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Dave is MIA due to a very bad infection.  In case anyone was wondering why you have not seen him lately on your blogs. 

I also have not been online myself lately to read others’ blogs.  My apologies, but I’ve been busy with a big project for over a week now at least.  It’s almost that time of year for spring cleaning, but mainly to purge things no longer needed and some re-organization.  We seem to keep growing stuff in this house when what we had put in it was already too much.  So, down the hatch go the clutter.

I thought I would dedicate this article once again to Dave so he will know Merlin is nowhere near as big as some other dogs and has no reason whatsoever to fear Merlin.  My little Merlin up against the following dogs looks like a piece of cake.  Hope you get better real soon Dave!!


big dog 21

Big dog 20

Big dog 19

Big dog 18

Big dog 16

Big dog 15

Big dog 14

Big dog 13

Big dog 12

Big dog 11

Big dog 10

Big dog 9

Big dog 8

Big dog 7

Big dog 6

Big dog 5

Big dog 4

Big dog 3

Big dog 2

Merlin Jan 23 2013 003

Now just look at tiny Merlin next to these other HUGE dogs!


Comments on: "And Dave Thought Merlin Was Big" (23)

  1. Great post. In that first picture, the Golden Retriever next to the Dane looks a lot like our Barney. Especially since he got his “Florida buzz cut” this past Wednesday. I L O V E big dogs. Y’all can keep them nasty yappin’ ankle biters.


    • clyde,

      Yeah, that does look like Barney. So cute! So Barney got a buzz cut eh? How’s that warm Florida sun feeling for those of us who are sick and tired of rain, snow and gloomy days!

      Yeah, I LOVE big dogs too. Most of them are pretty good with people and children. I’m sure there are many who don’t believe that.

      Nasty ankle biters like that Chihuahuas. My maternal grandma had one and it yapped constantly. My paternal grandma had a pug and he was a great little dog.


  2. Love all the dog pics, Merlin is a handsome fella!!! We have a new baby but she will always be small. She is a miniature Schnauzer named Sassy about 9 weeks old now. Still learning to ‘go’ outside….

    I haven’t even been to my blog in a couple of months now I think. I can’t read or watch anything political and remain sane. We are also downsizing our ‘stuff’ and our budget so am even thinking about canceling our satellite TV, we’ll see I guess.

    Tell Dave to get well quick!


    • Flyover,

      Thx for coming by. Yes, Merlin is a very handsome dog.

      I like Schnauzers and I bet Sassy is cute. Can you send me a pic of her? I love to see other people’s doggies. Oh, boy, only 9 weeks old and she will take some time to potty train her. Now, my Dakota only took one month to potty train him. He had only 3 accidents in the house. That was great.

      I know FOH. I’ve been trying to stay away from politics too. It upsets us too much and we have no control over those crooks and frauds in DC. We’re waiting for the rebellion that I feel positive will come at some point. So, the Hawk and I are trying to retain our sanity also.

      That is what I’m up to “downsizing and purging stuff” and getting things more organized. I’ve really just gotten started and have my study pretty well cleaned up and purged of unnecessary items. I also had new pics of the kids to frame and hang, another project. These projects take longer than one expects as usual. And we can only go so fast with this.

      I’ve also thought about cancelling our TV or downsizing what we’ve got, but the Hawk bulks on that one. We mostly watch old movies and the Hawk likes the cooking shows and the military channel. We’ve already knocked down everything else. I changed insurance companies to get better rates on that and took the long distance off our land line and any other frills on it. Only local calls can we make on it.

      So I know exactly from where you are coming. I’m about sick to death of politics and have been trying to mix things up a bit with some humor and other subjects.


      • Glad to hear that we aren’t the only ones trying to retain a level of sanity and a sense of humor. We are adjusting to living on a fixed income and it is a little scary these days. It is amazing what it takes to live even with our farm and vehicles paid for. We cancelled some life insurance….don’t need to bet we are gonna die, LOL! It wasn’t enough to make much difference anyway. Just trying to stay healthy. Larry took a bad fall a couple of weeks ago, no broken bones but he has been stove up and his arthritis sure didn’t like it. Good to hear from you and Hawk!


