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In Hospital, Part II

The male nurse named George was in my room replacing a depleted bag of antibiotics with a different one when suddenly the King appeared on the TV.  I murmured OMG; I have to get that bloody murderer off the TV and switched channels.

George looked at me shocked and said, “You don’t like Obama”?  NO, I said, I hate him. He is a clear and present danger to this country.

George was outraged telling me he was one of the best we’ve ever had. I gasped so loud he thought I had a seizure.  He stared at me in disbelief and became a tiny bit belligerent.

George said “I’ve been a Democrat all my life and I vote that way no matter who it is and Obama is a great president.  I gagged. 

George composed himself and said well, we shouldn’t be getting into an argument about it.  It probably hit him he was supposed to be taking care of a sick woman, not arguing with her. I said OK.  I knew I had him in a compromised situation.  I leapt into it taking advantage of the situation.

I decided to play as if I were an objective interviewer.  I told him OK, let’s not argue, but do you mind if I ask you a few questions out of simple curiosity.  He said fine.

I asked, “George why do you think Obama is the best president we’ve ever had?”  He had to think, and then spit out, “He is making the rich pair their fair share and it is about time someone did so.”  I could see he was seething with class warfare.

I remained calm and asked him my next question, “’George, what do you like about Obama?”  George had to think pretty long again and blurted out, “He is honest”.  OMG!  I had a very hard time trying not to laugh. I played innocent. “George why is he so honest?”  George once again had to think hard, and said, “Well he told the truth about smoking cigarettes.”

Oh, how hard it was for me not to laugh out loud hearing liberal stupidly.

At that point my IV had started to burn. I screamed, my hand is burning and going up to my elbow.  George checked my IV insert and found it had burst my vein. He now had to re-insert a new IV needle into my other hand. He told me it was this one particular antibiotic and almost everyone has this happen.  I told him yesterday when it happened, the nurse turned the drip down slower to lessen the burning feeling. Oh, he said.

While George worked on inserting my IV needle I could see he was flustered and turning red.  He realized that he had never given a thought to my very simple questions.  Oh, what fun I had.

I continued on with my little interview.  “George, what do think of Obamacare?”  He looked at me with complete bewilderment and said, “I never heard about it.”  He was getting redder by the minute. I said feigning shock, “George, are you telling me you don’t know anything about Obamacare?”

He shook his head no.  I asked him again, “Are you sure because it was his signature legislation.”  George, looking completely sheepish, could not look at me and said “no I never heard of it”.

Bingo!  I had him in my evil hands.  He was now so flustered and upset he had a very difficult time getting that needle into my hand.  I felt glee that I had outsmarted this amazingly ignorant liberal. Now I had him on his knees and literally shaking unable to look me in the eye any longer.

The last night I was in hospital late at night I wandered up to the nurses’ station where I made jokes and had everyone rolling in laughter. We were all once again sharing our hatred for the King.  

George came back from his rounds that night. I could tell he was itching to get me back.  I was not his patient that particular night.

He was peering into a chart and said, “Hey Pat, Wayne seemed to be in your room an awful lot.”  I said “What are you doing George, checking up on me and who comes into my room”.  The other nurses had their backs turned laughing their butts off.

George said, “I think Wayne is sweet on you”.  I said how would you know that?  He told me to tell him. I told him it was for me to know and him to find out if he was “that interested”. One nurse nearly fell off her chair her body shaking so hard with silent laughter.  

George’s parting words before he went back to his rounds were spat out, “You and Wayne are both die hard Republicans and make a great pair!”  Then he stomped off and we all laughed ourselves sick.

It was obvious I was not the only one who thought George was dumber than a rock libtard.  All of the other nurses hated the King and were on my side.  They knew George was seething because I got under his skin once again.  








Comments on: "In Hospital, Part II" (30)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    Idiots abound and sadly, they breed.


  2. Great story!
    I find myself in a similar situation at present, luckily not health related.
    Due to a kitchen fire, I am in need of some cabinet work. Most cabinetry people only want to replace (at mucho expense ) the whole set of cabinets. I finally found 1 person that could fix them with some good old fashioned work.
    When she came to my door, I wasn’t sure if he/she was a he or a she, though her/his name is Heather. ‘Bout 6’2″, very manly features and deep voice, etc. Heather early on let it be known she/he is a lezzie, speaking of her ‘partner’ often.

