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Internet Sales Tax

While we were watching or hearing about the Boston bombers, Congress was up to its’ usual tricks. This one involves a new national sales tax delivered via sales over the Internet.  It is being called the Marketplace Fairness Act (S.743).  Nothing is fair coming from these morons.

Up until now a person could make an online purchase and if not in their state did not have to pay sales tax.

The Congress has a bill right now to undo that and force companies to charge each individual a sales tax anywhere they buy on the Internet using the “commerce clause”.

Here is what James Madison wrote about the Commerce Clause in 1829:

For a like reason, I made no reference to the “power to regulate commerce among the several States.” I always foresaw that difficulties might be started in relation to that power which could not be fully explained without recurring to views of it, which, however just, might give birth to specious though unsound objections. Being in the same terms with the power over foreign commerce, the same extent, if taken literally, would belong to it. Yet it is very certain that it grew out of the abuse of the power by the importing States in taxing the non-importing, and was intended as a negative and preventive provision against injustice among the States themselves, rather than as a power to be used for the positive purposes of the General Government, in which alone, however, the remedial power could be lodged.

Well, in the case of the internet sales tax, Congress finally has the opportunity to exercise its power under the Commerce clause to prevent injustice among the states.  Instead there is a bipartisan consensus in the Senate to allow states to tax internet sales across state lines.

Yesterday, 74 senators, including 27 Republicans, voted to proceed with debate on the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act (S.743).  The bill would essentially allow states to join together in a tax cartel to force online retailers to collect sales taxes on behalf of all 50 states based on the location of the shipping address.   Although the bill never went through regular order and a markup in the Finance Committee, Harry Reid is fast-tracking this bill through the Senate.

Tax Stress

This bill would require businesses with internet sales to create a way to develop a new database to add from all states with different taxation rates. 

Under the MFA, online vendors in a state like New Hampshire would still have to collect the high rate of taxes of customers from California.  So red-state companies will have to serve as tax collector for high-taxed blue states, thereby obviating the benefit of being in a red state and blurring the effectiveness of laboratories of democracy.

More government incompetence would be rampant with this act.

This will hurt those who are already trying to stretch a limited amount of money from their paychecks and SS. That is one of the beauties of the internet because it has been a free marketplace.

My point on this is simply this:  Once again without our permission Congress is going to tax all of us with this onerous MFA. 

Just what will be done with this added tax?  More waste and abuse by governments.  That is all we need now with an already burgeoning tax hikes looming from Obamacide. 

The internet is the most successful invention known to man.  Why?  Because it is the freest venue of information dissemination in the world, unencumbered by government.  We need to keep it that way.  The bill is being heavily pushed by Walmart and Amazon, which stand to benefit from such a cumbersome regulatory tax system that disproportionately hurts small online retailers.  It is also being pushed by state and local governments who are hungry for the new revenue to grow government, but lack the fortitude to ask for the revenue through new direct taxes (on the seller) or simply enforce collection of use taxes that already exist in most states.

I believe Congress is hell bent on this and we once again will have to shout at our reps about this.  Who knows if it will do any good though. They don’t listen to us now over any issue it appears.

And what did the Republicans say, “NO more taxes”???  More stink on the Republicans going along with this.  Liars once again.

It is getting to the point where there will be no more blood to be gotten from the turnips, we the people.  Keep squeezing us you assholes in Congress, while you enjoy all of your money from the people. So what do you care about us having to pay one more tax?  You, Congress, live off the welfare doles your entire lives so of course you must create another way to get more taxes.  I don’t believe this is about them being worried states don’t get their fair share of the taxes over the internet but just another way to tax and abuse us.

Bang up job once again Congress because this is one more way to bring down our economy which is on life support and dying fast.

Internet Sales Tax is Interstate Power Grab


Comments on: "Internet Sales Tax" (21)

  1. Damn good post Pepp on a subject I personally find very interesting, so sorry if I bloiate a bit. No; the feds have no business telling states how to handle sales tax of different states. It’s my understanding from reading yesterday the bill is now in the House for consideration and is expected to run into a hell of a lot more trouble there than it did in the Senate. “Forecasting” shows it to be changed greatly or completely shot down in the House, but we’ll see.

    Another big problem in my mind is did any of these doc’s and lawyers running our country (into the ground I’ll add) take ONE damn finance class in college??? This is an accounting nightmare and the cost burden for implementation and maintenance will be ridiculous. Those dumb asses can’t read a current P/L statement, so they sure in the hell can’t see what one will look like after they pass one of their stupid ass laws. They’ve completely forgotten small businesses is the backbone of our country (jobs) and every time we turn around those rich ass, bums in Dipshit City are doing something further to hurt them instead of help them.

    This would give larger corporations a HUGE advantage over small businesses. Larger corporations can bare the ridiculous cost that would be associated with this stupidity than small businesses. This group must suck as lawyers, doctors, there horrible representatives of the people and last but not least they are FRIGGING MORONS!


    • Dave,

      Can’t blame you at all for being super angry. Just another example of “Taxation Without
      Representation.” Way past time we had another “Boston Tea Party!” Only on a much larger scale, like dumping the entire existing government into the ocean and get some “Bible Thumping, gun loving” Constitutional Patriots in there!


    • And a great comment Dave. Before retiring, I was writing & marketing software. The point that you made about the advantage of the large companies over small business is extremely important.

      The biggies like Amazon, Wal Mart, Target, etc. ALREADY HAVE the capabilities to collect and remit state taxes for all states, this legislation will have LITTLE OR NO impact on them, except to kill competition by smaller companies.


      • Garnet,

        Dave’s computer is down right now but I’m sure once he’s back up and running he’ll reply to your comment. Thanks for your patience.


