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After signing the Petition for Alaska for Gunny, (Anti-Liberal Zone blog) to secede peacefully from the Union,  Elizabeth, who comments on this blog,  wrote me to tell me that there were many states already petitioning for seceding the Union.

These states are:  Michigan, S. Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, N. Dakota, Kentucky, Montana, Indiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, N. Carolina, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alaska, New Jersey, New York. 

So far this many states are petitioning to be removed peacefully from the Federal Government.  I am sure there will be others joining in this peaceful secession from our Union.

You can sign the petitions of any state.  I’m putting this up here on my blog so that all Conservatives and others who want to help each of these states get the number of signatures they need by December 10, 2012. 

Please join in and help across the country any state that wants to secede. 25,000 signatures are needed on most of the States’ petitions.

After you sign all of the petitions, email everyone in your address book who would also like to sign the petitions. Put the link up on your Face Book Page and spread it there too.

This is a banding together as American citizens to return to the original form of our government as the Founding Fathers so wisely wrote for us.

Go to this link below and if you do not have an account to the government site you can easily create one for yourself.  Then, after you have filled out the necessary info, you will receive an email back giving you your password to be used to log in.


You can also try this link if you have any trouble with the one listed above. The following is the link to Gunny’s Alaska petition. Then you can look at Open Petitions and find the other states who are petitioning. I’m giving this info since Goshawk had some trouble getting to the site and perhaps someone else may too. So this is an insurance of going to the right place.


You will then go back to the site and log in.  Under open petitions, you will find the states listed who are petitioning for secession.  Please sign all of them if you can.  If you can’t please sign for us in the State of Kentucky.  LOL!  That isn’t selfish of us is it?

Anyway, I believe we need to band together for this and help out each state as we are patriots who want our Republic and Constitution restored.

As individual States we can then practice our religion freely again, keep our sacred 2nd Amendment rights, and preserve our freedom of speech, get our 4th Amendment rights back and everything that has been taken away from us by the Federal Government whose administration is destroying our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

There is also a petition to expel the very bad bill, the NDDA, which allows the president to pick up any citizen at any time, detain them without an attorney, in an undisclosed place.  The terrorist list includes Vets, Militias, Tea Party members, and anyone the regime deems a terrorist.

Thanks to all who are going to sign the petitions.

Comments on: "Red States Petitions to Secede from the Union" (118)

  1. Pepp: Thanks so much for sharing this
    with everyone! I have been posting like
    crazy, both on my Facebook page & on
    Twitter to try & spread the word. Perhaps
    if enough people sign on, the regime will
    be forced to take notice of us. We are not
    going to go down without a fight, that is for
    sure & I am so proud of all my fine, upstanding
    fellow Patriotic/Constitutional Conservative &/or
    Libertarian Freedom Lovers out there! God
    Bless you all!!

    • Elizabeth,

      You are welcome and thanks so much for telling me about the other States petitions for the same. If you had not informed me I would not have known. You are a great patriot. Wow, and you are already spreading it on Face Book. This should be big then. There are so many people on Face Book. Thanks for doing that too.

      You are right. We are not going down without a fight and this is a peaceful way to do it.

      Bless you too my friend!

      God save our country.

      • Pepp: Amen to that! It will only be through
        the tireless efforts of Patriots that we will
        be able to salvage this nation from the ra-
        vages of evil & a tyrannical regime that is
        trying to gain a foothold on our society &
        in the halls of our govt & the body politic.

        • Elizabeth,

          Yes, it is the tireless efforts by true Patriots. I don’t want to be in this Union while the Butcher pulls us down into the abyss. The gun grabbing is coming soon too.

          • In times of adversity and strife, the only thing we can do is work together. Our common goal is a better life for our children, freedom from oppression and avenues in which to pursue our dreams. We are a team, when one of us falters, we need to help our brothers and sisters up. We elevate them, we ALL succeed. Together. It sickens me that you are here promoting the division of the United States of America. Calling one side “Evil” and the other “Good”. Noone will succeed with that type of mentality and neither will you.

          • Carlos,

            You may have your opinion on this, but nobody cares about what you said. We are already a divided nation or have you not noticed. One side wants complete socialism and the other side wants our Constitution restored as found by our Founding Fathers. We cannot lift up the left. They are not the least bit interested in saving our country. Or have you not noticed that either. They will have to go it alone if any state succeeds in cutting the tether to the corrupt and criminal enterprise which the Federal gov. is right now. The Liar in Chief intends to take us all down. I suggest for starters you watch 2016, the movie and get some idea from where Obama is coming.

            I would also suggest that you read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution which grants us, WE the people, that to make sure the a federal government with a long line of abuses and what we need to do as WE, The People.

      • This is totally sick. things don’t go your way and you want to take your marbles and go home. That is not patriotism, that is sore losers. Please do leave. We Americans don’t want you here either. Mexico is nice this time of year. go for it.