    Eventually our pleasant conversation drifted to Prez Zero, and my complete hatred of all things obamesque. She/he nearly gagged me with the comment “I think Barack and Michelle are just like icing on the cake”!
    Trying hard not to fire her/him on the spot (cause I REALLY need this work done ), I replied:
    ” Besides the fact that the POS backed the LGBTs for their vote, what else do you think he has done for our country ?” No response.
    It’s taking a few days for our parts to come in, at which time I expect Heather will have thought up some type of reply. I can’t wait to see her/him again..I’m fully armed to burst her/his bubble on any attempt to qualify that statement ! It’s going to be a fun few days having him/her in my home while the work is being done. I can’t wait !

    p.s.–still not sure if he/she was born a she or a he.


    • Terry,

      Another great story. LOL! You can’t even tell if he/she is what!

      Oh, my the Obamacides are icing on the cake. What cake, one that blows up in your face?
      I bet you were about to start howling with laughter over the whole situation.

      Yes, do try to pin her/him down with some simple questions and see what it comes up with. It’s a blast to do it because you find out just what kind of minds they have if any. LOL!


  3. Pepp…LMFAO…you got me again! I would have loved to have been there watching you do everything you could to get under George Of The Dumbass’s skin. What a liberal POS he is! …”the truth about smoking”…WTF?? That’s the best he could come up with??? Well hell; that alone qualifies the Sumbitch to be president! Radicals and a bag of rocks have soooo much in common….

    Thanks for another great laugh. I need all I can get this morning….


    • Dave,

      I knew this would tickle your funny bone. It was so evil of me but I enjoyed humiliating George so much. My few “simple” questions had him scratching his head and like I said in the story, getting flustered.

      Right, the King telling he smokes was obviously the best George could come up with. That showed how “little” he even knew and then when it came to Obamacide, not knowing that was a shock to me. I got him good. I imagine he’s still seething over it too. LOL!


    • Dave: classy. LMAO You would hit it off with George. “that alone qualifies him”. LOL


  4. LOL! Good job pepp!


  5. Roger's That said:

    LMAO I work for a hospital and I know!!!!!!!! Take care !!!


  6. MaryAnn Bunjevac said:

    That’s the exact same mentality that got the prez elected again 😦 Get stronger & be well !!! Take good care !!


  7. Susie Owens said:

    George is a dick.


  8. willibeaux said:

    HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH! Hilarious Mrs. Pepper’awk. Fantastically hilarious. Dare I ask if Gawge was of color?


  9. Donna Rabus said:

    Good story, Pepp. It seems that all liberals are the same – they can never answer a question regarding obuma, or when they do they come up with another stupid answer.


    • Donna,

      That is exactly right. They can’t answer the simplest questions because it never occurred to them to even find out anything about him. They go by complete ignorance voting this jerk in and we are the ones who suffer with it.


  10. Pepp: “George said “I’ve been a Democrat all my life and I vote that way no matter who it is and Obama is a great president. I gagged.”

    Out of the mouths of unintelligent babes. So naive… a truly blind voter. A real Dem robot. I’ve been in hospitals where the propaganda is laying on the desks…..I guess just in case you don’t know why you are going to vote Democrat. But “one of the best we ever had”? What a hoot. Best at what, usurping power and destroying America? Jackpot there. LOL You set him on his heels. He could be the poster boy for the Democrats….everything is just hunky dory.


    • Bull,

      I expected some stupidity, but the one about him not knowing a thing about Obamacare when he works in a hospital where it’s being implemented nearly made me fall outta bed.
      Thinking of it later, I realized George never wheeled the Orwellian machine in whenever he came into my room. I guess he sees no reason to use it. Now how dumb can a person get who thinks the King is so great?

      Yes, I do believe he’d make a great poster boy for them and he’s a hillbilly too, a white man in his 40s I imagine. They wouldn’t want to use it now that I’m thinking of it because we are supposed to all be racist ya know. Especially rednecks and older white males.


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