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Bill McCellanTarget Practice with his face on it would be perfect for learning to aim straight.

Bill McClellan is a liberal journalist and believes not all veterans should receive military funeral honors and are NOT heroic. The liberal hack stated, “Bear in mind that most veterans did nothing heroic.” What a traitor POS! He believes only those that died in combat should receive such honor. McClellan doesn’t believe those that served but survived deserve to be honored as heroes when they die. This is the typical mindset of the Traitor Party (aka Democratic Party) toward the patriots that served in our military. It’s another example of how much the Traitor Party despises our military just like the want to be King squatting in our White House.

McClellan asserts his asinine, traitorous idea due to both the federal government and the state governments are broke. According to the program’s website, it is funded by the federal government and the Missouri National Guard Trust Fund. McClellan further stated, “In fact, it seems generous enough to provide veterans and their spouses with free space and headstones at a national cemetery.” What a low life, traitor scumbag! The only thing this traitor, so called journalist has correct is that the federal and state governments are broke and they both need to start cutting cost. Here’s a few ideas the Traitor Party (not that ANY politician will ever bring up: How about cutting back on the ludicrously, expensive vacations the Obama’s take? They’ve took three last month! How about NOT paying politicians a fat salary and an outrageously expensive pension for the rest of their life? How about not sending billions to countries that hate our guts and want us destroyed? How about letting the private sector fund all these unsuccessful green energy scams, instead of wasting our money? There are a lot more examples, but I can’t think real straight right now because I’m in complete outrage over the Traitor Party turning their backs on our finest citizens…our military heroes!

Our Greatest Heroes Need to be Honored

Our Greatest Heroes Need to be Honored

McClellan’s unbelievable (but not surprising) statement has been met with extreme outrage by the public. This idiot believes only those that die while serving are heroes. Everyone that ever puts on a uniform and serves our nation is heroes. Those that made the ultimate sacrifice and did die while serving of course deserve the utmost respect, but those that lived while serving knew they may die in combat and were willing to do so. If this doesn’t also make them heroes, then I have no idea what does. Anyone that thinks differently is screwed up in the head and should be publicly whipped until there is no skin left on their back in my opinion!

Hating on our military is in vogue for the Traitor Party and they all are jumping on the “hate our military band wagon.” Obama wants to cut military benefits and make them pay higher premiums for their insurance. Traitor Party scumbag Ted Turner stated on October 9, 2012, “That rise in military suicides in relation to combat deaths is a “good” development.” WTH? That comment is so outrageous and insane that blood is coming out of my eyes and ears! He’s a certifiable nut case and needs to be thrown in an insane asylum.




There are millions like me that believe everyone that has put on a uniform is not just a hero, but also a great patriot. My dad (who passed away last year) served in Korea and he was a great hero to me and not just because he was my dad…he was a vet and a great patriot!

Giving the Flag to a Widow Should Never Be Denied

Giving the Flag to a Widow Should Never Be Denied







Comments on: "McClennan Defiles Our Military by Dave Taylor" (20)

  1. Dave,

    Great article. The left never quits on how they insult our military, the best, the brightest, and the heroes for our country. It’s well known and written on many a liberal blog how they despise our men in uniform. It’s down right despicable since none of these liberals would ever put themselves on the line for our country.


    • Pepp,

      Thanks so much for the kind compliment and also your help! What the Traitor Party parasites will never get is if it wasn’t for all the hero’s and patriot’s that have in the past and currently wear one of our uniforms is there wouldn’t even be a United States for them to hate! The very people that have protected their right to constantly bitch and gripe about our country are the hero’s and patriot’s that have fought and many died, but those chicken shits won’t go fight. That is the worst case of irony I believe I’ve ever seen, but that’s why I now call them the Traitor Party!


  2. goshawk3 said:

    Good article Dave,

    McClennan is not worthy enough to shine a Vets boot! He is a good representative of most cowardly Alinskyites. I’m so sick of these Liberals ( Communists/Alinskyites) trashing the Vets and at the same time stand safe behind the protection they provide for them and their families!

    I wonder how many people remember how Hitlery Klinton treated the marine guard at the White House. She couldn’t stand to even look at them so she wanted them ‘out of uniform.’ Or how she took time to chew out a marine for not saluting her! Which they are not required to do. Even though she thought she was, *she* was not commander in chief


    • Hey ‘Awk,

      Thanks for the compliment buddy and the comment! You sure in the hell nailed it with your comment. Not much I can add, but two things: (1) It’s not really a good idea for anyone to trash in vets in my presence and (2) You bring up Hitlery very appropriately and lets not forget about the draft dodging, coward Billythecigar pervert that got elected prez. No one like the Traitor Party can serve up the worst trash in our country to run for president and by damn if they don’t get elected.

      P.S. I’d have my arms cut off before I’d ever salute traitors like Hitlery and Billythecigar. They deserve zero, none, nada respect. I just assume give them two middle fingers… 🙂


      • willibeaux said:

        ‘rave! What torques my jaws is that Slick and Zero may get full military honors when they decease. Bummer.

        ‘oohRah! 😉


  3. Just Gene said:

    I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a VET who had no feet. I can’t even watch the fund raisers for vets – so disgusting that men and women, boys and girls can be sent into harm’s way and when injured or killed the government throws them and their families under the but. At one point the DICKtater said since they volunteered they should pay for their own insurance. Excuse me – I have to go do something – now what was it – OVOMIT.


