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The Police Loophole

What is the police loophole?

There are some states, counties, cities, and municipalities in our great nation that fail to allow their citizens to fully exercise their right to keep and bear arms with restrictions such as magazine capacity or types of firearms. However, these government entities do not place these restrictions upon their own employees, such as police officers.

What is this list?

This is a list of companies that have taken the step to publicly announce that they will not sell items to states, counties, cities, and municipalities that restrict their citizens rights to own them; therefore closing the “police loophole” themselves. It is important to note that we are against gun control; we are not against any particular government agency or individuals.

Nice List (List can be sorted by clicking the column headers)

Company Notice Notes
Barrett  Long Standing 
AmmoClip  Long Standing 
Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC  Long Standing 
Cheaper Than Dirt  Long Standing 
MidwayUSA  Long Standing 
Dead Bang Guns  Long Standing 
Delmarva Shooting Supply  Long Standing 
King Armory MFG LLC  Long Standing 
West Desert Tactical  Long Standing 
Able Company Sports LLC  Long Standing 
Gadsden Guns, Inc.  Long Standing 
III Arms Company  Long Standing 
Badlands Arsenal  Long Standing 
Ammodump International LLC  Long Standing 
Armtac  Long Standing 
Big Sky Ammunition  2013-01-01 
Tier One Arms  2013-01-15 
Old Grouch’s Military Surplus  2013-01-15 
Predator Intelligence  2013-02-01 
York Arms  2013-02-01  Currently applies to New York State only
Exile Machine  2013-02-01 
LaRue Tactical  2013-02-08 
Southwest Shooting Authority  2013-02-09 
Olympic Arms  2013-02-12  Currently applies to New York State only
Templar Custom  2013-02-13  Currently applies to New York State only
Shade’s Landing Inc.  2013-02-14 
Southern Appalachian Arms  2013-02-15 
Bullwater Enterprises LLC  2013-02-16  dba A & T Firearms
West Fork Armory  2013-02-16  Currently applies to New York State only
Iron Goat Guns  2013-02-16 
Trident Armory  2013-02-17 
Smith Enterprise, Inc  2013-02-17  Currently applies to New York State only
Alex Arms  2013-02-17 
OFA Tactical  2013-02-17 
Snake Hound Machine  2013-02-17 
Spike’s Tactical  2013-02-18 
West Michigan Tactical  2013-02-18 
Evolution Weaponry  2013-02-18 
Quality Arms Idaho  2013-02-19 
Liberty Suppressors  2013-02-19  Currently applies to New York State only
J&T Family of Companies  2013-02-19  J&T Distributing, Ace Limited, DoubleStar Corp., DoubleStar Training Academy
American Spirit Arms  2013-02-19 
Primary Weapons Systems  2013-02-19 
Tactical Solutions  2013-02-20  Currently applies to New York State only
Head Down Products, LLC  2013-02-20  Currently applies to New York State only
J&G Sales, Ltd  2013-02-20 
Bravo Company USA  2013-02-20 
Kiss Tactical  2013-02-20 
NEMO Arms, Inc  2013-02-21  Currently applies to New York State only
Top Gun Supply  2013-02-21 
Red Jacket Firearms  2013-02-21 
Rock River Arms  2013-02-21  Currently applies to New York State only
Crusader Weaponry  2013-02-21 
Antares Arms  2013-02-21 
Badger Peak  2013-02-22 
Controlled Chaos Arms  2013-02-22 
Big Horn Armory  2013-02-22 
One Source Tactical  2013-02-22 
CMMG  2013-02-22 
SRT Arms  2013-02-22 
Norton Firearms  2013-02-22 
Umlaut Industries LLC  2013-02-22 
Warbirds Custom Guns  2013-02-22 
JABTAC  2013-02-22 
Stoner Arms  2013-02-22 
3 Rivers Precision LLC  2013-02-22 
2A Firearms  2013-02-22 
Lanco Tactical LLC  2013-02-22 
Thunder Beast Arms Corp  2013-02-22 
2A Armament  2013-02-22 
Rocky Top Tactical  2013-02-22 
Semper Fi Arms  2013-02-22 
Franklin Armory  2013-02-22 
Reaper Tactical LLC  2013-02-22 
Allegiance Ammunition  2013-02-22 
Lauer Custom Weaponry  2013-02-22 
Predator Tactical  2013-02-23 
Rhino Arms LLC  2013-02-23 
OJ’s Gun Shop  2013-02-23 
OCS Guns  2013-02-23 
Progressive Micro Devices  2013-02-23 
Citizen Arms  2013-02-23 
Next Step Tactical, Inc  2013-02-23 
Csspecs Magazines  2013-02-24 
MFI  2013-02-24 
Gwacs Armory LLC  2013-02-24 
Huntertown Arms  2013-02-24 
Daniel Byer FFL  2013-02-24 
Critical Survival LLC  2013-02-24 
Boise Tactical LLC  2013-02-24 
Dogleg Arms  2013-02-24 
Victory Defense  2013-02-24 
Umbrella Corporation Research Group  2013-02-25 
Precision Firearms  2013-02-25 
West Acre Sporting Goods  2013-02-25 
Allstar Tactical  2013-02-25 
Alpine Guns  2013-02-25 
3R1 Technologies  2013-02-25 
Bison Armory  2013-02-25 
Black Mountain Survival  2013-02-25 
The Tactical Toolbox  2013-02-25 
JCW Industries  2013-02-25 
Volquartsen Custom  2013-02-25 
Paige Firearms  2013-02-25 
Jeremy Kupper’s Gunsmithing  2013-02-26 
Truly Tactical  2013-02-26 
TJ General Store  2013-02-27  Currently applies to New York State only
DownRange Defense, LLC  2013-02-27 
Hansohn Brothers  2013-02-27 
GunUp  2013-02-27 
Deep South Ammo  2013-02-27 
RL Hydro-Graphix  2013-02-27 
Competition Machine Inc  2013-02-27 
Wrigley Ammunition  2013-02-27 
Element Arms  2013-02-27 
Midwest Industries, Inc  2013-02-28  Currently applies to Milwaukee
Wilson Combat  2013-02-28 
RRC Firearms, LLC  2013-02-28 
Bison Tactical  2013-02-28 
Midwest PX LLC  2013-03-01 
Vltor  2013-03-01 
Magpul  2013-03-01 
Allied Armory  2013-03-01 
Wolfpit Tactical  2013-03-02 
Aero Precision  2013-03-04 
C. and H. Arms  2013-03-10 
Hawkstactical.com  2013-03-10 
Sarco, Inc  2013-03-10  Currently applies to New York State only

