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After the cops, FBI and other various police groups captured the 19-year-old Dzhokar Tsarnaev,  the crowds in Watertown stood by the roadside and cheered all the law enforcers and firemen.  The people clapped as each police car went by. They deserved it for their continuous hunt for Dzhokar.


Afterwards, in a spontaneous show of patriotism, a parade ensued where people carried the American flag and sang patriotic songs such as God Bless America.

It was thrilling to see this show as I am sure it infuriated the King who so hates us and our country.  Patriotism is something he would ban if he could.

His short speech showed his bias telling us we should not jump to conclusions about a person or groups.  In other words, protecting his buddies, the Muslims.

He knew this was an act of terrorism by two radical jihadist terrorists, but he refused to use the word terror or jihadist.  He looked stupid and flat during his very short speech. He looked very unconvincing and almost sad that the truth was obvious to everyone in America.

On the ice at TD Garden in Boston Wednesday night, as the Bruins were set to take on the Buffalo Sabres in a National Hockey League match, familiar anthem singer Rene Rancourt launched into “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Rancourt, who has sung for the Bruins for 35 years, soon realized something very special was happening.

As he sang, “What’s so proudly we hailed,” he spontaneously turned from performer to choir leader and set down the microphone on the ice.

He began pumping his fist to the tempo as more than 20,000 proud Americans belted out the anthem as never before.

What a show of patriotism!  Absolutely beautiful and thrilling knowing it probably inflamed the anti-American, anti-US King of our country.  There is nothing more he wants stamped out, patriotism and love of our country. He has been trying to divide us between patriots and non patriots.  But, this terrorist attack united people from every direction like 9/11 did.



boston 2

boston 3

Boston folks with flag

boston4Hurray, the threat is over, but we must be on guard. This kind of bombing may be the new face of terrorism in our country.  And just where was the DHS?  It appears they  fell down on the job, so busy with stocking up on guns and ammo to make it difficult for we, the people, to get them.  Also this terrorist attack happened on Obama’s watch.  Shame on you Mr. Obama.


Comments on: "A Show of Patriotism in Boston" (32)

  1. Great aticle Pepp. Just the kind of heartfelt patriotism he resents. Maybe he can apologize for that. 🙂


  2. Pepp, this is one of your best! Thank you so much! It did bring tears to my eyes to see all the beautiful American Patriots. Yes, I too am sure this great show of Patroitism really ticked the lying commie off.


    • Donna,
      Thx. You are quite welcome.
      Yeah, it almost brought tears to me also to see such a display of raw patriotism. I love it!
      And yes, the commie King had to be ticked off to no end. He had such a dour and sour face on when he gave his little speech leaving out the terror and jihadist part. Ha, well all Americans know just what this was and he can go around and lie about it if he wants because all Americans saw the truth.


  3. Good for Boston they know where they stand


  4. I’ll tell you something that may come as a surprise: there are a LOT more normal people here in Boston than the rest of the country realizes. The reality is that we’ve been overcome by unions and liberal elites to the point where not enough people use their heads when they vote.

    Oops. Did I just invalidate my own point?

    No, I did not. I said there are a LOT more normal people here than the rest of the country realizes.

    Just not enough of us.

    But I am proud nevertheless.


    • Hi Paulie,

      Glad to see ya. How ya doing?
      You should be proud of those who celebrated with patriotism last night. Maybe there aren’t enough of you, but the ones who did display such emotional patriotism were plenty and I loved every minute of it.

      I know you once told me that there are “normal” people in Boston and I was glad to see it last night. Hurray for Boston and for you!


      • Pep,

        Been pretty busy trying to survive and have cut way back on the blogging.

        Glad you’re keeping me in the loop when you post; thanks.


        • Paulie,

          I figured you were busy but I’m glad you are still reading my posts. I was unsure whether to keep sending them to you, but now I know you like being kept in the loop So I will continue to send my posts to you. Thx so much Paulie for coming by. I was so glad to see you after a long time. And your comments are much appreciated.


  5. While nice to see, Boston proper OVERWHELMINGLY voted the BECS back in. And, a lot of those idiots will give HIM, not the hardworking Boston local police, the MOST credit for the scuzball’s capture.


    • Not so sure that I’d agree with that, Clyde.

      We’re kind of a tight-knit crowd up this-away and aren’t too quick about giving outsiders credit. Pretty sure that local law enforcement will get and keep the credit.


      • clyde and Paulie,

        I was about to say the same as Paulie, that besides displaying their patriotism last night, every cop and fireman got tremendous applause as they drove out of Watertown last night having captured the 2nd terrorist. I think that display had nothing to do with the King, but with the actual personnel who searched every inch of the place until a tip came in about where the guy was hiding. They did everything they could to prevent more people from getting hurt. The King had no hands on this. He was MIA as usual.