        • saundra,

          We really don’t care what you think. We are done with the liberals in this country like you. You vote for a man who you don’t even vet and don’t know what he is doing. That is what I call sick and moronic. Obviously you are afraid there won’t be any conservatives left (who work and don’t expect a handout) that you will lose your freebies because we are the ones who pay for your freebies. You remind me like the moochers who say ” oh, it comes out of Obama’s stash. What you don’t know is it comes out of every tax paying individual and quite frankly we are sick of paying for the moochers who won’t take responsible for themselves. I would bet you are in that category.

          • Reply To Sandra: Why should WE leave–go pursue
            your ephemeral paradise, your European Socialist
            Utopia elsewhere. Stop trying to “fundamentally trans-
            form our nation, because short of a Constitutional
            Amendment, with approval from a supermajority of the
            states, YOU are in the wrong & we have the 1st Amend-
            ment on our side of the argument. Please, please pro-
            vide a Constitutional precept that supports your argu-
            ment. I’ll wait. If you don’t have one & I know you don’t,
            because it doesn’t exist then You should GTFO!!

        • Elizabeth,

          Good answer to saundra. I swear I don’t get these people. They want nothing to do with us as they continue to savage us with mean, nasty and downright obscenity. Now they want us to stay? So very strange indeed.

          • Sorry for the profane acronym, but
            these useful idiot troll types always
            turn my stomach. Unfortunately I
            know their type all too well, as I have
            worked with & been surrounded by
            them for many, many years now! As
            you can probably tell, they are not a
            favorite of mine. Perhaps reading a
            comment from Sandra helps you under-
            stand why I can turn from meek & man-
            nerly to ruthless & mean in the blink of
            an eye. As my son says, “Watch out.
            She can go from 0 to full blown you
            know what just like that!” LOL

        • saundra,

          It is people like YOU that have ruined our country with your
          sick, decadent, slimy minds! I hope that every damn one of you rotten Anti-American swine die in Hell!

          Elizabeth DeFranco mentioned the First Amendment. We also have the Second Amendment and we Patriots stand ready to use it if necessary to stop you Bastards!

  2. Going over there in a while. Had to make some changes to my filters to go there. I HATE setting up a new computer!!

    • Went back in and signed all but NY and NJ. Scarew them.

      • clyde,

        I say screw them too. They voted for the Butcher. They think he did a great job for them in NYC. They have to be nuts. I did sign the NY one though because I have a special friend who lives in upper NY.

      • Oh, clyde, I forgot to thank you for joining us Patriots. We must stick together like the other side does.

      • Clyde: LOL! I know exactly what you mean.
        The chances of either of those 2 petitions
        ever garnering enough signatures is slim to
        none. But still, I feel sorry for those who are
        stuck in such a place, surrounded by useful
        idiots on all sides. I did notice that OH still has
        not initiated their own petition. That is why, I
        feel no connection anymore to the state of my
        birth; the election results only solidified the dis-
        content that has been smoldering in me for quite
        some time now. It is time to move on to a place
        where we will be surrounded by decent, hard-
        working, honorable, Patriotic Americans again!
        As soon as I recover, we are moving!!

    • clyde,

      Congrats on the new computer but I do know what a PIA it is to set them. I used to do 8 to 10 hours a day on my job. What fun.

  3. Never happen. Then who would stay with the union and actually do any work?

    • drrik,

      I like you, but I don’t want to hear the negativity. If everybody said “it will never happen” who will do anything?
      The Red states are the ones mainly wanting to secede. If you recall the red states have all the workers for the most part.
      And, if people don’t want to work, they can go move to a blue state that likes being on the government dole and food stamps. If people all threw in the towel on everything where would we be?
      I say try anyway, use one’s perseverance and determination and stand with all the Patriots. That is what is wrong with conservatives. They don’t stick together, while the other side, the Alinsky party sticks together no matter what.

      • Pepp: You are absolutely right, your analysis
        on that whole “sticking together thing” is right
        on the money–the Left does always form an
        airtight little cohesive unit, a united front, no
        matter what, while we on the Right tend to go
        off into little “splinter groups”. We’ve got the
        Libertarians, the Constitutional Conservatives,
        the Independents, the Cult of Nor Luap, etc &
        that is part of what continues to plague us re:
        elections, to a certain extent. We have a “less
        than perfect candidate” on the ballot & certain
        elements either stay home or write in a candidate
        as a principled choice. I suppose these are all
        worthy options in a way, but we will never defeat
        these Marxists who are like the “Borg” on the old
        Star Trek Series. Remember them? While those
        on the Right remain splintered & separated by
        our core principles; we are allowing a far more
        pernicious evil to gain a foothold, take root &
        choke out all the rest of us, like that terrible plant,
        “Kudzu” or something I think its called, (I have only
        read of it, that it is not native to the US & was
        introduced to the South, where it is slowly taking
        over & choking out the indigenous growth). Per-
        haps I am not expressing this very well, but as I
        see it, now is a time in which we need to make a
        decision to come together on the principle of not
        allowing our nation to go down with a whimper! Is
        America not worth a battle or at least a struggle?
        I think it is & I shall pledge to do whatever I can, in
        whatever small capacity I have, to contribute to what
        I believe to be a just & worthy cause; to do any less
        is not something I could live with.

