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Inauguration Crowds

I read where there will be HUGE crowds for the King’s Inauguration.  Just look at all who plan to attend.

Gathering for the Inauguration Inaurugation Turnout


Comments on: "Inauguration Crowds" (30)

  1. Davetherave said:

    Very apropos visualization Pepp! They’d follow the Sumbitch ANYWHERE and now if we can just somehow talk the Sumbitch into jumping over a cliff….


    • Dave,

      I thought so too. The liberals are in sheep’s clothing of course and the Muzzies, well they are just following the soon to be new Pharaoh.

      If he jumps off a cliff, I hope those attending (as in the pics above) go with him. I do believe they would follow him anywhere right into hell.


    • Dave, LMAO.. please, can we ?


      • Davetherave said:

        Bull, Oh yeah! All we have to do is throw some chitlin’s, grits and friend chicken over the Grand Canyon and the Sumbitch will be all over that like stink on shit! The rest WILL follow… 🙂


  2. Ha! The Progressive,Communist (Liberals) do the same thing as the towel heads!


  3. Susie Owens said:

    Sheep which follow blindly to their doom unless they have a good shepherd. Poor sheep they have a lousy sob leader LOL none of their sheep are us. We will not be blindly lead by that terrorist.


    • Susie,

      Love your comment. Exactly, we fill NOT follow that terrorist. And you got that on the nail. He terrorizes us every damn day. It never stops with him. He is literally waging war on his own citizens. Treason!


  4. Beautifully put. And the sound of the prayer call .


    • Bull, and the King so loves the sound of the Muzzie prayer call, the most beautiful sound according to him. It makes one wonder how anyone can still not believe he is a muzzie.


  5. I wonder if they put out the signs yet with the arrow to Mecca?


  6. Donna Rabus said:

    Lol! I am sure that’s all one will see at his inauguration. Of course, I won’t be seeing any of that BS – no TV on in our home!!!


    • Donna,

      This household will be either playing games or watching a movie. I wouldn’t watch that stinking thing even if someone paid me to do it. I just couldn’t stand that much barfing in one day.


  7. It’s mourning in America.


    • Bull, so true. A very sad day for us.


      • You know I…. maybe a black ribbon on the antenna or car too.


        • Bull,

          That is a great idea and did you do it on Monday? Ron went into town and almost every car he passed had their lights on. The word got around even in a small town like ours. He said he only saw 2 cars w/o their lights on.


          • Pepp, yea, I saw a lot of other lights on but then our weather has been rough here, so I coudn’t tell. Did you see they showed the new license plates on the O-beast ‘no taxation without representation’ in DC. Is there anything he won’t do? And I noticed he upped the anti for petitions to 100K to get a response. He’s just getting started. His “bucket list” is ours.


          • Bull,

            We had sunny weather that day so there was no other reaoson to have one’s headlights on. I bet yours were for the funeral too.

            No I didn’t see the Monster’s new license plates. What a hoot and what hypocrisy! When was the last time we had any say in how our taxes were used? I can’t recall it.

            You’re right, there is nothing that POS won’t do to make us think he’s going by the Constitution. He doesn’t even have the right to lay taxes on us. That is Congress’s duties.

            Oh, so now he’s upped the number of petitions eh? Well, bloody hell, we’ve got so many of these things coming down the road for us. What an nightmare it is! 😦


  8. Now if ONLY they had the SHEEP bowing towards Mecca……


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