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Patricia, thanks for taking action on behalf of TheTeaParty.net. Your messages are on the way.

An individual copy of your letter will be sent to each official:

April 20, 2013

Dear Representative Barr,
Dear Senator McConnell,
Dear Senator Paul,

The Obama Regime has blood on their hands. They have the blood of the four men, including U.S.

Ambassador Chris Stevens, on their hands since they sat back and did nothing while the torturous massacre at Benghazi occurred. They have the blood of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and the hundreds of Mexican citizens killed by individuals wielding guns from the botched gun running Operation Fast and

Furious on their hands. They have the blood of all those who were killed during the sho oting initiated by the Muslim serviceman Nidal Malik Hasan who is still not prosecuted under Eric Holder’s Department of

(In) Justice. The fact that the Obama Regime refuses to answer questions surrounding these avoidable, tragic situations is an insult to the American people and those victims who died in these incidents.

Couple all of these outrageous incidents with Obama’s blatant overreach, with his royal decrees that undermine the Constitution, and with his release of thousands of illegal immigrants recently under the guise of budget cuts due to the sequester, and his actions are not simply infuriating, they are impeachable. Add

in his thuggish threatening of journalists Bob Woodward, Lanny Davis, and a reporter with the National Journal and we have a presidency ripe for the investigation of a special prosecutor!

As your constituent, I demand that you call for a special prosecutor (and one not appointed by the president) to investigate the ever growing overreaching, disturbing, and dangerous acts by President

The man is a huge hypocrite. While gun running all over the ME and Mexico he is demanding we give up our God given rights to own a firearm. Out of my dead cold hands.


I removed my name and address for obvious reasons.  I added the last paragraph to the pre-written letter. 

I know everyone is sick of signing petitions, but the vote against gun control showed how our phone calls, emails, and letters stopped that particular piece of legislation from going through. I called Senator McConnell’s office and the lines were so busy they could not take any more calls. I also called the regular Senator line and also could not get through due to the volume of calls. So I figured it was us gun loving people who were calling. Usually if one is against something those people make the calls.

Go to this link to sign the petition:



Comments on: "Petition to Sign" (21)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    Barack Hussein Obama Sotero (nee Alinsky), Making Al Capone look more like a saint every day.


  2. Consider it done.


    • goshawk3 said:

      Me to!


    • goshawk3 said:

      Thanks Gunny! We need all the help we can get.


      • Someone needs to remind this POTUS
        that he is NOT yet a dictator/tyrant (@
        least not officially) & therefore needs to
        fully account for his lack of response to
        those whose lives were lost in Benghazi.


        • goshawk3 said:


          This Communist we have as a president has committed so many acts of Treason that he should be prosecuted for, but NO ONE in government does anything to stop him. Not the Congress, Senate or Supreme Court. It looks like they are all working together to convert this country to a Totalitarian State. And they are all complicit in his Treason!

          The conditions now exist that the founders foresaw and created the 2nd
          Amendment for. I think it is now THAT time.. “For all good men come to the aid of their country!”


          • Yes, Hawk, you are absolutely right–
            those in our govt would prefer to have
            us cowering in our homes, as we saw
            in Boston this past week, while only
            criminals were able to hold an entire
            community hostage, after committing
            acts of terror! How despicable is that?
            All who continue to provide cover for
            this epic failure of an admin will be
            brought to justice by We The People!!


          • Elizabeth,

            You’re right. And I sure hope that we can see justice done!


  3. CID. Got a post up at Nox’ place. The BECS says WE should NOT form an opinion on Boston until HIS government says we can. FVCK HIM.


    • Hi clyde,

      Did you see the pathetic speech Ovomit gave about the Boston bombing? While his speech was full of empty rhetoric he slipped in some underlying messages such as..
      “We in America welcome ALL religions.” and “Don’t jump to conclusions about any particular group.” (covering for the Muslim terrorists) Not once did he mention the word Terrorist.

      But he and his Communist administration, is sure quick to accuse Christians, the Tea Party etc. of being Terrorists.


  4. Pepp, this looks like another one to do. I have gotten the dreaded ‘petitionitis’. But when I see the campaigner-in-chief telling his minions every day to call their reps, I don’t want to think the loons are the only loyal ones they hear from. I have so many outstanding letters to the bastard Senators that still aren’t answered. After this mail threat I guess they’ll be more concerned about hearing from pesky constituents again. I don’t want to give in.


    • I agree entirely that we have to continue to
      “peacefully petition” our govt in our Consti-
      tutionally guaranteed right to address them
      for their acts of tyranny against us.However,
      should the peaceful methods ultimately fail
      to convince them to uphold & defend the
      Constitution as they have sworn an oath to
      do–than we will be forced to other means.


    • Bull,

      As Pepp knows, I’ve become very reluctant about sending letters and or signing petitions. We’re forever getting back ‘form’ letters meant to pacify but nothing is done. But I. reluctantly, signed this one.


  5. Hey Pepp. Sorry I’m late, but my computer has been been broken for several days. Good post and I’ll sure in the hell sign it. At least I know now that POS Chandler is gone two out of the three will at least read it!


  6. BTW Pepp, I love the new pics you’ve added. Just tell ‘Awk to take a pic of the backside of a jackass and you can put that up as a pick of me…it would be fitting! 🙂


    • Dave, if you’re talking about the community pics you are on there with your avatar already. I would not have Hawk put a jackass on you since you are Not a jackass. 😀


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