Wicked Commentary

Once a traitor always a traitor.  John Kerry should have been tried for treason way back during the Carter Administration.  He behaved as a traitor negotiating with the North Vietnamese in Paris while in uniform.

That was not his worst offense.  He spent 3 months in Vietnam on a swift boat where he got off onshore, against the rules of engagement for swift boats and he shot a young Vietnamese boy in the back.

He came back after his “short stay” on the swift boat and lied to Congress and the American people about our men who served in Vietnam stating they were baby killers.  Henceforth for most Vietnam Vets he is slime and hated. And how would he have known? He shot himself  to return home after only 3 months on a swift boat. He never saw any action but took films of himself. He also falsely claimed several medals which he threw away in disgust at America during his anti-war protests of Vietnam.

Rand Paul’s interrogation of Kerry for his appointment as Secretary of Defense shows how slippery, sneaky, and what a liar this man is.  

He spent all his life living off of wealthy women he married thus he is a gigolo.  I don’t believe he has ever made a dime on his own in his entire life.  If he ever made any money on his own it was minimal.

Now he’s served in the Senate for years being part of the welfare drain on the American people as all politicians are, welfare recipients since they are paid by the tax payer and all the other goodies they get.  No wonder they never want to leave and get a real job.

For me he will always be a nightmare.  My brother who served in the Marines and fought in Vietnam was spat upon by the usual lunatics in San Francisco when he came back from Nam.  Baby Killer the crowd yelled and spat at my brother.

After my brother returned home from Nam, my Mother and I received threatening letters and phone calls from anti-war loons who called my brother a baby killer. For a period of time we were rather terrified with the threats these people made. Somehow it had gotten into the Cincinnati newspaper that my brother was back from Vietnam.  We never knew who placed that in the paper.

I will never forget what this back stabbing, lying  SOB did.

Rand Paul will vote NO on his appointment. Rand already sent his constituents in Kentucky this notice.

However since the Alinsky party rules the Senate, Kerry will most likely become Secretary of Defense, a place  in any President’s cabinet he should never hold.  He is a traitor to this country and it makes perfect sense that the King Traitor would appoint this detestable man.  Traitors always find other traitors.  The King knows his history and glorifies in Kerry’s acts against America and our military.  They both so hate this country and we the People.  Kerry believes himself to be one of the “Elite”.  Right, another lying, dirt bag thug!


Comments on: "Rand Paul Questions John Kerry" (38)

  1. Susie Owens said:

    Im sorry I tried to watch this video but I can’t stand a person like him. Even as Rand Paul interview Kerry he seem like a bastard . I’m sorry you and your family went thought that people who have never been to Nam should not judge. I was too young for Nam but I never judge those who were lucky to come home


    • Susie,

      I’m with you on that one. I can barely stand to watch or hear that POS. I only did because it was Rand Paul questioning the traitor.

      Thanks for your empathy. It was a very difficult time in my Mother’s and my life while my brother was in Nam and then that crap after he returned. We were blessed that my brother came home alive. My Uncle Charlie was killed there, not so lucky for his wife and 5 children.


  2. Gar Swaffar said:

    The same reason I still have this assholes picture (along with his Silky Pony Booty Boy) glued in the toilet at work. My Director told me to take the picture out, right after the last election. I suggested I would take the picture out as soon as Kerry apologized for calling ALL of us “baby killers”.
    So far, they can’t figure out how to work around the fact that I know what I’m doing better than the rest of them put together. And Lurch is still in the toilet.


    • Gar,

      I figured there would be Nam vets who felt the same way. I haven’t run across any vet who does not hate Kerry. That’s cool you have the traitor in the toilet. Now how do you keep it from getting flushed down the toilet? There is nothing that can be put on that dirt bag that I could put into print how I feel about him.

      It’s amazing your boss lets you keep the dirt bag in the toilet at work. But, then again so many people mistakenly believe that all Vietnam vets are “crazy”. So perhaps he’s scared to death of you. LOL! 😀


      • Gar Swaffar said:

        Clear packing tape sealed with 100% silicone caulking all the way around.
        I don’t think he fears me at all. They just can’t figure out how to get rid of the one person who knows how to do everything there is to do and is stupid enough to stick around to do it.
        21+ years at it and I know where all the skeletons are buried.


  3. Gar, that’s far too good a room for the likes of him. The toilet should be the closest he ever gets to any throne. I’d like to see him swirl away down it to where he truly belongs.There are no words in any of the languages I speak that can adequately describe how despicable he really is. I doubt there are in any language.


    • Lucie,

      I agree, there are NO words I can think of that would be for public consumption. Privately I have a ton of them at home in private.

      LOL!! Kerry doesn’t deserve to be on any thrown. Love that witty remark!


      • St. Gracie, Sorry, but even those words don’t even come close to expressing it!

        Gar,I think the picture, or better yet, he should be IN the toilet for proper homage.


        • Lucie,

          You are right. I actually don’ think any words exist to describe his treachery. Now remember each time Gar goes to urinate or take a BM, he does it on Kerry’s face. Hee, hee.


