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Demand Full Benghazi Investigation

125,944 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

Demand Full Benghazi Investigation

On September 11, 2012, America was under attack by radical Islamic jihadists. The result of this attack was not only the burning down and ransacking of American consulates and embassies throughout the Middle East. The end result included the atrocious, violent deaths of 4 Americans. Stand with us in fighting for these 4 men who gave all.

There were reports from the Lebanese website Tayyar.org as well as the Libyan Free Press regarding the rape and sodomizing of Ambassador Stevens. Within days of the attack, The Washington Times also posted a video from the Libyan Free Press which confirmed that gory detail. In addition, conservative talk radio host Michael Savage also reported on these events. Although there are now many people who are claiming that the account by these news agencies is incorrect, we will never know the full truth regarding what happened without a proper investigation and transparency regarding the findings to the American people.

I know. Even hearing the bare minimum details of these deaths and attacks is difficult to handle. Every American should have been and still be outraged at that act. One would think President Obama had similar thoughts, feelings, and concerns. He might claim now that he did. But, as they say, actions speak louder than words. Send Obama a message with your actions in helping us hold him accountable with signing this petition today and forwarding to all your friends, coworkers and family.

I hope everyone will sign the petition.



Comments on: "Demand Full Benghazi Investigation" (14)

  1. Gladly signed! I wish someone would do something about the rat bastard!


  2. You would also think the media would LOVE to report the salacious events. But,since they are nothing more than Obama butt-floss,NOTHING will come out.


    • clyde,

      Yes, the liberal media has a love affair with this rat. I’m sure nothing will happen to him for this massacre. But we all know who gives the order to send in rescue teams and the order to stand down. It’s an open and shut case for me.

      CBS, to their credit tried to get the administration to give them the time lines and the video the drone took. They were turned down of course. Now they need to do what Fox does, get a FOIA.


    • My buddy clyde…ROTFLMAO!!! “Obama butt-floss…” Thanks for giving me a great laugh. That is hilarious!!!!


  3. I signed. This needs to be thoroughly investigated and anyone involved needs to be prosecuted. Especially obama…


  4. gunnyginalaska said:


    Signed under a pseudonym as the Feds are scalphunting for ANYONE signing these petitions.

    Obama took a trip to the Far East as a distraction to Benghazi. It’ll die just like Op F&F died. The press is ON HIS SIDE!


  5. Thank you and I signed!


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