take a look at it.


  5. Pep Gal,
    Isn’t it sad? I get so pissed. This O’care fiasco is our last hope for people to wake up- I agree with Garnet. The thing about the likes of you and I (collectively, conservatives) is that we are still vilified and the idiots who voted for O and O’care have to be willing to admit they were wrong. Otherwise nothing is going to change. If you saw my FB, you know that my premiums have already doubled!! That is like another mortgage payment for me and one I cannot afford. So, in 2014, I get to pay taxes for the slackers while I go without!!
    Yep. Rubio is done for me. I will never fall in line with any immigration policy that does not deport them and make them earn it,period. And then we have good ol Holder talking smack about “everyone ***deserves*** citizenship? OVER.MY.DEAD.BODY. You see how that worked out in Boston? Mother effers. Term Limits and send them all packing.


    • Hey Nee,

      What a treat to see you here. It’s been awhile and I don’t go onto FB very much because I’m just too busy with this blog, etc.

      Liberals are never going to admit they were wrong for voting for the King. And yea, I know we are still being called racists and other names by them. I’m done with that old canard. I told some guy on FB about a year ago, when he called me a racist, “that doesn’t work for me”. I never heard another thing from the moron.

      Oh, that is terrible that your premiums went up. Did you have to drop your health care over it? Who needs another mortgage payment? It’s downright theft what is happening with the Obamacide.

      Rubio is toast to me too, I don’t like one bit of what he proposed and I don’t like this bit about giving illegals jobs over Americans. WTH?

      Holder is just doing his best to keep illegals in here and make them legal so the Alinsky party has millions more to vote for them. These congress critters need term limits. Once they are in there too long they don’t want all the goodies they get from the tax payer to disappear. I call them the biggest welfare dole we’ve got in this country.

      Just as an aside, I have the angel you sent me over my son’s picture all the time. That was such a sweet gesture on your part.


  6. Not only would rooting out democrat fraud help, the damned GOP could help ITSELF by stopping this trying – to- be – liked- by -the- liberals- and – media-bullshit. Tell the damn TRUTH about YOUR vision for the nation, THEN find, and BACK candidates who will not back down FROM those views, instead of RIDICULING them. The “consultant class” in DC is absolutely KILLING the GOP brand. And, IMHO, until the fools realize it, and stand OPPOSITE of the damnocrats, NOTHING will be fixed.


    • clyde,

      Yeah, you’re right. The GOP doesn’t help itself much by being such wusses and being complicit in what is going on. There must be only a handful of them that actually give a damn about the people. The rest are too busy sucking up the extra money to make themselves rich. I heard that even some of the tea party guys that got voted in during the midterms are already corrupted by big money. What a shame.

      Good comment clyde. Nothing will be done until the GOP takes a stand and stop being liberal light. I don’t see any real change happening now that we’re almost destroyed. I wonder sometimes why they sit there and allow every illegal and unconstitutional action this King does.


  7. Good article, I’ve heard it too and nobody would do anythng. Remember the days when Libs cried “voter fraud”? Ha ha. They don’t care, no one seems to. Hey, maybe we should poll cemetaries and find out what percentage of them are voting.


    • Bull,

      Yeah, the libs always accuse the repubs of “trying to keep people from the polls”. if that were actually the case then how did so many “people” vote for this fraud? Kind of blows their argument out of the water.

      LOL! I heard a seance’ was done in the Chicago cemeteries and all the dead people voted for the King. 160% of them too!


  8. This information only p—– me off more because nothing was or will be done about it and Obama will keep up with the fraud and corruption. Why anyone would protect that scumbag lying commie is beyond me.


    • Donna,

      I know. It pisses us off too. No here we sit with this fraud and nothing will ever come of all the info out there about him and his fraud. So utterly frustrating.


  9. Anyway but lose.


  10. Kennedy’s election in 1960 over Nixon involved heavy fraud in Illinois and Texas. (If Nixon had won those two states, he would have won the presidency.) As examples of ballot box stuffing: In Texas’s Angelina County, in one precinct, only 86 people voted yet the final tally was 147 for Kennedy, 24 for Nixon; in Fannin County the 4895 registered voters cast 6138 votes (75% for Kennedy). Discarded spoiled ballots were to be placed by Texas law in “ballot box 4” for later re-examination, but many counties (e.g. Fort Bend County, which had a huge 16% spoilage rate, topping even the worst Florida 2000 County) just discarded them, and did not store them, making any biased discarding decisions uncorrectable and unprovable. The 100%-Democrat Texas Election Board refused to conduct a recount, so game over. Kennedy carried Illinois by 8858 votes thanks to a 456,312-vote advantage in Chicago, whose precincts reported their totals remarkably late. (Compare this with Kennedy’s nationwide victory margin of 118,574.) The “turnout” in Daley-machine Chicago was a spectacular 89%. This contrasts with the nationwide turnout of 63%. It also contrasts with the fact that in the 11 presidential elections during 1960-2000, totalling 550 statewide contests, not once did any state ever exceed 1964 Utah’s 78.4% turnout, and the states with the largest-% turnout were always rural (namely North and South Dakota, Utah, Minnesota, and Maine), not urban.


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