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Right now, we have NY considering a bill to make everyone who owns a gun to have an insurance policy on them for 1 million dollars. 

Now I wonder how many people got that kind of money to buy that kind of insurance.  And why should they?  They are law-abiding citizens.  They are responsible gun owners who do not plan on shooting down school children.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is in discussions about whether we should actually have a 2nd Amendment.  The committee is led by one of the leading morons, Dick Durbin, or Turban Durbin, dubbed that when he made the false accusation our soldiers were committing atrocities during the Iraq war.  Is it not just great to have him the lead on this Alinsky party discussion?

Oh and if you didn’t know Durbin is from Illinois.  So that speaks volumes.  I recall the King saying that Chicago is the blueprint for gun control.  How has that worked for the black on black crime and 500 murders a year?

And since when does the Senate Judiciary Committee have the right to even discuss whether we have a 2nd Amendment?  What do they plan to do, abolish it?

Oh, now wouldn’t that start a war?  The 2nd Amendment is a sacred one to the American people.  And just when did they get the authority to decide whether we have this Amendment which may I suggest to these gun grabbers is in the Bill of Rights.  Read your Constitution gentlemen or get out of the Senate. You don’t belong there. You took an oath to uphold it, not abolish the sections you don’t like.

Oh, how silly of me thinking one of those darlings are ever going to leave the Senate where they can continue to leech off the tax payers!  What was I suggesting?

In Olympia a gun bill is pulled out of someone’s hair brain no brain to allow the police to do “inspections” of your home (for guns) at least once a year without a warrant.  Oh, no don’t call this an illegal search without a warrant. It’s just an inspection mind you.  Nothing wrong there in the Orwellian style age we live in. How many floor boards do they plan on tearing up in your home?

The democrats in the Missouri legislature introduced a bill calling all citizens to turn in their “assault guns” and “10 round or more magazines” or they will be held for a criminal felony.  They have 90 days to do this before they are criminals.  I hope there are some reasonable people who also exist in that state’s legislature. Somehow I doubt it.  It doesn’t seem we have anyone with half a brain running anything.

Here is Mychal Massie’s ( a black man who writes for WND) take on the Obama led administration and what We the People need to do.  His answer is We Need a Movement of No.

We, therefore, the people of the United States of America, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of our belief in the Constitution and The Declaration of the United States, solemnly publish and declare, that We the People of The United States are united in our right to be free and independent citizens under the authority of our States, and that we declare ourselves absolved from all allegiance to the Obama government, and that all connection between the Obama federal government is and ought to be totally dissolved, and that as free citizens we have the power to self-determination, to contract alliances, to establish commerce, to do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do, and, if it becomes necessary, to defend our rights in whatever way the situation may demand. And for the support of our Declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

When We the People commit to that movement we will not only reclaim our government, but we will also reclaim our constitutional rights. We need a movement of NO. No more Obama and no more government intrusion. History shows that movements of the people to dethrone potentates and reclaim individual rights have succeeded.

You can read more of Mychal’s article here:  http://www.wnd.com/2013/02/we-need-a-movement-of-no/

I don’t know about you but I like his idea.   We’re the laughing-stock all over Europe since we voted back into office the $6 trillion-dollar man.  The English stated: “why didn’t they just vote Obama out and save themselves the $6 trillion a year?”

Other countries are wondering just why we keep taking these constant assaults on our liberties.  Why they ask?  What’s wrong with Americans? We thought they were fighters, sticking up for their rights.  What the hell is wrong with them?

I have to ask myself that question too.  Just why are we taking so much abuse, eating out of our existence, the King’s usurpation of his powers, having our energy resources taken from us,  his assault on our economy to make us a third world country? All of our begging, our Petitions, our emails are ignored. There is no Congress.  There is only one branch left and that is the King’s branch and he does at will whatever he wants or shoves down our throats what he wants with no regard for the us, the People who are the government.

I’d be wondering too if I were a European and other countries whose people long to come to America for the American freedom and independence of its’ people and a chance to have what we used to have.  Opportunity and freedom.

Will the Sleeping Giant rise out of the ashes before it’s too late?


Comments on: "Idiotic Things By Extraordinary Morons" (32)

  1. jimostrom@comcast.net said:

    Next:  Do a segment on Obamacare and the increase in “special needs” tax.  Republicans want families with autism to “fend for themselves??”  That is Obamacare tax.  One of 21.


    • Hi jimostrom,

      Welcome to my blog. OK, that is another idea to work with and I may very well do that. There are some stores who are starting to list the Obama medical tax he is charging on every item you buy now. It’s a 2.3% tax. Also, the liberals who thought the only people who were to be taxed got a real shock when they saw their first of the year paychecks and all the extra taxes taken from it. It made them boil. One should never trust the deceptive King.
      Oh, indeed there are 21 and more likely and that is why so many folks fought against it.