    • Hey JG,

      Thanks so much for your comment! The Traitor Party would rather throw Vets under a bus than give them a ride home in the same bus when they got back from battle! This is without a doubt the lowest aspect in my mind of the Traitor Party. To hate on our Vets and make life harder on them really pisses me off. They should get the best medical care free for life after serving along with many other benefits.

      Our current Traitor In Chief is nothing more than pure scum. Every four letter word I can think of is too good to call that…that…whatever in the hell “it” is…


      • goshawk3 said:


        We can’t give medical care or pensions to the Vets for life. Nope, we must pay for our overpaid thieves in Congress (and the government employees period) with their ‘full salary’ pensions and the very best medical care money taxpayer can provide! You know, these parasites deserve it for all the “hard work” they do.

        Ha! The only thing the scum in the White House,Congress and Senate deserve is to be prosecuted and hanged for Treason! Every damn one of them! The only “Danger” they face is being snitched on by their fellow Traitors!


        • ‘Awk,

          We use to execute traitors, but now they get elected to office! The damn Traitor Party has taken over our country and the elected Repukes are in on it with them. They vote in stupid ass laws and exclude themselves and their buddies. To hell with all of em’ as far as I’m concerned. They represent nothing, but their own best interest. They have no use for me and I gladly give them back the same respect. The can vote in all the unconstitutional laws they want, but I sure in the hell will not pay any attention to them.

          One person during the drafting and ratification of our constitution wanted a very strict term limit put in place in the constitution, because he knew what would happen. A person could serve only one term their entire life. Sadly; Thomas Jefferson was in Paris during the process negotiating peace the the King of England and his memo’s got there too late. The constitution had already been ratified. To bad none of our other founders could see the future like TJ…


    • JG,

      I sure liked what you had to say.


  4. Dave, great article. Another shamless scumbag in the lefts’ swamp. Its amazing he says it with a straight face. He really has no idea about service or spending. Clueless.


    • Hey Bull, thanks for the compliment and the comment my friend! The traitors have come out of hiding now and their damn proud to show their shameful faces in public. Lord how I long for the old days! I think I was born one or two generations too late!

      In KY Bull; registered members of the Traitor Party out number members of the Repuke Party two to one. But; King Sumbitch has gotten his ass kicked in both elections by double digit figures. Most of our group of Democrats (I’ll give them a break) are the old “Blue Dog” Democrats that love guns as much as us “Bible Thumpers” and a lot of coal miners and coal loyalty.

      The strong hold of the Traitor Party is my Liberal Bastion From Hell (Lex) and Louisville. Louisville is our very small version of NYC (just hopeless) and Lex is full of every minority that isn’t allowed to live in most of KY due to logistics to eastern and southern KY, so go figure.

      I guess the long winded point I’m trying to make is not all Democrats are going to go along with touching the “sacred” second amendment and the Traitor Party has an uphill battle on this issue. Even if they pass some unconstitutional law; a lot of people of both parties will simply ignore their traitor asses and their gangster laws.


      • It is good to remember they all haven’t sold their souls to Obama. And in the end, they have to go home! Obama couldn’t care less about that.


        • No Bull; not all of them worship the wanna be second coming of Christ. His traitor ambitions and plans are not going to go over well in the south for sure and he knows it. Keep er’ dry and lock and load!


  5. This is a really good article, Dave. My love and respect for our Heroes of our military will never end. My husband and I are Patriot Guard Riders – we have attended so many military funerals – we go to any whose family asks us to be there, from WWII to Afghanistan. It breaks my heart at each one, but we feel as Patriots, we need to attend and be part of the flag line. Thanks again for this great article.


    • Hi Donna, thank you so much for the compliment and it’s always a pleasure to hear from you. While I felt very sad and angry writing this article due to the Traitor Party hating on our current military and vets; it was also my pleasure for me to show just how my respect, pride and never ending admiration I have for both! Pop was a vet like I wrote in the article.

      It really is so sad Donna to see so many that have served with tremendous honor be disrespected and defiled by so many of the Traitor Party and it makes me sick and extremely angry. You are very welcome and thank you for what your husband and you do to show your great respect and thanks to our wonderfully, brave military!


  6. Great post Dave!

    Is it any wonder that, as a group, our military don’t like any of those democrat “leaders” mentioned? Obama, Bill, Hillary, etc. are worthless bits of excrement in my book for too many reasons to list, but the one most apt to piss me off, is their regard (or lack of regard) for our military. I was in the AF for four years, luckily during peacetime, and I ache for all of our guys in harm’s way – and there voluntarily – to serve this country. And yet this scum writes of stripping them of a pittance of honor for their service. There are too many other ways that the U.S. could save money, but Obama won’t even consider even retaining tours of the White House – OUR White House, NOT HIS.

    I really have dire concerns for my country when Loyalty, Honesty, and Honor no longer mean anything to the media, too many of our voters, or our politicians.


    • Hey G92, thanks so much for commenting and a compliment from a great writer like yourself is such an honor to me! I echo all the sentiments you made in your comment and where in the hell did the wanna be King get the idea it’s “his” castle and not our White House?? It comes from the cloth all those traitors (several you mentioned) that believe we serve them and not the other way around as it truly is meant to be.

      I never served, but I love my country only second to God and I also have great concerns about where our one time great nation will end up. I believe there is only one thing now left that will save our nation and return it to its greatness: Patriots that put God and country before themselves and will do what must be done (in the name of God) to save our nation.


  7. Any wonder that the US military vote only goes approximately 10% for the Democrats?


    • Hey Grey, thanks for the comment buddy! I wish I could be as precise and pithy as you with my comments, but alas…I’m a long winded sumbitch! 🙂

      Your comment sums it all up and nothing else need be added…thanks Grey!


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