        • Elizabeth,

          You make a very good point in your last section. Tyranny cannot reign if good men do nothing. And if we don’t band together and support a less than perfect candidate we might as well not even bother anymore.

          True, the conservatives are splintered and we have got to stop this. I read where most of the Evangelicals did not vote this time again. They, at least some of them could not vote for a Mormon. I could care less about being a Mormon. We had a good and decent man who is worthy of the office of the presidency. How, I ask myself, how can these people vote for evil over a good man.

          Exactly right about beating these Marxists. If we can’t form a band of patriots we are never going to get them out. The whole federal gov is full of them now and it will become harder and harder to get them out. The whole gangsta enterprise needs to be taken down.

          • Pepperhawk: Excellent summation on your
            part. I was just thinking that our nation was
            formed out of disparate groups, as well–
            there were the Quakers, the Protestants,
            Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Jews, etc
            all came together under the Ideal of Freedom
            & Independence from the yoke of the tyrannical
            British Crown/Empire. They were all able to
            work together to form a united front & fight to
            defeat the diabolical forces against which they
            all struggled. We, as Patriotic Americans need
            to do the same thing or we will lose this small
            spark of freedom that still burns in this nation.
            If we cannot find a way to stand together on
            the principle of defeating Leftist tyranny & op-
            pression than I guess we deserve what will
            surely fall on us afterwards, if we allow the
            Left to be victorious in this battle!

    • drrik,

      That’s rather an odd question “Then who would stay with the union and
      actually do any work?” What work? Are you referring to the “union” as if it’s the government? It’s not!

      All the states are sovereign and voluntarily formed a ‘Union,’ established a government Of the people By the people and For the People. That government has now betrayed us in so many treasonous ways it’s hard to keep track.

      Each state is quite capable of doing it’s own work. The government has become nothing more than a gigantic parasite run by our enemies the Communists! Yes, Ovomit and his tzar’s are all Marxist, Alinsky disciples! Communists, hell bent on destroying our Republic!

    • Davetherave said:

      drrik, drrik, drrik…stuck your foot in your mouth again I see! Damn you are one puzzling dude with some of your comments. No; I don’t think the feds will allow this to be done peacefully, but our founders didn’t do it peacefully and they pulled it off. That’s simply reality in my mind.

      What in the living hell are you talking about with your work comment?? The hardest f*cking workers live in the South (red states) and they would have no problem running their state like the constitution intended and being very successful. The states that wouldn’t want to leave what these f*cking commies have turned our country into are the ones that have to have to federal government “mommy” them to survive. The blue bum states as I call them…

      • Dave: Thanks for summing all that up so very
        eloquently–I was thinking along those same lines,
        but was unable to articulate it correctly. Isn’t it
        said that great minds think alike? Or at least,
        sometimes I get lucky & channel a brilliant idea
        from someone else? LOL

  4. Great, thanks for the info. I have a few petitions to sign.

    • Bull,

      Thanks a bunch. Another true patriot! All hail the secession. We must try.

      • dmckenzie1989 said:

        it doesnt make sense as to why I should sign another states petition…it would seem more relevant if my state had 25,000 signatures from 25,000 citizens of my state. I go through the lists and see so many people from other states signing GA petition and I dont think, based upon that, that thr federal government isnt going to take a look at it. its like an election, I can only vote for my state, not other states. just throwing that out there

        • dmckenzie1989,

          It’s not “just your state” You are an American patriot, I assume, so when voting in all states you’re voting to save America from this Tyrant!

          • Hawk: Truer words were never said or
            typed, or something LOL. I absolutely
            agree with you on this–we all need to
            hang together on this. I went through
            & signed ALL the petitions. The Govt
            cannot continue to ignore such a large
            group of like-minded citizens who are
            expressing themselves, based on their
            1st Amendment right to peacefully pe-
            tition the govt as a form of redress. It’s
            right there in the Bill of Rights–perhaps
            some Patriotic Americans need to re-
            visit the past & read some of our nation’s
            Founding Documents & refresh their
            memories on the Principles & Ideals on
            which our nation was premised.

  5. Beth Gershon said:

    We didnt win so were going to secede? Thats not how a democracy works.

    • Beth, it might be of interest for you to know, that we are not a “Democracy” we are a “Republic.” The founders never intended our country to be a Democracy! And now we have a Traitor in the White House that is doing his best to destroy our Republic and turn it into a Totalitarian style Dictatorship! Is that what you want? Communist rule!?

