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Obama with SS and Guns

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NRA blameLiberal logic 101

Men who support the Constitution

No firearms killed anyone yesterday

Timothy McVeigh

Baptist and gun lessons

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Comments on: "MORE DANGEROUS THAN GUNS!" (22)

  1. Just to clarify. Our teachers are not armed when in the classrooms; only when on field trips. There are armed guards at all the entrances to school grounds during school hours.


    • Glad to hear that, Gimp!

      Obviously your country truly cares for the children and protects them!

      Unlike our lying government that “uses” our children as shields while advancing their Communist agenda. Saying that what they do “Is For The Children!” Then, giving no thought of the children, leave them “unprotected” as they attempt to disarm the American Citizens!


    • Lucie,

      Obviously the Israelis are better than our schools who have the rule of no guns or free gun zone posted around them. Just a great invitation for those nut jobs to go there. Bloody sake, it’s an open invitation for madmen to kill whoever they want as they are usually mentally disturbed.


  2. Pepp!

    These are super great posters. I think my two favorites are the first one (George Orwell) Then the one showing world leaders and asking “Who do you trust.” They sure have the Traitor Ovomit placed in the right category!


    • Hawk Love,

      Yes, they are great posters. I too like the one about who will protect our rights under the Constitution because the list of those who would disarm us is right on!


  3. Useless trivia: Only 2 states are now monitoring the purchases of the kind of fertilizer that was used to construct the bomb used in the Okalhoma City bombing. Neither of them is Oklahoma. Government-in-action.


    • drrik,

      That is very interesting information actually. Pretty stupid for OK not to be monitoring the fertilizer. This gun stuff has nothing to do with “safety” but about control and the King needing us disarmed which I’m sure you already know.


    • But I’m sure fed agents are interested in anyone buying bulk ingredients that could be used to make moonshine. They will be on the lookout for that. Or EPA can study the effect on people with asthma breathing diesel exhaust. I suppose they have more important things to worry about than fertilizer, like covering up Obastid’s lies – which is more than a full time job.


      • Bull,

        Great comment as usual. Oh, yeah, the feds really crack down on moonshiners. Now that’s one dangerous group of people. LOL! Yeah, the EPA is making almost anything illegal. A government agency we don’t need butting into every one’s business and the biggest job killer we have.

        Right covering the Fraud’s lies must take so much man power and the tax payers get stuck with that bill to boot.


  4. Great post. I wish we could ban progressives.


    • Bull,

      Thanks. Since most of these killers are liberals I think all liberals should be made to give up their guns. LOL! Leave the rest of us responsible people alone.


  5. More useless trivia:
    State Attorney Steven Sedensky has gotten a judge to seal search warrants in the ongoing Sandy Hook investigation, because disclosure would “identify persons cooperating with the investigation, thus possibly jeopardizing their personal safety and well-being,”

    Which is interesting, the idea that there is a person or persons who are a threat to folks that are cooperating. Are there other players? Other shooters? Is there more going on that doesn’t fit the administration’s agenda?


    • drrik,

      I’m thinking all these shootings are too much of a coincidence just when the King wants us to give up our guns. Call me a conspirator but all these shootings suddenly seems way to strange for me.


  6. Some good stuff in there. Like a damned nutcase is going to walk up to the school,or other “target-rich environment” and quake in abject fear when he sees their idiotic sign.


    • clyde,

      Yeah, how true that is. No gunman is going to be scared going into a school. I the liberal morons would allow the schools to have armed guards and teachers/principles to be armed this wouldn’t be happening. Good comment clyde.


  7. I’m having trouble with the satellite losing connection so we are going up and down. Just so you know why I may disappear.


  8. I was just doin’ some research on an NBC News article that covered all of the shootings that occurred over the MLK weekend – a total of 78 incidents with 91 fatalities. Some of which were citizens using a firearm in self-defense, some were shootings by police, some were suicide. I think that it is logical and fair to compare the use of a firearm by lawbreakers to the NON-USE of their firearms by law-abiding citizens.

    Many of those shootings were identified as gang-related and many others were committed by known felons (who were already not allowed to possess a gun). Any thinking person could easily compare those instances where a gun was used to harm someone to the almost 85 million gun owners WHO HARMED NO ONE AND DID NOT COMMIT ANY OF THOSE CRIMES.

    Yet our Washington “representatives” want to inflict new repressive laws on the 85 million.

    That kind of logic requires the willful suspension of disbelief.


    • Hi Garnet,

      I’ve been up and down with internet problems so just getting to your comment. My apologies.

      It is logical and fair to compare the two things you brought up. But, who up there in the Cesspool City wants to be fair. They don’t care about that. All the King cares about is disarming us.

      Look at Chicago which has the strictest gun laws on the books and their crime rate is like the 2nd in the country. But don’t expect any logic in this. He doesn’t care about law abiding citizens. He is afraid of an uprising.

      Who has reps any longer. I think that whole thing stopped years ago. I don’t trust a one of them up there except Rand Paul and hes’ only one of so many he can’t get anything passed. Certainly not with dingy harry at the helm.

      Of course their logic requires a very willful suspension of reality. They are using this to disarm the whole country so the King can reign forever.


  9. Great collection! I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.


  10. The king banned assault weapons before. In 1774.


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