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Warning:  The video has graphic and offensive language.  These are the foul mouth anti Israel people who voted for Obama.  I think the video tells us a lot about Obama and the kind of people who support him.  It is downright disgusting.


Comments on: "Obama Supporters Celebrate No More Israel" (21)

  1. Wow, is that encouraging for the future of America? A self hating Jew and and another calling Obama the great Angel of Peace. The rest make no bones about Obama’s distaste for Israel. It would make Jeremiah Wright proud. What a reflection.


    • Hi Bull,

      Good observation that is must make Jeremiah Wright proud of his protege. It is so revolting. Now we know exactly where the Butcher of Benghazi stands on Israel. It is really very hard to take.


  2. Pepp and Goshawk, this is disgusting to the max. We are witnessing the systematic dimantling of a country that had Israel’s back and now will betray them when the bombs, etc start flying. We are also witnessing the future of this country via the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter that hit the NorthEast. Can anyone say third world country? Guess I am just a gloomy gus today.

    Could we recover? Yes. Will we? No clue.


    • Mrs. Al,

      Thanks for coming by. Yes it is disgusting to the max. At first I wasn’t sure whether to put it up or not it being so ugly. But then I thought yes, people should know about this.

      I think a lot of people are gloomy, Mrs. Al. Right now it is hard to see anything positive even when you try your best.

      Yes, the people hit with Sandy went and voted for Obama, but he hasn’t given them a 2nd thought since he had his photo op with Christie who lavished praise on Obama. I think he was a bit hasty with all that praise.

      Also, Governor Cuomo sent in the National Guard to help with the disaster since FEMA seems to have fallen down on the job. When they reached NYC, Bloomberg told them to leave since they have guns. I could barely believe the stupidity of that man. So he’s more worried about National Guard having guns than the his own people.

      My ex husband had to go out many times for disaster relief as he was in the National Guard. They had guns but they didn’t shoot anyone down for bloody sake. They helped remove debris, get food and water to people, etc. Most of the ones he had to go out on were for very bad tornado damage.


  3. Cannot read the black background it does not come thru.


    • Joycee,

      I was not real sure what you meant unless it was the black background I had changed it to since we were mourning the death of freedom. If that was not it then let me know. Thank you.


  4. What a crock of bullshit! “angel of peace”? The only word I can think of to apply to the sumbitch as far as angel would be FALLEN! If he’s the angel of peace, I sure in the hell don’t look forward to the arrival of the four horsemen.

    A total disgusting display of the type people that support the sumbitch and the sumbitch supports them. Another great example racism is doing better than ever in our country and it’s the blacks keeping it alive and growing.

    Israel is a proud, strong nation and I sure in the hell wouldn’t look forward to fighting them If I was in charge of one of those Godless, jihadist countries. Not sure if Israel could beat them all without our help, but I guarantee Israel will make them regret picking a war with them and they’ll take down A LOT of those murdering bastards with them if Israel falls.

    Muslims! Spawn straight from the deepest level of hell!


    • Dave,

      The video is horrifying to me that we have people who believe as they do. It does appear that racism is quite alive but not with white folks. It was truly amazing to me to hear what these people were saying and obviously proud to have it on video.

      It is appalling to know these are the Obamacide supporters.

      Lucie told me “what makes Obama think they cannot do things on their own. They have plenty of weapons”. I think the Israelis are not at all pleased that another country thinks that they need America so bad. Bibi knows quite well what the rat bastard is and he also knows he cannot rely on him.

      Yeah, Angel of Peace is the most laughable thing to hear. That man is no angel, but Lucifer, straight from hell.


      • Yeah; the sumbitch is really delusional, if he thinks Israel depends on him or will seek his approval for anything. Like I wrote earlier; Israel is not the country those damn towel heads should mess with. Israel will tear them a new azzhole in a straight up fight and it’s not like Israel doesn’t have WMD’s. The ME may appear to be on fire to us right now, but watch for real flames if those camel jockeys push Israel too far and Israel turns their big dogs loose to eat!


  5. The REAL problem we have is our overabundance of ignorance.


    • clyde,

      You’re sooo.. right. And that’s the way the Communist rulers want it. The Liberal/Progressive’s have done a good job dumbing down generations.


  6. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Clyde has it correct, an over-abundance of ignorance on the side of the Obama supporters.


    • I wish I could say something definitive about this, but it’s not exactly news to us in Israel. Historical fact means less than nothing to just about everyone involved. The only thing I do know for sure is that we will do what we have to do when we have to do it. The kenyan be damned.


      • Lucie,

        You are a sovereign country. Israel does not need permission from this lame creepy idiot that other idiots voted back in. He has a ton of gall telling other countries what they can do or not.


        • I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on an explanation. For some reason America and the EU, not to mention the UN all seem to think that they have a perfect right to tell us what we may and may not do. It seems they didn’t get the memo. Israel declared statehood on May 14 1948. We are a sovereign state and don’t need permission to do what we need to do, when we need to do it.


  7. St. Gracie, I can assure you that he’s done just that more than once. It just sails over their arrogant heads. You can bank on him continuing to do it.


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