Total Companies: 128




Comments on: "The Police Loophole" (16)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    And because y’all are on the Right side of this issue, I’ll offer a tip I got from an FFl gent last week.
    gunbot.net is an open source forum for ammo sales. The list is long and to get what you want you have to jump right on it, but the different companies listed, show what they have and the cost also.


  2. It is so reassuring to see that list growing. It’s a lot bigger than the last time I saw one (week or so ago) and while I don’t recognize most of the companies, there are a few that I do know and I’m glad that they’re supporting the 2nd Amendment and “have our backs.” Thanks so much for posting this list, I will refer to it when I “pull the trigger” on another gun-related purchase.

    Best to you and yours,


    • garnet,

      I also was shocked to see how long the list had become. I hope it continues grow larger every day.

      And thanks for the good wishes!


  3. Great info Pepp and very inspiring. So the Traitor Party is seeing the domino’s start to fall. The domino’s they started tipping over, but they’re not following the Traitor Party’s plan and they are tipping our way. I try very hard to believe in my heart our great nation still has millions of patriots that will only let King Sumbitch and his traitor followers push us so far and they’ll say the buck stops here. The Traitor Party’s very aggressive plan to try and disarm our nations citizens and take away our 2nd amendment right I believe is the line drawn in the sand. God Bless the United States of America and may Christ give us strength and guidance to rid ourselves of these Godless traitors and be victorious in His name!


    • Rave,

      I stand with ya buddy! As I think those that post here do also.

      Hey! I like the new name you called the Dimorat party, the “Traitor Party!” I’ll start using that title when it’s necessary to (ugh) refer to them.

      Yep, the Liberal/Progressive’s (Communists) are out in force to disarm the United State’s populace. And it looks as if our enemies in the White House are preparing to use force against us. As the Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin said…”If the opposition (we citizens) disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves.”

      Well, all I can say is if it’s going to happen…”lets get’er done!” Pep and I are ready. We WILL NOT live under Communist slavery!


      • ‘Awk,

        I have a lifelong friend that is a detective on the Lexington Police Department and I spoke with him the other day. I asked him if they’d been receiving any training or taking classes to come door to door grabbing guns. He said they are not receiving any type training nor have they been given any type orders. I also asked him were they arming him and fellow officers with ammo and said no more than usual. My lifelong friend and I are as close as brothers one can get without being blood and he told me if he received such orders he’d jump ship and be on our side (as well as many other of his fellow officers) and he wasn’t kidding. I’ve known him all my life and he despises what’s going on in our country currently. I can’t help but think there are many more local law enforcement agents all over our nation that feel the same way. Just another fork in King Sumbitch’s side he has to evaluate.

        That bastard King Sumbitch better think this through very carefully before going off half cocked. He and Valerie The Hun will find out they’re alligator mouth has gotten their traitor worshipers humming bird ass in more trouble than they bargained for if they proceed. We shall not surrender and we shall not falter. Many will fall, but victory and justice will be ours in the end. Oh…then one day they have to go have a little chat with Jesus about their actions and you couldn’t pay me enough to be in their shoes….


        • goshawk3 said:


          I hope a good many police officers feel like your friend does.

          When I was a youngster, my older brother had a friend from high school and was a really nice guy. Always polite and respectful of the family. Then one day he decided to join the LAPD. After completing the police academy, you could not stand to be around him! He became obnoxious, vulgar and arrogant! And I might add, mean as hell. I would not expect his type to be on our side.

          I hope that your friend can and does keep you informed.


  4. Good to see West Michigan Tactical on there. Good folks running it. As ALL who oppose this sumbitch are.


  5. Pepp, Thanks Great informative post. Nice to see some companmies taking a stand for freedom.


  6. Great list, Pepp! I will have to do business with these companies.


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