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Leaks, Lies, Libya

Published on Oct 27, 2012 by


Former Special Ops officers from four separate branches of the military have joined ranks for one specific purpose — to remove Barack Obama from office.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 — even $1,000 or more if you can possibly spare it — will help us Special Operations Speaks PAC bring an end to Barack Obama’s war on the military and military voters. So, I urge you, please give as generously as you can.


Even if you cannot donate, please sign the petition.


Comments on: "Leaks, Lies, Libya" (9)

  1. St. Gracie,
    You just don’t understand. Bin Laden is dead and AQ doesn’t exist any more. Now, please excuse me while I go hurl on a picture of the kenyan.


    • Lucie,

      Oh yeah, what could I be thinking. The White Mosque Satan said Al Qaeda is defeated. And he got Bin Laden, the terrorist war is over. Duh! Where did I go wrong? 😀
      Right, now I have to run to the toilet to hurl also. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Pepp,

    I’ve never seen nor heard of our military turning against the CIC the way they have against The Sumbitch. That should be a very clear sign to everyone this POS needs to be voted out of office! Bin Laden is dead, Al Qaeda is doing better than ever, The Muzzie Bro Hoods control more property than they ever have and are expanding…etc. The Seal’s get credit for killing BL and Obastard gets credit for everything else!


    • Dave,

      Neither have I. But this ahole has the entire military retired and still serving mad as hell and I don’t blame them. They just watched 4 Americans who were supposed to be protected murdered. It’s disgusting and inexcusable. I agree with all you said.


  3. Sent them a $50 bill. ANYTHING that can be done to rid us of the sumbitch (that is a GREAT line Dave) is a much smaller price to pay than what he is going to cost us.


    • clyde,

      Well bless your heart for giving them that money. Yes, it is a small price to pay for what the rat bastard is doing. If he gets back into office, I hope these retired and distinguished vets put so much pressure on the congress that they will have no choice but to indict the Satan for treason and impeach him. of course if dingy harry still is the majority leader, the indictment would go nowhere.


  4. Just came back from casting my vote. The libs here are really glum,not saying much,while the R&R supporters ar having a BLAST. And for THIS area to see so many R&R supporters out already,I think the libs are in for a SERIOUS ass whippin’.


    • clyde
      Thanks for the report. Hopefully the liberals will be crying in their kool aid tonight. I can’t think of a better scenario.
      i sure hope they are in for a serious whooping. They deserve it. And if Romney takes Michigan that would be big.
      We’re just about to go to vote now. KY will be Romney. He lost here by 18% in 2008. So I don’t expect he’ll do much better this year.


  5. The Hawk and I just voted. Big turnout, busier than usual the poll lady told me. We happily cast our ballot for Romney/Ryan. We hope the big turnout is for Romney. There are only about 3000 of us in this little place, but we hope KY smashes the O man today like they did in 2008. Now, we wait on pins and needles for result.


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