      Thx again for coming over and drop by again for your input. Oh, and the lie that Republicans wanted autistic children to fend for themselves, old people to be thrown over cliffs, dirty air, dirty water, just a pack of the Mao-Obama’s lies.


  2. Gar Swaffar said:

    Not to worry, the SIN-ate is irrelevant anyway. King Bonehead the Omnipotent will simply write an Executive Order to do what he wants (disarm his opponents) and CONgress can go fly a kite.


  3. The insurance scheme is nothing more than legal terrorism. Another lib pipe-dream hoping that people will turn their iron only because they can’t pay. The estimates are as high as $1600 a year for the coverage which of course no one will purchase. Dream on libs. If passed it will be in court within seconds.

    The lib Senate can have all the wet dreams they want regarding the menu they call the Constitution. Since they haven’t read it they probably don’t know that it requires 2/3 of the states to ratify any changes to our Constitution. Won’t happen.

    As far as the king is concerned he had better be careful he not strike a match too close to the fuel. Folks are really starting to get pissed.

    I believe that a reset button will get pushed soon. People are waiting for a leader to rally behind. Your Rand Paul might be that man.


    • nox,

      I would never do anything these Traitors order me to do. They can take their unlawful exeutive orders and stick them where the sun don’t shine!


    • Nox,

      Rand Paul would be an excellent choice for prez in 2016. In fact he is now saying he wants to run. The only thing that concerns me is whether he’d have a chance. He is so “radical” wanting to actually cut whole unnecessary departments like Ag, Ed, EPA, etc. That is what really needs to be done is to get rid of all these excesses that are not Constitutional and employs millions of leeches.


  4. Good article Pepp! Hell; King Sumbitch could care less with what Dumbass Durbin comes up with…or the entire Senate…or the House. Barry is the EO King and remember his own words, “I can’t work with this Senate and Congress”. He’ll just break the law AGAIN and issue and illegal EO AGAIN. I think there will be push back from the Repuke controlled House on this one and some Repukes in the Senate, but again King Dipshit could care less.

    I believe as our generations are getting older and starting to die off the indoctrinated generations are now taking over, so as we are becoming extinct so is our constitution. Brainwashed sheeples that believe the Kings way is the right way. Once again I feel the need to point out our great nation is dying from a terminal case of the dumb ass…


    • Dave,

      Lets just hope there’s enough of the “thinking” generation left to stand up and fight these Communist S.O.Bs!


    • Dave,

      Right, he “can’t work” with Congress because they “won’t work with him”. A bunch of bullshit as usual. He plans to use EOs to do this dirty business of abolishing the 2nd Amendment actually. He doesn’t give a hoot about what Congress does.

      Right, it doesn’t matter if the repukes fight back. What does he care about them. He’s already trying to make monsters out of them AGAIN. The dems will work with him he says, but not the republicans of course. He just tells one bold faced lie after another.

      True enough we have half the country totally ignorant or stupid by now. The older people seem to be the ones who want to fight. I hear nothing from the younger crowd about standing up for the Constitution, but I’m sure they do exist.


  5. Pepp, you are exactly right. Don’t get me started on comrade Durbin, who compared Bush to Hitler, while he stands behind this anti-Constitutional radical. They realize the 2nd Amendment stands in their way. He and his abolishists will cause chaos and they don’t care. Just like NY does not care about their oath, or how many people they offend. The funny part is they want to do something that cannot be undone, while working to undo the Constitution they are sworn to uphold. And the closer they get, the more abolishing they want to do. Their agenda is littered with words like ban and confiscate, And NJ has started confiscation programs — “just turn them in”. They can’t even call a terrorist a terrorist but they are expert gun grabbers.


    • Pepp, and at least the colonists weren’t applauding the King, cheering him on and begging for more. These people are crazy


      • Bull,

        No shit about the applauding…can you believe this crap??? It’s like a damn Clive Barker movie come real. Jim Jones lives again and his worshipers were waiting for him…


      • Bull,

        Now there is a depressing thought. Yeah, we’ve got people here who are so stupid and crazy and want the dictator to do these kinds of things with no thought about what it means to them in the future. I guess they think they will be immune from the King’s lawbreaking and acting like he owns us. Well, they have quite a shock in store for them. Just morons.


    • Bull.. right you are! Every damn thing *Traitor* Ovomit and his Communist cronies do is illegal and against the Constitution. Any citizen that obeys these unjust demands is not a true Patriot! They are someone who can be scared into doing anything. They could threaten me with the death penalty if I don’t turn in my weapons. All I can say is come “take” them if you can. I’ve put my life on the line many times and these A-Holes don’t scare me one bit!


