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Obama And Big Promises

The now-famous remarks Obama made in 2008 after securing the Democratic nomination:  “I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children … this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Ah, what god like positions Obama promised.  We only have one God, the true God that most of us believe in.

No one can control the weather, change the climate and it is the most arrogant and ridiculous thing for a mere mortal to claim.  He obviously believed when he made that speech that he was a god.

This should have alerted Americans immediately this man was a psychopath.  If not that, certainly certifiable for the criminally insane.  That is due to all the crimes and misdemeanors he has committed under our Constitution.

The only thing Obama has lowered is himself in so many ways.  Let me count the ways, but there are too many to state. 

The planet began to heal because he became president of the most powerful and strong country on the planet.  Our planet does not need to be healed by him.  That is God’s work if He thinks our planet needs to be healed.  Narcissistic Obama however believes differently.

The only thing he has lowered is the standard of living for millions of Americans across the country.   He has lowered the self esteem of those who took great joy in going to work and achieving things.  Now these people sit at home wondering if they will ever be able to realize their dreams and our children will see nothing better out of this man.  Oh, great job Obama.

The oceans began to slow.  Now how did he expect to make his promise on that phony bit of rhetoric.  It does bring one to the only conclusion one can come to and that is Obama actually believes in this.  He actually believes he is a god of some sort.  Is this what the Muslim teachings give you?  A nut case who thinks he is a god?  Deliver me from this evil Dear God please.

Oh and how the people swooned over his rhetoric of all of us coming together as one, no white, no black or brown, no yellow.  We are all Americans.  Now how did that work for you who believed in this con man.  After all that is all he is, one big con man selling snake oil to the panting crowds and they believed him.  It is incomprehensible to me how anyone could vote for this man again.

I am told by the ever so erudite talking heads we just don’t understand him and that we are racist and too stupid to know what he is saying.

We are constantly told by his useful idiots and foot soldiers that he will win this election next Tuesday hands down.  His support is superior to none other and certainly not to the “salesman” Romney which Obama calls him.

Bill Cunningham,  a Cincinnati icon, who has his own radio show told Hannity today that Ohio is going to go big for Romney.  He was on the phone with Hannity during his radio show and told him that Friday night Romney and Paul Ryan are holding a rally in my old stomping grounds in Westchester, OH where 50,000 people are supposed to attend. Wow, that does not sound that great for Obama.  He doesn’t draw crowds like that anymore.

I think Ohio is going to show this con man they no longer believe in his nasty mean spirited soul.  They do not believe 4 more years things will get better and I have a much different take on  the upcoming election.  Ohioans also called into Sean Hannity about how upset they are over the Benghazi attack and what Obama has done and won’t tell the truth.

Today I heard from Bill Cunningham who knows every county in Ohio and the pulse of the people.  So when you hear all the Alinsky useful idiots tell you that there is no way Romney can win Ohio, they are scamming you. 

They want to make you believe Romney has no chance to win the state and thus depress you so you don’t go vote for Romney because after all the election is over as Obama wins Ohio and then it’s a done deal.  In fact according to the talking headaches the election is really over since only Obama can win Ohio.

The talking headaches and pundits also stated that the American people know nothing about Benghazi and it won’t be an issue in the election. Well, I hate to tell those nincompoops that plenty of people from Ohio called into the Hannity radio show and told him about how upset and angry they are over Benghazi.  Once again these people in Bubble Head land think we are idiots.  Talk about a disconnect!

Just more loose talk and lies from the Alinsky crowd and we are not going to fall for itSeveral people from Ohio told Hannity they are going to bring Ohio home for Romney thus saving us from the ogre in the White Mosque.  Time will tell, but I am betting on the people from Ohio to deliver us from this evil.  I also pray to God every night to deliver us from this evil. I hope my prayers are getting through to God.


Comments on: "Obama And Big Promises" (16)

  1. All good points Pepp,

    Of course you know that I agree with all you have written as we are constantly talking about the political situation. I just really hope that Cunningham is right about Ohio.


  2. Davetherave said:

    Excellent post Pepp! Damn I wish I could write as well as you! 🙂

    Obastard doesn’t know how to fix anything; only break stuff. Usually the stuff we hold sacred. This man-made destruction of our planet total lie will never die off I guess, but the natural occurring events of a planet evolving sure isn’t in the sumbitches control to affect. Latest Rasmussen poll shows Mitty now leading in 8 of the 11 swing states; which includes the real prices…OH, FL, CO, NC, VA, IA…and two more. A little early for my brain to be in full swing. I agree with Cunningham. I’m now convinced the Obama Family Squatters will relocate their residence after the election and Romney/Ryan are “moving up to the east side!” Don’t go away mad Barry; just go away!