    • Beth,

      I ditto what my husband, Goshawk, told you. You do not sound very educated in history. Perhaps it would be good for you to read about it and see how our country became the great Republic we are. Men and women fought and died to free us from the British. We became the most powerful and great nation due to their writings and others’ efforts.No other country is like ours and that is because we offer to all a chance to be free and your choice to become a successful individual through our system of free enterprise. I don’t want to see those choices stopped by an Alinsky fool who once again wants to put people under a dictatorship where then one is never free. Is that what you want instead? You don’t see people trying to get out of America, but breaking in because of what America stood for before the Marxist dictator took over. We have already lost so many of our freedoms now. It has got to stop before we become a failed third world country like so many others.

    • Davetherave said:


      I invite you to read the Declaration of Independence. After doing so; come back and comment at that point. You will be better educated on how our country was founded along with the rights we were granted and what is expected of us. This current anti-American and anti-constitution administration is destroying our nation and it is our duty to prevent ANYONE from destroying our Republic. This is not just the taste of sour grapes in patriot’s mouths. This is about the survival of our great nation.

    • Beth: I respectfully disagree with you. Please, let
      me direct your attention to our 1st Amendment.
      Please read that & then read the Declaration of
      Independence that was signed by our Founding
      Fathers who led our nation in its fight for freedom.
      This is the Principle on which the ideas for the
      petitions is based–sound Constitutional precept.
      If only the govt in DC would do the same regarding
      the work they ostensibly do, then we would not now
      be in such dire straits.

  6. nicole bold said:

    How bout u people take all this garbage and just leav th US period. I’m born and raised n Ga and hav no interest in this stupidity. Y’all hv lost ur minds

    • nicole bold

      It would seem to me that if you were born and raised in Ga. A grand state in America, you would be smart enough to protect your state from the Marxist, Alinsky Traitor that is now in the Oval Office trying his best to turn “Your State” and all states to a Communist Dictatorship!

      All,Y’all better wise up and protect your state as we here in Kentucky are doing. Or you will end up being nothing but serfs to this Traitor in the White House!

      If you don’t believe all of this, your probably a Brainwashed Liberal!

    • willibeaux said:

      Ms. Bold! I have some Nawth Jawja Redneck cracka friends who are great patriots. They are ready to help Gawja leave.

      oohRah 😉

      An ole Korean War vet (age 82+)

      • Hey Bro! Glad ta see ya up and abouts! Y’all best be looken to yer long guns now. oohRah! An keeps yer powder dry!

    • Hey Nicole,

      You sound like a phony and not from Georgia. And you can’t spell worth a darn. So why don’t you leave the country and leave the rest of us alone. We don’t want any part of the liberal/commie horse manure you think we should support. It is not Constitutional and that is how we want to live, as our Founders wrote in our Constitution. With all this Alinsky insanity the country has basically lost so many of our God given rights. You go living how you want. We just are not interested in that way of life.

    • Davetherave said:


      I see we have a troll out running around. How much do you suck off our system with food stamps, welfare and other freebie “sit on your ass all day and do nothing” handouts? You’re a poster child for what’s wrong with our nation. Neither Obama or people like you are the answer, because you all are the main problem.

      Now rush along and use your free Obamaphone to call on our dime….

    • Nicole: What “garbage” would that be? Are you
      angry because we don’t feel like funding a So-
      cialist Utopian Paradise for a bunch of para-
      sitic, verminous scum? We have the RIGHT,
      enshrined in the Constitution to peacefully
      petition the govt as a form of redress. What
      part of that equation continues to elude you?
      Besides, without all those who are willing to
      work your little Marxist Utopia could not exist.

    • Signed it for you and will encourage others to sign.

    • maNic,

      We will sign for you and everyone who believes in liberty will sign also. The more states that petition the better.

    • maNic: I signed each & every one of them–or
      all the ones that have been filed thus far. I
      fully support this idea of peacefully petitioning
      the govt, as we are guaranteed the right to do
      & will continue to exercise my rights, even if a
      few on the Left get their boxers in a bunch be-
      cause of it. LOL

  7. Davetherave said:


    I understand and appreciate the motivation for these states wanting to secede, but we all know this shit isn’t going to happen “peacefully”. Only one way this will be pulled off and our founder’s did it. Of course; it never hurts to give a gentle nudge as a heads up before shoving someone over a cliff, so I’m in! Hell; they do call us Red states for a reason…:-)

    • Dave,

      Well as you stated it may be very unlikely that the Butcher will let us leave peacefully, but that is his fault. He maintains the he received a mandate from the American people that they liked “his policies” so we will move forward again. Ha, there is a whole other half of American who don’t want his policies and those who didn’t vote we don’t know what their issues were. I saw “no interest” in voting, “no real choice”. Now that one is a mind blowing stopper. There could not have been a choice as stark as this election was. Good vs Evil and the Evil won.

      I also don’t believe he won this election fairly either. There is massive fraud abound all over the states just as the Hawk and I talked about many times to one another and believing we’d never get him. out. On the Florida site counties were reporting 140% in some counties. Now, it can only be 100%. So, that is fraud for sure. And it is everywhere. And that is just one country in Florida. They have many counties coming in over 100%. Duh!

