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We Support the Seals


Nothing more to be said.  The Hawk and I support getting the real story out. Americans want to know the truth.  The truth is way past due.  Obama needs to be kicked out of office.  Vote him OUT on Tuesday!



Comments on: "We Support the Seals" (17)

  1. I normally never talk about myself (as Pepp can tell you) but as a vet and Spec. Opts. My anger and disgust over this is beyond description! Ovomit and his Communist administration, speak publicly as if all the Vets wouldn’t know that they were lying through their smirking teeth! They have told so many lies to cover themselves that the list is to list long to mention here. But one of the biggest lies is when they said that the forces where not ready to go. They know damn well that these highly trained anti-terrorist teams are “always” ready to go on a moments notice! There is no such thing as ‘having to get ready!’ Whenever any hostage or rescue situation, any where in the world occurs, these teams are automatically brought to full alert and ready to go in a heartbeat awaiting the “go” order. That order was never given! Even the two Seals at the embassy “just knew” that support would be there shortly.

    My heart bleeds for those two guys and what they must have been thinking as they stood of an entire army all the way to their death. Where the hell are you guys!!!???

    As far as I’m concerned, Ovomit and all those trying to ‘cover up’ need to be prosecuted for murder and Treason then taken out and shot!


    • Hawk Hon,

      Thanks for giving your perspective to the story even though we know you don’t like talking about yourself.
      My heart breaks for those Navy Seals and their families. They have been treated very bad. They deserve answers but none will be forth coming because the Occupier would have to admit committed treason.


  2. Davetherave said:

    Hell yes I support our Seals and everyone that has offered up their life for our country! Do we have any better citizens than that group?? I sure in the hell don’t believe so…


    • Davetherave said:

      By “offered up” I am referring not only to those that unfortunately lost their lives serving our nation, but all those that were willing to give their lives for our country if needed.


  3. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Obama and his administration committed treason in Benghazi. There is no way to look at what happened in any other way. My only hope is for criminal investigations to start in early 2013 after Romney wins the election.


    • GG,

      I too would like to see an investigation of the Obamacide and his regime. Somehow I don’t think it will ever happen. But it sure would be great if Mitt ordered an investigation into this gun running of his and murdering those Navy Seals. It is treason. It is concrete what he is doing. Aiding and abetting our enemies, the Muslim Bro and Al Qaeda.


  4. This shit OUGHT to be enough to do the bastard in,regardless of how hard his media cohorts try to cover it up. However,we cannot discount the stupidity of far too many mindnumbed morons who vote as well.


    • clyde,

      Yep, this should be more than plenty evidence of treason. And yes, we have too many morons apparently in this country which is a very sad and scary thing to realize.


  5. I agree with everyone here. Do I believe that it will happen? If it does, I think it will have to come by the military. I don’t believe any of the flakes in Washington have the cajones? They are too afraid of the backlash and instigation of violence that would come from the ‘race baiters’ preaching white hatred.


    • FOH,

      I don’t believe the flakes and cowards in DC are going to do a doggone thing about this treason Obama has committed. Perhaps the military would be a good place fo have this examined. There is only one thing that this is, and that is treason. Yes, they are afraid of being called racist and the violence that may occur. I say forget that nonsense and do what is right.


  6. vicki jones said:

    agree everybody get out and vote.



  7. I talked to a US Representative today – they have something going, but he couldn’t go into details – it won’t happen before election, unfortunately, but it does sound good that Congress is working on this…


    • Hi Donna friend,

      Oh, I would love to know what they have going. Do you think it’s about Benghazi? It boils me what that Evil thing in the White Mosque did to those Americans who were murdered and he dances of to have fun with Beyonce and rapper, Jay Z.


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