  6. The DHS is so busy tracking email and facebook postings of potential political opponents that it has little time to track jihadists or legal immigrants. We already know that they are not tracking the illegal ones other than getting an address to send welfare tax dollars to. Nor are they likely to have time to mess with bombers. Too busy with the $750,000 MRAP armoered personell carriers that they are going to deploy against hungry Americans after they crash the dollar. If you were going to allocate resources to be effective against terrorists, which demographic group would statistically be the one that would be the best allocation of resources, if you wanted to actaully be effective?


    • drrik,

      You are so right. The DHS is too busy planning for our demise, why bother with terrorists who can help do the job for them?
      Right, we do know they are not tracking illegals and pulled funding from the border patrol. That shows you just how devious they are. The DHS should be shredded immediately. They are useless except to track patriots and build up their terror list of Christians, Catholics, tea party members and vets to name a few. They are a disgrace.


  7. REAL Americans cannot be kept down. Liberals cut and run, the rest of us dig in and grit our teeth!


    • Gunny,

      That’s right. And those people last night also said “they won’t be kept down by these terrorists” being defiantly American, real people. Yes, the rest of us will dig in and fight. Let the liberals go to hell.


  8. Gar Swaffar said:

    Sort of unfortunate it takes this type of attack to shake people loose from the apathy they seem to live in.


    • Gar,

      Yeah, it is too bad it takes another attack to waken people up. Lots of us have become too complacent. Yet, like many of us we were expecting this to happen at any time.

      I hope people will open their eyes once again after this terrible attack that killed a little 8 yr old boy, his mother with a brain injury and the daughter with one limb gone. I heard the father/husband is in complete devastation. I don’t blame him one bit. His whole family hit in such horrible ways.


      • Gar Swaffar said:

        I suppose what comes to mind for me is the question of when do we as a nation wake up and state the truth: We are not at war with an emotion – Terror.
        We are however, at war with Islam and that will not change until they are again beaten into submission.


        • Gar,

          Exactly right. We are at war with Jihadists who want one thing only, to kill all the infidels. Hardly anyone will admit to it. But, I did hear several Fox analysts say it yesterday. I was glad as it lets out the boogie man we are really up against. If we fought wars like we did in WWII and Nam we could have blown these devils to kingdom come and they might fear us instead of laughing at us. PC wars are unwinnable.


  9. goshawk3 said:


    Excellent post! And I agree with some of the other posters, very emotional. Like Gar said, to bad the people couldn’t show their Patriotism more often.


    • Hawk,
      Thx. It is true, it is a shame that an attack has to finally bring back patriotism.


    • Hawk, I agree. Maybe it was the opening salvo, and it spreads through campuses. But where did all the flags come from so quick? Now let the Obastid administration mock that. I smell a royal visit to Boston soon.


      • goshawk3 said:


        That was a question I asked myself. Where did all the flags come from so quickly? And they all seem the same size.


  10. I want to share this since I think it’s patriot Today I was watching the Pirates on TV and during the seven end stretch everyone in the station sand God Bless America each with their hands over their hearts It made me feel proud to be an American


  11. Great post Pepp! My heart fills with great joy when I see citizens openly showing their patriotism for our great nation and I sure in the hell pray it makes King Sumbitch and his traitor minions so upset they can’t sleep at night.

    drrik made a great point I concur with: this commie ass gov we have is so damn busy spying on us (law abiding citizens) with every damn agency the Sumbitch has at his disposal they couldn’t catch nor would they even notice Black Beard the Private taking his vessel down the middle of the frigging Mississippi River raping and pillaging every town it passed! Traitor bastards….what is one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies you ask…”Hang em’ High!”


    • Dave,

      I had tears in my eyes with the show of patriotism. And I can’t listen to God Bless America without becoming emotional.

      LOL! No the gov wouldn’t see Blackbeard at all. After all we, the people are the enemy.


  12. I echo the thought that it’s sad that it takes an attack on innocent civilians to arouse our patriotism and it angers me when so many on the left make fun of or disparage patriotism. Anyone who doesn’t feel squishy inside when a crowd sings the national anthem and waves flags doesn’t deserve to be called an American. I’m proud to be an American and proud to be a patriot and anyone who thinks otherwise can KISS MY ASS.
    It is also time that the “good” Muslim community gets off their collective asses and distances themselves from the terrorists – why haven’t they been more vocal? It is much like the good black folks who are loathe to condemn the inner city “youts” who are committing the bulk of the gang crimes and murders – why aren’t they more vocal? If the “good” citizens would join together, the bad guys (of all stripes) would be more easily beaten. Just my .02 cents worth.


    • Garnet,

      I too get squishy inside at the show of patriotism and the beautiful songs signifying what our country is about.

      I agree, I’m proud to be an American and a patriot. I feel lucky that my grandparents came here escaping from Russia back during the revolution. I am so pleased to be part of this country which is supposed to stand for freedom, liberty and opportunity for everyone. That is why my heart breaks over what we have now, the American hating King and all America stands for including the people.

      The current so called “good” Muslims living in this country are always so silent on attacks or make excuses for it. They will never get up off their butts because I don’t believe there are good Muslims. How can there be when their belief system is so oppositional to ours?

      Good .20cents worth!


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