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Picture credit goes to Goshawk.

Instead of tending to the normal issues a Commander In Chief needs to do,  Obama is concerned about Big Bird, Binders, and bayonets.  Ha, ha, the moron did not even know that the Marines still use bayonets while he was trying to make Romney look stupid during the debate on Monday.

The Libyan scandal is reaching huge proportions but the MSM don’t care and are making sure they cover for him.  I turned into some of the lame stream media tonight.  CNN covered the story but basically with a “not important”,  get along, nothing to hear. 

MSNBC was going haywire and ranting about how Obama is winning and the Republicans have already announced that Romney won.  HUH!!!!  Who said that?  No names used of course in their raving over this.  I do believe that Ed Schultz and Chrissy Puffball Matthews will both have strokes or heart attacks by the time this election is over.

I noted that on these two networks no one cared one whit about the four murdered souls in that consulate on September 11, 2012.  It’s not optimal to Obama as he said on the Daily Show to John Stewart.  Really???  Pat Smith didn’t think the death of her son, Sean Smith, was not optimal.  I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a more cold and callous person as Obama is.  Is he looking into the FUBAR his administration created?   Hell NO, he is too busy campaigning and raising more money.

He promised Pat Smith he would call her and tell her how her son died.  As to this date she has received no such call and she is mad as hell as any Mother would be.

Meanwhile the entire Obama administration is lying about the Libya attack.  There are now leaked emails showing that in real time they knew this was a terrorist attack.  Even with overwhelming evidence now before the public who cares, they continue to lie.

Hillary Clinton continues to dissemble telling us that many things have to be examined, not just some emails.  A blue ribbon committee will study it and come up with the conclusions.  Bloody hell, her own state department people were on the phone with the Libyan consulate as the attack was happening in real time.  A drone was flying overhead.

The usual suspects just cannot bring themselves to admit our consulate was a terrorist attack while a terrorist group has taken responsibility for it. 

This ruins Obama’s lie that because bin Laden was dead, al Qaeda was dead too.

Not so fast Obama!  You did not get rid of Islamic terrorists over killing one man and spiking the football.  If we didn’t know any better, one might come to the conclusion you thought by killing bin Laden you were now able to wash your hands ever again of radical Islamic terrorists.

What you didn’t seem to notice Mr Obama, the whole ME and parts of Asia were on fire and written across walls were these words:  OBAMA WE ARE ALL OSAMA!

I rest my case.  Obama said he’d stand with the Muslims and these murders in the Libyan consulate seem to prove that out.  Through what looks like complete negligence the Obama administration did nothing to prevent this attack even though the Ambassador himself called for help long before this attack took place.  He started warning the administration back in June, then again in August and hours before he died a horrible death. This is unacceptable and despicable behavior for a Commander in Chief.


Comments on: "Obama Cares About The Big Things" (29)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    Hey, it was either stay home and deal with business and Michelle-my-belle or go to Las Vegas, and try to find the stripper Prince Harry was cavorting with, while raising money to keep his job, to keep Michelle-my-belle on her luxury vacation junkets.

    He may have made a bad choice, but the Liberal Left is never at fault – Jorge W Bushez made him go to Las Vegas.


    • Gar,
      LOL! He might have been looking to cavort with Prince dingy harry. I heard he goes both ways.
      I can understand wanting to get away from the Moochelle, pig that she is. Uh Oh, I just insulted pigs and that’s not fair.
      Oh so Jorge Bush made him do this also! I guess Jorge Bush should have been at the Libya consulate saving our American citizens being attacked. For one thing, he sure will blame Bush for everything to here to eternity.


    • Gar….ROTFLMAO!!!!


  2. Good post Pepp & fantastic pics ‘Awk!

    Zero has zero record to run on, so all he can do is run with the small, insignificant stuff Romney throws him and/or lie. Obomination has never ran anything to prepare him to be president, but he’s doing a hell of a job running our nation into the ground. Barry using up good oxygen is not optimal…


    • Dave,

      LOL! Good one playing on his own words, this is not optimal. He is NOT optimal either.
      I’m hearing he is now calling Romney a bullshitter. Uh, isn’t that what he is?


      • Pepp,

        I’m sure Mitt spreads around his share of fertilizer (he is a politician), but for Barry to call someone out for being a bullshitter…now that is just too rich….


    • Thanks Dave.

      I put the picture together in my mind when Ovomit started screaming about “Romney wants to kill Big Bird” While ignoring that our embassy in Benghazi is in flames and American citizens being murdered. But that don’t matter, it’s more important to save Big Bird!


      • ‘Awk,

        If the radicals care so much about Big Bird, why don’t they offer up their own money and DONATE to keep PBS running? The Hollywood freaks could hold fundraisers for all their liberal ass friends. They spend a fortune to destroy our nation, so heaven knows they’ve got the moola…


        • You’re so right. And besides, “Sesame Street” is a multi-million (if not billion) dollar enterprise. Even that is beside the point. PBS no longer needs government support. They take in millions of dollars with subscribers and advertizing. But, of course, Ovomit has to say “Romney wants to kill Big Bird!” All as an attempt to gain votes! But this phony, lying S.O.B. would through Big Bird under the bus in a New York minute if it suited him and his Marxist agenda!