    • Bull, right it seems that these so called lawmakers who swore an oath to the Constitution no longer care how many times they break that oath. That should tell people, who aren’t crazy, that these people need to be removed.

      I didn’t know they started gun confiscation in NJ. I did know that that Christie hugs the King whenever they are together. He already had trouble with the 2nd Amendment and for the life of me I cannot understand why Ann Coulter of all people wanted him to run for the Repub prez ticket. He already had gun control measures there, he supports climate change, among some other Alinsky party ideas. So he may have an R in front of his name and that is as far as it goes.

      Now that is a statement, “they can’t even call a terrorist a terrorist”, but somehow they know who to grab guns from. It’s a big sham to disarm us.


  6. Hardnox makes some very valid points. The “tipping point” is getting closer and closer. The only place that he and I differ is in the need of a “leader” immediately. The Revolutionary War became a “shooting war” with Lexington and Concord. At that time there really weren’t any leaders on the national level. There was a congress; but there was not a NATIONAL leader until George Washington was appointed to lead the patriot forces around Boston.

    I expect that when the revolution begins, the same thing will occur. The leaders of this 2nd revolution will rise to national importance AFTER the shooting starts.


    • Hi Gray Ghost,

      I think the tipping point is very near. The constant push and barrage against the 2nd Amendment is going to blow at some point. And it will start with a shooting war at some place with some individuals and the war is on then. Leaders don’t mean a thing when something blows. After there is concerted effort to form a huge group with like minded frustration and being so done with this government will form.

      I hope our spec-ops are involved in this too. We could use their extraordinary knowledge.
      But, I don’ t think it is as far off as a lot of people think. The 2nd Amendment is going to prove to be the last straw to break the proverbial camel’s back.

      Sorry about the delay. Somehow you ended up in my moderation group. How I don’t know as you posted on here just yesterday.


  7. Now just WHO the HELL do these Europeans think THEY are? Why didn’t the idiotic Europeans didn’t figure out for THEMSELVES that socialism,communism,whatever one wants to call it,simply CANNOT work with a free people.BEFORE they woke up to see the carnage it has cost them. Had THEY saw it FIRST,MAYBE we wouldn’t be swirling down the shitter with them. After all,Obama is only trying to emulate THEM.


  8. Good article again,Pepp. I am so sick of Turban Durbin and sad that I have to live in IL – state with the most corrupt politicians. I am not sure what a million $ policy for guns will cost, but a million $ policy for our car cost us plenty several years ago. An old man ran in front of our car – he told the police it was his fault, but his son (liberal) decided to sue us. Thankfully, in the end he only got his hospital bill paid for.


    • Donna,

      Thx. I bet you are sick of Durbin and that you have to live in Illinois and all the Alinsky corruption. My heart goes out to you.

      Wow, I’m glad you had a good policy when that guy sued you. That is just what the libs do, always taking advantage somewhere and I’m glad the guy just got his hospitalization paid for. It certainly wasn’t your fault the man walked right out in front of you.


  9. You started with NY – here’s the best yet – A council woman proposed lowering the fine imposed on street vendors – the local idiot, Gloomsberg, said he never heard of anything so stupid – did he forget 16oz sodas, no baby formula in city hospitals (breast feeding is healthier) no salt on restaurant tables, no transfat (ie no flavor) Fema is doing a great job (re: the Sandy victums) etc,etc, etc.


    • Just Gene,

      Yeah, there sure is an extraordinary moron running the city of NYC. I don’t know where he thinks all this power comes from that he can ban these things in the city. If I were the people I’d vote this gangster out. But, it does not seem to matter to the liberal nut jobs living there.


  10. RE: gun insurance – Did anyone hear Wayne Rogers last night talking about the economy? After giving his opinion on what must be done, he was told, rightfully, that will never happen.
    He then said that the only real solution is to have a million people in the DC mall with guns.
    Again, absolutely right – see you there.


    • Gar Swaffar said:

      “Million Gun Tote” ?

      “Million Patriot Battle Rattle” ?

      “Million Man Carry” (generic Man, including all the women who carry)

      If it happens, I would love to be there, hard to get enough time off from work to do it from Coast to Coast though. Someone has to keep those Illegal Aliens fed, housed and well taken care of.


    • Gar Swaffar said:

      Also, I would suggest that it might be rather easy to far exceed a mere million people who are upset with the Government Gun Grab and who would be willing to be involved.


      • Gar,

        If it should come to this (and I think i twill) I think we’ll find out how many Patriots we have left in the country.


        • Gar Swaffar said:

          4\19\1775 Denial is more than just a river in Egypt, but convincing those on the Left is nearly impossible. They seem intent on pushing as far and hard as they can.


    • No, but I would have liked seeing it. We need more and more people talking about throwing these crooks out!


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