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Giving Thanks To Our Veterans

This year is a very special year for our Veterans.  The veterans are sad, depressed, and feel empty inside.  They fought for freedom  in other countries to free them from Communism.

They now feel betrayed over the election of Obama, a 2nd term and more nightmares for them. They feel their efforts were for nothing.  I can speak about this personally because I know of 3 men who are feeling this way right now. 

The Hawk is having flashbacks from Korea. Willibeaux, one of the most wonderful men I’ve ever known besides the Hawk is also suffering with this same empty feeling.  The Obama election triggered the Hawk’s PTSD from Korea. I feel very sad over this. But I am glad I can comfort Hawk as he did over all the things I have been through. He stayed by my side through every trauma for the last 5 years.

I am sure my brother is feeling this too since he fought in Vietnam.  He was one among a band of brothers in the Marines.  He too suffered  PTSD when he came home as well. My brother once told me he could have had many medals, but he did not want them because the most important thing was being there for one’s Marine brothers.

Both of my Uncles are dead now, my Uncle Charlie killed in Vietnam and also served in Korea.  I am glad they are not alive to see what is happening to our Republic. I have no doubt they would feel exactly the same.  Why did I fight only to find myself now in a country that is being overthrown by Marxists and Communists?

My Uncle Bob came home from Korea with what they called shell shock back then, but as we know it today it is PTSD. He had nightmares every night.

So this year I’m posting a pictorial of soldiers with their loyal dogs. Every vet knows there is nothing more loyal than their war dog. Some will make you laugh, some will make you sad, and some may make you cry, one will surely make you laugh. 

We all know we can depend on our dogs to love us, protect us, their loyalty to us, but there  is nothing that beats  the dogs our Vets went to war with.

The Hawk has always had German shepherds by his side. I have my own German shepherd now and he loves me so much he can’t stand not being able to see me or not be with me due to his attachment.  Dogs are good! Another gift from God in my opinion.

So today we thank every Vet who has served any war and those also who served during peace times.   We honor them due to their bravery, heroics, their honor, and most of all their sacrifice.  There is no more honor than laying down one’s life for one’s country. These Vets have all done just that. They sacrificed not being with their families, some gave the ultimate sacrifice of giving their life. They are the truest of our Patriots. Thank you Veterans for all you have done.  We love you and respect your sacrifices.  May God bless them all.

This is special tribute to Goshawk, Willibeaux,  Just Gene, my brother Paul, and my nephew Steve!

These dogs are all lined up to give their feelings for Obama.


Comments on: "Giving Thanks To Our Veterans" (26)

  1. Outstanding tribute Pepp!

    That’s…Well, all I can say right now except, thank you for your love and appreciation of all our fighting men and women that gave so much for our country!


  2. There will be called again to fight for our country. The most difficult fight is yet ahead.


  3. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    I would like to especially honor the 33rd Pursuit Group, USAAF this veterans day. In November 1942 the group launched in their P40’s from carriers to support the North Africa invasion. They launched without even having a place to land their planes, as they could not land back on the carriers and the enemy air fields were not captured yet.

    Growing up, these men were my heros. They still are.


  4. Davetherave said:

    Great tribute Pepp! Sorry I’m late to the show, but I just finally came up for air after the sumbitch getting re-elected. I have the greatest respect and pride in our vets. I thank them from the deepest part of my heart and will be forever in their debt!


  5. We can never thank them enough. The best thing for us to do is mourn the loss,regroup,and come out stronger. A quick thought: the left is always saying how THEIR way is better than ours. OK,leftards,here is your golden opportunity. Show us where we are wrong. Guarandamntee you if things don’t improve,2014 will be a bigger slaughter for the left than 2010.


    • clyde,

      Thank you. Yes we must mourn and then go forward with whatever we have now. Hopefully we have just lost one battle and we will still win the war.

      You are so right of course, if things do not get better, the Butcher is not going to be able to blame his second term on Bush. He’ll try, but I don’t think it will keep working. The morons will believe him no matter what. I think we are going to be looking down into an abyss if we go over this fiscal cliff. That would take a long time and a slaughter.


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  7. This was wonderful Pepper I agree with you about dogs but I also feel the same ways about cats. The picture of the dog lying on his master’s grave was heartbreaking but the picture of the dogs standing in line to pay their respect to that monster was priceless


    • Susie,

      Thank you so much. Well we like cats too. We have Zima, our white cat now and we adore her just as much as the dogs.

      Yes, that picture is really a heart breaker. I look over and over at some of these pictures and I start to cry.

      Ha, yeah, I love the pick of the dogs urinating on the Obama sign. And it is priceless like you stated. Whoever thought that one up is a genius. 🙂


  8. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! Awesome! Thank you! The last photo sums up my feeling.

    ‘oohRah! 😉


  9. Dogs teach us how to be better at being people.


    • drrik,

      If people were more like dogs, most of our problems would disappear. Unfortunately, people do not learn. They behave in vicious manner to others, forgetting to respect others.


  10. Excellent tribute. Yeah, dogs are great, and their devotion to their human is awe-inspiring. I’m not sure what God had in mind when He created them, but I’m certainly glad He did. And please, please, tell your (and our!) stressed out military heros, there are a LOT of us who value highly and treasure the sacrifices they made on our behalf in those conflicts in which they participated.

    Now, what was that Marine officer’s response when told he was surrounded by the enemy? “Oh good; that simplifies things!” Or something like that! We have not yet begun to fight.

    And yes, that last pic sums things up nicely! Well done!


  11. That’s a great post. But especially the last pic. That’s the K-9 “three-legged salute. At least they can smell a traitor. Which reminds me, its been a while since we saw the Obama dog, BO. He probably has post traumatic stress…. if he’s still around.


    • Bull,

      Thank you and I sure hope any vets who came by felt uplifted by it.
      Poor Bo, the Butcher of Benghazi may have eaten him by now. Thus his existence is in question.


  12. Oh, Pepp, this is such a beautiful tribute to our wonderful military. I love our military so much. Some the pictures made me tear up, but the last one was hilarious and truly what he deserves!


    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the compliment. I always at least try to get something up for Veterans Day.
      I like that last pic so much. Just looking at it gives me a laugh for the day. And yes, he deserves it.


  13. I see we who have signed petitions are enemies of the state. I kinda like that. CLYDE,ENEMY OF THE STATE. Moonbats are hilarious. I wonder if they’ve thought about how many TAXPAYERS have signed those,with the resultant loss of revenue to the Treasury,who is going to pay for all their free shit?


    • clyde,

      Excellent comment. Ha, ha, I think the same, Granny Peppermint, an enemy of the State. Sounds hilarious to me as does yours.

      I guess all those moochers will have to find another way to get their free stuff and goodies.
      I actually believe that besides fraud the only people who voted him in were the ones who want all the candy he is passing out. How little do they know, that candy will be long gone shortly when the economy crashes.


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