    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Of course that POS does not know how to fix anything and besides that he doesn’t want to fix the economy. His plan is to destroy us. Yeah, I’m hearing good stuff too about Romney having leads in those states you mentioned.

      Oh, how I would love to see those trailer trash leave the White Mosque so Romney and his lovely, classy wife can take over. And I hope Romney cleans house of every last radical the Occupier appointed. They are all trash and need to go. Ha, finding another job for a lot of these people might be difficult but that is their problem.


      • Hey Pepp,

        Somehow I feel those traitor radicals working for The Fraud could easily find jobs amongst all the terrorist groups Obastard has ushered into our nation. They make take a pay cut, but they’ll love going into work every day!


  3. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Ohio is going Romney/Ryan. And it appears that Wisconsin is poised to do the same. The Democraps are going nuts trying to figure out how to stop the tsunamia; but it doesn’t appear that they can. As Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”


    • Hi Gray Ghost,

      Yes, I think Romney/Ryan are going to win Ohio too. The Alinsky party is desperate now and I don’t think they can stop Romney’s momentum. I have no sympathy whatsoever for them and their dirty games. Chitcago thugs are all they are and they need to go and fast.
      I’d like to see Obamacide tried for treason however, but we’ll never see that happen.


  4. St. Gracie! You did me proud with this one. Well done. With just a little luck and pluck from the idiot MSM the whole crew can be the first residents of that new prison they just bought on our dime.


    • Lucie,

      I was hoping the article met your standards. :-), Yep, with luck that prison could fill up quickly but you know nobody is going to go after them. That is the sad part of this. Anyhow I’m glad you liked the article.


  5. Michigan,which once was Obama +8 is now a damn dead heat. Even the libtard polling shows a point and a half Obama lead. I think Michigan may surprise everyone,and go Romney. Especially once they cut through the ad lies,and see that Romney wanted a NORMAL,LEGAL Chapter 11 bankruptcy,instead of the bastard turning 100 years of bankruptcy law upside down to save the damned UAW. In ’08 there were no fewer than 25 Odickhead lawn signs in the ‘hood here,this time,there are 6. THAT,coupled with a lot of the uber-lib neighborhoods in and around the PRoAA striking absence of lawn signs,tells me the BECS is in deep kimchee. They just yesterday started running their bullshit ads on TV here.


    • Hi clyde,

      I am hearing that too that Michigan is possibly in play for Romney. Unbelievable! Oh, how lovely that would be for a Michigan surprise. Oh, that’s good that they are now seeing what Romney would have done with the auto industry which of course makes far more sense than giving them tax payer money which we’ll never see returned.

      I like that that, less signs for the Messiah. Yippee! Well if they just started running ads they know they are in deep kiimchee as you stated. LOL! What fun to see the Alinsky party in desperation. Oh, yeah and that kimchee stinks to high heaven. How anyone can eat that is beyond me.


      • Clyde & Pepp,

        The only help the sumbitch offered Michigan was bailing out his union buddies. I think a lot of Michigan voters can see he’s done nothing to help the greater majority non-union folks and if they come out in force and VOTE; little O’ is in a lot of trouble!


        • Amen to that Dave. The rest of the workers in Michigan can go to hell for all he cares. Only his union buddies he cares about because they funnel so much money to him.


  6. Rogers that said:

    Hi Pepp,
    It is beyond belief that anyone with any gray matter would even consider voting for this psycho-path. Especially after what happened in Bengazi and fast and furious, etc. etc. and on and on! It’s just infuriating and down right disgusting. I’m just beside myself the race is so close for not only the POTUS, but for house and senate races. Just goes to show liberalism is a mental disease! What has
    happened to OUR GREAT NATION!? Lord help us defeat this fraud that is occupying the peoples house please! GOD BLESS AMERICA and may GOD BLESS our brothers and sisters back east that are hurting!


    • Rogers,

      Thanks so much by coming by and giving us your input. ]

      I think it is beyond belief and my comprehension how any American other than the Alinsky people who will vote for this evil man again. I am almost in the middle of a primal scream over this. It is just mind numbing. If we have to look at that evil doer another 4 years I believe there will be tons of suicides. People are depressed and demoralized. They can’t find good work and are stressed every day trying to feed their families or keep their homes
      Another 4 years of these “tactics” (because Zero has no real economic policy) and things are going to hit the fan.

      I don’t know what happened to our great nation, the best in the world. The Occupier is destroying us and deliberately. We won’t even recognize our country if he gets re-elected.
      God help all those who are suffering due this evil man and God bless American and I pray that God saves us from more of this tragedy that is going on here in America.

      Or perhaps these people will take over and America will not be the one you and i grew up with. That is a horrible thought.


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