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Government Gone Wild

Oh, sure there is nothing NUTS about what is going on with our government.  Let the commies try to tell you everything is going very well.  What you see you are imagining. 

The economy is going gangbusters.  More people are working now than ever before.  We have plenty of natural resources we are using. Obamacare is lowering your health care costs.  We are allowing coal companies to stay alive and fracking too.  Plenty to go around for everyone.  Those black outs you get are an illusion you are having.  That freezing feeling you are having is nothing more than you getting into the fridge and eating too much. But, you can’t afford the food anymore.  You don’t have anything in the fridge. So what’s wrong with this picture?

The Injustice dept., Eric Smoulder tells us Obama has the right to decide who can have guns and who can’t.  I guess he meant the Marines that stood during the Inauguration parade without bolts and ammo.  The Navy was allowed to keep theirs.  I guess for some reason the Liar in Chief doesn’t trust the Marines and if I were him I wouldn’t either. I wonder how many Marines he’s ticked off during his tenure in office. So what do they have in the Navy, pansies?

 Everyone goes to their psychiatrist and wonders what is wrong with them.  Doctor, I’m seeing things that don’t exist. Am I nuts?  The doctor who is sick to death of Obamacare says, “No, you are not the crazy one, the government is crazy and trying to make you think you are.  Well, doc, what do I do?  First of all, believe what you see and that will straighten you out right away. Then take a bottle of antidepressants and when/if you wake up the next morning it will all be over one way or another.

The man goes home and thinks to himself, if I take a whole bottle of antidepressants I’ll die of an overdose.  At least I have that much common sense.  Then the man is suspicious of his shrink.  Is he one of those on the death panels?

He goes back to the doctor the next day.  He asks the doctor, are you on the death panels.  No, said the doctor, but I’m beginning to wish I were dead myself.  Don’t let my attitude influence you. I’m so depressed myself.  I can’t fill out all this paper work and I’m making $1.00 on each patient I see.  I think I’ll join a union and get paid $58 an hour for screwing in light bulbs or putting bolts on cars.

The man says to the doctor, I’ve already tried that and I was booted from the union because I didn’t want to pay dues.  The union bosses beat me up and threw me into the street where a trash collector ran over me. Then Trumpka came along and kicked the crap out of me.  He told me if you don’t pay what we want you to pay how do you expect to keep the commies on our side?

Oh, says the doctor, then you should go to the ER to see if you have any brain damage done.  Besides that if you didn’t do what I told you to do, then you are completely sane.  Now just get off to the ER and see if you have a concussion. Trumpka can be downright vicious.

I wonder how many people are starting to feel like this or already feel this way? While the fat cat crooks in Cesspool City keep getting richer and more powerful the rest of us are becoming poorer.  But, we must remember the power actually sits with the people, not the government.  So get out that Constitution and read it, then  do what is necessary to take back our God-given rights.

The 2nd Amendment exists for a reason and it’s not for hunting. Our Founders wisely knew this could happen again, being ruled by a King, not a president. They knew if Congress stayed in office too long, they wouldn’t actually want to go back home and do real work.

Instead they are the biggest drain on us and are the biggest leeches on tax payers all of their pathetic lives.  Why work when all you have to do is raise taxes for people to give you more money?  They go into Congress making on an average $35,000 to $45,000  and suddenly in one year they are all millionaires.  Some of them have never had a real job before becoming politicians.  They knew they were useless and couldn’t make a dime on their own.  Nobody would hire them as crooks, thieves and liars.  Besides that most of them are insane themselves.

They never get fired for the worst crooked deals or passing porn off to young women on Face Book.  In actuality they get hosting jobs on networks after they are gone from Congress (which doesn’t happen very often) or write books and become rich and famous.  Or they join a lobby group, continue to work in Cesspool City and become richer than ever.

So who are the crazy ones among us?  Perhaps we are a bit crazy for putting up with this nonsense for so many years.  The Sleeping Dragon is going to wake up and all hell is going to break loose at some point.

