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We Love Our Guns

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This is what feminine protection is in Israel.

This is what feminine protection is in Israel.

This is it folks, we either defend our sacred 2nd Amendment or stand down. We choose to fight.  We’ve had more than enough of this two bit tin hat boob who thinks he is a king.  Well screw that one. He’s asking for a war and he will get one. 


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  1. Great posters Pepp!

    They are all good with a lot to say. But I think my favorites is are the cowboy and the last one.


    • Thanks Hawk. My fave is the one from Israel. I love that kind of feminine protection. All women should be able to walk around like that and there would be less rapes.


  2. So far,ONE lone congcritter has said he will file articles of impeachment if the BECS makes his grab via E.O. Rep.Stockton of Texas needs our help to kick the rest of them hard upside the ass.


    • Clyde,

      Yeah, I read that and Stockton is a “gasp” democrat. I also read the repukes will fight him on this. WTF is their problem anyway? Have they lost their minds, if they ever had any and Rand Paul said it’s time for impeachment right now.


  3. Pepp, a pic is worth a thousand words. Just think, this is before he’s even sworn in for 2nd term. I love the “you’re a special kind of stupid.”


    • Bull,

      So right you are! I agree the “you’re a special kind of stupid.” is a gem.
      I figured as soon as he was re-elected this would start. I heard it all over the gun shop this afternoon that everyone was expecting this.


  4. Gar Swaffar said:

    Yes we do! 4191775


  5. Harleyman said:

    By the way, Rep. Stockman (TX) is a Republican—he’s one of US!!


    • Harleyman,

      Thank you so much for correcting that mistake that Stockman is a demorat. The source I read that he was a democrat I thought was one I could count on to give correct info. So now I won’t be using that source any longer as they made such a huge mistake. So thanks again.


  6. Great pics Pepp and a pic says a thousand words! The Sumbitch better really think this one over good, before he goes off on his dictatorship rampage. If he’s looking for a fight, he will get one and his side will not win!


    • Hi Davetherave,

      Yeah, they are great pics. A friend sent them to me and I had to post them.

      You are correct. If the King is looking for a fight he will get it. Too many people are totally against this executive gun grab and we all know it has nothing to do with children. He acts like a Muzzie holding children around him like human shields. Just another example of why he is a muzzie. He gives out so many clues as to who really is.


      • This bullshit Bloomberg, liberal, radical, acid trip, gun grabbing has ZERO to do with them giving a rats ass about the safety of our children and THEY KNOW the facts stack up against them…but…here we have another panic, frenzy crisis and they just can’t pass up on a crisis. So instead of coming up with good laws of cleaning up the bath water baby’s bath in, they choose to push their commie agenda of just throw the water, tub and baby away! Since Roe v. Wade; over 54 million innocent children have been murdered in the name of mommy has a right to choose. If you add up all the brave, poor souls that have been killed in every war our country has ever fought to protect our rights and liberties, it doesn’t even come close to 54 million. It’s not even in the same universe! Hypocritical bunch of sons-a-bitches!


        • Dave,

          Right you are. We’ve got too many politicians now who believe they are either kings or dukes etc.

          For the children is bullshit period. If he cared about children like I said in my other article he’d ban abortions. So this is all a huge smoke screen for him to hide behind.

          Good point too about all who were killed in the wars we’ve been in. Also if he’s going to ban guns he needs to ban cars because if I’m correct (but not sure) cars kill more people than guns in this country.

          How about banning knives, baseball bats, crowbars, big rocks, hammers, all ropes which are used in murders?


          • Sis,

            You are exactly correct of deaths due to cars. As a matter of fact; the FBI released report states more murders were committed last year by (and you mention this in your last paragraph)…hammers! I guess we have a bunch of jihad construction workers! Just kidding, but I think I made my point.


          • Dave,

            Thx for providing those facts. I watch all of those ID programs about real murders and I see murders on there caused so many times by someone using a hammer or some other object and NOT a gun.

            So, do you think hammers will be next to ban? LOL!

            LMAO! A bunch of jihadist construction workers. You crack me up.


  7. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Great list of posters Pepp. (My favorite is Sam Elliot’s.) And it appears that O’Vomit might have bit off more than he can chew. Nebraska is now joining WY in saying that any federal law enforcement officer who tries to enforce one of these “gun control” edicts from O’Vomit will be arrested. I have heard that Texas and Oklahoma are also considering similar measures. No word on other states.

    I hope that you didn’t get ice yesterday. NW Mississippi did. In Clarksdale, we had several minor power outages and about 1/4″ of freezing rain.


    • GG,

      Thx for coming by. I really like the one with Sam Elliot too. And I also love him as an actor.

      Oh, I do think the King has bitten off a bitter fruit here with this one. Good for Nebraska and Wyoming. That is truly good news. i do believe KY will join forces on that one. We were told at the gun shop yesterday any guns bought in KY are not registered. KY has its’ own rules on guns and it is pretty wide open.

      We did get ice but it was less than reported. However the warning is still out today to get more ice down here. So I’m not sure what will occur today.

      Sorry you got an ice storm in Miss. but glad it was not a very severe one.


  8. Roger's That said:

    THIS IS LIBTARDATION AT ITS WORST!!!! liberalism is a mental disease!!!!! This proves it beyond ANY reasonable doubt!!!!! I WON’T COMPLY !!!! NEVER! As Gen. McAuliffe said at the battle of the Bulge “NUTS !!!!!” Just what libs are!!!!! MOLON LABE!!!!!!!!!!! What don’t these idiots don’t comprehend in the words, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”?????? I’m sure criminals are gonna go to their local police/sheriff, etc. and give up ALL of their illegal guns and clips, etc.! 1st they came for the guns, then they came for………?????. GOD BLESS AMERICA NOW MORE THAN EVER WE SURE ARE GONNA NEED HIS HELP!!!! KEEP YER POWDER DRY!!!!


    • Roger’s That,

      You got that right. No we don’t intend to comply either. We do not have to obey unjust laws and that is the opinion of an expert, Judge Napolitano, not just me. I intend to follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The King can do what he wants. I don’t intend to abide by any of his unlawful applications in regard to our Law of the Land.

      He’s asking for it.


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