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No Shame

Obama will hold a press conference tomorrow surrounding himself with children to inform us of his demands for gun control.  He has no shame.

Once again using children to drive his agenda through which is the hidden one of disarming the people.  He knows before he can institute his complete agenda of forcing us into a Commie nation, he must disarm us as did Stalin and other evil dictators.  Then the carnage really starts.

Never mind that he himself is arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and AQ to take Assad down and form another radical Islamist state.  He is continuing to help the Muslim countries form their caliphate.  How long before he does it here?

If the Obama killer cared so much about children he would ban abortions that kill more innocent children than these recent shootings.  He is a world renowned hypocrite.

Now by God, Congress better arrest him for treason if he eliminates our 2nd Amendment.  He is an enemy of the State and a clear and present danger to all Americans.  He needs to be stopped and right now.  No impeachment hearings need to even take place.  Treason is treason.  An arrest is warranted for this.

If Congress won’t do it, millions of armed citizens will stop this.


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  1. The POS is sickning with his propaganda and his use of children to attempt to seem like the caring soul.
    I pray you are correct in hoping congress will act, but in our guts we know it will be up to the Patriots of Our Country to stop him !


    • Hi Terry,

      Thx for coming by. I had double pneumonia and am still fighting my way back to health.

      Your first paragraph is so true. He is such a complete hypocrite because he doesn’t give a damn about the children in this country. If he had his way, he’d kill them all. He wants every baby killed in the country as many as possible. So he can’t fool me into thinking he cares about “the children”. He makes me want to puke.

      Oh, I highly doubt that Congress will act. I think it will take We the People to do the nasty business he is asking for. The Hawk and i were in a gun store today that was packed and everyone is loading up for bear and they don’t mean real bear. Nobody is going to take this shiite in Kentucky.


  2. Excellent post Pepp!

    I think that after our trip to the gun shop this afternoon it proves that, in Kentucky at least, we WILL NOT comply or obey any UN-Constitutional, illegal ex. order that Ovomit puts out there! As you know, the shop was very crowded and those we spoke with indicated Ovomit can go to hell!

    And now this Swine! This sniveling little coward is going to, AGAIN, use children to make himself look “Concerned For The Children.” The S.O.B. should be hanged for Treason!


    • Hawk Darling,

      How right you are. That gun shop trip was an eye opener. KY is not going to knuckle under this POS EOs or anything else about guns he tries to shove down our throats. I hope there are more states like this. I believe Texas won’t knuckle under. Yeah, those people we talked to are boiling over.

      Good word for him, Swine! Of course it is an insult to swine everywhere. Hanging however for treason is almost not enough.


  3. Damn, pewmonia! Hope that you’re mending now – that’s nothing to sneeze at.

    I’m glad to see that you illness hasn’t dampened your distrust of our fearless “leader” (that P.O.S.).

    He would use ANYTHING to further his cause, the man doesn’t know the meaning of the word shame – he is shameless. He is using Sandy Hook and 26 deaths to ram through some meaningless new gun laws. They won’t stop any killing in Chicago, or Connecticut, or anywhere else. He knows it – he’ll just add some more laws the next time some insane person shoots some innocents.

    What a P.O.S. we have for a president.

    Load up on the chicken soup, it can’t hurt!


    • Hi Garnet,

      Yep, I’ve been one sick puppy, but trying to start up again a little at a time. No, pneumonia is nothing to fool with and I did spend time in hospital.

      Nothing would ever dampen my great distrust in the wimp of a leader we have. Using children around him! Can’t he stand there like a man instead of using children as human shields? That’s how I see it.

      Yes, he is shameless among other stinking things. No shootings won’t stop if guns are taken away. Criminals will still have guns no matter what. This is not about those shootings. It is simply his goal of disarming us. He’s been biting at the bit for this.

      Thanks about reminding me about chicken soup. I have been eating warming foods. We are also due for a wicked ice storm tonight. Could lose power at any moment.


  4. Hi Pepp,
    I was wondering where you were. I was beginning to worry. I hope you get well quick.

    Zero is all about symbolism while not caring a split second about those he pretends to care about. This is no different. He simply wants our guns. Libs are chickenshit and would never do it head on.

    This is going to start a pissing contest like no one has ever seen before.

    The left is up for a very rude surprise.


    • Hi Nox,

      It is a slow recovery with pneumonia if you ever had it you know. It takes a person down to their knees. I am trying to recover now. It is a long slog though.

      Of course this has nothing to do with those shootings. He simply NEEDS to disarm us.

      Yep, he doesn’t really know what it means to waken the sleeping giant. He is asking it for it. And he is in for a very big shock. He simply knows nothing about the American people. He’s so stupid he thinks we are going to give up our 2nd Amendment rights. Well, hold onto your hats folks. We’re in for a ride.


  5. ALL tyrants use this tactic but Americans are hip to the liar-in-chief.

    Personally, HE is an ILLEGAL president and his ILLEGAL orders WILL BE DISOBEYED!


    • Hi Gunny,

      Absolutely his illegal orders will and must be disobeyed. We do not have to obey unjust laws and this is a real doozy, trying to disarm us. Right you are, all tyrants use this tactic before they make a complete dictatorship. Then we could look for the shooting down of millions of people.

      No way, Jose. People are going to fight. That is what i believe anyway.


  6. Right, Pepp, no blame has no shame. And using kids for a backdrop is probably worse than Stalin or Hitler. It will be choreographed all out propaganda — and threats. Great to read your posts again.


    • Bull,

      Thx for coming over. I’m glad to see you too. I hate being so sick I can’t even sit up at the computer. So I’m trying to do my duty once again. LOL!

      Propaganda and threats are all the community organizer knows. He taught the tactics to Acorn vigilantes. So he’s a pro on that. Nothing else though. He’s a huge failure.


  7. Always wondered what it would be like to be an outlaw. Screw this snake-oil salesman. OUTLAW AND PROUD OF IT. If this sumbitch (as Dave so eloquently puts it) can pick and choose which laws HE will obey,SO TOO SHALL I.


    • clyde,

      Look at it this way. It’s not us who are the outlaws, but the Liar in Chief. WE actually have a duty to uphold and fight for the rights given to us by God and written in the Constitution.

      I do understand however you were being humorous. Like that good ole clyde humor. Always on top of it you are!


  8. What was that old statement..”Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” There is a lot more at stake here than just our 2nd.Amendment. It’s our countries very existance as a Free Republic!


  9. Now PETA Wants Obama To Include Hunting Ban In His Anti-Gun Measures…



  10. Good post Pepp! The Sumbitch is going to find he’s playing with more fire than he’s bargaining for messing with the 2nd Amendment! Way too many people will not let him break the law, break his oath, commit treason and then just turn over their guns. Ain’t gonna happen! Too many have turned their back already with all the other crimes he’s committed, but the 2nd Amendment is to precious to gun owners. They will not roll over to the law breaking, Sumbitch on this issue.


    • Hi Dave,

      Yep, he’s playing with fire and his press conference today was a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Behind the scenes he is going to use EOs on another 19 to 23 actions of guns.

      What a POS of a King we’ve got. It’s about time we all rise up and give him a boot because this country does not call for a King, but a President with limited powers.

      The people will fight this one. The 2nd Amendment is sacred.


  11. Gar Swaffar said:

    Using children to disarm the German Republic worked for Hitler, why shouldn’t it work for this Socialist?


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