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Facebook Censors the SEALs
Facebook squelches free speech to protect Obama from Benghazi-gate
Today, the founders of Special Operations Speaks PAC – an organization founded by Special Operations veterans dedicated to protecting our forces at home and abroad – released the following statement after Facebook twice censored their meme criticizing President Obama for refusing to save the lives of former Navy SEALS in Benghazi. The meme simply stated, “When Obama called the SEALs, they got bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obama, they got denied.”  The meme spread virally throughout Facebook’s network and within in 24 hours almost 30,000 people shared and hundreds of thousands viewed the meme.

The meme was taken down for an unspecified violation of Facebook’s terms of Rights and Responsibilities.

“It looks like Obama’s liberal followers in Facebook HQ are terrified of how damaging the Benghazi scandal is for the President. We understand that Facebook can run their site however they’d like, but when they’re trying to quietly squelch opposition to what is a clear leadership failure that resulted in the tragic deaths of some of our nation’s heroes, they deserve the to be called out on it,” said Larry Bailey, CAPT (SEAL), USN (Ret).

“We are paying advertisers on Facebook. It is outrageous that Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook, who worked to elect Obama in 2008, would sell out patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice – all to serve the political ambitions of the man who let them die.”

“Americans across the country deserve the truth about what happened in Libya, and they certainly deserve to know when people who hold the keys to a lot of their online communications are trying to keep that from them,” continued Colonel Dick Brauer, Jr., USAF (Ret).

“This whole affair has become the poster child for liberal arrogance and incompetence – from the President’s complete leadership failure in Libya to the liberal media’s desperate efforts to keep this out of the hands of the American people across the spectrum from broadcast news to social media. I hope they’ll stop this shameful game and stop sacrificing the truth – and Americans abroad – in the name of politics.”

SOS Meme



Special Operations Speaks PAC is comprised of veterans, legatees, and supporters of the Special Operations communities of all the Armed Forces and have noted with dismay and deep alarm the recent stream of highly damaging leaks of information about various aspects of America’s shadow war in the overall War on Terror.  Our principles are the same as when we were in active service — Duty, Honor, Country.

Website: http://specialoperationsspeaks.com

Video: http://sosvideo.us

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Special-Operations-Speaks/455326401158941

UPDATE: We just received this email from Facebook:


A member of our team accidentally removed something you posted on Facebook. This was mistake, and we sincerely apologize for this error. We’ve since restored the content, and you should now be able to see it.

The Facebook Team

Note: Facebook removed the post two times and suspended our account for 24 hours.We accept their apology but do not accept that it was an innocent mistake. It was clearly a means to protect Obama on Libya.

All information was taken from this website below:



Comments on: "Navy Seals Censored on Facebook" (15)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    Although by the time I saw that it had been taken down from their site, I had copied and pasted it to my FB site and it stayed up, BUT the link to my “LIKE” on their site was gone.


  2. Farcebook. Glad I never been there. The stock sucks as does the founder.


    • clyde,

      There are some closed conservative groups which you can get into that supply untold info. It’s a real good place just to troll for all the stories that we don’t get because it takes a lot of people to get all that info. I found it very useful for that one purpose only. Otherwise I don’t like all the trivia crapola and games. I’ve got no time for that stuff.


  3. Pepp,

    I saw that add when it first came out and I SHARED it for all my idiot liberal family to see. Then I read where FB had censured it, so I put up my own post of FB in all caps that read “STOP FREE SPEECH DENIAL FACEBOOK!”. FB management is lying their butts off and they’re full of horse manure with their recant! Accident my white arse! Just another Team Obama Radical trying to cover Barry’s behind for this atrocity THAT WILL COST HIM HIS JOB! I just love trolling radicals!


    • Dave,

      Oh, I bet your idiot liberal family members love that one. 😀 I like the Stop free speech denial facebook.

      This is all going viral now. Even some of the alphabet soup lame media is starting to pick up on this story. They are only trying now to save their faces since they did nothing on this story. Now with 4 days to the election they decide they better jump into “but just a bit”. The real heroes in journalism were Jennifer Griffith and Katherine Herridge. Two women on the ground in danger getting the information. Now what does that say about the men journalists? Does it take a woman/women to get the job done? It looks that way.


      • Davetherave said:


        LOL…looks like it did take women to tell the truth on this one! Man or women I must say Jennifer and Katherine seem to still have telling the truth at the top of their list as journalist and that makes them two very rare journalist among both sexes. They rank right at the top for me!


        • Dave,

          These 2 women deserve a Pulitzer prize for their journalism. And yes what a sorry day it is that it takes two brave women to do it. Where are the brave men journalists. Nowhere to be found. Makes me sick.

          I heard this Rick from ABC on Greta last night wondering why Romney does not bring up this Benghazi disaster. I screamed. I said to the TV, why are you, Rick, a so called journalist going after this story. It’s not Romney’s job to do it. His job is to become president so we get this evil, foul thing out of the White Mosque.


  4. BREAKING NEWS !=Now that the White House has unprecedented identified the 2 NAVY SEALS and 1 CCT murdered as part of a very highly classified unit and that CIA high command denied back up assistance and the White House was not notified is a blatant ball face LIE ! Barack Hussein Obama was in the situation room watching real time as it happened ! he could here and see everything . He denied sending/giving assistance there was and orbiting ready to rock and roll AC130 AND 3 fully equipped reapers and a Comm /RECON predator were all there ! Now Obama is saying this is solely the agency fault ! Vote for anything but Obama lying self on 11/06/2012 . He was probably upset after he learned of such a unit doing the OBL raid and found out said unit in no way reported to him nor , The DOD , nor Billary C = He Obama ordered it disbanded . He was surprised when he found out it still existed .

    From a Navy Seal on FB. I decided not to put his name up for obvious reasons.


  5. Here is a link that you all might be interested in reading. Admiral resigned or shall we say he was made to go? It is a really good piece this guy writes. So go there and get the rap.


  6. Facebook is always doing this kind of stuff!

    On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 6:48 PM, pepperhawkfarm


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