          • Opps.. ‘Throw’… 😦


          • LOL…don’t worry bout it ‘awk! I make a ton of typos due too being so pissed off I can see straight when writing about Obastard! 🙂

            Ya’ make a great point. Sesame Street is a marketing machine and has been for years, so why in the hell do they need tax dollars?? Hell; the radicals could take some of the profits from Sesame Street and fund the Planned Murder business and not have to spend a penny of our tax dollars. F’ing limousine liberals love spending our money on their bullshit. They donate their face (that I don’t want to see), but hold onto their money!


  3. Excellent article Pepp!

    I could feel my blood boiling all over again as I read. Plus, I just finished reading – Katie Pavlich’s new column on Town Hall and became even more disgusted! She writes about
    how Ovomit and his administration “Stoked” the violence in Benghazi and all through the Mid East and other parts of the world by promoting the video.

    The video had been seen by very few people (most of the Muslims did not know it existed) until Ovomit pushed it out there!

    Us vets know that our special forces guys could have been on the scene within an hour. Hell, F-15’s and F-18’s could have been there in 15 minutes! Some folks have suggested that the roar alone from these planes would have scattered the attackers. But more, the planes could have dropped just ‘one’ anti-personnel cluster bomb that would have devastated the attackers! So.. why wasn’t it ordered!!

    For those that want to read Katie’s column, here’s the link.



    • Hawk,

      Very interesting and it also seems true. Only God knows what that rat bastard was up to but we know he was up to no good. Katie’s article sounds very plausible.


  4. Let us not forget that O and Hillary did an ‘ad’ apologizing for the video and aired it in Pakistan and Afghanistan at a cost of $75 Million, boy that really helped…not. The thing that worries me most is that if Romney doesn’t win in a landslide, the election will be stolen.


    • FOH,

      Glad you brought that up. I do remember the ads they put out. How ridiculous for us to be apologizing for the Muslims. It should be the other way around.

      I’m like you in that if Romney doesn’t win big, the Liar in Chief will win through voter fraud and I think this time around the fraud will be massive.


    • Flyover,

      That’s also my biggest worry. Voter Fraud.


  5. More than ever,not only is it imperative Obama goes down,but the damnable media as well. Come election night,I CANNOT wait to see the lib heads exploding when Romney has it wrapped up by the time the 11:00 snooze comes on.


    • clyde

      I sure hope you’re right and the O man goes down really hard. It would make me jump for joy to have that crook who is running the government as a criminal enterprise thrown out of office. I can hardly believe all the people who are going to vote for him. He should only get the 20% that makes up his base and that’s it.


  6. willibeaux said:

    Right on Mrs. Pepper’awk. There seems to be no end to Zero’s disgusting behavior. It’s been taking a strong act of the will to refrain from resorting to barracks language to comment about Zero.

    Yo ‘awk! Youse iss de man. Zero and big bird. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  7. Pepp, great article. LOL Fantastic pic, Goshawk. Rome is burning and they stand there holding the matches. THe loony left meida has gone completely off the charts. Matthews is screaming “racism” at the top of his lungs, but do they care about BengaziGate? Politics is much more important , which is how they got us into this mess.


    • Bull,

      Thanks for the complement. Yeah these A-Holes even tonight are denying they didn’t have enough information about what was going on. I wonder “what part they don’t understand” when someone is screaming in their ear. “HELP” They are attacking and going to kill us!!!


  8. Of course the death toll wasn’t optimal, not enough were killed for the kenyan’s peace of mind. He would have been happier if several hundred had been killed.
    From the beginning I’ve had a sick feeling that the attack was indeed a terrorist attack-planned and executed by the kenyan and his sidekick at State. They both have experience in the field. I can so picture them all sitting in the situation room watching their plot move ahead while telling everyone who wanted to stop it to stand down. That also explains why he can’t call anything else an act of terrorism. He’d have to admit that he is just as much as terrorist as they are. Seems to me that killing USB was a practice run for this.


    • Hi Gimp!

      I have to agree with all your points. He would have been happier if hundreds more were killed, as long as they were White Christian American’s. And he wasn’t about to Ok the
      request for help. He would have to send troops in to kill his Muslim buddies! And being that he is a Muslim and a Marxist, he was not going to betray his beloved “Muslim Brotherhood.” He’s worked to hard helping them to overthrow Egypt and re-establish the Muslim “Big Brother”-hood power.

      And,of course, the Bin-Laden thing was just for political purpose. Trying to lie his way into being a hero to those *naive* American citizens! That in-itself turned out to be a joke when he claimed “The war on Terror is over.” Ha! The Mussies are now crying- – “Obama We Are All Osama!”

      Ovmit, Biden, Hillery, Panettta and, unfortunately, Gen Betrays are all
      guilty of negligent Homicide (Benghazi) multiple Fed. and Civil grimes, most of all for High Treason! They should all be taken out and shot!!


      • ‘Awk, My point was that there was nothing at all negligent about the whole thing. It was a nothing less than an assassination/murder of people who knew too much about the ‘kenyan’s’ gun running operation to the muzzie siblinghood in Syria, through Turkey. Treason barely covers their actions.


    • Lucie,

      Your sick feeling was indeed true. This smelled from the very beginning. Now it is a horrible stench coming straight out of the oval office.


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