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DHS Orders These Targets!!

A provider of “realistic” shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies has created a line of “non-traditional threat” targets that include pregnant women, mothers in playgrounds and elderly American gun owners.

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. is a 21-year designer and full service provider of training targets for the DHS, the Justice Department and thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

Young Mother and child Little Boy with gun Old Man with gun Older Man with Gun Older Woman with Gun Pregnant Woman School Aged Girl

I got on  the Law Enforcement Targets, Inc.  site after it took me about a half hour for the site to come up.  Once I was on the site I could go no further.  The site stated it had a huge volume of traffic with an apology for not being able to view anything else except their main page.

I tried off and on for a long time and finally gave up.

Now why do you think DHS needs these kind of targets for practice?  It does not look good.  The proverbial “what is wrong with this picture” is quite the statement in this particular instance.

What say you?

To read more go to the sites below and there is plenty more information.

References:  http://www.infowars.com/dhs-supplier-provides-shooting-targets-of-american-gun-owners



Comments on: "DHS Orders These Targets!!" (27)

  1. May be time to start thinking of body armor instead of just extra clips.


    • drrik,

      Exactly right. I told Hawk the other night when we saw an advertisement for some new movie or show and it showed this armored up guy with so much on him nothing could get through, that we should get some of that kind of stuff. Extra clips is a good idea too.


  2. Gar Swaffar said:

    I got the email from a friend earlier today, and was completely stunned by the realization that we are being trained against. Very, very disappointing.



    • Gar,

      It is stunning. It is kind of hard to believe but if you go by all the FEMA camps, the government wanting to take away our guns, then it’s not such a surprise. Disappointing if putting it mildly. I guess we’d better get ready. You know, that date you always put up. Time for another one.


      • Gar,

        Also I read today that vets are receiving letters from the government to turn in any guns they have. They can’t be trusted. Now is that not a bunch of bullshit or what? It just gets worse and worse.


        • Pep & Gar: Meanwhile the lap dog media
          says nothing & refuses 2 explore the his-
          torical record on this issue as if its some-
          how irrelevant &/or this trajectory will not
          take our nation to a very bad place!


          • Elizabeth,

            No you’ll never hear anything like this from the Pravda news outlets who keep covering for this monster.
            Right there are so many examples of what happens when dictators do this kind of thing. We saw it in Germany, Russia, China, etc. Being mowed down by one’s own government is quite the scary thing. And I do believe that is the direction in which we are heading.


    • drrik

      Thanks, that’s the link all right I hope everyone reads what the government is doing to our Vets. I think it is absolutely vile.


      • Pepp & drrik: Along w/these sinister missives
        from the Obama admin to our nation’s vets, I
        am detecting a possible purge of some of our
        Military leaders as well. Perhaps these targets
        help explain why–maybe these officers have
        unequivocally stated they will not violate the
        Constitution, to which they have sworn an oath?


        • Elizabeth,

          Obama is already firing any general who will not promise to shoot down Americans. just this week General Allen who has commanded valiantly the Afghanistan theater of war is the latest among many already relieved from their duties. No good reasons are ever given why these top commanders are being fired.


          • Pepp: Exactly!! I find it hard to even
            credit this admin w/any benign or non-
            malevolent purposes in anything they
            do. I well recall the lessons of history,
            where similar purges were enacted by
            Mussolini, Castro, Mao, Hitler, Stalin, etc


  3. Pep, I tried both links and the one from drrik does show the redacted letter, the second link does not.

    I get two shots of emotion on this subject, one is disappointment – disappointment that our country is sliding down the crapper day by day and only a few of us seem to care.

    The second one is anger that half of our population has aided and abetted the leftists who are doing their best to transform us into a second class Europe Lite country. Like I’ve said so often before, we are doomed by the unengaged, ignorant, inert individuals who are more interested in American Idol and Honey Boo Boo than in the well-being our United States. I wish there was a way that they could legally be relieved of their right to vote – they don’t deserve a vote.


    • garnet92

      I was struck with similar feelings except in reverse. I became extremely angry. Then I felt nauseated, losing what little hope I had for our country.. It looks like “the people” are truly on our own. Lock-N-Load!


    • garnet: I am completely on board w/your idea!
      I think all potential voters should, at the very
      least, have to pass a civics/citizenship course
      in order to prove they are capable of compre-
      hending how our govt functions & what issues
      are in dispute, etc In addition, of course ALL
      voters would have to produce ID to vote!


  4. What a non-surprise. More of King Sumbitch’s turning us on each other. Hitler Jr. knows he doesn’t have enough forces at his disposal to take on the American people, so use the good old radical way…divide, distract and conquer. I’m just simply not shocked by anything our POS In Chief does anymore. Same song on just another radio station…and I hear Barry is a big fan of Nero and is taking violin lessons…where’s a lightning strike when ya’ need one?


    • Dave: LOL, so very true. The Deviant &
      Fraudulent Occupier of the WH is taking
      our nation to a place it was never intended
      to visit & the vast majority of Americans ap-
      pear clueless as to what’s at stake.


      • Hi Elizabeth,

        When playing the stock market; I always tried to buy low and sell high. We’ve got a sh*tload of nimrods that are buying a penny stock for a dollar, the dollar is only worth .42 cents and the POS stock isn’t even worth a damn penny! I can see the headlines now, “US citizens throw their own country on its own sword.” Oy vey iz mir, oh weh!


  5. Saw this at Hardnox’ place. Amazing there was NO black,hispanic,muslim, nor oriental targets. I say we replace those depicted on the targets with pictures of,oh,say, liberal democrats,media people, members of academe,et al.


  6. Pepp, good post. Shocked I am!

    I suppose we are all just “non-traditional threats” now if we won’t fall in lockstep with the Fuhrers campaign (administration). It might be similar to the zombie military exercise to get them use to seeing us all as a threat or the enemy. Ignore what appears to be a harmless pregnant woman with no agenda, she could be EXTREMELY dangerous.—don’t be fooled. But how about the welfare mother with six kids or the teacher holding the globul warming sign? Forgot those targets.(ha ha)

    Oh, but you can trust the government….in the face of all their failures and screw-ups. A government who could not recognize or spot Major Hasan as a terrorist. Sorry, Mr. Big-Government, don’t tell me what kind of instincts to have or trust!

    How about the illegal alien looking guy or the welfare woman holding an Obama phone in the parking lot possibly seconds away from detonating the local Wal Mart — because it sells guns? Nah, that could never happen., why bother?

    Our governemnt needs to be spending its resourses and our money on this?


  7. In addition to Clyde’s observation I notice there are children and a pregnant woman included. Shouldn’t be surprised, the leftist/liberals have no respect for human life be he/she in the womb or much older. All are expendable, evidently.


  8. Roger's That said:

    Doesn’t this type of behavior = Treason? We need to take the Senate back and bring IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS forward ASAP!!!! Either that or a Military Tribunal for this pos isn’t even a US citizen he wasn’t even totally vetted to this day!!! Ready Aim Fire!!!!


    • Hi Rogers,

      You’re dead on about that! He’s committed so many acts of Treason it’s unreal! Yet the Congress does nothing!


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