      We have to start something peacefully before anyone resorts to other methods and then it will be blood running in the streets.

      • Dave, Pepp & Hawk: Wasn’t it our nation’s Founding
        Fathers who actually suggested that from time to time
        our resolve would be tested & that sometimes violence
        might become necessary in order to restore things to
        the way the Founders had intended for them to be?
        IMHO, we have a duty, as Patriots to defend the free-
        dom that others have fought to hard to preserve.

        • Elizabeth,

          Yes, you are right. It is written in the Declaration of Independence.
          That is also correct about duty, we are given not only just the right, but the duty to throw off such government that has a long train of abuses.

  8. Davetherave said:


    KY has more signatures than NY…go figure…blue bum state….

    • Dave,

      Well that is a no brainer. Many people still think he did a “wonderful ” job for them during the Sandy disaster. That is how stupid these people are.

      • Well that figures, those devastated by Sandy
        are still suffering, some are still without power
        & many are still trying to pick up the pieces.
        I guess, if they consider a sluggish or nonex-
        istant govt response as “doing a great job”
        than the Benghazi Butcher did just about the
        same for them as he did for those Embassy
        workers waiting for help to arrive back in Libya.
        I guess stuck on stupid useful idiots who con-
        tinue to worship at the altar of the secular savior
        get what they so richly deserve.

  9. pepp, thanks for posting! I have signed for Texas. Not sure about signing for other states since I am not a resident and would hate for that to be the basis of disqualification. For instance I would hate for there to be petitions against secession for my state and have people from NY, etc. come and sign as citizens for my state. I am just a worry wart I know but when it comes to anything Conservatives try to do to save America it seems there is always something that prevents it. Just don’t like taking chances with something so important!

    • flyoverhere,

      You can sign them all. Please sign Alaska’ at: http://wh.gov/9UG8

      Tweet and Facebook and email to all you know.

      • Thanks Gunny, I will go back and sign. Just heard this being talked about on FoxNews. Texas and Louisiana are almost to 25,000. There has been a movement in Texas for many years which I am a member of. Not sure what that would mean as far as interstate pipelines, highways, etc. I would hope that some of the idiots who reside in Austin (little San Fran and a blight on Texas) don’t try to grab control if it were to happen.

        • FOH,

          Throw the liberals out of the state and tell them to go to a blue state instead. Your state is perfect for secession because you are uniquely situated to be a self contained state already. Without paying federal taxes and all of their waste the states will have more money to do their own programs and rebuilding of your infrastructure and your highways.

        • FOH,

          I forgot to say this is big if this is reaching Fox news. Very good indeed. It is a form of protest and telling the Federal Gov’t we’re done with their tyranny, their big spending and having to pay taxes to support parasites, like the ones who voted for the Butcher. They think they can all get free stuff and they are joyful about it. They don’t even have the sense to know it comes out of other people’s pockets, not the so called Obama “stash”.

      • Gunny: I have been signing each petition that
        comes up & re-posting on my Facebook page,
        as well as on my Twitter over & over again, so
        as to hopefully make an impression on all who
        might take a moment to read & find out what’s
        going on. If the citizens of the original 13 col-
        onies had displayed such indifference & com-
        placency, none of would have been able to ever
        benefit from any freedom or liberty, because we
        would have remained serfs to our British masters
        & overlords under the tyrannical rule of the Bri-
        tish Crown for who knows how long, right?

    • flyover,

      Ovomit, I’m sure, will not approve or accept any of them no matter what. But for the citizens, signing is also a way of protest showing the government in a peaceful way, that we are aware of what they are trying to do to us and will not stand for it. Besides any state can secede from the Union just by doing so. The Governments “permission” is not needed. And the way it looks Texas might do just that.

      • Sure you are right hawk. Any individual can petition the government, doesn’t mean government cares. We need to make them care and remind them that they work for us, we are the government!

    • FOH

      You are quite welcome. And I ditto the Hawk’s statement.

  10. Fred Flintstone said:

    I would NEVER sign a petition on the White House website! Not with the Nazi in charge! Are you nuts? You’ll all be harassed, investigated, and thrown in FEMA “reeducation camps”! If you want to petition on a non-government site, I’ll be happy to sign — but NEVER on WhiteHouse.gov!

    • I welcome their harrassment. I’m grounded in our principles and founding documents and can harrass back. Not to mention I am an arsenal in my own right.

    • Fred Flintstone,

      That is part of the problem. To many Americans have become afraid of the government! And that’s just what they want! Like Gunny G, I will stand against this now tyrannical government as I think all American Patriots should! If they want a war, we will give them one! We will not just cower down and let this Communist Traitor destroy our Republic and Country!