      • Hey G,

        Thanks for the compliment. There are really only two things I know pretty well; business (ran two for over 25 years) and playing the guitar (been hacking away at that for 35 years).

        What this would do to small businesses is such a no-brainer, but nothing out of DC since King Sumbitch took office has been done to help small businesses. I personally think that is on purpose and there are too many Obama Worshipers to even notice or care. Obama knows small businesses are the backbone of our country, so of course he has to break their backs as part of the puzzle to destroy our country and economy. The most disgusting part to me is how so many of the Repukes play right along with him just to stay in the “elite club”.


  2. Just Gene said:

    I wonder if they realize what they are taxing the most is our patience?


  3. So here we go. I saw this yesterday and shook my head. The best defense liberals gave was trying to tell us this is not a new or federal tax. Sometimes you want to scream. So if it isn’t there today, and its there tomorrow, then hello its new. But why when you want to reduce taxes do they all run and hide with nothing to say? Plus this is just another foot in the door controlling the internet.

    What’s next can they tax by product etc, penalizing some, rewarding others? I don’t have any confidence in them…but this just opens the door a lot wider. They don’t care one bit what it does to small biz or small online biz. Apparently touching their own pockets or purse would be the only way to change their tune. (Underpaid as they are now…)


    • …and a good article too. It just boils my blood, every day another assault.


    • Bull,
      And done behind our backs when no news was being reported referring to one of your last articles.

      It makes my blood boil too. No they don’t care what this is going to cost businesses and the people who like to buy over the Internet as a free marketplace. Those of us who don’t have access to any big stores use the Internet for most of our purchases. That’s what the Hawk and I do. There are no shopping places around here without driving 70 to over 100 miles away. So the Internet has become our shopping place.

      Plus not having to pay sales taxes also helps out when on a fixed income.

      Right, Bull, what’s next? There is continuous assaults on us daily and the worst part about this is 2 repukes came up with this damn bill. There is nothing “fair” about this and in my mind the feds have their hands in this till too. It sounds like a hidden national sales tax which has never gone over. So they wrap it up in this devious manner.


  4. OK. My thoughts ? This “internet tax” goes nowhere. WHO buys MOST of the online shit ? Give yourself a gold star if you said younger libtards. IF, and this is asking a lot of the “internet” generation, THEY get off THEIR asses and raise hell.


    • clyde,

      I hope it goes nowhere but not too sure about that.

      Now the Hawk and I buy over the Internet all the time because we live in a remote area where there are no stores to buy stuff for the family and it saves us on gas money to travel the 70 or 100 miles to get to a mall where there are stores. That, for us, is for a round trip costs $36 to $40 in gas money.

      I imagine there are a lot of young people who buy over the Internet, but I know friends and family who order from the Internet exclusively even if they live near a mall because it saves us older people from standing in long lines especially during Christmas time. I do all my Christmas shopping for the grand kids over the Internet.

      Young liberals won’t get off their asses to raise hell and we know it. But, for us older folks it’s a life saver. Hawk can barely go shopping because of his back pain and he no longer can take long trips to anywhere.


      • Pepp, that is a good point though. Necessity is the mother of invention. A lot of people benefit. But you know my area there really aren’t many benefits. THey hammer the tax and shipping anyway. Though when I need to there is no replacement for the internet.


        • Oh, that’s too bad, Bull, that you get hammered with sales taxes. But, yeah, there are a lot of people who do benefit and we’d be lost without the Internet to buy things because as I said we have no real place to shop.

          We have several dollar stores in our tiny town, but those places do not have the things my grand children want for their birthdays and other celebrations. We also buy things we need as they come up over the Internet. No pet stores around here so I shop at Petsmart online. I also have bought from Ebay due to such low prices. Amazon has served us well for books. We have no book stores either. Amazon has such good prices on books and you can buy used ones for a very cheap price. Also the toys my grand kids want.


          • Right, they don’t and short of driving and gas (4 bucks/gal) you can’t get there. As inconvenient as it can be. Twice over years I ordered a big set of tires from Ohio cause no one had them, and it was a lot cheaper.

            And the internet sales will go out of their way to make you satisfied, not like slapping you across the face and telling you “Ha ha …You are here ’cause you have to be, now shut up!.”


    • Hey, Clyde, that’s right, And never mind the shipping on everything. ( a hidden tax) Put more tax on it and they drove people to the brick and mortar.


  5. If this tax is just for buying online, I never do that. Does anyone know if this would include those buying airline tickets?


  6. Maybe I’m an aberration, but where I live is within a ten minute drive from everything: Target, Wal-Mart, Costco, Sams, and everything else you can imagine. BUT, I still buy MOST of my stuff (not groceries) online. I save gas cost, driving time, time in the store seeing only what that store carries, and if I don’t see what I want, drive to another store, poke around in that store, etc.

    I can compare all variations of an item, seller prices, get reviews, etc. on the Internet in 30 minutes and be done with it. A comparable visit to multiple stores would take at least 2-3 times as long. My time is valuable to me. Internet shopping (for most things) is just more convenient, less expensive, and offers more choice.

    My .02 cents worth.


    • Garnet,

      No you’re not an aberration. I know hundreds of people who use the Internet for buying. If you go onto Ebay there are millions of people buying and selling. It does save on gas and time. I hate going to malls and we don’t even have anything like one here. There are a few stores in Maysville, but they are mostly tiny stores to shop in and don’t have the things we need. Therefore the Internet is a big thing for us to buy and shop.

      Right, good comment about the comparing of prices and other buyers’ reviews are most helpful in what one picks from the Internet shopping. Good lord, yeah, it takes hours running from one store to another to see if you can get a better price compared to regular shopping. It’s lifesaver to us to be able to shop from the Internet.

      Hey, I like your .02 cents!


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