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Vote For Your Hero on CNN

Dear Friend,

I’m writing to all of you to ask your help for a big supporter of OPSEC and an amazing patriot, Ambassador Marilyn Ware. All it takes is a quick vote on CNNHeroes.com. The vote is for http://scottstrode.com/ who has chosen to help thousands of folks lead a sober life. I applaud his efforts and am proud of him for his profound help to others. Please take a few seconds to cast a quick vote online, enabling him to help thousands more.

There are ONLY 3 DAYS left to vote for Scott Strode, founder of Phoenix Multisport, to be named the CNN Hero of the year. I know we are within reach of being named number one and winning the $250,000 grant!

Nearly 7,000 people are able to remain sober because Phoenix Multisport exists — winning the grant means that we can continue to help even more people.

Please continue voting and reaching out to friends because it is the total vote count that will enable us to win. Online voting for “CNN Hero of the Year” is open, and will run through Wednesday, November 28 at Midnight PT. Voters can log on to CNNHeroes.com (online or on their mobile devices) to cast ballots for their favorite Top 10 Hero, Scott Strode, up to 10 times a day, every day.

Thank you for your help,

Scott Taylor


I voted all ten times for Scot Strode.  Help make him your hero and raise money for OPSEC.  Thanks and they do a great job of getting their messages out about Special OPs and Navy Seals disgruntled with this president.


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