    • Gar Swaffar said:

      He (it) is fine where he is. I pay homage to that Turdling five days a week with all that he’s worth.


  4. Ditto to all y’all !
    I can empathize with your brother, as I too was spat upon and called baby killer when I deboarded the plane in Fayetteville N.C. (home of Ft. Bragg). These stories aren’t rumors.
    Was there ever any doubt that Herman Munster Kerry would be appointed? Afterall, that’s what the messiah mandates.


    • Hi ya Terry,

      You are correct these are not rumors. This actually happened to so many vets that they stopped talking and telling anyone they were in Nam.

      Sorry you suffered the same “disrespectful” and despicable behavior like my brother after coming home.

      Also, my brother was not done serving his time in the Marines so he often wore his dress down Marine clothing until his off time was up and he had to return to another base.

      Nothing he had fit him when he got back because he was so thin you could have almost seen through him. So he ended up getting into fights with morons who would want to fist fight him. Now, that was one big mistake. You never take on a Marine. Paul would arrive at our apartment and look somewhat beat up but always said, “you should see what the other guy looks like”. 😀


  5. Speaking of pictures… I wonder how many know that North Korea has framed pictures of Kerry and Hanoi Jane Fonda hanging in their ‘war museum.’ side by side as hero’s for being in support of the Communist efforts!

    They both should be hanged as Traitors along with Ovomit.


  6. Good post Pepp about the lowest life form I can think of…a traitor! Dad was a Korean vet and he NEVER left our TV on a channel if Hanoi Jane or John Kerry appeared (I won’t write what he said and did when the Kenyan King popped on TV 🙂 ). He called them names I’d never even heard of! He even cussed them in Korean!! I despise Kerry, because he’s a traitor. And of course birds of a feather, so no surprise the traitor King Sumbitch would pick this POS to be Sec of Defense. Another example of just how little respect King Sumbitch has or our great military. A f’ing traitor as their CIC and now an f’ing traitor as Sec of Def. We use to hang and shoot traitors, but now the radicals glorify them. Us older folks now better, but this is just another lie that our radical teachers can hammer into our kids heads that Kerry is an honorable man. Take away our youth and our country will fall eventually. I spit, pee, and crap all over the damn radicals!


    • Hi Dave,

      That’s a funny story about your Dad. We never had the TV on either when Hanoi Jane and the Traitor Kerry was on. The only time I watched that SOB was when he was testifying before Congress about other vets “cutting off ears and killing women and babies”. I wanted to see just how far this POS would go into the pond scum with his dirty lies.

      I realize that seems like self inflicted punishment, but I had to see what that bastard was going to say. And he LIED his ass off. I would tremble with such hatred for him. He never even saw the grunts in action. How could he have possibly known what they did??????

      I’ll bet ya that any present military personnel whose fathers fought in Vietnam will be totally demoralized to have him as Sec./Def. I read where most of them already hate the King. Now he has the gall to do this to them. Oh, yeah, the King has no respect for any of these guys and it shows. I can’t even go on here because I’m getting more and more angry.


      • Yeah Pepp, I agree. This whole situation is nothing more than another raw nerve the Sumbitch has hit! I think the Sumbitch’s main purpose in life is to send all us conservative, patriots to the funny farm screaming and yelling….NO ONE can piss me off like King Sumbitch…


        • Dave,

          Right, the mere mention of his name in this household can blow our minds all day long. We try not hard NOT to think of him or see him anywhere on the TV.


  7. There is no question,especially since McCain has signaled he will support JohnF’ing Kerry’s nomination,he WILL be next SecState. Much to the further erosion of our standing in the world. He has said he WILL implement Obama’s view of the U.S. position in the world. We ALL know what THAT means. But,then,what ELSE would we expect from the BECS ?


    • clyde,

      Yes, the scum being Sec/Def is further erosion of our standing. Did you read the Hawk’s comment about his picture being in the N.Korean museum? That shows what morons we have in this country. I’ll never figure out McCain and his motives. It makes no sense.

      But, lately nothing makes sense except we know the King is turning us upside down. We need to get this ship up righted again. There will be something coming down the road from the Patriots, no doubt in my mind.


    • clyde,

      Of all people; you would think McCain would be the first to say hell no to Kerry. BUT…that would signal McCain has intelligence and we all know there’s nothing but gusty winds blowing between his ears. I respect McCain for his service and it horrifies me what happened to him as a POW, but somewhere Johnny Boy went over the deep end. How in the hell McCain keeps getting re-elected confuses me crazy! McCain’s in so much distress he should walk around upside down….


  8. Someone sure has to ask this traitor some real questions. Good for Rand. He was a Senator, okay, but beiong Secretary of State is another. (Of course Hillary did lower the bar for him.)


    • Bull,

      I think Rand was the only one who tried to get some answers from him which he obviously slipped and slid around. We know it’s useless since he’s a shoe in with the Alinsky party.


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