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Thanks to Bill W. for sending me this video.


Comments on: "Glenn Beck on Video, His Own Words" (15)

  1. You can listen yourself to the Beck video and make your own conclusions. I do not know what to believe any longer. However it does appear Obama was involved in gun running to Syria and arming the enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda.

    This one is definitely treason, no ifs ands or buts about it.


    • OMG, St. Gracie, it’s even worse than we thought. Too bad we can’t get the MSM charged with something for not even looking into this. I can’t say that I’m at all surprised at this point. The kenyan is capable of anything. He gots to go.


      • Lucie,

        It sure is worse than we thought. I would like to see all the lame stream liberal media be charged for aiding and abetting this cover up. They too should be tried for treason. I heard last night that the lamos are starting to run the Libya story. But they are way behind the 8 ball on this.

        It took 2 brave women, Jennifer Griffith, who is on the ground in the dangerous territory of Libya and Katherine Herridge who got this story out. They deserve a Pulitzer Prize for their excellent journalism. The other media stink to high heaven in covering the Occupier’s butt.

        And yes, the Kenyan needs to go. I would love to see him tried for treason but it will n ever happen from those Congress Critter Cowards.


  2. Davetherave said:


    This further reinforces the other info I’ve read the Obastard administration was using this so called embassy to actually send weapons “illegally” to the Syrian opposition that is lead by the Muslim Brotherhood. Barry sticking his nose into another muzzie country giving his Bro’s a hand up to take it over. The building touted as an embassy was a rubble and not even befitting of a US embassy. The rat bastard let those men die to in attempt to keep this “crime” under wraps. He f’ing let our citizens die to cover his own ass of pushing for the Muslim Brotherhood to take over yet another country. What a low life traitor!

    I read an article yesterday that Barry is getting very impatient with the opposition, because they will not better coordinate their efforts. There is a meeting to be held in Qatar where the Obastard administration is going to try and enforce his will on insisting his cronies play a larger role to help coordinate the overthrow of Assad. Apparently Barry is wanting so much control that even a spokesman for the Brotherhood is telling Barry to back off. Hell; they hate Barry just as much as they hate my Christian butt, but Barry is too damn stupid to understand that.

    Dictators (as much as I despise them) do seem to be useful in the ME. They did a pretty good job for many years keeping jihadist groups like the muzzie bro’s from taking control of their country. Talking about an easy choice between two evils…I’ll take the dictators in the ME every time!


    • Dave,

      Barry did not let them die. He murdered them deliberately to cover his sorry butt. He is arming every Muslim group to overthrow their governments and replace them with the Muslim Brotherhood. He must now topple Syria. So he was flat out gun running. If you recall a ship went to Turkey from Libya and they found a huge shipment of arms. That started this whole fiasco. Things were going south on ole Barry and he needed to get rid of evidence which happened to be living human beings. Treason and there is no other word for this. He has no business toppling these dictators to install the Muslim Bro and all of it on our dime. It is heinous beyond belief almost, but the facts are bearing up the scenarios.


      • Pepp,

        Have you seen the article today released by the WH now fessing up it was actually a CIA operation going on in that building, but they won’t say what they were doing. Go figure. The article further goes on to make excuses for Barry and explain a time line where help got there as quick as possible. Yeah; right! If this is the true story, I wonder why they didn’t just come out with it right away instead of the cover up??? I’m guessing Axelrod needed the appropriate amount of time to write a good lie, because they felt the walls crushing in on them.


        • Dave,

          No I did not see the article released by the WH. Well you can rest assured that everything in it is a damn big lie. Like you said they could have come out with this a long time ago but it is only trying to get the story off the front page. That won’t happen. Too much info has already been dug up. And Axelrod thinks he can fool people. What a moron.


  3. Beck forgets a couple things. One a balless Congress.Two,a senate run by the criminal Reid. The ONLY hope of Beck’s vision coming to fruition is getting an overwhelming House count,and taking the senate. Also have to get Boehner out of the way.


    • clyde,

      Yep, getting Boehner out of the way has to be a primary act. There are nothing but cowards in the House and like you said, dingy harry needs to toppled first to get anywhere in the Senate because impeachment would go nowhere. So Beck’s hopes for anything to be done are hopeless.


  4. what is he waiting for? Monday will be too late, it will never get to voters in time….


    • FOH,

      That is the general impression and question people have. If Beck has something so devastating he should release it today pronto. I agree Monday is too late. Especially for those who have already voted.


  5. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    What Beck described is an act of treason by Obama and the Obama Administration. I can only hope and pray that Romney investigates after he is elected.


    • GG,

      Yes it is an absolute act/s of treason. The whole administration of his needs to be brought up for treason. Somehow I think that will never happen though with the cowards we have in the House.


      • Gray and Pepp,

        The chickenshits in congress have let Obastard get away with everything else illegal he has done, so I don’t expect anything different concerning this issue. Way too many Repukes riding on the same yacht with the radicals and they don’t want waves tossing it over.


        • Dave,

          Unfortunately I believe you are correct. We have not seen anything bu cowardice when it comes to this traitor. They all have to know what he is by now.


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