      And as the Declaration of Independence stated– “When a long train of abuses and usurpation’s pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce [a people] under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their DUTY, to throw off such Government,”

      And also, that’s why we have this.. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

      Do not be afraid of these Traitors!

    • Fred Flintstone.

      We all have to develop a spine over this. We don’t care any longer about the Federal government. The so called leader of it and his minions are nothing more than a commie regime and a gangster government enterprise. Do not cower as they want us to do. If they want to harass us I say bring it on. And see how far you can get.

      Do you know the history of the Revolution? Those men did not cower and they fought for many years for us to have our freedom. Even when one woman’s husband lay on the ground dying, she ran over, and being six mos. pregnant, took up her husband’s arms and fought the battle for him. This is the kind of courage we need right now.

      Were they nuts? I would bet you don’t think so.

    • Davetherave said:


      I’m the non-politically correct commenter. The others have more class than me.

      Apparently you’ve eaten so much chicken shit that you’ve become one! Go crawl under a rock you frigging coward! You have no problem enjoying all the freedoms of this country, but you wuss out when standing up for them. People like you make me sick to my stomach and I’m ashamed you’re considered an American. You are one low life POS with no spine. I sure in the hell hope you don’t have any kids, because they have one piss poor example of a man and a patriot to look up to!

      • Dave: Now, don’t hold back, just be honest & open
        up about how you REALLY feel . . . LOL about being
        the non PC guy!! Useful idiots like Fred apparently
        believe their freedom here is theirs simply by virtue
        of waking up in America every day, with no thought
        whatsoever as to how that happens or of the sacri-
        fices made to ensure that we remain a free nation!

  11. I signed every single one. And will continue to do whatever necessary to ensure my children grow up happy and free.

  12. Texas is on 4,700 signatures away from requiring a response from the White House!

    Alas, Alaska only has 33 but we’re happt to ride the coattails of Texas.

    • Gunny,

      wow about Texas. But don’t give up. This is just starting to build and I think most states will eventually make the response from the feds. We are getting it spread all over the place through blogs and the social media sites. I will hope and dream. That is one thing they can’t take away from us. And we still have our God too even if the Alinsky party wants to abolish God from our country, they cannot take our hearts or our souls.

    • Hey Gunny: Between the resources of the 2
      states, I think ya’ll will have approx 65& or
      better of the domestic energy resources tied up!!

  13. Please sign petitions of other states.Help make that decision on whether to leave the union or not for them. Because that isn’t against what conservatives are about at all. Let the residents of each state choose for themselves and if certain residents dont like the states decision then they can move to one who agrees with their point of view that would be the true way to do it allow everyone their own choice but be carefull of the road you begin to walk if you seperate every time you disagree with a leader you will soon be a nation of one

    • abe,

      This is not a matter of “disagreeing with a leader.” We can all see that that our government has become a corrupt gangster enterprise. We have no “leader” for the people. What we have is a corrupt Marxist, Alinsky disciple stupidly placed as President! This evil person has done, and will continue to do, all he can to destroy our Republic, change it to a Dictatorship and make slaves of “We The People!”

      • If you feel that way great sign your states petition but don’t presume to make that decision for people in other states that’s essentially trying to force your view on them

        • abe,

          Do you have a comprehension problem? Do you read any of the information? No one here is making a decision for anyone. Nor are we “forcing” our view on anyone. We are merely asking other “Patriots” to join us.

          You sound and react like a Liberal. Are you a Liberal?

        • Abe is probably a Left wing lunatic,
          masquerading as a sane, rational,
          upstanding Patriot–see how quickly
          he is “outed” in this charade as that
          facade does little to decide the true
          nature of the Left. They are all, w/o
          exception, treacherous, treasonous,
          diabolical weasels & sniveling cowards!!

  14. http://dailycaller.com/2012/11/11/white-house-website-deluged-with-secession-petitions-from-19-states/

    Our petitions have attracted the Daily Caller to write about them. However, he seems to think they are stunts or guffaws. He doesn’t realize how deadly serious we are. But, then that is how the DC beltway and the NYC news people think. They don’t know one damn real thing about us and they can bloviate all they want.

  15. making the government care means getting the state government interested in interposition, to where they are will to step in and control the flow of money to the federal government and then protect their citizens for bestowing that privilege on them.

    • drrik,

      I’m not sure what you’re trying to explain here. Perhaps you could be more specific. I do know that ‘this government’ will not,and cannot be “made” to care for the welfare of the states. It is only interested in extracting money from them. And controlling all the people of the United States as if we were a single Communist State!

      As far as the “State Government” is concerned, they have the Constitutional right to oppose and reject any ‘Federal’ action or demand it believes encroaches on it’s “Sovereignty.” And should a state decide to secede, it does not need the Federal Governments permission to do so. The only way the Federal Government could try and stop the secession is by armed force. And you know that means declaring war on that State. That is why the the Petition is asking for “peaceful” release.

