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The Hawk and I were driving to Lexington this morning listening to the Glenn Beck radio show. We were taking the Hawk to the back doctor.

What Beck had to say about popped our eyes out of our heads.

In a rather long statement, Beck explained that he has about 500 sources for information.  One of these sources gave Beck a memo that must be so damning to Obama over the Benghazi attack, that it will rock the nation.

Beck said he never likes to burn his sources, but he may have to if the person who has this memo does not release it before Tuesday.  He went on to state that this memo is too important to not release it and if the source does not release it before election day, Beck will release it himself.  He said that this time he had to weigh keeping his sources unexposed, but this is too important and must be heard and seen before November 6, election day.

He also stated that if this memo is not released it will be a very dark day for America.

He is not sure when he will release the memo.  I imagine he waits a bit to see if the source will come out with it, but if he does not,  Beck may release the information over the weekend or Monday, but it must be before the election.

I don’t know what is in this memo but I can imagine that it must be very damaging to Obama over the Benghazi attack.  What do you think?


Comments on: "Glenn Beck Is Going to Release Devastating Memo" (18)

  1. Sorry,Pepp,but if Beck has a memo that is THAT damning,HE is a hypocrite and a COWARD for NOT releasing it NOW. This “unnamed source” is most likely some lapdogger who Beck has been using anyway,so if Beck TRULY wants to ensure a Romney victory,he has NO choice. If Beck truly cares as much as he portends,he MUST reveal TOMORROW. He sure as hell does NOT have to reveal his source. The source can ALWAYS deny it.


    • clyde,

      Oh dear. I guess I jumped the gun and didn’t think about the fact that he should release it right away and not worry about the source who like you said could deny it. My bubble has burst. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa! I feel kind of stupid for getting myself all hopped up about it.


      • Don’t feel stupid. Guys like Beck do this shit,then don’t follow through on it piss me off about as bad as Obama does. I’d feel the same way if it were Rush,or anyone else in the chattering class. Beck would have been better served,IMHO,had he just kept quiet about it,THEN if his source doesn’t spill,he should. I wonder if really does have something,or is trolling for listeners. Can’t quite put my finger on why,but I’m not too trusting of Beck.


        • clyde,

          There was a time i started to distrust Beck too. It was after he ran to Texas when he said we need to stand our ground and not give in. He talked a big talk about courage, getting the truth out, but then attacked the Donald for wanting to see Obama’s b/c. He stated on O’Reilly, “ya just can’t be saying the truth like that:”. I was flabbergasted as he always preached “the truth will set you free”. Suddenly he does not want the truth told???????? Made no sense to me.

          You’re right, Beck should just come out with it instead of leaving his listeners hang. I have the suspicion he won’t release this so called devastating memo, but wanted to act like he’s so important he has this memo in hand, but can’t figure out when he’d release it.

          You’re right clyde, this is as bad as the Occupier telling his tall tales.


  2. Pepp,

    With the POS we have squatting in our WH no telling what dirt may come to light. BUT; if it’s so damning, Beck should have given his source no more than 6 hours to come clean himself or Beck do it himself. If it’s really that bad, then it needs as much time to circulate as possible.

    I’ve already seen enough that should have every red blooded American voting against the sumbitch and what more do others need?? Well; it probably won’t make a difference to those liptards anyway. My hopes is it’s enough to have criminal charges brought against the sumbitch where his lousy ass gets hauled away in cuffs and convicted with Romney sitting there NOT to pardon him. They can toss that Godless homo down with the sodomites in prison…


    • Dave,

      There’s a guy who writes under thenationalpatriot.com and he contends that according to the timeline and info he has, the people in the Libyan consulate were set up to be murdered. I would not put anything this bad past Obama. He would do it in a heartbeat.

      Beck should come clean right away. If he doesn’t show this memo, then he’s nothing but a huckster no better than the con man Obamacide.


      • Pepp,

        Gen. Ham wanted to send back up immediately, but he’s turned down and is fired 30 minutes later. Now does that stink of something criminal going on? I sure think so. The sumbitch and his cronies allowed those American citizens to die on purpose. If Beck has more damning info than is already available (I personally don’t need anymore), he needs to get off his dead ass and release it. Me thinks Beck is up to his old chickenshit ways and letting the suspense build to get his ratings higher. I agree with you Beck is no better than the deadly plague infesting our White House. Beck already sold out once, so there is no reason to think he wouldn’t do it again.


        • Dave,

          Yeah, I read that on the link 2012/11/01/not-left-to-die-they-were-set-up-to-die/

          i don’t need any more information actually either. I think I know what happened and Obama needs to resign, or arrested for treason. This all makes me so sick to my stomach. The stench can almost be smelled here in ole KY.

          I heard Pat Roberts speak on Greta’s tonight and he said the entire military is angry with Obama. They don’t feel he has their backs and rightly so.


          • Davetherave said:


            Count your blessings every morning you don’t live in my liberal bastion from hell. I have to bathe twice a day with bleach to get the radical stench that floats around here off me! 🙂


          • Dave,

            LOL! I know one more person in Lexington now who already voted early for Romney. And that is Dr. Harries. We talked at great length about it while Ron received his treatment. It was just great knowing there is another man with common sense who sees right through this fraud.


  3. Here is the link to the site I mentioned above if anyone wants to read what he thinks.


    • Pepp,

      I just pasted the link you provided on FB and made some rather risky comments. I have no doubt Barry hung these men out to dry and is now caught red handed. Oh; if you don’t hear from me anymore after my FB post you’ll know why. Rest assured I’ll take a few of those bastards with me…


  4. I heard Beck today say that the media should release the video. And if they don’t release the video until after the election he will rat them out. I think that he should rat them out right now and tell the people what it is. This bugged the heck out of me. The media is holding out and so is Beck. It’s such drama with a very serious election.

    Did you hear what Valerie Jarret had to say? Valerie Jarret – “After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn. Payback Time.” (WSI)

    Maybe it relates to this comment? This is scary stuff!


    • Hi Jennie,

      Absolutely, Beck needs to release it right now as Americans deserve the truth and if it’s as bad as he made out, I don’t know why he is not putting it out there right now, tonight, tomorrow, whatever, just get the damn thing out.

      OH lord, that Miss Valerie Jarret sure thinks she’s one hot tomato. And what is this about “payback time”? Who has done anything to her? She’s a loon.


  5. I didn’t hear Beck today, but whatever is in that memo, he needs to release it to Americans. We have the right to know if it is that important and we should not have to wait to know what it is.


    • Donna,

      Yes Beck should release it instead of causing all this drama. We do have every right to know what the man in the White Mosque was up to. I agree.

      I was thinking of yanking this article down because apparently I got all caught up in this Beck thing and now I don’t even know if he really has anything. It could have all been horse manure.


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