Amnest and bennies for illegals Chicago blueprint for gun laws Government is NOT your parents Government vs people Guns IPhones with food stamps Libeals brainwashing Market system Nobody needs an AR 15 Obama lies and football player Patriots rights People on food stamps Planes for the Muslims Planned Parent killings Rights are NOt gifts from government Socialists by Reagan Societal leeches Welcome to my home AF1 After going over TexasI wonder why AF1 Going over Texas looks like this?  LOL!

Gays in military

Obama shooting for ya'llOur fearless leader shooting who knows what.  Even he doesn’t know. It was all for show to give us the impression he “likes” guns.  Check out those undies.  Must have been a pair of Moochelle’s, except they are too small for her butt. 😀

Special thanks to Bill W. and Purplegimp for the pics.


Comments on: "Government Gone Wild" (22)

  1. Never mind drinking that Poland Springs water from Maine, have a gallon of this nice Kool Aid! Great post, St. Gracie.


  2. Excellent Pepp!… Love the posters!

    You know, your little story about folks thinking they need to see a psych. may not be to far off. I’m sure a lot of folks still can’t believe that “it couldn’t happen in America.” But it is very real. The *Traitor* Ovomit and his Communist cohorts are expert at Pissing On the People,
    and then convinceing them that it raining.


    • Hawk,

      Thx Honey Bunny. That’s special for today.

      I too think a lot of people are in shock half believing half not believing their eyes and ears.
      Then there are the morons who watch the Pravda networks and know nothing at all. Now they are lost completely.


  3. Amen, very well said. I think I’m laughing and crying at the same time. (the tears are winning out) Yea i’m sure they will have government approved Kool Aid shipped to every doctor office. Seeing things that don’t exist hits the nail on the head.


    • Bull,

      It’s kind of like you laugh and cry at the same time. Oh, now that is funny, Kool Aid being shipped to doctor’s offices. OMG! Witty indeed.

      Yep, we all are seeing things we have a hard time believing sometimes. Too bad it’s real.


  4. The take away here? AF1 needs to fly over Texas a few more times. Oh,and if someone offers you Kool-Aid,graciously accept the glass,then hurl it in their face.


  5. I’m guessing you saw the fox special on all the money floating around cesspool city in their private lilttle economy — always booming. Calling them leeches is not a metaphor.


    • Bull,

      If you were addressing me, yes I did watch the Hannity special about DC and their own booming economy while the rest of the country goes down the drain. Quite an eye opener even if you suspected or knew about it before seeing that on Hannity.

      You are correct on them being leeches. It is not a metaphor nor is it when they are called parasites, ticks, anything that sucks the blood and life out of tax payers. And boy do they do it up good. Just think how long we have to pay for these leeches, even after they retire.


      • Pepp, their whole “retirement plan” makes me sick every time I think of it. But you don’t hear any of the blod suckers talk about that projection. The people know it and the ruling class ignores it. Someone had a chart once showing the growth of their salaries alone.The benefits just keep going and growing. Sounds like “entitlement” to me. Oh, soon we won’t be able to talk about it either.


        • Bull,

          So right. Why should we have to pay for their retirement? They don’t deserve a red cent for their useless behavior over the last 4 years and more.

          they suck the life out of tax payers while in office and then after leaving we have to pay their huge retirements. And, they have the nerve to complain about the elderly on social security, saying we don’t deserve anything. Well, at least we paid in that Ponzi system and once again, they robbed that so called lock box of ours.

          Yeah, what they get for their retirement is an entitlement. You’re right, we can’t talk about anything to do with these crooks any longer. See how it shuts me up, LOL!


  6. Davetherave said:

    Gravatar test.


  7. Pepp, this is absolutely awesome! I was at the dr. this past week – when she asked the question “have I been depressed”, I said no – I have a friend who sent a letter to Obama stating that the govt. must be trying to kill retired military because he just got a cut in his military pension. He had two police officers at his door stating that the Homeland Security sent them because he was “depressed and wanting to commit suicide”…Honestly, that is what he told me. He writes lots of letters to DC and he always sends me a copy of them – he has never ever said he was depressed or waiting to kill himself.


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