      And should the a State secede, it becomes self sustaing. In effect it is like a separate country and does not “have” to pay money to the Federal Government or obey any of illegal unconstitutional laws or demands. All States, when in the union, agree to pay money (tax’s) to support a military whose sole purpose is to “Protect” the “people” and the United States.

      If ‘all’ the States stand against Obama’s tyrannical government, what do you think will happen? Will he try and use our own military? Ordering them to fire on their own families? I believe that our military Flag Officers would not obey that order. So the Tyrant, Traitor Obama would probably bring in foreign troops thru the United Nations. What do you think will happen then?

  16. This is great, but I feel left out – my state, Illinois is not one of them wanting to secede from the union…I am doomed.

    • Hi Donna,

      I know how you feel. We can only hope that all States can eventually see this Tyrannical government Obama and his appointed Communist Tzars, for what the are (The Enemy Within) and what they’re doing and stand against them. If they don’t the entire United States is doomed.

    • Donna: Important update–IL now has a petition
      up!! OH finally posted one too, so I wouldn’t con-
      tinue to feel so left out, sigh . . .

  17. I see the libs are all up in arms about it. (poor choice of words) Why should they be offended when Obama’s been at war with states most of his term?

    • Ha ha ha The Libs are offend by anything and everything.

    • Bull,

      The story line is with the news outlets is this: We are behaving like the left does when they lose. This is completely false of course, but they want to demean us. We need to fight back on that too. Which I am doing at a number of newsites on the web whose news people are writing the same thing, following the leftist propaganda. I am writing scorching letters to the person who wrote the article with the real reason why we have turned to this process.

    • Bull,

      Yes the left in up in arms (ha, ha) over what we are doing. Screw em. They need to hang,all of them for being complicit in treason.

  18. Signed my states petition, Colorado as did my husband. We have to be heard, we count. We do not want tyranny, we want our liberties and God given freedoms. I would happily sign all others petitions also. Together we can make a stand and be heard. It may not do any good but we have a strength in our numbers and we can show that we will not be ruled and told when to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom.

    • Leigh,

      We’re right there with you! We, all patriots, must make a stand together and not back down no matter what happens. Even if it means an armed Revolution. We cannot allow, this Marxist Dictator take over our country! Now that he’s reelected ( by fraud of course) he’s shifted into light speed to do all the damage he can do and take absolute control over everything!

    • Leigh: God Bless you & your husband–our
      nation needs more strong Patriots like your-
      selves right now. As Pepp, Hawk, Dave & so
      many other have all said, America appears\
      headed for some dark days & we must all
      stand together against the tyranny in the WH!

  19. I see the libtards have put up two petitions stating anyone who signs the petitions should be rounded up,stripped of citizenship,and deported. Riddle me this,libtards,since 99% of those signatories are TAXPAYERS,and you are successful in deporting same,WHO is going to pay for all the “free” shit?

    • clyde,

      Exactly on the mark with your comment. And I say go to hell. We’ll see how long they defend the traitor while they are going down into the abyss of the Butcher’s plans.

    • clyde,

      Where did you come by the info about the Lib petitions and do you have a link to that?

      • Hawk: May I please respond to that question,
        sir? The petition referenced by clyde is on the
        same website as that of the other petitions for
        secession. I guess some on the Left thought
        they would be “amusing” &/or snarky & begin
        their very own petition drive to have all of us
        Patriots & Conservatives “stripped of our citi-
        zenship rights & either “deported or exiled,” in
        the language of their petition. They don’t have
        a lot of widespread support judging from the
        paltry numbers they managed to gather thus far
        Just go to the same website & click on the Open
        Petitions & scroll down & you will see at least 2
        separate petitions in a similar vein–at least last
        time I checked, such was the case. LOL.

        • Elizebeth, yea and they are dumb enough to weaken their efforts by having two. Maybe the next time I check there will be 3 or four. Next they will try putting some misleading thing on top to get people to sign it. They certainly can’t disguise their snarkiness either.

    • Clyde, Pepp & Hawk: Now, now, no fair asking
      those on the Left to engage in intellectual activity,
      you know it’s not one of their strong suits! LOL at
      their stupidity–those petitions & also the calls on the
      Left right now to “boycott” or “close down” all those
      “racist” or “greedy, evil rich” businesses who are
      being forced to either cut employment hours,layoff
      employees &/or raise prices if they can afford to re-
      main in business at all, would be even more amusing
      if the situation for all small businesses weren’t so dire.
      The fact that those on the Left remain clueless re any
      semblance of reality or basic economics & how govt
      regulations/taxes & interference continues to hinder
      those who actually provide jobs from whose revenue
      the Fed Govt derives the funding for all those massive
      entitlement programs Leftist supporters love to be the
      beneficiaries of, I would also find amusing, if it weren’t
      so very sad & ironic at the same time. I guess they are
      angry at the thought they have to fund their Socialist
      Utopia without us? LOL at their stupidity.