    • FOH,

      Yeah, we’re trying to maintain our sanity by not watching news all night. In fact we don’t turn it on any longer. It’s nothing but repeated stuff like people arguing on both sides and that gets old. We can’t do anything to control it so that’s about it. I do think an uprising is coming especially if Satan tries to confiscate weapons.

      We don’t have any life insurance either. I’m going to work out a plan with the funeral home in line with our needs.

      I’m sorry Larry took a bad fall. Thank goodness no broken bones but still those falls cause aches and pains in places you didn’t think you had. Hawk suffers terribly with his back and both of us have arthritis pretty bad. I try to move around to help that. These winters make the arthritis act up a lot.

      Good to hear from you too. It’s been awhile.


  3. Merlin is a midget next to those dogs. When my kids were little we used to visit a friend who had a huge field with a steep cliff to rocks on the shore below. Her Danes would catch them by their shirts if they got too close to edge. Too close in their opinion! Best baby watchers ever.
    I recently became a human to an adorable blonde 2 year terrier, Miss Missy. What a treat she is.
    St. Gracie, I think you should start a ‘rogues gallery’ with pictures of our dogs.


    • Lucie,

      Great Danes are very good dogs and not really a threat to anyone, but some people are intimidated by their size. i was at the vet one time when this tiny woman about 5″ if that came in with a great Dane. She could have ridden him on his back he was so big.

      Yes, Ms. Missy is a big treat. Now we could start a rogue’s gallery but I need better and more pics of Missy. Same from Susie. I got pics, but they are kind of blurred and at the wrong angle.


  4. Yes they are big dogs I like dogs but big dogs would knock my dog down. Hey if you did a rogues gallery of pictures of our dogs can you do one for our cats. I got a new cat she a calico that was abandon by her owners last summer we finally got her to trust us and we name her Annabelle, Belle for short


    • Susie,

      I need good pics to do a rogue’s gallery of dog and cat pics. If anyone wants to send me a pic of their dog or cat send them on. I’ll make a rogue’s gallery from them.

      I like the name for your new calico, Annabelle. It’s cute.


  5. Sorry I meant to say a big dog would knock my mom down


  6. Good pictures. I guess Dave has no worries. 🙂


    • Dave, I hope you get feeling better and back to normal You’re needed on the frant line. LOL.


    • Bull,

      Yeah, they are fun pictures. Nope, Dave hasn’t a worry in the world with Merlin. 😀

      I hope Dave gets better soon too. He is very sick right now.


    • Of course Dave doesn’t have to worry at all about Merlin. We’ve been trying to tell him that for ages. Now he can see for himself that Merlin isn’t really all that big. Just a slightly overgrown puppy.
      I hope he gets better soon.
      St. Gracie, I’ll take some more pictures of Miss Missy and send them to you after I get back from the orthoquack tomorrow.


      • OK, Lucie. I guess you’ll have to get Golan to do them. The one you sent is nice but a bit blurry and really doesn’t show off Missy as well as I think she could be done. You can tell she’s adorable but I need a clearer pic/pics of her. Thank you.


  7. I’m having trouble losing the satellite. Storm going on here and the service is bad right now. Up and down it goes. Just in case I disappear.


  8. Dogs?!? You call them dogs??!! Seems like mini-mammoths might be more appropriate for some! Some of these are absolutely charming, and several are out and out ROFLOL. Thanks for the morning cheer (er, sorry so late to the party, and yes I’m viewing this in the AM). Hope you get dug out from whatever storm hit you.


    • Interface,

      Thx, we didn’t get such a bad part of the storm, but still had internet connection problems for days. I was seeing red and called our ISP and got things straightened out somehow and getting a refund for the trouble.

      Right, some of those dogs look like prehistoric animals but still love all of them. LOL!




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