  20. Ron Holland said:

    Secession petitions are good PR but bad politics. There is a way for states to legally and politically secede from the American union but it must be a state-by-state process established by constitutional secession conventions in each state. Read: http://thedailybell.com/28286/Ron-Holland-Secession-Petitions-Good-PR-But-Bad-Politics

    • Ron,

      We are doing it state by state. So i don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. We are following the procedures as we go along. Each state will hold it’s own referendum.

  21. It is at https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov Click the button for Open Petitions.

    • clyde: I can never do that whole “provide
      a link” thingy. I’m going to have to swallow
      my pride & ask my son to show me, step
      by step, I guess. I am the poster child for
      the tech challenged! LOL

  22. Pepp and Goshawk, thanx for the info and the discussion is fascinating all the way around! Will be looking for more updates!

    • Just an update for ya’ll: Just listening to Glenn
      Beck this AM & he is recommending NOT to sign
      on to these, now I do love Glenn, but I think he is
      wrong on this. He believes, given the vindictive na-
      ture of the admin & their numerous diabolical &
      nefarious previous actions against “dissenters” are
      signs that some form of reprisal or retribution might
      be exacted against those of us who have signed!
      Well, our Founders faced the same sort of moral
      dilemma re their support for & participation in all
      Revolutionary activities they subsequently engaged
      in. I feel I am only practicing my Constitutionally en-
      shrined rights in peacefully petitioning the govt to
      address a series of grievous wrongs exacted against
      the citizens of this nation. Someone else tried to say
      the original American Revolution was “about being
      taxed w/o representation”–had to be a Lefty who
      tried to make such a specious claim, because that
      particular action would have been the Boston Tea
      Party!! Oh well, Lefties are the epitome of useful idiots.

      • Elizabeth,
        I don’t agree with Beck on this either. We are following what is laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constititution. If they want to get vindictive so be it. We, as conservatives and tea party members are already on their “terrorist list”. So, why worry about it. We are doing this peacefully and not in any violent manner.

        They are going to come after us anyway so who cares any longer.

        I agree with all you stated in your comment. This is no time to be a coward. If Washington and his men had been cowards, we would never had a Revolution and freedom. We owe this to our Founders.

        • Pepp/Hawk: I’m glad someone agrees that I’m
          not just some “crazed, evil right wing neo-con”,
          LOL Seriously though, we are, as you said, only
          exercising our Constitutional right, as stated in the
          1st Amendment: “. . . or the right of the people
          peaceably to assemble AND to petition the Govt
          for a redress of grievances.” (Emphasis mine) Do
          those on the Left have such severe cases of cog-
          nitive dissonance &/or lapses in comprehension that
          they do not understand those crystal clear definitions?
          They demand that WE leave–we only seek to see Govt
          confined to the limits placed upon it by the Constitution;
          they seek to fundamentally “transform” our nation into
          that which already exists elsewhere. Why should WE be
          the ones to leave, if they appreciate European Socialism
          so very much, they can go ahead & pursue it elsewhere,
          because short of a Constitutional Referendum, which re-
          quires at least 75% of the nation’s approval (if I’m not mis-
          taken) they are in the wrong on this.

          • Elizabeth,
            The left are a bunch of hypocrites. They do not want to work with us or they would like us to stay. They are now afraid their goodies would be taken from them and i guess somewhere in back of their pea brains they must realize that Conservatives are the ones who pay for them and their freebies because they work. The panic is probably over them having to work for their stuff.

          • Pepp/Hawk: We keep telling them to go
            ahead & fund their Utopia without us,
            see if we care, right? LOL I also find it
            extremely hilarious & ironic when Left
            claims they wish to work w/us & be all
            united for ‘common cause’, etc when in
            reality, nothing could be further from the
            truth. In the very next sentence, they will
            once again start with the racist rhetoric
            or the class warfare ideology & then I’m
            done! Their Leftist ‘belief system’, such
            as it is, is not premised on sound Con-
            stitutional Principle, which is why they
            can never refer to an actual precept on
            which their ideology is based. Just goes
            to show how far educational standards
            have fallen in our nation’s public centers
            of indoctrination I guess. LOL

    • More Updates: Some Leftist Lunatics have now
      caught on to the petition craze & they are starting
      to crawl out of the woodwork–they even have one
      to remove “In God We Trust” from our money! LOL
      They are hilarious & so transparent, it is possible to
      scroll through the petitions & tell which ones are the
      “brain child” of a liberally diseased mindset . . .

      • Elizabeth,

        I read that and their petitions are ludicrous. What is their problem. I thought they didn’t like us, so why would they care if we were to withdraw from the Union. Oh, that’s right, less people to pay for their freebies. LOL!

    • Mrs. Al,

      The last I heard 30 states have petitions going. It could be more by now as each day another state/s file their petitions.

  23. Update,
    The number of states petitioning to leave the Union is up to 47 as of now.

  24. Another update: Texas has 101, 065 signatures on their petition to secede. Wow!

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